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Friday, 10 August 2018

The vindictive spite of the PTSD Remainers

Many of you will know our fellow blogger Pete North, and whether you agree with him or not on Brexit I doubt there are many who would deny him a voice in the debate. Except of course those of the hysterical, vindictive and spiteful Remain side, who pay scant regard to democratic open debate or free speech. 'Howler' Grayling's legal serfs are pursuing Pete North for damages he certainly hasn't got - read the full story on his blog at

M'learned friends are welcome to scour this blog, but to save them the trouble, my own mentions of the carpet-chewer include the following;
...Barnier, and rude mechanicals and noises off as Andrew Adonis, AC Grayling and the other establishment PTSD casualties set up a louder than usual whine. Blair of course will be spreading his poison from Brussels today... 1.3.18

There is a concerted remainer media offensive this week; AC Grayling continues his painful public meltdown and so is deemed unfit to face the camera or microphones, but Andrew Adonis has already delivered a rather hysterical and disconnected plea on the 'Today' programme..4.1.18

At home PTSD Andrew Adonis and AC Grayling are ever closer to complete meltdown, Adonis throwing petulant tantrums at the BBC for no longer being 'binary' in its output; i.e. for no longer reporting that 'Remain' has an equal chance of winning. 9.4.18

... those of whom to be suspicious are the hysterics, carpet-chewers and effete womblies such as PTSD Adonis or 'Howler' Grayling who support the vile federasts ...23.6.18


jack ketch said...

Oh sweet Jesus, when did we Brits get to be such delicate little flowers? There is a time and place for exquisitely worded , lawyer approved, letters to The Times making well thought out rational arguments; there is a place for green ink letters to the Basildon Echo and there is a time for 'argy-bargy', for the Bear Pit.

Next thing you know someone will go running to teacher because I've put the sig runes in Brexshiteer again or be reporting Mr. Channeling Malcolm X to the Trumpton Town Constabulary for inciting violence and hate crime. Hell, someone will probably report Blo-Job to the police for HATE crime because he compared letter boxes with hijabs (and let us not forget that pillar boxes still bear the Royal Crest and so Blo-Job's comments are High Treason!).

right-writes said...
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rapscallion said...

Whilst the Brexit derangement syndrome is alive and flourishing within Adonis and that utter arse A C Grayling, I think that Grayling's legal team are pursuing P North for his tweet that said "I'd bet good money that AC Grayling has a hard drive full of underage botty sex videos"

Now I can't say one way or the other, and whilst I utterly detest AC Grayling, I think I'd be on firmer ground legally speaking for calling him out as a traitor than calling him out for being the possible owner of "underage botty sex videos"

P North should I feel get some good legal advice and sharpish, because even I'd sue him for a comment like this.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? His dad’s an obnoxious git as well. Never, ever, ever courteous to anyone who disagrees.

What he twatted is definitely actionable. It might teach the silly sod a lesson.

Mark said...

Indeed. When I followed the link and read through it that morsel of pithy badinage did rather catch the eye.

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

North was making the point that Remainers feel free to smear Leavers with all sorts of claims about them, which they are just expected to take, and he was humorously turning it around on the Remainers to see how they like it. Clearly they don't. Just like all bullies.

He wasn't seriously suggesting that Grayling was a paedo.

Mr Ecks said...

He is still a Brexit supporter and a creature like Grayling should not get away with his crap. Far worse is spewed by remainiacs and leftist pukes on Twitter and elsewhere.

There are offers of cash-for-lawyers help on the blog and many more out there who will help--me included. Because I really hate remainiacs and hitting back at them is worth paying good cash for. But North does seem to be courting some sort of martyr situation. Take the money for Chrissake and get a good lawyer and stick it to Wailing good and proper.

I can't say I care for any of the North's EEA capers but that is irrelevant. Next to Grayling they smell like a bottle of scent.

john cheshire said...

Mr Grayling has forgotten how to use the most effective method of dealing with insults. It's cheap and it's effective. Just ignore them. They then go away very quickly, hardly anyone has heard them, if you do. Your supporters won't like them, so you've got their sympathy. Your opponents will snigger for a few seconds and move onto the next piece of news or tittle tattle and they'll still dislike you.

By making a fuss and threatening legal action only reinforces the impression that you are a thin skinned narcissist. No one is that important.

John Miller said...

It's a rich man's swat at a fly.

Grayling's lawyers would have charged him a few grand already.

Stupid of North to accuse an academic of being a paedo. All to easy to hit a nerve...

Doug Shoulders said...

Lecturing to whomsoever one deems of inferior intellect seems to be the vocation for these types.
The twaddle they purvey....
For all the spare time on their hands you’d think they’d come up with a more scathing rejoinder.
Alluding to bottoms is a bit cheeky though… snigger..

Budgie said...

I am still baffled why our establishment, including types like A C Grayling, Nick Clegg, etc, are so totally transfixed by the EU. Why the EU especially? Why the desperation? Even the half-in/half-out EEA is a bit pathetic. It's like an old tart turning a trick on her neighbour because she can't get out much nowadays.

