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Monday, 9 July 2018

The Mandarins won Chequers - BRINO will destroy democracy in UK

Make no mistake, this is a crisis of democracy. I woke this morning to hear of the resignations of David Davis, Steve Baker and Suela Braverman from DExEU. Elsewhere, leaks have sprung that the Federast mandarins found this pro-Brexit department not only threatening but gaining power in Whitehall. Now without its ministers, the brave Brexit civil servants who staff the department are lost. Hammond, May and the Remainers have won. They didn't even have to wait for Herr Barnier to contemptuously dismiss the Chequers plan and demand that the UK concede even more to the Lords of Brussels. 

The mandarins won Chequers. Their contempt for the democratic will of the British people is absolute. We are disposable and replaceable. Their globalist chums in the Federation and at the reins of the global corporates will maintain them in power.

Already they are plotting alternatives to popular democracy, to ensure that never again can the people of Britain rebel like we rebelled in June 2016. This is a watershed, and there is little hope we can salvage our nation and our democracy unless the people of Britain unite anew in one concerted effort to defeat the evil of the Federast behemoth.

The hour has come.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that there will be some sort of rebellion or protest about the disgraceful way the Remainers and the EU have behaved.But it won't happen. We will tut loudly and write angry letters to the Daily Mail and just accept it long-term.

TrT said...

For the last decade Ive been an active campaigner for the Tories
No brexit no vote

If Corbyn wins 500 seats, so be it

right-writes said...

It certainly seems to me that Davis is being overly kind to his old boss.

His language is most polite, bearing in mind that the result of Chequers is a total surrender.

If this crap goes through, the UK will no longer have ANY independence, not even the veneer that the treaties have inadvertently left unimpeded.

If enough of these so called patriots back Davis, we may be able to stop this...

The problem is that they all seem to be like Boris...

More in love with whatever their title is, than actually performing the task that is printed on the tin.

Dave_G said...

We should have expected this when 4 million votes for UKIP returned just one MP (and a traitorous stooge at that) to Parliament.

Democracy is a joke. An illusion. All 'they' seem to respect is money and power. All that remains is insurrection.

If only this couch wasn't so damned comfortable....... /sarc

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering for some time now, how we can kick back if the people's decision is not carried out in any meaningful manner.

It is inconceivable to me that we carry on as if the referendum didn't happen.

Budgie said...

I won't repeat my "Elizabeth to Elizabeth" diatribe but the general trend is all unfolding fairly predictably.

If I were the EU now (even without the resignations of David Davis and co) I would accept Theresa May's offer. Indeed I would snap her hand off (obviously without appearing to do so). Leave will not be saved by the EU. Subsequently of course the EU would salami slice away much more, to arrive at what suits them.

May's Kit-Kat deal is the EEA plus many more concessions, particularly the grotesque dual customs arrangement. If it isn't a weird half-in/half-out bodge I don't know what is.

In a way stranger still is the failure of her 3 page magnum opus to even nod in the direction of the rest of the economy. So 11% of our GDP controls the other 89%. Our domestic economy is about 72% of UK GDP. We export about 50% more to the rest of the world than we do to the EU. Yet our establishment is absolutely transfixed only by the EU. How weird is that?

And, of course, the worst aspect of May's Kit-Kat BINO is not that it abandons the UK to EU control of our trade, but it abandons any pretence of UK independence. We voted Leave to make this country independent again. That is May's greatest betrayal.

Dave_G said...


If the EU thought the proposal could get straight through Parliament then I'm sure they would take it with gay abandonment.

Hopefully (small hope, but hope nonetheless) the deal has to pass scrutiny in the House and I suspect more than a few Politicians are fearful of repercussions should they simply wave it past.

This week should be a turning point in the whole process. If nothing changes then there WILL be trouble.

dave roderick said...

we need 17.4 million plus to decend on londonistan and bring it to a halt untill the so called government finally see sense me thinks

jack ketch said...

Raab is the new BrexSec...I'll have to wiki.

jack ketch said...

Seems Wiki is also unimpressed:

James Higham said...

Think only a mass resignation now will do it.

jack ketch said...

Think only a mass resignation now will do it.

or 48 letters. But I fear you will be hard pushed to find 48 BrexSShiteurs in the parliamentary Tory party with the courage of their convictions.

John Vasc said...

