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Friday, 26 April 2019

When politicians betray their electors, all trust is gone

No one should be surprised that a Conservative minister who had signed the Official Secrets Act then leaked the outcome of a National Security Council meeting to the press. When ministers, civil servants and politicians have all betrayed Britain's electors, their self-destruction by bitter schism, internal betrayal, back-stabbing, blackmail and vicious in-fighting could never be far away. We are seeing the consequence of a breakdown of both Theresa May's and parliament's moral authority. A biased Speaker acting against the people, lying politicians discarding their election promises, the inane babblings of unelected effete popinjays such as 'Lord' Adonis (if you could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, as my old ex-NCB tutor used to say, you could retire on the profit) and a State media abandoned by half the population for its lies and distortions are all signs that our patrician class are reaping the results of their betrayal.

The commanders have lost control of their occupying army. All discipline is gone, the troops no longer respond to orders. It's every politician for himself - grabbing what they can in their headlong retreat, pursued by a vengeful electorate determined to clear their stink from our democracy.

Our nation is at a point of great danger. These foul betrayers must go - and make way for a reform, a renewal of our demos, for only a great cull of these patrician betrayers can rescue Britain.


Michael said...

I've only seen a reference to 'tactical voting' once recently, and can assure the Tunbridge Wells Conservatives, that they're going to get much more of this than they ever feared.

Mrs Scrobs and I are definitely on the case, especially as the Conservatives on the council are acting in exactly the same way as their 'National' crowd are.

DeeDee99 said...

I rate most of the scum in Parliament no higher than Philby, Burgess, Maclean and Blunt.

They are just as treacherous.

DiscoveredJoys said...

The political class in the UK have done very well to shift most of the attention onto a beleaguered (but still useless) May. When they exclaim that the fish rots from the head down it is misdirection - the fish is still rotten, and was rotten before May was thrust forward.

Perhaps that is one reason why Trump (love him or loathe him) made great play of 'drain the swamp'. Perhaps that is why Farage is making a great play of reforming politics. Perhaps that is why Corbyn was seen as a breath of fresh air... until the smell of the same old political machine could no longer be ignored?

Yes, we must get rid of May. Yes, we must press on with a proper Brexit. But that is only half the job done.

Anonymous said...

On this particular issue, I hope this may be actually a decision of conscience. Would it be wise to let Huawei into the national infrastructure? Other 'five eyes' countries aren't. Just because its cheap doesn't mean its better.

Conversely, it could be argued that this is a cynical attempt by the US to force their own kit (including backdoors) onto their allies.

I know which I think is worse.

Stephen J said...

I think May has adopted a contrary view of the world because she doesn't like being wrong.

We have the leading silicone engineers, who run their chips in almost every piece of electronic equipment on the planet. She sells that to the Japanese.

We have the oldest (barely) functioning democracy on the planet, so she launches a right boot at it and sells the nation to the corporatists and fascists in Brussels.

We were once, a trusted member of the "five eyes" group...

... not for long now.

Span Ows said...

some may thing DeeDee is exaggerating or using hyperbole; I do not.

r-w makes a valid point, especially with FISA docs revealing (presumably) our grubby mits all over the anti-Trump dossier.

It is not too late to turn the tanker around but the bridge must be cleansed.

J. Hoover's Witnesses said...

Anon. TBH I don't know what to think about the Huawei business.

There are credible claims that the reason for which there is all the hostility directed at the company is not because their gear has a backdoor for the Chinese authorities to snoop at all.

Rather, it is because it does NOT have one for the septics, the NSA, so to do.

May could be doing the right thing if the truth be told.

Who knows?

Dadad said...

We really do need The Harrogate Agenda now.

John in Cheshire said...

As usual, the swamp rats in the HoC and their fellow rats in the MSM direct their attention towards whoever released this information; ie attack the messenger and avoid at all costs the content of the message.

On that subject, where is Julian Assange; what's his state of health, what are they doing to him, is he in solitary confinement, died he have access to his legal team? He's another messenger being persecuted for revealing the actual betrayal of our country and others.

Drain the swamp!

John Brown said...

Mrs May is following Germany’s instructions to allow Huawei to build 5G infrastructure in the UK to align the UK with Germany/the EU against the US/Canada/Australia/NZ.

Even at the expense of the UK’s security.

After all, she is trying to sign an international treaty with the EU where we accept EU laws, taxation, fines and policies with no representation or veto and from which there is no lawful exit (according to the AG).

Mrs. May represents just as big a danger to the sovereignty of UK as Mr. Corbyn.

J. Hoover's Witnesses said...

The Harrogate Agenda is neither one thing nor another. You either have a codified Constitution or you don't.

That Agenda seeks to promote certain provisions - mob rule, basically - to super-Constitutional status. It pre-empts the resolutions of any Convention.

It is a nonsense therefore.

But yes, let's have that Constitutional Convention, and sort out this international joke of a once-great (1945-2010) country.

Dave_G said...

When the CEO of Huawei said "...because we won't allow a backdoor into our software..." (or words to that effect) it explained PRECISELY why the US don't want us to use it.

One can only assume that May is permitting it because the UK spooks HAVE found a way in.....

On topic - the audience in QT last night seemed to be very supportive of John Rhys-Davies who lambasted the politicians present for their betrayal of democracy over Brexit and their (potential) creation of a civil war scenario in the UK for their failures. I think the pols (Ashworth, Atkins, Lucas and Cable) looked thoroughly 'distraught' at the audience (cheering) response. Maybe the situation is actually hitting home with them? It bloody well should.

Anonymous said...

Computer chips are made from Silicon, the element, not from silicones, which are compounds of Silicon. Silicones are used for breast enlargement, among other things.

Don Cox

Dioclese said...

The thing with May is that all she's concerned about is her 'Legacy'. She wants to be seen as the woman who delivered Brexit, albeit that she isn't really.

Her actual legacy is that she is the PM who destroyed the Tory Party.

I am reminded of the ending of the third part of the House of Cards trilogy - the original not the awful US abomination. Urqhart's legacy was that he was the first British PM to be assassinated. Whilst in no way advocating violence or inciting murder - that's illegal - I wouldn't shed a tear to see May go the same way if I'm honest about it...

The J. Hoover's Witnesses said...

You haven't a clue what she wants, Diocese, and nor have I nor anyone else.

Read my post on the previous thread.

And you are increasing the likelihood of murder, by suggesting that no opprobrium would attach to its perpetrator for those such as yourself.

That might well have been all that Thomas Mair needed.

Domo said...

"And you are increasing the likelihood of murder, by suggesting that no opprobrium would attach to its perpetrator for those such as yourself."

If you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.

RAC said...

So there you are Dioclese, the resident institutionalised control freak has found you guilty of wrongspeak and most probably crimethink as well.
One must remember to be careful when in the presence of the globalist hive, anything you say will be taken down and turned into a "suggestion" that you would increase the likelihood of murder and just to top off vile insinuation the name of Thomas Mair will be thrown in.

RAC said...

5G. Whether or not it's secure and who may be intercepting communications on it is of little importance to me, if you don't trust it don't use it.
Similarly that we may upset the U.S., though not a thing I would like, is less of a concern than the potential health risks.
Not anywhere have I seen that long term in depth studies have been done to assess the dangers of a 5G system. Studies not just of a continuous RF wave, but of the pulsed signal as it would be in a working system.