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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Breaking: Autumn election dates

House of Commons library have just issued guidance on possible general election dates BEFORE Brexit day -

Thursday 19th September or
Thursday 26th September

with a no confidence motion passed before the Summer recess

Thursday 24th October

only possible pre-Brexit date if no confidence motion passed after Summer recess

More tomorrow.



RAC said...

I see Darroch has fallen on his sword, it's the Trump curse, few survive that.

RAC said...

24th October is that cutting it a bit fine, or maybe better no time for remain to marshal its forces ?

Cheerful Edward said...

Well, the European Union's spokesman did say that a further extension would only be considered if something major, such as a General Election happened, didn't they?

Jack the dog said...

Well miserable fucker Ted, let's look on the bright side - if brexit is denied there'll be a wholesale hanging by piano wire of remainder scum so see you there with your eyes out of their sockets and shit oozing out over your hand made Belgian paedo shoes....

DeeDee99 said...

Let's hope the Brexit-voting former Labour heartlands in the midlands, north and Wales have been paying attention to the manoeuvrings going on to turn it into a party of Remain.

Cheerful Ted said...

You love it Jack - you slag!

Jack the dog said...

Can't wait mate.

Dioclese said...

Assuming a no confidence vote passes on 23rd July - which I doubt - there's the summer recess until September. Then there's 14 days to take another vote and pass. They can't have that vote while they're in recess

If the vote passes then there'll be an election which cannot be held in less than 6 weeks.

That takes us past the Brexit deadline.

This is scare mongering