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Saturday, 12 December 2009

23rd January - Bring a camera

H/t Spyblog

Those nice people at I'm a photographer not a terrorist have organised a mass photo shoot in Trafalgar Square for 23rd January. Be there or be a Hasselblad.

Dear US Immigration .....

Dear US Immigration Authority,

It has come to my attention that a British subject could potentially be giving false information to the US Department of State in relation to a non-immigrant visa. In particular, in answer to the question "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty or other similar legal action? Have you ever unlawfully distributed or sold a controlled substance(drug), or been a prostitute or procurer for prostitutes?"

The subject, Nazir Ahmed (Baron Ahmed), born 1958, an IC4 male, was reported by the Guido Fawkes blog as having said 'I spent two weeks in prison which the judge overturned. So legally I’ve never been in prison.'

Ahmed was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison in 2008 for dangerous driving. The sentence was suspended for 12 months on appeal after Ahmed had served 16 days in prison.

Ahmed achieved fame in his youth through the possession of an unusually commodious rectum, which he claimed could accommodate up to 500g of gold or jewellery. In a party trick, he would collect the watches, rings and bracelets of fellow guests in a plastic bag and secrete this on his person before inviting those present to search him.

I just thought you should know the above.



Wednesday, 9 December 2009

C'mon you Tories - get the Gobos out

Back in the 1980s, a concerted effort by 'red' town halls across the country in opposition to Thatcher's economic policies saw huge canvas banners appearing on the facades of public buildings carrying the latest local unemployment figures. City Hall, now the Elephant Aquarium, had a banner directly facing the Commons terrace. Once a week or so, the town clerks would be sent up to the rooftops with some new numbers and a pot of glue to update the totals.

Yesterday the Conservatives lit up Battersea Power Station to much the same effect (H/T and pic from the Speccie) - but using gobos rather than canvas banners. The advantage of a gobo is that the plate can be easily updated without the town clerk risking her life and her £200k salary on the rooftop. They are readily available.

So c'mon Boris, Stephen Greenhalgh and the rest of you - why isn't every Tory town hall in London illuminated at night with the borough's share of Brown's debt?

And pleeease don't tell me about either (a) advertising consent or (b) Maggie's outlawing of council funds for party politics. If Lewisham can spend squillions on a glossy mag that's nothing but a thinly disguised encomium for the Labour mayor I'm sure Hammersmith can run to a gobo.

Darling reaping Brown's ineptitude

Had Brown not been seduced by the siren songs of his exclusively banking sector advisers during the crisis, and had he been bold enough to split the retail and transaction banking sectors from the wild buccaneers of the investment banking world, Darling would not now face the problem he faces today.

A tightly regulated retail banking sector, with deposits guaranteed by government, would not have a bonus problem. Normal profits would regulate both shareholder returns and HR reward structures. These 'boring banks' would offer the citizen and taxpayer a rock-solid national banking system.

Allowing the investment bankers to do exactly as they liked, with absolute freedom, on the other hand, would reap a rich reward for the Treasury (and us) from successful buccaneers - and no costs at all from those that fail, for just as their reward and bonus schemes would be beyond government interference, so would their losses be beyond bailout. Bankers would not flee abroad, and Darling would not be faced with destroying the city's risk culture by inappropriate regulation.

Now that Myners, Shitty Vadera and the rest are creeping away from Brown, their job done, he faces the ignominy of having thrown public money at the banks with as much zeal as his 1970s foreparts ever did to British Leyland or British Steel and with as little effect.

Brown's utter fiscal ineptitude must now be clear for all to see; why the nation ever permitted this greasy-haired Scots technical college lecturer to meddle with the nation's finances will be a puzzle future generations will not comprehend.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Moore gives Marr a 'B' for modern Britain

In the Telegraph this morning Charles Moore revisits his critique of the first episode of Marr's 'Making of Modern Britain' following the conclusion of the series. If his first opinion was a 'C' or even a 'D', he seems to have mellowed and I guess Marr earns a 'B' this time. The accusation of inbuilt left-wing bias is still there - though this is by no means confined to Andrew Marr or the BBC; accepted wisdom these days seems to be that Hitler was an evil monster, Stalin was a ruthless leader.

Personally, I'd confine the small screen's paid opinion-givers to their primary trade -when they wander into the realm of the academic they rarely do us justice. This applies to Snow and his boy as well as to Marr. Leave history to the historians.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Rod Liddle has grown up

As 'Today' producer, Rod Liddle was my bete noir, proof of Marxist infiltration into the bowels of the BBC. With carefully cultivated estuary accent and exquisite mockney glottal stops, the Millwall-supporting Liddle took pride in his Souf Lon|on lad made good. His hatred of field sports led eventually to so flagrant a breach of impartiality that the BBC sacked him. Since then, I have rather taken to him; writing now for the Speccie amongst others he seems to have lost his Marxist edge and to have become as disillusioned as any of us with political stupidity - including the idiocy of multicultutalism.

With dripping sarcasm he one wrote for the Speccie "Incidentally, many Somalis have come to Britain as immigrants recently, where they are widely admired for their strong work ethic, respect for the law and keen, piercing, intelligence" and earned his first shrill scream of 'racist'.

Now he's in trouble for a Speccie blog entry commenting on the just-sentenced teen rappers jailed for attempting to murder a 15 year old girl;
It could be an anomaly, of course. But it isn’t. The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. For which, many thanks.
Predictably, the cultural-apologists have gone into overdrive. The teeth-jarring Bonnie Greer commented to the Standard "My response would be to say that the overwhelming majority of paedophiles, murderers, war-mongers and football hooligans are white males and all we got in return was beans on toast and Top Gear."

