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Saturday 27 May 2017

Taormina, oafs and whores

The Euro press was not amused by President Trump's rough handling of their leaders at the G7 in Taormina. 'Oafish' said one; 'Boor in Chief' said Handelsblatt. Burdick and Lederer's Ugly American had resurfaced in Europe, it seemed. But Macron, Merkel and some bloke called Gentiloni who is supposed to be Italy's Prime Minister are not only isolated from Sicily's present day realities in their sumptuous and secure luxury but I'll bet are missing any idea of what Taormina represented in 1943.

Today, Sicily is filled with Maghrebi and sub-Saharan African migrants, in the absence of work or benefit begging, stealing, whoring. The advance guard of several millions of economic migrants preparing to cross the Med into Europe's underbelly their purpose is in sharp contrast to the US forces and British 8th Army waiting there in 1943 ready to invade the Italian mainland. Fresh from victory in North Africa, they too had crossed the Med to Sicily - and after cruel battle there took a brief and deserved rest before the final slog Northwards up the Italian mainland. That late Summer of 1943 was by all accounts perfect. Not only Alan Moorehead but Alan Whicker were there, having bagged themselves billets of some comfort, as had the war artist Edward Ardizzone. 

Trump's real anger at Euro NATO defence free-riding is understandable given the tangible sacrifice of British and American lives that made their Federation possible. He can be excused a certain oafishness at their selfish and self-interested parsimony. He pointedly refrained from committing more American blood in their defence if it happens again. To put Taormina in context, I reproduce below a brief note of Whicker's war-world. And an Ardizzone sketch lest we forget. 

Ardizzone- In Sicily, fighting

Friday 26 May 2017

Islamist Ramadan killing month starts on Saturday

The bloody month of Ramadan starts on Saturday - the traditional period for Islamist atrocities, murder and bloodshed. The death-cultists will no doubt be preparing some special treats for us all and yet more innocent people will die at the hands of these evil animals. Yet as we have seen in Manchester, not all Muslims are Islamists, and not all Muslims will hide and cover-up their evil. I've posted several times before that lashing out against all Muslims is mistaken - that we must be far more targeted, far more precise. Remember that Abadi was reported to the incompetent security services by fellow Muslims several times, and we have let them down.

It is in particular Salafist Sunni Islam - the Wahhabi and Deobandi death cults - that are responsible not just for ALL the Islamist terrorism in the UK but the source of a sea of blood in Iraq and the Middle East. And behind it are wealthy and powerful figures from Saudi Arabia's ruling establishment; these monsters are every bit as responsible for the shattered dead in Manchester as the fool Abadi and their other Islamist foot soldiers. It is the fat paederast princes in Riyadh we must target - and metaphorically blow their perfumed keyboard fingers to buggery.  

I urge you do not be distracted into a general anti-Muslim crusade. You are wasting your time and energy against the wrong people. And you may be breaking the law. Concentrate on the downfall of the evil Islamist doctrine of Salafism instead; get Salafist mosques closed, Salafist imams deported, Salafist schools and madrassas closed, Salafist websites and facebook pages purged, Salafist bank accounts seized, Salafist property frozen and all Salafist funding from Saudi Arabia sequestered. Use all your power under section 29J of the 2006 Act to express 'antipathy, dislike, ridicule,insult and abuse' for Salafism; stamp their risible, inane, primitive religion into the dungheap and let's ban it from Britain's shores.

Thursday 25 May 2017

Would internment have prevented Manchester?

Would preventive internment have prevented the Manchester horror? Last time we tried internment, in Northern Ireland it was approved by 'Grocer' Heath in 1971 and 350 paddies were banged up. The initial problems were twofold; there were 450 names on the list but 100 got away due to police and army incompetence, and only Catholics were interned - loyalist potential killers were left free. By the time the scheme - called 'Operation Demetrious' by the inept security bunglers - was ended four years later things had hardly changed. There were 1,874 Catholic thugs and only 107 proddy thugs banged up. Economic damage was incalculable, from mass civil disobedience, rent strikes, civic criminal damage and sabotage. Thirteen protesters had been shot dead by the Paras. It was universally agreed that internment was an utter failure, radicalising more terrorists than it took off the streets. Not one experienced police, security or armed forces officer will support it. The evidence is that it doesn't work.

