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Thursday 7 September 2017

Conservative leadership ballsup

Young Jacob Rees-Mogg would make an amusing dinner guest; erudite, charming and blessed with an eccentricity that only wealth and privilege can allow. As a leader of the Conservative party he would be catastrophic. It's an indication of the dire state of the parliamentary party that there are no near runners to young Rees-Mogg on the race card. Not one bloody senior Conservative politician who can connect with the public just enough to win their vote.  The Tories would have to be as mad as a bucket of eels to pick the tweedy weirdo as Leader. 

And as for those idiotic EU immigration proposals from the Home Office I have no scorn derisive enough. It seems we want French pastry chefs, Dutch hydro-engineers, German surgeons and Italian hat-makers, who do not depress the earnings of their native peers, but do not want Polish plumbers, Romanian ground-workers, Slovenian electricians or Estonian dumper drivers, who do depress the earnings of their native peers, but we cannot figure out how to do this without depriving farmers and growers of the migrant workforce who put food on the table, flowers in the vase and sandwiches on the shelves of M&S. We also want the wage growth that restricting trade skills would bring without the inflation that it would also cause, and must want to build even fewer houses than we are building now.

Brexit seems to have addled Tory brains. Let's just pray they can get through on autopilot alone, sans cerebrum, until we're out. Then I don't give a fig.   

Monday 4 September 2017

EU prepared to bleed 27 nations dry in order to hurt UK

Herr Barnier, an unelected EU apparatchik, declared yesterday that the EU will teach the UK the consequences of leaving the single market - irrespective of the cost to the 27 remaining members. Our pain, he said, will serve as a good lesson to any other nations thinking of leaving. This level of Euro-fanaticism, in which the good of the EU institutions and their unelected officials rides roughshod over the people, businesses and nations of Europe, has been exposed by Herr Barnier's own very poor performance leading the Brussels team.

That this is indeed, incredibly, the self-obsessed position of the EU is substantiated by their obsession with the UK 'divorce bill' - money which will benefit only the behemoth in Brussels and its bloated bureaucrats in their corrupt, tax-free Nirvana. The good of the people of Europe, of national economies, of trade and citizens' welfare comes very low on the EU's agenda. 

Indeed, the EU's pressure on the UK and Irish governments to reintroduce a border - against the natural wishes and inclination of both nations - is motivated solely by a concern for EU tax revenue and the maintenance of protectionist and restrictive trade barriers that cost the people of Europe billions in higher food costs. 

All of which are of no concern to the EU's unelected officials. They are prepared to bleed their 27 member nations dry to preserve their own corrupt privilege.