Any copper worth his salt will know the current cultural crime specialities; Albanians do prostitution, trafficking and protection, Romanians are organised pickpockets and bag thieves, Turks have cornered the heroin market, Nigerians stick with fraud, the Vietnamese dominate the home-grown Skunk business, Russians are contract killers, Jihadists have taken the terrorism top spot and Africans and Afro-Caribs dominate street crime.

This isn't to say these are racial characteristics; just the latest chapter in London's long history of immigrant crime. In my youth it was the Maltese who ran prostitution and porn, the Irish who did terrorism, Ugandan Asians who did the fraud and Sardinians who snatched handbags. I can't recall the ethnic cuisine that the Malts and the Sardis brought with them - unless it was the Trattoria food of the '70s - but whatever it was, like Rod, I'd say many thanks.

Those latest Quango jobs in full

In the spirit of open government, all new appointments to Quangos are now advertised by the Cabinet Office on the Publicappointments website. We bring you the latest vacancies in full, and encourage suitably qualified and experienced readers to apply:

Commissioners for the Infrastructure Planning Commission - £450 per day
Commissioners are required to act as decision–makers, either singly or sitting on panels to consider approve applications for development consent of nationally significant infrastructure projects e.g. nuclear waste dumps, runways and similar. Experience of toeing the government line whilst giving the impression of independence useful.

NEW Non-executive Director (private property development) Covent Garden Market Authority - £9,831 pa for 15 days, plus claret and limo allowances
We now need another vote on the board in favour of selling-off the successful Nine Elms horticultural wholesale market site for private development. An understanding of claret and the ability to undertake complex lunching would be an advantage. People not called 'Sir' are unlikely to be successful.

Up to 15 Board Members of The Young People's Learning Agency - £4,000 per annum, maybe meet twice a year if we can be arsed.
Do you want to make a real difference in the delivery of education and training provision for the nation’s young people and help to secure the country's economic future? Need something impressive on your CV? Losing your seat in Parliament and still want to feel important? Applications are welcomed from suitable skilled and experienced members of the Labour Party who, from April 2010, will work with the Government and local authorities to help develop and deliver our exciting vision for young people’s learning - which is basically that it would be a good idea. Falafel and beansprouts provided.

Directors - Sustainable Development Commission - £230 per diem plus business-class airfares or private-hire car expenses and free lunches
To be frank, we haven't a clue what this Quango actually does, except genetically-modified non-farting cows were mentioned. To be on the safe side, Directors should have the ability to undertake long lunches overlaid with social concern, the ability to feign a belief in MMGW, and an appreciation of decent 'second' clarets such as Pichon Lalande. Candidates lacking the required extent of broken nose-veins are unlikely to be invited to interview.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

End of G8 meetings for the UK

Thanks to Labour's utterly incompetent management of the economy, a future British Prime Minister will be limited to watching the G8 Heads of Government filing into dinner on television; Labour have so mucked our national finances that we are set to slip out of the top ten world economies next year.

So as we beg the top dogs for financial scraps, Osborn will spend his term as Chancellor along with nonentity finance ministers from all the world's second-rate economies excluded from the top table, pushed out of the limo parade and off the red carpet round to the back entrance. To such have Labour brought this nation.

The economy that Labour inherited in 1997 was vigorous and in surplus; with prudent management, reserves would have been maintained to buffer the country in the downturn. But no. Brown's moronic fiscal grasp and the lunacy of escalating stealth redistribution and the flooding the public sector with a tsunami of cash way beyond our means destroyed the asset he was handed.

That Labour's leadership should escape not only unpunished but with devalued honours from this debacle stinks like rotten mackerel. Such malfeasance in public office is deserving of more than censure; when the implications of their destruction of the national finances become more widely understood, I think the people will demand their pound of flesh from Brown and his corrupt cabal.

A touch of class

Labour's desperate clutching at the straw of Class War in its death-spasm is a telling return to the womb for a party rooted in the evils of greed and envy. Making an utter mockery of the equalities agenda, throwing the concept of inciting hatred against any part of our society out of the window, Labour has shown its true roots - as a party of racists, bigots and thugs. In the party's dying months, it's placed itself head-to-head with the BNP in a struggle to attract the votes of the envious have-nots.

Can't get your child into a school where at least half the pupils speak English as a first language? It's the toffs' fault. Maternity wards full of Nigerian village girls and you can't get a decent midwife? It's the toffs' fault. Can't get a seat on the bus for the harem of Niqab-clad pushchair shovers? It's the toffs' fault. Can't get a Council flat for your twenty-something boy and his girlfriend? It's the toffs' fault.

Labour's choices to lessen the kicking that the country is ready to give them over immigration are limited. They can put their hands up and say "OK, fair cop. We totally buggered up on immigration"; they can deflect the voters' anger against the immigrants themselves, or they can try to deflect the voters' anger against a third party. They've chosen the last option.

In the London Assembly, Richard Barnbrook typifies the type of voter Labour are so desperately trying to woo back; cerebrally challenged, chippy, covetous, bigoted and deeply resentful of the meritocratic achievements of others.

How telling that Labour have abandoned any attempt to fight for the votes of Britain's majority middle class any more. The ABCs are lost to them - they're scrabbling in the filth for the DEs.