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Saturday, 19 August 2017

"The executioner was such a nice boy .."

Channel 4, that other broadcaster funded by the TV tax, is to air a slick drama from tomorrow about four 'heroic' Islamist dupes who desert the UK to fight for ISIS. Deborah Davies at the Mail had the benefit of a preview tape and has done a superlative and carefully balanced job of reviewing it. 

There's not a hope in Hell of stopping the broadcast, even as the tiny bodies of infants crushed by Islamists in Barcelona are hardly cold. But it will damage our fight against Islamism terribly.

An important part of the peace process in Northern Ireland was the depiction, on film and TV, of IRA terrorists as ordinary people to whom we could relate. When Gerry Adams could be heard for the first time (without his words having to be spoken by an actor) he had a surprisingly soft and gentle voice. When you're sitting at a conference table to negotiate peace, rather than to accept an act of unconditional surrender, it's actually necessary for each side to understand the other. And so John Major's quiet legacy has left us a finely balanced peace in the Province.

It's hardly necessary to write that while only a small number of British Muslims are Islamists, all British Islamists are Muslims. But that those few Islamists are implacable; they're not interested in negotiations, not interested in winning political power. They want only the complete destruction of Western civilisation and the death of every one of us kuffirs. There's no point in humanising Islamists; we're never going to sit at a conference table with them. In fact, as they must be ruthlessly destroyed, we need to dehumanise them even more, so our lads and lasses have no hesitation whatsoever in squeezing the trigger. 

What we need is a TV series that shows loyal, sensible, heroic Muslims rejecting and denouncing the Islamist animals that dwell among them, that shows Islamists torn apart in a hail of gunfire as the police and security forces hunt them down, that shows Muslim SAS troopers back in the family home on leave after slaughtering Jihadists. What we don't need is Channel 4 Islamist propaganda that tells us what a nice boy the Islamist executioner is.


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to find a way to stop indiscriminate murder as practised by these islamist savages, but a good place to start might be with their families.

If the authorities quietly responded to a terrorist attack, with a nocturnal visit to the family home of a given terrorist, where death and mayhem are meted out with due diligence, some sort of check on terrorist behaviour might ensue.

I am one of those folk that does believe that deterrence is better than cleaning up after the event, but if the cleaning up is that of the terrorists mother, father, brothers and sisters, they just might think twice.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely with Anon 8:05, and I think that if in addition, the demolition of every mosque they ever visited, decapitation of every preacher, and ejection from the country of all the worshippers and their families who attended said terrorist breeding camps, would see us rather better off in the long run.

Timbotoo said...

I don't know if this was broadcast elsewhere, but Spanish networks showed video of how the terrorists in Cambrils were dealt with. Deeply satisfying and saved a trial.

Anonymous said...

"if the cleaning up is that of the terrorists mother, father, brothers and sisters, they just might think twice."

They would not. They believe that the executed family would be martyrs who would go straight to Paradise. In their minds, there is nothing better than martyrdom. Likewise, seeing other terrorists being shot is not a deterrent.

I think the young men (and women) who have been brainwashed into this death cult are suffering from a form of dangerous mental illness. It is somewhat like the state of mind of a man who comes to believe that he must kill his wife and children and then himself. Or the state of mind of Nazi death camp guards.

Some former Islamists have recovered, but it is a difficult process as the person has to change their entire world view, right down to the roots.

The real problem is the people who do the brainwashing; and this starts with Wahhabi-style Islam itself.

JS said...

"What we need is a TV series that shows loyal, sensible, heroic Muslims rejecting and denouncing the Islamist animals that dwell among them..."

I'd like Muslims to actually do that in any numbers first before anyone makes a TV series about it.

Otherwise that would be just another propaganda series.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'What we need is a TV series that shows loyal, sensible, heroic Muslims rejecting and denouncing the Islamist animals that dwell among them, that shows Islamists torn apart in a hail of gunfire as the police and security forces hunt them down, that shows Muslim SAS troopers back in the family home on leave after slaughtering Jihadists.'