Yet as far as the animal Abedi is concerned, our security bunglers have bungled again. Here was a classic social failure, so thick his mates called him 'Dumbo' with a brow so low he could have passed for a native in the states of the deep south. A classic subject for the evil fantasies of Islamism with its primitive, simple tenets that can be understood by even the very stupid. So well did he absorb the poison that his mates reported him to the terrorist security line twice and his own mosque once. He travelled to and from Libya, a hotbed of Islamism. His brothers and father were Islamists, their own brows hardly less Neanderthal than his own. Everyone who knew him classed him as a nut-job exploding jihadist, and the security bunglers knew it all. Surely, had he been banged up away from the internet, without his passport and his 3G phone, Manchester would have been prevented?  The expert evidence suggests otherwise. 

The domestic security service has around 4,000 workers and a budget of £3bn, with police forces across the country to do their legwork. Yet they and the police seem to spend more time and energy chasing Katie Hopkins for being rude about Islam than preventing terrorist killers. Abedi should not have slipped through the net. Someone screwed up. 

It is fantasy to believe that any other than reasonable, justifiable and equitable measures can be taken in the fight against Islamism. Internment is a savage, sectarian and ultimately futile measure that satisfies populist anger but actually helps the Jihadists. Ankle tags, yes. Confiscation of passport and travel bans, yes. House arrest, possibly. Daily reporting, possibly. Internet bans, yes. 

But above all the bungling security services need to apologise to the Muslims - Abedi's imam and his friends - who actually acted as responsible citizens and reported him to the government hotlines but these security agencies then did absolutely nothing. And someone must be sacked for that. 

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Islamist animal slaughters children

That Islamists have no place in Western societies is not news. Nor that some of them are brutal, amoral killers and lack any vestige of human compassion. Nor that the followers of the perverted death cult frequently pick children as their victims. We knew that the Islamists were busy plotting to slaughter us, that our open borders have allowed killers, guns and explosives to enter the country without hindrance. Most Islamists are still free to broadcast their perverted and inhuman propaganda on social media - the death cult's forum. So nothing about last night's slaughter of children in Manchester should have shocked or surprised us - yet it has.   

It was a Monday night break for young girls and their mums, with the promise of the start of Summer and in the carefree days before exam results in August. Travel plans had been made and co-ordinated with other parents; tram and pick-up, taxi, last train and meet at the station. Mobiles checked, promises extracted. For some it would be their first late night out, the start of an adventure into young adulthood, with all its dreams and aspirations. This morning those dreams lay shattered in puddles of clotted blood and ironmongers' shrapnel. 

May God grant us strength to defeat the evil of this death cult. 

It also seems that a warning was given some four hours before the slaughter; we're told that this twitter account is now suspended. I wish we could say the same for @owys663. 

Sunday 21 May 2017

Could Germany's next problem be an Austrian?

The young fella above is, at 30, Austria's foreign minister, the new leader of the ÖVP and mooted as the country's next chancellor after October's snap election. Sebastian Kurz could also face down his German opposite number - whether Merkel or Martin Schulz - after Germany's September federal elections. The architect of blocking the Balkans migrant route by ignoring the EU and Germany and stitching up a deal with Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, Kurz is also a fierce critic of Merkel's migrant policies.

The ÖVP is the traditional centre-right party in which farmers, burghers and family / craft business owners found a home. Since the war it has a long history of governing in coalition with a Blairite, soft left SPÖ - but as elsewhere in Europe, the two are in trouble. The hard right  FPÖ, home to horny handed beer drinkers and drivers of overweight SUVs who resent change and migration, came within a whisker of putting their man Herr Hofer in the presidential palace. Right now they're polling high, and expected to do well in October. That the next Austrian government could be an FPÖ / ÖVP coalition is a distinct possibility; Kurz, the cute face, out in front but Heinz-Christian Strache, the FPÖ's boss, as the iron fist. 

A Kurz government would bolster the Vizegrad 4. Hungary's Orban is already a Kurz fan. His success would leave Europe with an ideological block stretching from the Baltic almost to the Adriatic that opposes the policies of the Franco-German pact; Christian, orthodox in belief, small c conservative, with congruent cultural traditions and populations largely intact from cultural enrichment, the old MittelEurope nations could be Germany's worst headache. 

Germans oppose squandering their wealth for indolent Mediterranean folk to sleep in the Sun their wine-quieted eyes. The Eastern bloc in contrast grafts hard and multiplies investment. Austria is stuck between Italian idleness and Polish zeal - accustomed to high tax socialist languor but with a northern European work ethos and guilt complex. The coming election may be a leap northwards.