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Saturday 11 May 2019

Democracy is alien to the EU - voters are held in contempt

"We got rid of them. We kicked them out. We finally turned them into a colony, and that was our plan from the first moment"

I could not leave the subject of BBC4's astonishing EU documentary without mentioning Charles Moore's observations on the two programmes in this morning's Telegraph.He writes -
Perhaps most striking, however, was what was absent. At no point did Guy the Great and his rather foul-mouthed pals give the slightest thought to why all this was happening, which is that more than 30 million British people had voted on it, and the majority had decided to leave. Contempt for Britain was almost unqualified ...

Even more striking by its absence was any mention by M Verhofstadt and his fellow MEPs of their own voters. They never once even pretended to be interested in their constituents. I don’t think the word “democracy” crossed their lips. Their identification with the purposes of the EU’s machine, as opposed to its people, was complete.
These EU apparatchiks hold not only democracy but their own voters in contempt - and these astonishing programmes make it plain to see. But this contempt for those whom they are supposed to serve also induces a blindness, an unwillingness to hear, a shunning of reality that isolates these authoritarian demagogues from the world outside.

We're at top of the economic cycle and close to levels of full employment, yet taxes at 36% of GDP are at their highest for 40 years. We are overdue for a downturn, parts of the EU are already in recession and a cold economic wind is gathering strength. Parliament and government between them have created a Brexit debacle that will cost the economy much more than it need have done.

PwC forecast the effects of AI on the British economy costing 30% of existing jobs in the next fifteen years. We're better placed than others – they forecast 37% of German jobs will go – but this scale of impact requires visionary political leadership.

Already, before either cyclical economic or Tier II AI changes have begun to bite, the UK, in  common with much of the developed world, is already faced with mounting voter anger. Brexit is not the cause, but itself has its roots in causes including, but not exclusively
  • Increasing financial inequality
  • Static or declining living standards 
  • People excluded from decision making
  • Decline of working class power
  • Globalism causing disempowerment
  • Cultural loss – loss of cultural identity
  • Attrition of social institutions, high anomie
Unless we understand the pathology of this deep malaise and take measures to counter it, all else is pointless. But in Brussels they're away with the fairies, victims of their own Prozac propaganda, plotting and scheming the expansion of their empire even as the world crumbles around them.

I think they will learn that sometimes, just sometimes, the voters that they hold in such contempt can bite back.

Friday 10 May 2019

For the EU, Britain is either a Colony or an Enemy

"We got rid of them. We kicked them out. We finally turned them into a colony, and that was our plan from the first moment"

Having watched the first part of BBC4's extraordinary fly-on-the-wall documentary and last night's episode spooled on the recorder and ready to go, one thing is clear - everything we suspected about the EU is true. All our fears, dismissed as fantasy by the Remainers, are confirmed from the very mouths of the EU's apparatchiks themselves.

I haven't paid the TV Tax since 2015, but if I had, these two programmes alone may have assuaged the insult of the impost.

One thing is already very clear. As much as the EU team were congratulating themselves on having imposed on May, through Robbins, a surrender treaty as humiliating as Versailles,that turned Britain, in their own words, into an EU Colony, the consequences of our refusing to bow to their subjugation were also quite clear. We would become an economic and diplomatic enemy - our territory liable to incursions and claims, our economy liable to sabotage, out trade interests liable to frustration and blockage. Once we had made the decision to Leave, we were either a Colony or an Enemy.

This is why May and her treacherous administration, and all the betrayer MPs in the Commons, are so eager to sign away our nation as an EU Colony. They have neither the balls nor the aptitude to fight for this nation's freedom. May, Grieve, Thornberry, Starmer and Rudd would all have been at the front of the collaboration queue if the Nazis had invaded in 1940, to offer their co-operation in return for special treatment. They would have been the Quislings in the puppet parliament.

We cannot sign the surrender document - May's loathsome and treacherous 'withdrawal agreement' - or any contrived variation of it acceptable to the EU empire. We will not surrender. We will not cravenly give up this nation's proud achievements to become a Colony of Brussels. We WILL Leave.

If you haven't seen the documentary yet, I urge you to do so. I suspect it was never intended for transmission in the run-up to the EP elections, so damning is it to Remainers' lies. I suspect it was scheduled when even the BBC thought we'd be gone by the end of March. These happy accidents do happen.

Thursday 9 May 2019

Is Now the time we destroy the Political Class?

You may recall we previously quoted Betz and Smith of King's on the 'capture' of the British State by the political class -
"Here are different kinds of political ice cream for sale, but when licked they all turn out to have roughly the same unpalatable taste: a bland, socially progressive, anti-traditionalist, globalist, corporatist flavour."
"... At the same time a technocratic political elite has arisen that is willing to contract out decision-making to supranational organisations like the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, and United Nations on just about everything from finance, the law, border security, and the environment."
"With the rise of the new political classes, a different political dynamic is emerging. Drawn from similar backgrounds (often middle-class, university educated, with little prior career experience outside politics itself), members of parliament increasingly sound alike, think alike and act alike. The evolution of a monochrome political establishment is producing a radical disconnect, which the Brexit denouement is throwing into stark relief. What we appear to be witnessing is the corrupt mutation of the notion of the representation of the people in parliament, into the substitution of the will of the people by the interests of the political class. We are entering the realms, no less, of state capture."
I think they understated one key aspect, which is now becoming very clear. When the only politicians we see and hear, the only politicians interviewed by the MSM, the only politicians speaking in Parliament are from this homogeneous amorphous globalist corporatist patrician blob, we really can't imagine our democratic representatives as being different. Well, all that is rapidly changing - and again, it's Nigel Farage that's doing it.

