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Monday, 12 August 2019

Who will be the Petain of their Government of National Surrender?

Remainiacs were scrambling over the weekend to place themselves as candidates to head a new Government of National Surrender to follow the imagined defeat of our government in September. Caroline Lucas was first out of the traps, volunteering to head an all-female LBGTQB (including trans) government of yellow-greens with a bit of pink. Chukka Ummummumma was not far behind, and Dominic Grieve has been hanging around outside the studios to lig more air time. @RoryWanksOn has turned around and is heading back to Westminster and even Anna Soubry is considering which outfits would do best against the background of a big glossy black door.

They are all, of course, living in a fantasy world, away in a bunker. Any such moves would see them slaughtered in an election pitched as 'people vs. parliament' - I can tell you the result now. People will win big. I can only imagine the heat had addled their brains; one doesn't have to dig far to discover the deep contempt in which Petain, Laval and Darlan are still held in France.

Saturday's Opinium poll may also just start to sink in -
Opinium - Fieldwork 8th/9th August
Opinion is shifting week by week behind a clean Brexit. The big issue that remains unresolved for the Autumn election is any pact between my party and The Brexit Party; don't believe the early denials. If that's what it takes to secure a thumping Leave majority in the House, it will happen.

Politics is cruel. Several papers print the eyespymp snap of Philip Hammond sans armoured jag and armed bodyguards with his bags on a tube at Piccadilly station. He's just a backbench MP now, and may not even be that by Christmas.

Did they have to show him how to use an Oyster card?


DeeDee99 said...

Ypu'd think Weird Rory would have figured out that as the membership of his own Party rejected his application to become Leader/Prime Minister he has no chance of leading a Government of National Unity.

He couldn't even unite the CON Party.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Do you know I read 'eyespymp' as eyes pimp. Don't know why.

RAC Esq. said...

" If that's what it takes to secure a thumping Leave majority in the House, it will happen."

And it needs to be done with absolutely no chance of confusion, no nods and winks, whichever party, but only one party puts up a candidate.

RAC Esq. said...

For amusement purposes mainly updated every 4 hours......

JPM said...

People are about to learn then, that "clean Brexit" as a term has elements in common with ones such as "painless disembowelment", or "no-mess beheading", or "tidy plane crash".

Come on.

Charles said...

Clean Brexit has the saving grace that our civil service cannot make it worse. Get out, enjoy the chaos, wait a few years, learn what we need and do that.

JPM said...

I'll be absolutely fine thanks Charles, but not so those who will lose their jobs, family homes, and all the rest.

Your "logic" is that World War Two was no big deal, because ninety percent of the people in Europe survived it.

No, the saving grace of no deal is that it will be mainly the Leave voters of the North East, of South Wales, and of the West Midlands, who will bear the brunt of its ravages.

Sobers said...

"People are about to learn then, that "clean Brexit" as a term has elements in common with ones such as "painless disembowelment", or "no-mess beheading", or "tidy plane crash"."

Oh there'll be beheadings and disembowlements all right, metaphorically speaking of course, just of the Liberal Establishment types who thought they were in control of everything for ever. Thats why we voted for Brexit, among other reasons, to smoke out the class of undemocratic virtual fascists who have infested our democracy over the last 20 years. A recession would be a cheap price to pay to get rid of that bunch of treasonous c**ts.

Not that I think a No Deal Brexit will cause anything other than a very shallow recession, which may not be down to Brexit at all, as the world economy is slowing anyway, in fact I have a sneaking suspicion it could be like 1992 all over again, when the great and the good told us that the world would end if we fell out of the ERM, and crucified the UK public via higher interest rates to try and keep us in, and once we crashed out things looked up almost immediately. I suspect the same will prove the case after 1st November.

RAC Esq. said...

@ 08:32
Where we lead others will follow....euro bowels, euro head, euro plane, fine by me.

JPM said...

When successful people cease to be politicians, they tend to move into other areas of success.

Even Derek Hatton became a millionaire.

The blood-letting will not occur amongst that class then. They'll go onto boards, back to being barristers, accountants, or to whatever.

No, it will be among those in the soon-to-be closed down industries on the shop floor, and those who depend on their wages, such as tradesmen in the areas where they live.

Leave voters, that is.

Mark said...

And your logic is that nobody at all would have died had everybody just surrendered to the boche when asked.

Apart from Jews, gypsies, "asocials", social Democrats etc etc.

Cheerful, can't you get out of your head the idea that the EU is some super efficient, purring economic and political swiss watch.

The unemployment caused in the so-called PIIGS alone by the Euro runs into the millions. Do you really want us to be liable for all that?

The break might not be clean (please see previous threads, we know there may well be short term pain) but it is by far better than staying in the Euro bunker.

RAC Esq. said...

@ t 10:03
Bless your heart, your concern is noted.

JPM said...

Just a writing tip, Raedwald.

Your failure to use the conditional mood of the verb "to be" in the headline means that you are resigned to that actually happening.

Raedwald said...

Thanks JPM

I'm not sure how we'd do without your sagicity and erudition to guide us all.

Smoking Scot said...

My understanding is Hammond took almost a fortnight to vacate his pad in Downing St.

And yes he really is a nondescript, not worthy of a second glance. Oh and a piss poor chancellor in his previous life.

JPM said...

Don't mention it!

Ravenscar. said...

"I'm not sure how we'd do without your sagicity and erudition to guide us all"

ye Gods and oozing bleak sarcasm, and quite splendidly so, it is Sir!

JPM said...

Mark, do you pretend to understand the opposite of what a simple sentence means, just to attract the attention of its writer to correct you?

