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Saturday 13 April 2019

Wolf warns that wolves can kill

Readers may recall that we gone to some lengths to present evidence of the malign effects of globalism upon our nation and people. These effects are largely responsible for 17.4m people voting in the biggest vote in our history to Leave the EU and include, but not exclusively
  • Increasing financial inequality
  • Static or declining living standards
  • People excluded from decision making
  • Decline of working class power
  • Globalism causing disempowerment
  • Cultural loss – loss of cultural identity
  • Attrition of social institutions, high anomie
Our people and our economy face a triple whammy over the next fifteen years or so. Firstly are the effects of globalism we are already experiencing – both the Elephant, and the uncorrected distortions from the 2008 crash that have left large cohorts of our people worse off but highly taxed. Secondly will be the whirlwind of the coming downturn, for which the banks are better prepared than a decade ago but the British people are not, now carrying record levels of personal indebtedness. As QE is winding down, China slowing, bond market manipulation reaching its peak and the Eurozone intensely vulnerable to shocks, the storm is gathering.

The third blow of the whammy will come from the effects of AI. I recommend a report from PwC that takes a position between other economic estimates of AI impact on UK jobs, which range from job losses of 10% to 47%. PwC estimate that 30% of UK jobs will go in the next 15 years, and the report does a fair job of rationalising the losses. However, it's what the report doesn't say that's important.

PwC and other economists assume that the negative effects of job losses can be compensated for by an increased tax-take and higher GDP from boosted productivity. This will be true - but on a global scale. The probability is, just as globalism has lifted billions out of absolute poverty at the cost of C1C2DE jobs and wealth in the developed world, that in the absence of checks on the distributional effects of the AI revolution, the same will happen. The developed world will bear the losses, the developing world will take the gains, and the global 1% will become even wealthier.

The forces driving globalism are the global corporates, backed by supranational actors including the EU, UN, IMF and OECD. And of course all their dags and ninnies such as deluded young Remainers motivated purely by selfish motives - that their Erasmus freebies are threatened, or that they can no longer wander the Med nations like gypsies, sponging, ligging and dossing their way around the Shengen zone. This short term self-interest blinds them to the real threat of supranationalism

That the current generation in the developed world is one of the most educated, and yet has lower chances of achieving the same standard of living as its parents.

Well guess what?  The OECD, one of the villains of it all, has just twigged that its policies have been killing the golden goose. Gabriela Ramos, OECD chief of staff, has warned that folk like us are waking up to the effects of globalism, and this awareness would fuel the rise of both 'populism' and protectionism. Tyler Durden writes on Zerohedge:
Leave it to Rabobank's Michael Every to break down the hypocrisy in the OECD's policy recommendations. It's not that the recommendations are inherently idiotic. It's that a supranational organization which, more than any other, represents the global elite who are largely responsible for the economic malaise gripping the developed world, is prescribing a policy regime that stands in direct contrast to the policies its members have propagated for the last four decades. How can the OECD shift from advocating for austerity and central bank interventionism, the latter of which has largely fueled the bubble in asset prices responsible for the yawning gap between the rich and everybody else, to the platform of Democratic socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Well, now that awareness of the dangers of the EU, IMF, UN, OECD and the global corporates is finally penetrating the thick skulls of the EUphiles we may just have a chance of rescuing the UK.

The following taxonomy may assist a confusion in the minds of some of our readers
Progressives – post-globalists. Internationalists, Localists, committed to democratic outcomes and social equity. To sovereign states. Radical reform of tax and welfare systems, renewal of political identities, encouraging responsible capitalism to generate wealth , recognition of the deep and fundamental changes that AI and technology will bring, committed to achieving a Burkean social integrity and coherence in contrast to a globalist anomie

Globalists - Committed to global government, a world-wide constitution and harmonisation of everything, open borders, unrestricted global economic activity, worldwide legal, judicial and justice systems, abrogation of personal freedoms to a class of benign appointed experts who will act in the general good, the growth of the 'citizen of everywhere', the rule of benign technocracy over 'old fashioned' democracy, the supremacy of supranational State authorities – EU, UN, IMF.
Finally - Newspaper polls are self selecting. I suspect if the Guardian polled 20,000 readers, the TIGers and Corbyn's Labour would be neck-and-neck on 40% each, but there's something joyful about the pride with which the Express reveals today its own poll. My poor party barely scrapes 1% - and if there's a message here, it's that MAY MUST GO NOW.

