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Friday, 5 April 2019

Brexit betrayers need to move quickly - the public mood is changing fast

The Establishment cabal mired in betraying the democratic will of the nation are increasingly under pressure as the public mood turns against them. Here's the most recent poll from Yougov;

The majority of British people want to leave now, without a deal. In fact, every part of Britain with the exception of London is in favour of this. Very few want an extension.

We can also be sure that if there's a second referendum, which will have to offer a Leave option, we will win again.

UKIP has just polled 9% in Newport West - not the 12% - 13% of 2015 to be sure - but it won them third place. The Brexit party has yet to offer a candidate but polling suggests strong support. All over Britain, support for remaining part of the EU is slowly draining and support for Leaving gradually growing. It is quite clear which way the national will is headed - and the betrayers in government and Parliament, and the secret Heart of Darkness within our senior civil service, all conspiring with both legal and unlawful means to sabotage the will of the people, are on the back foot.

But like cornered rats, we must expect them to fight viciously. They must move quickly now, before the mood against them turns into something more ugly. It looks increasingly like the choices offered by the EC will be to leave on the 12th, or in a year's time. That means fighting the EP election next month.

FIne. So be it.   


Mr Ecks said...

A deal with Jizz involving a remain vs Treason May's worse than remain is being talked up. Starmer is ZaNu'S Mouth of Evil and he has already called for that. But even Tory Jellyfish MPs must realise that such a brazen stitch up won't stand. It will finish the Tories and complete the damage to ZaNu . Labour lost the most at Newport--11%. Under the worst govt--worst Tory govt EVER.

So all to play for IF we can get a GE.

Cull the Badgers said...

With May in post it matters not what the people want, she is going to continue and get her traitorous deal through by whatever plot subterfuge and treachery she can devise.

Her party, the majority of her party, your party, is not concerned about the people either because they think they are better than the people, and speak for the people who they think are mostly too stupid to understand the issues, and that the Tory party is the country anyway.

They thus won't get rid of May either, although they must if we are save the country from her madness and betrayal, and she won't resign.

The majority of Tory MPs are therefore cowards and I have no time for Rees-Mogg nor Boris who promised much and caved, to protect the party.

Mark said...

Agree Mr Ecks,

I think Peter Hitchens put it best a while back. Tories and labour are like two clapped out boxers propping each other up totally decrepit and unable to land a punch.

I think a majority for anybody would be most unlikely, and any post GE negotiation would be most interesting.

Can't imagine what either a Tory or labour manifesto would say.

Dave_G said...

The polls are unable to maintain the lie for ever. Those figures for leave would have been true last year, never mind recently, and the fact that such polls are regularly biased in favour of .gov/establishment desires the fact that they now find it 'impossible' to carry the deceit is really telling.

Elections won't resolve anything. Brexit needs to be done and dusted before a new Government is installed as the pressure is 'on' and a GE would simply divert/dilute the process.

The best chance the Tories have for surviving any election is to deliver a no deal Brexit and fight on the principle that only under them can the country pull itself out of the 'mire' that no deal brings about (these will be their words, not mine).

Labour have lost it - never mind Treason Mays betrayal by inviting Corbyn, Corbyn lost even MORE status by accepting her offer... the sell-out worked both ways - to neithers advantage.

Equally the Brexit Party wouldn't be able to get organised sufficiently to fight a near-term election and the figures for UKIP don't seem enough to convince others to vote that way either. So, the scene is set for a No Deal exit, GE and the Tories making the best of the situation as they've created.

Discounting the SNP/Lib Dems is, of course, the natural thing to do..... (here's secretly hoping the SNP get massacred too).

Poisonedchalice said...

A friend of mine based in Germany, tells me his German colleagues are incredulous at what is going on. A bit like the rest of us actually.

I recently returned from a holiday in Spain, harbouring serious thoughts about selling up, packing up and leaving the UK for good. What an utter mess! Our political system has been broken for years, but only now has it been laid bare before us all.