Dave_G said...

I very much doubt anyone could differentiate between economic/social events caused by Brexit or those caused by the pending Global Economic Slowdown.

We see this manifest itself as 'everything is the fault of Brexit' when the evidence pointing to global issues is far more visible yet largely unreported.

What we CAN see is that the EU is suffering from both of the social/economic effects 'now' (high youth unemployment and the German economic slowdown as but two examples) and appear to be headed for even more trouble very soon. They can't blame THAT on Brexit..... can they?

Mark said...


If you actually manage to correct anyone it would be a first so fill your boots.

JPM said...

Yes, indeed, Dave - "Make Smoke And Retire".

Bill Quango MP said...

Ordinarily, I would be wary of any actual pact materialising. Especially as the Tories have been fighting UKIP/TBP far harder than they have been fighting Labour, for quite some time.

The difference this time, is Boris and his strategist.

Boris knows. Knows in a way that May really, really didn't believe was true, until the Euro elections forced her to accept the truth. Boris knows, and has evidence that if he does not deliver, it is not just him that is toast. It is the entire Tory party.
As long as he can impart that knowledge, he should have enough support to try the dash for the wire.

The other change from May's awful tenure, is he has Dominic Cummings. Someone who would relish the opportunity to stick it to the remain establishment, one more time. And who would catch them once again, as they fight the trench 'project fear III' war.
Bringing up their big business and Industry guns to rain poison soundbites into the media.

While Cummings is already leading advanced spearheads on a lightening swipe around their flank. Parking his 'Democracy Matters!' panzers right across the Liberal lawn.

I think they could do it. I certainly think they will try.

If I was the EU, I'd be looking for some way to stop them. Some delaying tactic. Time is on the EU's side. I'm sure they could do it. But they appear to not want to.
Instead hoping that the UK will just fold first.

Dave_G said...

If the EU want to cause further delay then they must surely be aiming for the Lisbon Treaty date and thereafter claim that we're 'stuck with them' as a result of our intransigence in not leaving in a timely manner

But the Brexit Party sitting on the sidelines must surely make the decision far, far easier and even the remainer Tories won't sacrifice their tenure when they all know (whether or not they advertise it publicly) that a No Deal exit won't cause anything like the problems they are claiming.

JPM said...

Our "eugenics-interested" Dominic Cummings is the epitome of the Establishment. His land gets about a quarter of a million in European Union subsidies - to be replaced by the Tories - and his extended family includes earls, baronets and viscounts, Bill.

That's the real Establishment though, the state-within-the-state, not Farage's silly fiction.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why he was so keen to leave ?
If he receives his cash from the EU?

He was the person most responsible for the uk leaving the EU. Even more so than Farage.
Though, despite Do,Indic refusing to admit it, he could not have done it without Farage.

RAC Esq, said...

You might like this.......

Mr Ecks said...

JPM --you are a plain liar as well as a clown and failed smear-meister.

"Eugenics" you arsehole? More than brass-neck coming from a leftist. Eugenics was a particular favourite policy amongst the Fabian socialist scum of the 1930s--prototype middle class well-off Marxist trash just like you.

Brexit --and a lot more besides-- is going to be put on London Bubble slime like you. Your pain is only just beginning.

JPM said...

I'm not in London, Ecky.

As Raedwald pointed out, eugenics has been in vogue all over the place at times, notably in Sweden.

I'd read the late Keith Joseph's Edgbaston speech, written in part by one Mr. Sumption though.

So which strata of society do you think that the ex-Oxford Mr. Cummings would like to see peter out? He's self-taught to degree level in mathematics, and is currently pursuing physics, so I don't think that it would be the intelligent, do you?

Chin up, eh?

Mark said...


Please stop projecting. No, on second thoughts please carry on.

Do you ever stop to consider that when people refer to the EU as the fourth reich it's because they get foaming, raging hate from "Europeans" like you in their faces all the time.

We've seen what your wondrous Euro experiment has done to the jobs and prospects of tens of millions in Southern Europe and we don't want it here thank you very much.

If you want us in the Euro, you know what it will do to the "little people" so spare us your faux "compassion" eh.

Yes, I know that the countries devastated by the Euro likely wouldn't vote to leave (not that I imagine any of them would ever be given the opportunity to vote). I certainly can't explain that. Nor do I have to. I do get - given their centuries of turmoil and war - their willingness to sacrifice economic and political freedom for "stability". After all, they're neighbours whether they like it or not.

But that's their history, not ours. I don't want their history - and the groundhog day repetition of it - to be our future.

Eugenics? I really wouldn"t raise that spectre in the context of "Europe" if I were you.

See above reference to fourth reich.

JPM said...

I don't know why you're quite so het up, Mark. The UK is pretty certain to leave the European Union, I'd have thought.

Maybe you were enjoying the hopeful journey more than the thought of arriving at a place where your house and garden are no bigger or more gracious, the wife no more desirable, the kids' grades at school unimproved, your health no better, crime rates worse if anything, your pension prospects what they were at best, a load of hassle and poorer value when you travel, no more time off work if you still have a job, parking just as problematic, etc. etc. ?

Mark said...


You understand, you just don't want to admit why, even to yourself.

JPM said...

Well, I understand what is in your imagination, Mark, because you write it down on a regular basis, but all the evidence is that you are just tormenting yourself with morbid fancy.

On the other hand there is objective evidence, that some kind of nuclear power source to do with rockets exploded in Russia, and then Trump blurted out that the US had "the same kind of thing".

Mark said...

Hell's teeth we really have entered the cheerful zone!