Friday 12 April 2019

Parliaments we have known

British Parliamentary sittings have, over the years, been characterised as individual and distinct epochae taking their character from the sum of their members; we have

The Short Parliament
1640,  Sat for only three weeks

The Long Parliament
1640 - 1660 England was much engaged during this time with other matters

The Rump Parliament
1648 - To convene a court to lop off the King's noggin

The Rotten Parliament
2009, The Brown ministry, when MPs were found out in theft, fraud, peculation, lying and gross misuse of public funds. Everything from moat cleaning, duck houses, crystal grapefruit bowls, Bang and Olafson hi-fis was charged to the poor taxpayer, but only three of the hundreds of crooks ended up in prison

The Quite Short Parliament
Parliament sitting under the gaze of the diminutive Speaker Bercow, whose little legs swing boyishly from the Speaker's Chair without an elevated footstool. Like many small men, he compensates for lack of size with an outsized ego and profusion of self-love

The Anal Parliament
Going beyond the Rump, the 2017/19 Parliament is entirely up its own arse, incapable of representing the people by whom it was elected but unwilling to surrender power and privilege by facing those electors in the polls.

With the Maybe Parliamentary session that started in June 2017 now coming up to two years without a State Opening, the tourist industry, robe-making and carriage-wheeling industries are suffering and the sovereign must surely be wondering whether she'll manage another one in her reign.

One Parliament however that has been entirely unknown to British democracy since Edgar summoned his first Moot over a thousand years ago is the Honest Parliament.

Thursday 11 April 2019

Conservative Leadership Contest

Six months. Not enough time for RII unless it happens in October (which we would win again), but long enough to replace May.

She won't go until after May 2nd, around three weeks away, and I'm sorry for the decimation of sitting Conservative councillors that will occur, but go she must. Members haven't had the chance to elect a leader since 2005, and given the schism between the parliamentary and ordinary party means there will be many Red Tories who will want another Parliamentary stitch-up to prevent the over 70% Brexit grass-roots party from finally democratically electing our Leader. However, the new leader will welcome the delay of a full election - the process won't be complete in time for the EP elections on 23rd May, which is likely to see both UKIP and the Brexit Party take many of the existing 19 Conservative seats. Thus the inevitable EP wipeout will still be yet another May disaster without tainting her successor.

Usefully also, party members are beginning to realise that the truly dreadful Hague party constitution is in deep need of reform. It is a patrician stitch-up that institutionalises the power of the party grandees and reduces members to the level of dumb leaflet deliverers. A petition of members will need 10,000 signatures to start with just to change the 12-month rule - to twist May's arm if she digs her fingernails into the Number 10 door posts. Where do I sign?  

Wednesday 10 April 2019

We can NEVER trust these shameless Liars

The Daily Remain dignifies their perfidy by terming them Hypocrites - but as Brendan O'Neill wrote, in reality they are no more than Liars.

These are the rogues, the crooked chiselling worms, who want to impose a system of censorship on the internet to regulate truth-telling by the public - yes; this cabal of meretricious deceivers who cannot open their mouths without gushing a foul stream of noroviral bowel content think they can impose their crooked falsehoods on the British public.

We don't need a White Paper to sort out their lying sleaze - we need an election to cull them!

Well, I missed it. Yesterday morning I noticed our 4 millionth visit was coming up and thought I could catch it this morning. However, overnight it came and went. So, erm, please join me in raising a glass to having achieved 4,000,431 pageviews

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But the outright winner is..

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Tuesday 9 April 2019

Censorship and Repression - May's Ceauscescu moves

A leader desperately clinging onto power and fearful of the whispers of the people will inevitably enact repressive measures to restrict free speech - and it's therefore no surprise that the doomed May has gone down the Ceauscescu path with proposals contained in the Online Harms White Paper for widespread government censorship of the internet. 

She is supported by her sinister Grand Vizier Sajid Javid and by Labour's Noncefinder General, Tom Watson - whose credulity in giving his support to criminal fantasists who flung accusations of paedo assault against the wholly innocent matches only his deep Socialist support of any measures that restrict free speech and repress democratic freedom.

The way they're going to do it is this. First they establish their ability to impose swingeing penalties on the online service providers - Facebook, Twitter, Google (the host of this blog). Then they task these firms with implementing government censorship requirements or risk even greater penalties. For blogs such as this, the duty will not be simply to remove censored content when notified but to act proactively to identify those blogs likely to offend the government and close them down in advance. With MPs whining like babies about people being rude about them, you can be sure they'll include censorship of political criticism in a government-imposed list of censored blog content including (Chapter 7)
Guidance to companies to outline what activity and material constitutes hateful content, including that which is a hate crime, or where not necessarily illegal, content that may directly or indirectly cause harm to other users – for example, in some cases of bullying, or offensive material. (my underlining)
In other words, anyone the government wants can now become a 'protected group' under censorship law - including MPs, the patrician establishment, the betrayer civil service, scum corporate globalists, mutton-headed Whitehall dags and plod chiefs, the EU capos ..

