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Saturday 29 July 2017

Corbyn's Labour - the party of naked nepotism

I've lost count of the number of scions of labour politicians who owe their own youthful place in politics to nepotism. As we've seen with the BBC, it's fine to preach equality and equal opportunity but drive a bus through it just so long as you're Labour. Never have I encountered such breathtaking hypocrisy, such stunning and meretricious mendacity as the self-righteous preaching of Labour and the BBC on matters of which they are the guiltiest of all.


It starts I suppose with campaigning for comprehensives but sending your own kids to private schools, with attacking privilege then ensuring your own privileged separation from normal folk, with preaching charity and frugality then wallowing in naked greed and avarice, with welcoming migrants into the homes of others but erecting gates on your own. Then it's the corrupt practices, the expenses thievery, the family dog on the payroll. Like Leonora Helmsley, these Socialistes believe that equality laws are for little people. 

Now Corbyn's Momemtum gang of lawless rioters have circulated a class war video that must have been so easy to make - for it caracatures every Janus-faced fault of the party's leader and MPs, every cynical manipulation, every privileged and corrupt malfeasance by criminal Labour bosses. It is the perfect mirror in which Momentum's cynical capos may study their own cesspit morals.  

Euan Blair. The Prescott boy. Jack Straw's lad. Corbyn's boy. Hilary Benn. Dan Snow. Stephen Kinnock. And all the other of the 'red Princes' - as numerous, corrupt and vile as their Saudi Arabian brothers. All bent. All undeserving. All crawling up the foetid stinking beshitten coat-tails of their bent parents like mutant roaches. A party that rids us of these foul abominations, that cleanses our democracy of this depraved and toxic corruption, will ever get my vote. 

Corbyn's son - with a free Labour party job

Thursday 27 July 2017

Blair's Labour ministers should face jail over Diesel scandal

The driver (sic) for Diesel road vehicles came under Bloody Blair's mendacious governance. Now we learn the things are killing us, already costing us £3bn a year in productivity, with a vast store of NHS costs, illnesses and a care bill to come. 

Personally, I love naked Diesels - on boats. Heaven is eating strawberries to the sound of a Lister-Petter. But isn't it right and proper that Blair and his transport / industry ministers are now jailed for these acts of criminal harm?

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Chlorine chicken, GM soya, Cheez Wizz and 32oz steaks

Any UK visitor returning from a first trip to the USA came back with food stories. These used to be about quantity - 'All you can eat for $1', regular steaks at 16oz and large at 32oz, piles of pancakes, syrup and bacon strips for breakfast and so on. We were simply astounded at the cheapness and largeness of portions. Then there is the novelty of a manufactured ersatz cheese in an aerosol, and a slight 'Ergh!' at Americans forced to eat GM Frankenstein food and chlorinated chicken. And there you have the British stereotype of American food. Fried chlorine chicken and GM white gravy in the South, hormone and antibiotic saturated factory beef in the North. And each meal triple the entire daily calorie count. 

Friends came home from a US road trip last week, reprising a trip they made seventeen years ago. They were not happy. Everything - food, accommodation, car hire - was no longer cheap. Portions were no longer huge. The $1 breakfast had gone. Cars were smaller and more ... European. And while poor blacks still consumed vast quantities of fried chlorine chicken, the rest of the US had moved upscale. Above all, the real US was absolutely nothing like the box-set US they had expected from watching seventeen years of US serials and soaps. Everything in reality was somehow less American and more global.  

Well, that's trade and globalism. I have no fears that a UK - US trade deal will impose on Britain the stereotype foods of two decades ago. For sure, if our own blacks want fried chicken at £1 for two pieces, imported chlorine chicken is the way to go, but unless it's also Halal it won't crowd out the supermarket shelves. And Waitrose won't stock it. That's consumer choice. 


Sunday 23 July 2017

Germans upset and confused as EU Panzer thrust runs out of steam

It really wasn't supposed to be like this. Brussels has a clear plan of exactly how the negotiations should go; First, they set out what the result of the negotiations will be. Then secondly they use a variety of methods to belittle, demoralise and shake the incapable British delegation. Thirdly, Britain must comply absolutely with the EU timetable, do homework as it is set and produce documents and agreements on demand and in the order laid out by Brussels. Only if the EU's negotiation plan is strictly adhered to can an orderly Brexit be achieved. 

But there is a problem. The EU's massive armoured thrust has over-extended itself and has run out of steam; the British have just stood aside to allow it to pass and closed ranks again. We haven't handed in our homework as ordered. We haven't agreed to stuff as we were supposed to. The Federasts thought we would be crawling by now - but instead David Davis and his team seem to grow in confidence by the day, their position clear and firm. We are willing to make concessions if the EU make equivalent concessions in return. We are ready to negotiate. Our team have this power - but it's turning out that Herr Barnier has not. 

There is also a rule in negotiations that one always keeps a tier or two clear of the fray - cooler heads, not too close to the battle, who can maintain a quiet dialogue if needed. David Davis has successfully cast himself in this role, leaving the muppets such as 'Shagger' Johnson to hurl barbs at the Federasts to stand aloof himself from the fray. Sadly, Herr Barnier has failed to do the same - meaning Davis' recourse must be to Herr Juncker. But the biggest problem is that Herr Barnier has absolutely no freedom to negotiate; he's been ordered to achieve the assault's objectives by T+7, T+21 and so on and forbidden from retreating one millimetre, even to 'straighten the line'. 

And today as the EU's assault runs out of steam, the German car manufacturers are the first to break ranks and voice their nervousness. We need to continue the terms of the single market for a lengthy transition period, they whine; our car sales in the Reich are down by 3.4% this year already, we can't take a Brexit hit on top without job losses and plant closures.  

Well, fair enough. That suits us all. So long as they don't expect a penny of British tax money to prop up their failing empire beyond 2019. All they have to do now is to give Herr Barnier some authority to negotiate.