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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Britain's next Prime Minister attends RAF centenary service

Britain's next Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn PC MP, today attended a service of celebration for the centenary of the Royal Air Force. Looking elegant in expensively crumpled 'Lands End' linen, Mr Corbyn accessorised with a pair of 'Bic' biros worn in the breast pocket and a Gregg's Vegetable Pasty in a side pocket. 

Seriously, if the May deal goes through I shall be campaigning for Corbyn at the next GE - in the absence of a Brexit party standing. I'm afraid it's time to make Liberals of the dear old Conservative Party. It's failed us, and has no right to survive. 

♬Oh! Jeremy Corbyn .. Oh! Oh! Oh! Jeremy Corbyn ...♬


right-writes said...

Can't we dissolve the government and elect another, sang Bertold Brecht.... (not)

Certainly not a cry for a general election, just a plea for a government that represents the wishes of the people.

Anonymous said...

You sound almost as depressed as I feel! Rest assured, the Maybot's latest deal will founder, like all the other offers, for the simple reason that EU/Berlin only want our money, nothing else. Until we offer large sums for a trade deal, OR Germany tells the EU that they're not going to pay more unless they give us a deal, then there's nothing to be done. May simply doesn't get it.

Gary C. Sawyer said...

Regretfully me too - and I have never voted Labour in my life.

Bill Quango MP said...

The thing about the Robbins plan is could be being sold just as easily by Jeremy COB to his fanatical remain party.
He could use the exact same dossier to say "See..we are staying in, really. We will have free movement. We will follow all EU human rights and employment laws. AND we will be able to add some extra to them.
No hard borders. No divergence. But we WOULD be allowed to implement our own state aid rules. This is a terrific deal.

I'm surprised May and Corbyn and Cable aren't going the country together. All saying what a wonderful deal this.
They could travel on a bus together. Painted with,

'£350,000,000 a week extra for the EU. Let's not take back control'

DeeDee99 said...

I can't bring myself to vote for Corbyn.

On the basis that Nigel said he would return as UKIP Leader next March if the CON Party carries out this betrayal, I've rejoined UKIP.

In my safe Conservative Constituency it probably won't make any difference ..... but it might make more difference than voting Labour.

Dave_G said...

Never Corbyn.

I very much doubt there'd be a majority winning party at the next GE - we'll get the worst of all worlds when they create a 'grand coalition' and every existing party gets behind the remain campaign thereby putting a complete halt to our hopes of freedom.

As DeeDee proposes, should UKIP get Farage back (or even if he didn't return) I'll be voting their way. LibLabConGreen have all had their day.

John Brown said...

Whilst I will agree that the Conservative Party has “no right to survive” if they fail to implement both the EU referendum result and their manifesto pledge to leave the EU, I still would not vote for Mr. Corbyn.

If I can, I will be voting for UKIP (or another following version) and if no UKIP candidate is standing in my constituency I will add "UKIP" to the list of candidates.

So, even if the result is that Mr. Corbyn becomes PM, then at least I will be contributing to decreasing the total number of votes cast for both the Conservative and Labour Parties and increasing the total number of UKIP votes, which I believe will have a big political affect, even if UKIP still fail to win any seats.

The establishment elites (the "swamp") are hoping that Leavers will become so upset by the Brexit events that they will stop voting altogether.

Thud said...

There is nothing that could make me vote for this man , I love my family and country too much, you should be ashamed.

Budgie said...

What is striking about the Chequers Kit-Kat (civil service) Brexit is how similar it is to Labour's 2017 manifesto. Agreed the Labour manifesto Brexit policy has a vague rambling feel to it as though written by someone over a breakfast veggie sausage sandwich after an all nighter, but the Chequers effort is similarly full of holes and contradictions (ok, so really I mean lies).

Chequers, as policy, is the same sort of blunder as Theresa May made with the Tory manifesto in 2017: devised by cocky Spads (cocky civil servants for Chequers) in a closed room, with no checking by ordinary people or even by backbench Tory MPs. Yes, Olly Robbins has been dripping poison into Mrs May's ear; and it's worked because she is an empty head, only interested in climbing the power ladder rather than serving the people.