There is absolutely no way the EU is going to agree to anything less than freedom of movement, the enforced inclusion of services in any trade deal, complete jurisdiction by the ECJ, and annual payments into the EU budget.

So we can sit back and wait for the thesaurus experts in No. 10 (Barwell, Robbins, Heywood, May) to come up with euphemisms to attempt to make all these concessions seem like something else.

Eventually the No. 10 backstop excuse will be 'It's too late for a no-deal scenario - how could we have known that etc etc...'

As Kurt Tucholsky once said, these people lie so much that not even the opposite of what they say is the truth.

Anonymous said...

"Think only a mass resignation now will do it."

Well Boris gone now according to Guido.

Trainer John said...

With apologies to Robert Burns:

Farewell to our British fame,
Farewell our ancient glory;
Farewell even to the British name,
So famed in martial story.
Now tides run over Solway sands,
And Severn runs to the ocean,
To mark where Brussel's province stands-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

What force or guile could not subdue,
Thro' many warlike ages,
Is wrought now by a coward few,
For hireling traitor's wages.
The EU rules we could disdain,
Secure in valour's station;
But Brussels gold has been our bane-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

O would, or I had seen the day
That Treason thus could sell us,
My old grey head had lain in clay,
With Bruce and loyal Wallace!
But pith and power, till my last hour,
I'll make this declaration;
We're bought and sold for Brussels gold-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

Mike said...

Radders, we don't have democracy in the UK. It's an elected oligarchy. ie we elect people every five years to take decisions on our behalf and whilst they are in power there's bugger all we can do about it.

cascadian said...

A recent tweet

"EU source to @nick_gutteridge: "We're already used to negotiating with Olly Robbins so this resignation doesn't really affect the negotiations""

There you have it, the mandarins and possibly Maybe are in charge. The rest was just a fairground distraction. Brexit is beyond the capabilities of todays bureaucracy. Brinos in charge from top-to-bottom.

Managed decline suits the bureaucracy just fine.

Plumber JC said...

I have *never* trusted May to do the right thing. A quick look at her biog shows here to be a complete and willing puppet of the Sir 'umphrey Appleby crew.

A wretched, hollow excuse of a "leader" who even managed to top Gordon Brown's "trousers tucked in socks" arrival at the White House with her curtsy to William last week...

She has to go

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that the Conservative Party if it carries on its present course to implement the Chequers Deal, (Which will be watered down and made even worse by Barnier and his chums) will be committing electoral suicide at the next General Election. In short the Tories will become the New Liberals.

The Brexit vote saw 17.4 million people vote for it, I reckon at a guess, 3 million were UKIPper's, and approx 10 million Tories, if we get Theresa's proposals, with 70 per cent against the deal the vast majority of these will simply stay at home and not vote next time. A loss of 5 million votes would see the Tories losing up to 160 seats. This would I believe, see the party split in two, and a For Brexit Tory party emerging.

The problem is, even if Mr Rees-Mogg could get 48 names to force a leadership election, because the majority of Conservative M.P.'s are remainer's she would likely win a vote of no confidence. This would only strengthen her hand.

This however should not deter them, for as far as I can see this is the only game in town, force a no confidence vote, and then appeal to the Conservative Membership to make their voices heard. A million man march on Downing Street would do it, but given that apathy reigns in this country, I would suggest simply cutting up your membership card and writing in disgust to your local association. Nothing hurts the Tories harder than cutting off the funding. The remainer's need to be forced to see that continuing on its current course means at least 20 years in opposition and the likely death of the party. Brexiteer's need to also realise that now is the time to grow a pair, if not you may as well resign and form that new party now.

DeeDee99 said...

Following the resignations of Davies, Johnson, Barker, Braverman and two PPS (one of them Graylings) Theresa May has appointed even more Remainers to her Cabinet.

She isn't even delivering a BRINO; she's delivering Remain-by-another-name.

We now know that the British Establishment is determined to built a United States of Europe, with the UK shackled to it and taking Orders from the German Chancellor's puppets in the Berlaymont.

This is treason and in an earlier age they would have found themselves with missing heads.

We have never really grasped the extent of the treachery the Establishment and successive Governments have carried out in the UK since the 1960s. What passed for Democracy in the UK is now completely dead and buried. And realistically, there's nothing we can do about it, since we don't "do" revolutions in this country.

We'll have to hope the populations of some of the less cowed (and better armed) EU nations fight this one for us.

