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Thursday, 4 April 2019

May betrays Britain for the global corporates

Mr May must have poured his wife an extra slug of Gin last night with a grin on his face, as she traded away her country for the interests of the global car makers. She has made the globalists of the CBI, the European Round Table and remainder of the rootless corporate mafia very happy. Of course, she has condemned 99% of the British people to declining wealth, financial servitude, in many cases penury and debt serfdom, she has abandoned our service industry, one of the most significant parts of our economy, and has ceded control of our nation and economy as a Satrap nation to a crooked cabal of unelected officials in Brussels who hate us.

The Conservative Party is fatally wounded, sundered apart by May's betrayal. Even IDS was prompted to write "The spectre of Corbyn lording it over us in a Prime ministerial way as he wrecks Brexit makes my blood run cold and fear for my Party and my Country."

Those who believe she is actually clinically mad could well be right.

Allister Heath writes in the Telegraph
Mrs May doesn’t understand or care about any of this: as a technocrat in awe of officials, she sees Brexit as an absurd damage-limitation exercise. There appears to be nothing she won’t sacrifice to stop a real Brexit, no principle she won’t give up, no solemn promise she won’t break, no betrayal that she won’t countenance. Does she not care that she is pushing the DUP and many of her MPs away, and that this will probably mean the collapse of her Government within weeks?
We need to get this bloody woman out of Number Ten, out of the Party and out of British politics with no delay - for the sake of every one of our people, for our nation.

Bob in the Telegraph


mikebravo said...

But where are the demonstrations. The thousands marching on Parliament to terrify the bastard MP's?
The British will just carry on and moan. When we stay in the EU there will be more moaning but nothing more.
Next election will be between red and blue with a bit of protesting with purple and pink but nothing more.
It is very sad.

Mr Ecks said...

She must be punished. Also Radders its no good getting a GE and voting for the old Tory gang. It does not look as if Farage's Brexit mob will be ready for GE so UKIP is the only chance to win. Vote for them even if only one time. They will get Brexit and can hardly be worse than the shite that is happening.

Otherwise you are as complicit in the destruction of the UK as Treason May and Jizza themselves.

DeeDee99 said...

The bastards don't even bother pretending that this country is a democracy any more.

There was a cartoon in The Sun a few years ago which showed UKIP undertakers lowering a LibDem coffin into the grave; with two empty graves standing by. The first for the CONservative Party, the second for Labour.

Well it won't be UKIP burying the CONservative Party. It will be a large proportion of the 17.4 million Brexit-voters. And they thoroughly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Doomed by a PM nobody ever wanted, set upon, coshed, mugged, shackled raped, Britain: that is how it's going to be.

Mark said...

The EU is a political disaster that will turn into an economic catastrophe before too long.

Any real world Brexit - whatever your views on democracy and sovereignty- has to be a damage limitation exercise.

The further we are from it when it blows up, the better. No deal is clearly the furthest away we can get.

I'm still hopeful!

RAC said...

From todays daily mail........

" More than 10,000 riot-trained police can be deployed within 24 hours if disorder breaks out over a no-deal Brexit, top officers say."

Can't decide if it's propagandizing no-deal will be the end of the world, or admitting remainers are the bad losers.

Being as my polling station is less than 100 yards away, it will only be a very small waste of shoe leather to scrawl POINTLESS across the whole fucking lot.

Anonymous said...

Not clinically mad. It's obvious, she's controlled and can do no other than act against the interests of the UK.

We have a Swamp to drain here to the same extent as the US.

Billy Marlene said...

Convicted perjuror breaks curfew to cast winning vote and thwart a national democratic decision.

Nobody bats an eyelid.

Anonymous said...

Keep her on till the tories collapse and we get some grown-up centre ground politics again.

Dave_G said...

10,000 riot police stationed where exactly?

It took ONE person to shut down the EUro trains. It took ONE person to shut down a major airport (drone) and it takes only THREE people to effectively shut down a motorway.

That leaves 17,399,995 other people rubbing their hands wondering what aditional mischief they could get up to.

I believe glass milk bottles are still a part of daily life - start collecting them.

If I, a self-confesssed keyboard warrior and pacifist, can be angry enough to sanction (let alone contemplate) such 'interruptions' then God alone knows what the more rebellious numbers of disgruntled Brexiteers may achieve.

10,000 riot police? Short by around 10,000,000.

Anonymous said...

I agree 10,000 makes no difference, nor does deploying the army. They are tiny numbers, there are barely enough to keep Mrs May safe and essential infrastructure protected. If you remember the riots when the police shot a criminal several years ago, they could barely cope then and that was with riff raff and criminals. If the people get angry the cops will slink away, they will have no chance, the Army will not shoot British civilians so it’s a hollow threat.

The real problem is most people do not care, and won’t care until they lose their job, and then it will be too late.

Dave_G said...

Convicted perjuror breaks curfew to cast winning vote

Seriously? Does our Parliament actually allow for 'law-breaking' to attend a vote? Shouldn't her vote be invalidated simply for that reason alone?

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Parliament would overlook ANY crime/offense in order to keep their prerogative. Criminals, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Farage's "great betrayal" march could only muster about fifty. Your "revolution" would be similar.

mongoose said...