If I was a business leader, I would be preparing to pack up and leave as well. What is the point of existing in a country where the political leaders care nothing about you and care only for themselves?

For the first time in my life I am embarrassed to be British.

Anonymous said...

I think UKIP would get more votes if they politely asked Tommy Robinson to leave.

His presence lends credence to the accusation that leavers are racist.

Don Cox

Mr Ecks said...

Anon--Since TR isn't racist--as several of his black friends have commented-- that would do no good. You can't win by trying to pander to media liars.

Michael said...

It seems to me, that in the event of Labour making gains in a GE, or even getting a majority, the so-called 'elite' will be the main losers with mass nationalisation, plenty of Red Robbos crawling out of the woodwork, and a country divided even further.

Of course the House of Liars will still get their wages and eye-watering expenses, so they'll be alright.

I cannot recall a time when I feel so angry with the total ineptitude, double-dealing, down-right deceit of this so-called government, and I'm getting on a bit these days, so am beginning to airbrush the whole cesspit of them out of my ageing head!

I'll still never vote for Greg Clark, or any other Conservative local again.

jack ketch said...

Had a glance at the figures for Newport W.

In the recent revoke petition : 6,255 signatures 7.09% of 88,258 constituents. Yet of that 88Kish voters only about a 1/4 voted (rough estimate cos I still count on my fingers) in the byelection. Whilst Labour got hammered -I hate agreeing with MrX but "Under the worst govt--worst Tory govt EVER." he's so right about that- it seems to me all the votes that Lab/Con lost didn't transfer to UKIP, infact UKIP only got 2K or so.

Hard to disagree with a Labour Councillor: " I think that is a recognition that people are really feeling: ‘A plague on both their houses.’ "

As to the Poll (don't worry, tomorrow there will be that shows the exact opposite result) The poll asked: "If Britain has not agreed a deal by April 12, what do you think should happen? -Hand on heart , even I who am somewhat more remainiac than most here, would have answered that question with 'Leave on WTF terms'. Surprised? I don't think a 'remain' is actually a viable option. Sure I'd dance my 'happy dance' if May revokes Art50 but after the initial euphoria I'd sober up and wonder just how many pounds of flesh the EU would cut off us for pissing them about so much. And lets be honest, if 'we' go for a 'customs union' we might as well stay in and have some 'say'.

Span Ows said...

"Hard to disagree with a Labour Councillor: " I think that is a recognition that people are really feeling: ‘A plague on both their houses.’"

And yet between them they polled 60+ percent? Any general election will see 650 of more of the same, different faces, same shit.

Plantman said...

Just had my Local Elections polling card which has reminded me that we will be away on holiday on the day.

Application for postal vote just gone in. In my ward no UKIP, no Brexit and an independent who makes Corbyn look to be to the far-right of Attila.

APAS (All politicians are shit) across the ballot it will have to be. OK - I know all the arguments against but it will at least make me feel I've done something - a very difficult sentiment to express about anything to do with politics or the way this country is "run" these days

Span Ows said...

Jack: "it seems to me all the votes that Lab/Con lost didn't transfer to UKIP, infact UKIP only got 2K or so."

It only seems? Of course they didn't, LAB/CON lost about 21%, UKIP gained 6%...they got 8.6% in total thereby getting MORE than expected.

My previous comment re 60+% was wrong, LAB/CON manged almost 71% of the vote between them...rosettes on donkeys etc.

jack ketch said...

And yet between them they polled 60+ percent? Any general election will see 650 of more of the same, different faces, same shit.
Span Ows

Yep, as i have pointed out time and time again all that Leaver nonsense about parliament being answerable to US , the electorate, after brexit has one fatal flaw: "if you vote for politicians, you will get politicians" (and even if you vote for 'Trump' type non-politicians they will become politicians the moment they fill in their first MP's Expenses Claim.)

Raedwald said...

Ah. The only demand of the original 1840s Chartists that has never been agreed - that the term of MPs in Parliament should be limited to a year, with no second term, precisely to prevent the buggers from going native. Or think that they are somehow different to te rest of us.