Budgie said...

Please read the 3 page "Statement From HM Government" (Chequers 6th July 2018) at to see for yourselves exactly how bad the proposals are.

There are too many examples of Theresa May's duplicity to list but three will suffice. These are all direct quotes, shortened with edits in square brackets [ ] to make sense.
1. "The UK and the EU would maintain a common rulebook for all goods including agri-food, with the UK ... [committing] by treaty to ongoing harmonisation with EU rules on goods ..."
2. "The UK and the EU would ... [introduce] a new Facilitated Customs Arrangement .... as if [we were] a combined customs territory. The UK would apply the UK's tariffs and trade policy on goods intended for the UK and the EU's tariffs and trade policy for goods intended for the EU ..."
3. "include a mobility framework so that UK and EU citizens can continue to travel to each other's territories and apply for study and work ..."

Overall the impression is that the document cleverly uses many Leave key words, but on closer examination they are almost all contradicted or modified. Mrs May is reneging even on her own previous commitments to leave the single market and customs union. Particularly weird is the proposal to operate two tariff regimes in parallel. This will make trade deals with the rest of the world extremely difficult.

The resignations of Ministers Steve Baker, David Davis and Boris Johnson mean that only Remains are left in government. The statement is a shambles cobbled together by Remain civil servants such as Olly Robbins working for Mrs May, whilst ignoring DExEU, and our decision to Leave.

And this is only a proposal from the UK. The EU will take all of Mrs May's new concessions and salami slice many more. The result will in practice be Remain in all but name. It will be worse even than the "Norway option" (EEA membership), which is bad enough.

Anonymous said...

Now I really begin to understand why Americans voted for Donald Trump.

The swamp in the UK and Europe is far worse then in the USA.

No wonder the swamp dragons in the USA are doing their best to unseat Donald Trump - including lies of all sorts. But King Donald, like Arthur of old, seems to relish slaying dragons. If he manages to appoint dragon slayer to the SCOTUS round table, Sir Donald would have won, regardless.


Dave_G said...

It now appears as if it is being 'arranged' that a second referendum will be the acceptable choice such that we are offered the "Chequers deal" or "Remain" as the two voting options in the secure knowledge that Remain would actually be the BETTER solution!

And we STILL don't hear a single word from our compliant, fully-bought-out, traitorous rabble called 'the media' about how badly the EU would suffer if we walked away with NO deal at all.

If it was common knowledge that the EU would (effectively) collapse without a deal (any deal) with the UK then more people would be questioning our negotiators stance in the face of overwhelming power to actually DICTATE to the EU on OUR terms.

We might have a traitorous leadership being operated by their hidden masters but the media have the utter gall to refer to themselves as the 'fourth estate' and masters of the truth.....???? Bunch of lying fcukers, the lot of them.

If there is even ONE honest media rep reading these posts then step forward and explain yourselves and your trade, you lying pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

If he manages to appoint another dragon slayer to the SCOTUS round table, Sir Donald would have won, regardless.


Budgie said...

Australia, New Zealand and the USA, within the accepted bounds of diplomacy, are almost pleading with us to leave the EU.

Budgie said...

Dave G, I fear you are correct. The only fair second referendum would be a choice between May's Kit-Kat "Brexit" and the WTO deal. All the Remain alternatives I've seen are either: a repeat of the 2016 Referendum (in which case what makes the second valid where the first was not?); or the choice you mention. Neither are fair. I am beginning to believe that Leave should push for the May-deal/WTO-deal referendum, otherwise we will be comprehensively outflanked.

jack ketch said...

May's Kit-Kat "Brexit" -Budgie

Have to pick you up on that one, Budgie. Firstly I quite like Kit-Kats and won't stand idly by and see the name of a Great British product dragged through the mud by being associated in anyway with the Chequers Betrayal. Secondly, AFAIK Kit Kats contain no fudge.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, Kit-Kat is owned by Nestle, a Swiss multinational. Were you not aware of this: "In tapes revealed to The Sun top Whitehall officials are heard pledging to keep using taxpayers' money to prop up Brussels after Brexit" (March 2018)?

Budgie said...

My apologies, I should have also included the following: "Bombshell tapes reveal how top Whitehall officials compared Brexit to a KitKat with chocolate layer hiding UK ties to Brussels" - The Sun 15 March 2018.