It doesn't pay to get too down about these things. If politics is the art of the possible, and it is as good a definition as any, then a BRINO is at least a start. Add that the Brexit process has taken a decade of political capital to accomplish and we are moving in the right direction. It's the beginning and not the end.

It should also be remembered that the votes in the HoC that have stymied actually leaving are Labour votes. The Yvette Pickpocket eegit has no idea what people beyond the M25 actually think of her. Thieving cow needs locking up. I reckon there is much room for a catastrophic schism on the left rather than the right. Chuka Bonehead has done more damage to Labour than Jezza, and he will do more yet. The project is rootless and has become disconnected from the people. Only shagging politics and Gaia worship are holding them together. What really needs to happen is that the PPE fuckwits get rooted out of both parties.

Pat said...

My guess is that Sir Humphrey, who "advises" May, thinks that liaison with Corbyn will get him nearer to the remain he wants. In the short term he's probably right.
But if Cornyn or his mates get into office they will ignore sir Humphrey and impose their program. And since their program necessitates leaving the EU that is what will happen. Easy to build a majority for leave if the government were complaining about EU rules rather than hiding them or defending them.
Oh and I think May did mean no deal is better than a bad deal when she first said it. Trouble is she is under the influence of sir Humphrey, who has persuaded her otherwise, doubtless persuading her that her's is a good deal. That makes her unfit for office, but not a bad person.

Anonymous said...

I see that the petition to leave with no deal on April 12th has about a quarter-of-a-million signatures. The revoke article fifty one had about five million in the same time. The claim that there are 17.4 million very angry people is clearly untrue, therefore.

Dave_G said...

Pat - if anyone convinced May that her deal was good then that in itself is evidence of her incredible stupidity and for being unfit for her office. She is clearly incapable of joined-up thought on the subject.

No, the evidence seems to indicate that she is under orders and that those orders are immutable on pain of death (given her stance and the 'feedback' she's already received on the issue).

Giving up the no deal option was an even more impressive act of stupidity since it simply threw away any chance of renegotiation with the EU and despite their own intransigence they WOULD have done so - the economic figures and outlook for the EU Zone simply don't allow for the EU to NOT negotiate - they are dead-in-the-water without us.

May has zero redeeming qualities and the longer she's in #10 the more apparent her ineptitude and subservience to the EU are going to show, never mind her mindset on bringing Corbyn into the frame....... FFS.

jack ketch said...

Seriously? Does our Parliament actually allow for 'law-breaking' to attend a vote?
- Dave G

Actually that's a good thing...I mean that our MPs enjoy a modicum of 'immunity' for want of a better phrase, infact I'd go so far as to say it is imperative in a parliamentary democracy. Most countries take it , that 'immunity', further-too far often.

Flubber said...

This blog has had another outbreak of Anonymongs.

Dave_G said...

"..a good thing..."??

Sorry Jack, our politicians need to be held to higher standards than most - if their actions are 'setting an example' for the rest of us then why we shouldn't be ripping down their walls and taking what we want, when we want, is a mystery.

I don't expect them to be as clean as a priest sheets and really couldn't care less what they said/did as teenagers but when they take their oath they must, from that point on, be held to impecable standards of decency, honesty and truth. Many of our politicians are severely lacking in this respect but to openly allow a politican - a GUILTY politician - to (allegedly) break curfew to attend a vote..... She should have been suspended from Parliament at the point of her conviction and for the duration of any sentence. How many people in the private sector would be allowed such leniency 'at work'?

Disappointing to see another anon troll (berk#2) making the same mistakes re voting numbers as the last anon troll (berk#1)

jack ketch said...

She should have been suspended from Parliament at the point of her conviction and for the duration of any sentence
-Dave G

Personally I think she deserved to be dis-MP'd on the spot but that would be in a world more perfect, with far more perfect inhabitants, than this one.

And it isn't unknown for opposition MPs to be 'stitched up' by the governing party. For the Right Honorable's inbox to suddenly be filled with Kiddy Porn. Of course such things only happen abroad with Johnny Foreigner and his laughable attempts at apeing our Mother Of Democracy system...gawd bless 'er...envy of the world she is.

Raedwald said...

The crim is still tagged as part of her release on licence, and Westminster clearly is a place the probation service allows her to go. Otherwise she'd be back in Holloway. However, tagged ex-cons normally have curfew restrictions - does she have an exemption to allow her to take part in late night sittings?

One thing's for sure, though. She won't be heading on any pre-Brexit overseas jaunts, at least until her entire sentence is up and the tag is off.

Span Ows said...

Anonymous 10:25 "Keep her on till the tories collapse and we get some grown-up centre ground politics again."

From where? The current "Tories" (I presume you mean Conservative Party) are further left than 70s Labour.

Anonymous 14:32 "Farage's 'great betrayal' march could only muster about fifty. Your "revolution" would be similar."

As you've been told multiple times, numbers on the march were intentionally limited.

Anonymous 15:58 "I see that the petition to leave with no deal on April 12th has about a quarter-of-a-million signatures. The revoke article fifty one had about five million in the same time."

The same time? Nope. And that Udi Amin was so active too. Very surprised at Jacob Rees Mogg signing 'your' petition 8000 times though.