Consequently, with even worse and deeper splits in the Labour party over Leave, Corbyn's Chequers Brexit plan would have been in essence no different - because it would have been planned and negotiated by the same Remain civil servants. Membership of the EU for 46 years has rotted our civil service - it is completely corrupted. A swaggering belief that they are better than the politicians informs their hubris. Let us hope their nemesis isn't ours too.

cascadian said...

Our genial host Raedwald lapses into gallows humour at the absurdity of yUK political choices. I for one applaud it.

I am happy to witness the destruction of the conmen party, however a vote for the shell of the liebour party (previously destroyed by UKIP) which now resembles the communist party of yUK is beyond ridiculous.

Your future choice seems to be limited to the raving monster loony party, or UKIP.

Lets hope UKIP can be patched up in time.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, totally off topic but reckon this is worth a punt;

Mr Ecks said...

If the Tories ditch May, get a strong Brexit leader and put through a decent Brexit--even if that is "No Deal"( and bollocks to all No Deal= disaster freaks) they can still win.

Northern working class patriots WILL vote Tory IF May is booted--to prove the sell out is over--and a decent Brexit done. Corbin will only win if both sides sell out Brexit.

It might be better if May were left to swing in the wind for a bit rather than have a failed challenge which means she can't be challenged again for another 12 months.

She is now a lame duck everywhere outside the Westminster Bubble. Let her come back with lists of more concessions demanded by the EU. Let the fuckwit remain MPs get their ears bent during the recess by the membership and their Associations as to the level of piss boiling rage this sellout is causing in the UK. Let the MPs consider their chances of the usual post HoC directorships etc in the Marxist wasteland of a Corbin Britain.

Even any decent and sane remain supporters ( not Remainiac scum of course) must realise that Corbin will be the result of this mess.

And there is also the fact that May is trying to turn this nation into a police state where the "elite" scum do what they like and the electorate can fuck off.

The only way for May now is down. It is "Carry On Treason" and it will be the Cones Hotline times 1000.

RAC said...

Sick of this betrayal, heartily sick of it.

1/ Replace May with Rees Mogg
2/ Crash out--no deal--ram it up yer arse you foreign bastards
3/ Remainers go and live on the continent if you like it that much, this country is overcrowded and the space you occupy is more valuable than your presence.

Poisonedchalice said...

Wot THUD and RAC said; except I would choose Gove over RM.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Can we not have "bonded" companies that trade with the EU seamlessly and pay for the priviledge of compliance verification, rather than the whole country paying through the nose?

That way everyone else that doesn't trade with the EU can trade without paying to access a market they have no interest in.

Anonymous said...

Let hope more people vote UKIP, thus giving them the role of kingmakers.


Budgie said...

Poisonedchalice, Chequers is Remain for everything except service exports (about 4.4% UK GDP), and Gove supports it.

Mr Ecks said...

Poisoned Chalice--Gove IS a poisoned chalice. He sold out --like Liam Fox-- instantly and doesn't even have the balls to kick back against his own humiliation at Chequers on Friday. He is just May-lite. As "leader" he makes no sense at all--just more of the same.

John M said...

What and you think that scruffy leftwing scarecrow and his cabal of cabinet remainers will give you a better deal?

We've been betrayed by the bloody lot of them. None of the main players deserves to run the country. They collectively despise us and they've proved it. We need to clean out the mandarins and abolish the House of Lords as well

Dioclese said...

Disastrous as May has been, Corbyn would keep us in the EU AND destroy the economy.

You can't seriously vote for him?

We need a campaign to scrawl "No suitable candidate" on the ballot paper. If enough ballots get spoilt, they might start listening.


leila said...

Never Corbyn or Gove! come on Radders lot don't despair.The football crew will return having breathed the air of a country free from Soros, international bankers, GMO crops and our vile politicians, and they could vote UKIP. So lets back the party. Batten is doing a great job and recognises the Muz threat to boot.

John Vasc said...

But this is the trick that Parliament is playing on the electorate - to keep on offering us poor choices. Between Corbyn and May, Chequers and an unprepared no deal, Chequers and cancelling Art. 50 etc.

Chris Bryant openly boasted in the House of Commons today that even the quisling deal Raab is fronting 'has no support in the House of Commons'.

If a General Election were to be called, do you think the voters would pay the slightest attention to whether their preferred Tory or Labour candidate was a Remainer, and vote against them on that principle? Of course they wouldn't.

Only a strong Ukip splitting the Tory vote and putting the wind up CCHQ will alter anything at all.