A little radical, perhaps. But they DO go native alarmingly quickly.

Mark said...

That's precisely why George Washington urged the American people NOT to form political parties.

Smoking Scot said...

I doubt even the most enthusiastic UKIP supporter (and I'm one) really expects them to win on FPP.

Come the EU elections it's a whole different ball of wax and I fully expect them - and Brexit Party to score big.

Of course nutters like myself will vote for UKIP even in Edinburgh, where they get 4/5ths of naff all. To date the choice was UKIP or the BNP.

I'll need to scrutinise the Brexit manifesto first, though that may take some time.

RAC said...

Well, having seen how the country has been betrayed over Brexit, how do you think the slime in Westminster are going to react when parts of the country become no go areas and start demanding sharia law.
The linked article wasn't written by a swivel eyed racist, it needs to be read in full.
Those who live in certain areas will know all too well that it's already reaching the point of no return.

Sobers said...

"My previous comment re 60+% was wrong, LAB/CON manged almost 71% of the vote between them...rosettes on donkeys etc."

71% of what though? 37% turnout. So between them they managed about 1 in 4 of the registered voters. The 'None of the Usual Suspects' Party outnumbers them 3 to 1. We need to get that turnover figure even lower at the next election. What government could govern even if it has a majority in the HoC but got about 10% of the whole electorate? It would have no legitimacy and everyone would know it.

Ideally they'd call a GE and no one would bother to vote. That would be the best solution - an entirely non-violent, but incredibly powerful democratic verdict on the political class.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

....and the usual suspects would get in on even lower voter numbers. The only time the powers that be fear us is when we voted decisively in larvge numbers for "not them". Spoiled papers count for nothing, not voting lets them get in on an ever lower margin. We need to decide on a single alternative and vote for it decisively and in large numbers.

Sobers said...

" We need to decide on a single alternative and vote for it decisively and in large numbers."

I have the solution. Forget actual Parties, with policies and campaigns, we need a nul option. They won't give us a box to tick saying 'None of the Above' so we have to create our own. Some one stands in every constituency under banner of The None of the Above Party) and we all vote for him or her. £500 to get on the ballot, there must be someone in each constituency who can stump up that amount, and stand. Its in the British tradition of irreverence and two fingers to authority - BoatyMcBoatFace springs to mind.

Pat said...

Labour voters rarely like Labour. They dislike the Tories.
And vice versa.
And that goes in spades under their present leadership.
If UKIP pick up votes in Labour seats, that will embolden voters in Conservative seats to change their vote, whether to UKIP or the Brexit party. That will further embolden Labour voters to change allegiance. It works because the less likely it is that the Conservatives win the less point their is in voting Labour, and vice versa.
And although the Brexit vote will be split it will overall become larger.
Another factor is CBI support. They have been lobbying to maintain their lobbying power in Brussels. I suspect that is now gone. If so they will change sides.
A final point. I used to be incredulous at Labour hatred of Tories. Having observed the behaviour and attitudes of such as Grieve, Boles, Soubry, Letwin etc. I see their point.

Span Ows said...

Tony Blair's 3rd government got in on 21% of the electorate...they don't/won't give a damn if they win by by one vote on a 10% turnout...they're in! That's all they want. "We will learn lessons" " the people have spoken and we will listen" etc counts for zilch

jack ketch said...

there must be someone in each constituency who can stump up that amount, and stand.-Sobers

Those 'someones' don't even need to live in the constituency for UK Parliamentary Elections (however I think they do for EU ones). Anna Raccoon stood in Islington again Corbyn from her sick bed in Norfolk and crowd funded her £500 deposit (within 24 hours I think). The only tricky thing can be getting 10 upstanding pillocks of the constituency to sign the nomination.

Sobers said...

"The only tricky thing can be getting 10 upstanding pillocks of the constituency to sign the nomination."

Thats why a resident is a better bet, someone who has lived in an area for a decent amount of time should be able trawl up 10 friends to sign, even if they plan to vote some other way.