Watching too many episodes of Ultimate Force there methinks. My own brush with the 'regiment' was a long time ago now but the lads I believe are still way up on your average squaddie with regards to geopolitics. Some, like Phil Campion, have spoken out against the Islamization of our homeland. You see he's been in countries where Muhammadans rule and he knows how they've been expanding the ummah, you Raedwald do not. For example Lebanon was Christian not so long ago. Europe is firmly in their sights.

Don't be a dhimmi.


Anonymous said...


Yes, mass street demonstrations against Jihadism by Muslims in Britain and Europe would certainly help.

There certainly are Muslims who loathe jihadism -- there are Sufis and musicians in Pakistan, for instance -- but they seem to be a small percentage, and they are persecuted. There is no free speech in the great majority of Muslim countries.

Jeff Wood said...

If there were no Muslims in Europe, there would be no muslim terrorism.

Not to mention vast savings in welfare, schooling, housing, policing, health costs and so on.

Preserving western Civilisation would be a bonus.

Time for Reconquista 2.

John Brown said...

If our leaders wish to reduce terrorism here are some possible suggestions :

1) Put a total halt on all immigration from Middle Eastern and African countries. We are completely outnumbered and if we continue to import large numbers of Third Worlders we will become a third world country ourselves.

2) Put a total halt on any further building of mosques funded by Middle Eastern countries and deport any imams or mosque employees who are not UK citizens.

3) Ensure that all UK citizens or residents can understand English and all UK citizens are able to exercise their right to vote by banning all postal voting except in exceptional circumstances. At the same time remove all translation services from state institutions such as the NHS.

4) Ensure that all UK laws are enforced including those on forced marriage, polygamy, under-age marriage, FGM, slavery etc..

5) Ban the practice of first cousin marriages.

6) If we are to have faith schools then these schools must be very carefully controlled to ensure the teaching of girls as well as boys and to include science as a major subject.

7) The school curriculum for all schools needs to include not only the teaching of the basic principles of science and evolution, but more importantly the history and philosophy of science to explain how the Enlightenment/Age of Reason has led to our understanding of the Universe and in particular our World.

8) Treat the taking of children every evening to places of religious study with no time spent on any other activities, such as play or sport, as child abuse.

Anonymous said...

The Islamic State refers to Spain as Andalus, and calls for its re-conquest, and for the rest of Europe to be converted to Islam. IS is an army, with its soldiers already embedded in European cities with large Muslim populations. The future of Europe is bleak indeed. It is one of civil strife and martial law.

Edward Spalton said...

At Geert Wilders' first trial in ( I think) 2010, Professor Jansen, a leading Arabic scholar was was a key defence witness His testimony was so profoundly unwelcome to the authorities that a judge actually tried to nobble the witness by engineering a meeting at a private dinner party before he could testify . This became known and the bench of judges hearing the case was replaced. ( No jury of course).
The new bench of judges would not allow Professor Jansen to testify in person but did have his evidence read into the record.
It is available on the Gates of Vienna website.
Much simplified, it was this.

There is not and cannot be any such thing as " moderate Islam" because the faith is defined for all time by its scriptures, including the accepted commentaries.

There are however many moderate Muslims - that is Muslims who are not fully observant . But, of course,,they can become so whenever there is an Islamic " evangelical revival"

Professor Jansen estimated that 20 per cent of Muslims were fully observant - what we would call "extremists"' 60 per cent practised varying degrees of observance and 20 per cent were Muslims in Name Only but continued to identify as Muslims culturally and were deterred from apostasy by the social consequences which were extremely unpleasant - the scriptural punishment being death

DeeDee99 said...

Channel 4 is as bad, if not worse, than the BBC when it comes to screening anti-British propaganda. The 7 o'clock "news" is beyond satire; it's so left-wing it has become satire itself.

Islamists have been brainwashed into an extreme version of the faith. But ALL Muslims are brainwashed, usually from birth although there are converts, who often go on to become extremists/terrorists.