I mean, if we are to subject ourselves to domination by a foreign power shouldn't the second referendum be about choosing which one? The options could be: the EU, as desired by Remain; the USA (well at least we'd get to elect our President); Russia (a Presidential stitch-up there, so Remains would feel at home), or even India.

My personal favourite would be to become an overseas colony of India. They appear to appreciate Leave better than Jack Ketch or other members of our Remain establishment do (well, they did Leave). India is resolutely secular, likes cricket, is class ridden, and practices officiousness with aplomb. Perfect match.

jack ketch said...

My personal favourite would be to become an overseas colony of India.

Shurely shome mishtake? I thought it was the BrexSShiteur game plan to turn us into a colony of Backwardstan?

terence patrick hewett said...

The Colonial Remainers:

Peter Hain – b. Kenya - Rhodesia and South Africa
A C Grayling – b. N. Rhodesia – Nyasaland and South Africa
Yasmin Alibhai Brown – b. Uganda - née Damji
Matthew Parris – b. South Africa – Rhodesia and Swaziland
Gina Miller – b. British Guiana – née Singh: daughter of the Attorney General of Guyana

All came from closed colonial communities who regarded the indigenous population at best as children in need of guidance and at worst murderous savages: but slotted easily into a narrow part of Oxbridge and a wider intellectual society that regarded Brits in very much the same light. The liberal as a genus were not much loved by their birth communities who are by nature conservative with a small “c”: they were always outsiders who finally found acceptance in the narrow-minded liberal English intellectual community – there’s no place like home.

terence patrick hewett said...

But the colonies have also spun off some amazing people: not like the nonce A C Grayling:

Elon Musk, that South African/Canadian/US/Anglospherical entrepreneur has much in common with the Randlords of his homeland – Barney Barnato and Cecil John Rhodes – who came up from nowt and used cutting edge technology and ruthless business methods to gain their ends.

And are changing the world.

John Dub said...

terence patrick hewett - your first post is spot on.

However Elon Musk is a hustler and a grafter. Tesla wouldn't be worth a cold cup of piss without enormous federal subsidies.

Mark said...

Jack Ketch said

"Shurely shome mishtake? I thought it was the BrexSShiteur game plan to turn us into a colony of Backwardstan?"

No Jack, we're leaving precisely because we don't want to be a colony of backwardstan (AKA the EU)

Bill Quango MP said...

Today the USK announced (in a press release not yet officially translated) that they will bear the “social adequacy” clause in mind and theoretically allow such symbols. The USK say they’re following suit after the Oberste Landesjugendbehörde (the state authority protecting the bairns) refreshed their interpretation of the law. Section 86a is still in force, meaning the use of symbols in games must be judged worthy, but the possibility is now open.

##In other words, the German swastika ban is being modified.

Dioclese said...

I dislike the Norths with a passion, because they censor and stifle any debate on their respective sites and ban people who question their pronouncements.

There are laws in this country which cover slander and libel. Suggesting what Pete North could not be seen as anything other than humour is ridiculous although it is admittedly highly typical of the juvenile and puerile way he conducts himself. From my past experience running ISAC I know that if you call somebody a paedophile then it has to be a fact otherwise it is actionable in law.

This is how it should be. You might dislike Grayling - God knows I do - but if you put in print that said person "has a hard drive full of underage botty sex videos" then this is libel unless it is proven to be true.

This is what it says on the ISAC rules page -
"...if you’re moderated and an existing commenter, then it’s likely you’ve used a word that’s dodgy – like wog, nigger, coon, peado, queer, nonce. This is not acceptable unless proven to be accurate. To clarify, it is, for example, acceptable to call somebody a paedophile if they have been convicted in a court of law otherwise it is libellous."

I would post all this on North's website as a comment - except that he's banned me.

For further info - see:

John Vasc said...

Hmmm, the biter bit. Can't say I have much sympathy, much as I dislike all parties.

I'm with Mime here (Siegfriend, II Akt):
"Fafner und Siegfried, Siegfried und Fafner,
O, brächten beide sich um!"

John Vasc said...

typos, sorry:
Delete the word 'much' in line 1 of my post.
And in line 2, 'Siegfriend' - admittedly a deliciously freudian parapraxis - should be just boring old 'Siegfried'.

jack ketch said...

"Fafner und Siegfried, Siegfried und Fafner,
O, brächten beide sich um!"


A Quick N Dirty Verstopfter Zwerg translation for those poor benighted readers here what haven't yet learnt the language of their Lords and Masters to be:

"Fafner & Siegfried, Oh would that they kill each other"

G. Tingey said...

I am all in favour of democratic process - we should be given a second referendum in time to either: Crash out with no deal ( Utter, total disaster
Accept whatever deal is on offer - a mitigated disaster
Or cancel At 50 - the best of a bad job
It WILL be a democratic decision.

HINT: Electorates change theor minds - that's why we have general elections
So - in due time, before March 28th we need a second, determining referendum