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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Huawei - Why May must go now

The Huawei mess is yet another mess wholly of Theresa May's making. There is a technology cold-war underway between the US and China, and we are being asked to make a choice. Making a choice is simply something of which May is incapable - and so she has repeated, in the case of the UK 5G network, exactly the brainless false-compromise that has betrayed Brexit.

Let's take the US side for half the network, she has decided, and go with Huawei for the other half.

Thus demonstrating her utter, fatal, unquestionable inability to serve in any great office of State, let alone that of Prime Minister. It is an approach so stupid, so flawed, so as to make her previous worst decision, to try to both Leave the EU and Remain at the same time, appear almost cerebral.

Dear God, how did such cretins ever succeed in getting elected?

A consistent Brexit narrative is gaining an wider araldite-like traction; Patrick O'Flynn in Spiked
The Tories, the party of government, are primarily responsible for all of this. We can see now that they installed a Remainer as leader and they negotiated a Remain version of Brexit, behind everyone’s backs. From very early on, Theresa May was sending Philip Hammond and Greg Clarke round to all the multinational corporations to say, ‘Don’t worry lads, nothing is going to change for you’. They promised the multinationals completely frictionless trade, which meant they would be making all kinds of concessions on other things. Brexit voters, on the other hand, were being told they would get the real deal. It’s been a massive con from the start.
 Yep we were right all along about the Globalist betrayers in government.

Globalists - Committed to 'Big State' global government, a world-wide constitution and harmonisation of laws and standards, open borders, the primacy of global economic activity and the global corporatists, worldwide legal, judicial and justice systems, abrogation of personal freedoms to a class of unelected appointed experts who will act in the general good, the growth of the 'citizen of everywhere', the rule of benign technocracy and managerialism over 'old fashioned' democracy, the supremacy of supranational State authorities – EU, UN, IMF.


Stephen J said...

As I said yesterday, it looks like she is aligning herself with "yerp" and globalism, against free speech, habeas corpus and the English speaking world.

Trump will boot Britain out of the "five eyes" if it perceives that a member is working for the other side. So far she has consistently snubbed America and/or Trump in every circumstance where there was a choice.

This woman is not clumsy, she is effin' dangerous.

John Brown said...

I exhort all true leavers to vote in next week’s local elections for ANY candidate not belonging to one of the remain parties (Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, SNP, CHUK) and to vote for either a Brexit supporting party or for an independent.

Abstaining so a remainer candidate wins is not an option.

UK sovereignty is far more important than who organises the bin collections and the true leavers in the Conservative Party need to be given all the help they can receive to remove Mrs. May.

Even Conservative remainers who must now believe Mrs. May is clearly a threat to UK security should not be voting Conservative.

DeeDee99 said...

You can only be a Janus-faced political party for so long. Then they do something so transparently duplicitous that the electorate sussses them out. And when the trust has gone, it's nigh on impossible to get it back.

Both Blairite-Labour and the LibDems found this out (Iraq and tuition fees). And the CONs are now going to find out ..... the hard way. You cannot betray 17.4 million voters who are paying a great deal of attention to what you are doing, and expect to get away with it.

Steve Baker's evidence to the Brexit Select Committee made it very clear that from the outset, May and the cabal of Remainers she surrounded herself with were organising and then running a parallel negotiation with Barnier - whilst both briefing the media that David Davis wasn't up to the job.

Billy Marlene said...

The ‘National Security Council’ sounds very grand, very objective, an august group of professionals schooled in the essential matters of protecting our hard won democracy from foreign tyranny.

In fact, it is the PM and eight of her dubious Cabinet Members. The Secretary is Sedwill. No inclusion of the three heads of our professional services.

The heads of MI5, SIS and GCHQ should resign in protest at this absurd development.

Span Ows said...

Agree with the blog-post and first three comments (no more on view yet). we are in, if we were in another century, treason territory. We have been for some time to be honest but now it is almost like rubbing our faces in it. We are very much in the territory of what Dioclese mentioned yesterday, people have been offed for far less.

Anonymous said...

I have said for a while now that PM May is threatening our relationship with the USA.

1. She should have shut up Khan and Bercow long ago. Instead she has continued to give them free reign.
2. Her attempt to play both sides in the coming conflict with China will lead to disaster for the Britain.

We rely on America for our permanent member status in the UNSC. If we lose that trust we lose the UNSC. Then we lose the Falklands, and its fisheries and Antarctic rights. We lose Five Eyes anyway.

Globally we are finished without America's support. Active hostility would be very bad indeed. Even if Pres Trump loses the next election, the Democratic party is nor going to help, as it is hostile to Britain anyway(Remember Obama). As for Australia and NZ, they are unlikely to do anything which may antagonise America.