The problem is the faith, which allows no questioning; no "interpretation" and no deviation from its strictures. When someone is poorly educated and has already been brainwashed into a faith, it's relatively easy to brainwash them into a more extreme version. That, combined with Arab/Muslim "victim culture" explains why they hate us.

I think that having creating the problem with immigration policy for the past 20 years, the Government is now desperately trying to find a way to neutralise it. They can't eject Muslims from the country; immigration rules mean they can't stop more arriving or being born. So they are going to try and moderate the brainwashing. That's why they are allowing Muslim Faith Schools and encouraging moderate, Westernised Muslims to promote the idea of a Muslim reformation - reinterpretation of the Koran. Majid Nawaz was promoting a Muslim reformation heavily this week on his LBC Shows.

This week we also learned that moderate British Muslims are creating a new Council to promote a moderate version of Islam.

And we have been warned by the Government that the fight against Islamist terrorism will take another 30 years. That equals 3 decades of British Muslim children educated in British Muslim Faith schools.

What they also need to do is stop Saudi Arabia from funding extremist Mosques; Universities from permitting extremist Muslim preachers and the prison system from acting as an Islamist breeding ground.

Mr Ecks said...

You are off again with your Camoron-style "Its the Islamists" tripe again Radders.

If you are an ordinary believer you MUST object to free cspeech and rights for women , gays etc.

No way round that--implicit in the belief.

And that is ordinary everyday. The worst are just a bit across the spectrum.

No more must be allowed in, the subsidised breeding program stopped and the vote taken away.

That is minimum.

APL said...

"It's hardly necessary to write that while only a small number of British Muslims are Islamists, .."

Frankly old bean, I couldn't care a hoot. The magical majority don't seem to be doing anything about the minority. In fact, a recent survey of 'British' Muslims, implied very strongly that, Moslems wanted Sharia, Moslems won't inform on other Moslems, if they think there is anything nefarious going on.

We shouldn't be altogether surprised. It was similar across the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland. Each group has in group preferences, which are stronger than the cross group preferences and there is no bridging the divide.

We've, or rather our politicians, have added an additional ethnic component to the mix.

Anonymous said...

1- The attacks are random. No matter how good the police are we can't each have a personal police man following us about 24/7.
2- How is one expected to defend oneself barehanded against a knife or other weapon?
3- As far as I am aware anything remotely useful in that respect would be deemed an offensive weapon and earn you a court appearance, there appears to be no such thing as a defensive weapon.
4- Most of these attackers are eventually killed by the police but only after causing carnage.
5- The attackers are aware that they are probably on a suicide mission.
6- I have read that before setting out on such a mission they go through religious rituals to get straight with the paedo in the sky.
7- What is needed some additive that will stop pigs blood from congealing so that it can be packed in handy pressurised aerosol cans and carried by everyone.
8- Spraying rancid pigs blood on the attacker and thereby fucking up his chances of 72 mustachioed virgins would put him off his game long enough for a decisive counter attack or chance of escape depending on your choice.

leila said...

We are in a desperate state. I think most of the front bench/ shadow lot have shaken the hand of the NWO. Barely was the blood hosed off the van mayhem/ stabbing than Spanish authorities were talking about 'lack of surveillance' And we all know who they will watch and track and ensure no weapons are obtained/ carried. The highest recipient of 'benefit payments'last year was the B'ham area which is now over 50% Muslim. So we are paying our invaders to conquer us. The rememberence of WW1 reminds us of the appalling suffering and death of a generation of Britain's finest. And for what? WE ALL know what to do and the traitors in Westminster seem to have all the ace cards and will happily deliver us into the madness of a Caliphate.

Anonymous said...

anon @11:57:

Does it matter? Either it will gradually deter, or it will perform a tit for tat exercise, there is no real cure for the sickness.


Anonymous said...

We need another Arthur Harris:

The [Nazis] Muslims entered this [war] continent under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At [Rotterdam] Paris, London, [Warsaw] Barcelona, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.

Let's hope.