Neither will blogs be able to remind readers for example of Yvette Cooper's home flipping or her mendacious pledge to house migrants in one of her homes -
Being harassed online can be upsetting and frightening, and online harassment can amount to a criminal offence. Far too many people, from public figures to schoolchildren, have experienced this kind of behaviour.
Yep - non-criminal, wholly lawful  'harassment' of public figures will also cause Google to censor blogs under May's Ceaucescu Law . Take a look at this - it may be the last time you see it

And finally, the Ministry of Truth will come to life as the government decides what information and informed comment can be published on this blog
(Information) can harm us in many different ways, encouraging us to make decisions that could damage our health, undermining our respect and tolerance for each other and confusing our understanding of what is happening in the wider world. It can also damage our trust in our democratic institutions, including Parliament
Oh boy - so it's blogs that damage our trust in Parliament - not Parliament's betrayal of democracy or corrupt MPs as I previously described  them as denizens of Dante's eighth malbolge  - pimps, seducers, flatterers dipped in human shit, liars, fornicators, barrators, perjurers, corrupt office-holders, half-wit frauds and peculators. And I can name at least three of each. And have candid photos of one (widely circulated on the net) who importuned another pervert to shit on him.

As even the 'Daily Remain' comments
Tory MP and former Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, writing at the weekend, was completely justified in warning that the proposals risk dragging Britain into a 'draconian censorship regime' more akin to China, Russia or North Korea. No other Western democratic state has countenanced similarly far-reaching controls.
Government censorship of blogs, FB and Twitter will be wide ranging, using the government's own tame Ministry of Truth agencies including the BBC - and even forcing GFT to push BBC pro-government propaganda onto users;
  • The steps companies should take in their terms of service to make clear what constitutes disinformation, the expectations they have of users, and the penalties for violating those terms of service.
  • Steps that companies should take in relation to users who deliberately misrepresent their identity to spread and strengthen disinformation.
  • Making content which has been disputed by reputable fact-checking services less visible to users.
  • Using fact-checking services, particularly during election periods.
  • Promoting authoritative news sources.
  • Promoting diverse news content, countering the ‘echo chamber’ in which people are only exposed to information which reinforces their existing views.
May, Javid and the Red Tories have truly become globalist dags and tools of the Socialists. The Noncefinder General and his Marxist capo must be rubbing their hands with glee.

OK, I suggest any readers with any interest in freedom investigate using Tor and Signal.If this repressive authoritarian shite becomes law, we're going underground.

Monday 8 April 2019

'We are ruled by liars'

No polemic from me this morning, but I'd like to give an airing to the final para of a piece by Brendan O'Neill for Spiked;
And the second thing the war on No Deal / Brexit / democracy confirms is that we are ruled by liars. There is no other way to put it. They’re liars, charlatans, betrayers. These are people who promised to respect the referendum result. Who were returned to parliament on manifestos that said we would leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. Who said they would not block Brexit. Yvette Cooper herself, author of this latest reactionary assault on democracy, put out an election leaflet in which she expressly said she would not block Brexit; now she is at the forefront of blocking Brexit. The true mystery in British politics right now is how MPs are getting away with it. How they can be so brazenly anti-democratic and anti-people and not face serious repercussions. Those repercussions will now have to come at the ballot box. The political class needs to be ousted, with haste, and replaced by people who know what democracy means and who do not look upon the public as uneducated scum whose votes can be overridden at will.
Well yes. Yvette says any number of things; she'll house a migrant in one of her homes, that this home or that home is her real main residence .. it really doesn't mean any of it is true.

Sunday 7 April 2019

Plus ca change ...

Some things never change; from the Telegraph
In 1938 John Reith, Director- General of the BBC, asked the German foreign minister to tell Hitler that the BBC was “not anti-Nazi”, adding that if his German opposite number were to visit, he would fly the swastika from Broadcasting House. Even after war was declared, the BBC decided not to allow Sir Horace Rumbold, a former ambassador to Berlin, to broadcast on Germany because he was “too anti‑Nazi”.
They've just replaced their love for the Nazis with love for the EU. 
Duff Cooper, who resigned from the Cabinet after Munich, told friends that if Chamberlain had “come back from Munich saying ‘peace with terrible, unmitigated, unparallelled dishonour’, perhaps I would have stayed. But peace with honour!” Harold Macmillan burnt Chamberlain in effigy on Guy Fawkes Night in 1938.
Theresa May, the deluded Chamberlain of our own age, has the same utterly misplaced faith in her own scrap of paper. She, too, I suspect will decorate many a Guy Fawkes Night bonfire in the autumn.