With our special status with America gone, the EU gone, the City will lose its pull. Tt will flee to Amsterdam, Dublin or Frankfurt, or just wither away.

We will have to go back to the EU on our knees, which is probably what May wants.


Anonymous said...

Unlike May, both Bercow and Khan are democratically elected.

Bercow by our MPs, and Khan by the good people of London.

It is fortunate that the Tory clique-appointed PM is powerless to dismiss them.

Anonymous said...

"Irrredeemable optimist", this blogger claims to be.

You wouldn't like to meet him on a down day, would you?

RAC said...

@ John Brown 07:43 Your advice is good, unfortunately my only choice is between Con, Lab and Lib Dem.
After eliminating all the non English sounding names in all three I am left with a lib Dem as the least worst choice as a hurtful vote.
Never before would I contemplate voting Lib Dem, it aint going to be easy, will be wearing a dust mask liberally sprinkled with Olbas oil.

RAC said...

"Unlike May, both Bercow and Khan are democratically elected."

"Bercow by our MPs" Shower of shite.

" Khan by the...............good people of London." Hmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

I would think the so-called security leak was by someone who believes it is in all our best interests to know the depths of stupidity and treachery our PM is capable of. Whoever he is needs applauding. I hope he has covered his tracks sufficiently well. There seems to be a nasty whiff of threat hovering around government these days.

John Brown said...


If you’re a leaver and your ballot paper choice is only between Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems then it would still not be sensible to vote for Mr. Cable’s Lib Dem Party who are all die hard EU supporters and thus have defined themselves to be neither liberals nor democrats.

Every vote for the Lib Dems will be taken by them as a vote to remain in the EU!

In this case you have no option but to spoil your ballot paper with a clear message. Take along a felt tipped pen.

Spoiled ballot papers are recorded (at least in my constituency) and are publicised if large enough to be newsworthy.

IcyPurplepants said...

Anon at 11:54
Unlike May, both Bercow and Khan are democratically elected.

I hate to be a pedant, but I also hate incorrect accusations.

As much as I wish it wasn't so, May is democratically elected, for now.

She was elected as the MP for Maidenhead, or whoever level of hell she comes from, in the last general election. She was tory party leader at that time...

Even before that, she'd been elected at 5he previous general election, too, and the way the current rules work, we don't elect a PM, we elect a bunch of troughers who lie to us, and then conive amongst themselves to pick a leader. Sometimes we have a say in that, but less so in May's case.

Either way, she is still elected. And it pains me to say it.

Ivan The Cerebral said...

Do lighten up Raedwald. It's not all bad news.

There is huge support for EU membership across the bloc, a poll by Kantar has found. The survey looked at public opinion in the 28 member states and found that, in most, support for staying in the EU was over 80 per cent.

In only one country apart from the UK, the Czech Republic, was support lower than 70 per cent – but a preference to remain in the EU was still overwhelmingly ahead of any desire to leave.

Raedwald said...

Ivan - wise up, son

Polls are about as reliable as your own flawed judgement.

The only numbers that matter are the referendum results - in which a clear majority of British votere - 17.4 million electors - chose to Leave.

All else is farts and smoke.

Anonymous said...

"Unlike May, both Bercow and Khan are democratically elected."

Bercow was selected by his fellow MPs.

The Cabinet is proposed by an elected MP in the Commons (it's a long time since we had a peer as a PM). The proposed Cabinet is then approved (or not) by a majority of MPs in the Commons. May has passed such a vote of confidence, although her government has been defeated on specific policies.

This is the usual way a government is formed in democratic countries. The USA has a different system, which is also democratic (or republican).

I see no difference between May and Bercow in this respect.

Don Cox

RAC said...

@ John Brown I will buy a felt tip specially for the occasion, and leave a suitable comment.

Here's an article on 5G, if you're pushed for time you might want to skip the first bit and jump in at the section, Waves and Frequencies.

Span Ows said...

Ivan, so the steep rise in support after the Brexit referendum is back up after falling in 2017...we get the same see-saw every two years, means shit all.

Poisonedchalice said...

I used to work for Huawei, so I can comment. There are clear parallels here (albeit 300 years apart) between Huawei and the Britain's East India Company. The East India Co served the UK Empire interests around the world and whatever was good for the UK Government, was good for East India Co and vice versa.

Fast forward 300 years and you can apply the same mantra to Huawei and the Chinese Government. Aside from that, we should have sided with the US - not that there's much wrong with Ericsson or Nokia or Fujitsu.

Another TM failure!

Ravenscar. said...

If you just accept that, shariza maybot works for Germany and any side she thinks is going to shit on Britain, then you'll far better understand her motives.