Mike Greene, the Brexit Party's candidate for Peterborough, is interviewed in the Telegraph, and even in print he is as refreshing as an alpine spring. On the disgraced and dismissed former MP for the city, Greene, himself a local lad, says
"She was a complete joke - had never lived here to my knowledge. I attend lots of business and charity functions and in two years I never saw her. What a let down. She went to prison for lying, came straight out and voted against the 61pc who voted for Brexit. It is absolutely right that she has gone and my passion for standing is to help deliver the democratic vote."
Well, that's the sort of straight talking we can expect from Nigel's candidates - it's the voice of authenticity. What would the representatives of the mainstream parties say if asked the same question? Probably something like
"Fiona has done valuable work for the constituency and served the people of Peterborough well as their MP. Unfortunately, she crossed the line and now is the time for another to take her place. We will continue both her service to the constituency and the strong duty she felt towards those things in which she believed"
You can hear the dififference; one is a crystal clear mountain rill potable at source, the other a polluted lagoon of putrescent sludge unfit for human consumption.

Mrs May herself is the sine qua non of the political class' hollow rhetoric; there has rarely been an MP so accomplished at dissembling, so practised at omission, distortion and misrepresentation. When faced with authentic, honest candidates who have all had careers and successes elsewhere in life before representing the Brexit Party, politicians such as May are exposed for what they are - dishonest betrayers of all they pretend to represent. If this is the start of the destruction of the Political Class, bring it on.

Mike Greene - an authentic political voice

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Ten Years On ..

NB - Blogger / feedburner is acting funny at this end. Anyone else having problems please let me know via email (RH column). Ta.
 The Telegraph is rightly celebrating a decade since the Parliamentary expenses scandal was uncovered, after a hard fight against both the Speaker Gorbals Mick and the Parliamentary watchdogs, who used every trick and turn available to stop us getting the information. That wasn't all that was going on - in London, albeit a year earlier, we were getting ready to elect Boris. Forgive me for recycling that post; it has echoes.
It's strange, I can't wait to cast my votes on Thursday. My ballot card is pinned ready on the notice board and I'm eager for the off. I can't recall when I've ever enjoyed an election so much - perhaps 1979 was the last time. Then, after nearly a decade of Vic Feather and Len Murray and shots of Congress House in virtually every news report the same feeling for a need for change was in the air.

In retrospect, the 70s and the Thatcher years were where the rot started. In 1974 Anthony Crosland told local government 'The party's over' - meaning the expansionist Client State fuelled by the economic boom of the 60s was over, a theme echoes by Keith Joseph in the years that followed. When Thatcher came to power in 1979, the central State expanded its powers beyond levels that had not even been seen during the dark days of the war, at the time the only measure to rein in the trots in the town halls, but ironically the foundation for Zanu Labour's Centralist control freakery from 1997.

Gordon Brown is even less capable than Jim Callaghan of steering the ship of state. As he attempts to tighten his grip on every aspect of citizens' lives, as he tries to convince his dying party and an angry nation that he's in control, the more control slips from his chewed fingers. Damned with faint praise by his own backbenchers, held on his back foot by the media, it's not now a question of if he goes but when. In fact, his Jonah abilities are so acute that I'm convinced every high-profile appearance he'll make between now and Thursday will knock points off the Labour votes - Livingstone must be praying he'll stay out of London.
Oh, and as for Parliament - we only jailed three. It wasn't enough.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Focus turns to Sedwill

Things are moving fast in the breaking down of old conventions. And the old adage about those who live by the sword are playing out - or the rule of karma for the gentler souls amongst our readers. Over the weekend, capo di capi Mark Sedwill has featured more in the press than Gavin Williamson, his most recent victim. In the past, it was considered not the business of the top mandarin and National Security Advisor to be the story.

Unlike Jeremy Heywood and Gus O'Donnell, Sedwill is feared and respected rather than liked. He has made few friends either in the press lobby or amongst MPs, including cabinet ministers. A technocrat, a cyborg security warrior, he is perhaps perfectly suited to the temperament of an autistic Prime Minister unable to connect emotionally with either voters or colleagues. He comes across as an alpha wolf, feeding with the pack, greeting and grooming, but ever ready to curl back his lips to expose his fearsome teeth and assert his primacy. Poor Gavin, who reminded me of our class idiot, ever entertaining but frequently caned, was simply not up to a scrap with a killer.

Thankfully the press pack are not ready to let it lie. They smell a story, and I think they are right. For some time Sedwill has been unable to kill claims advanced by Sir Richard Dearlove and Maj Gen Julian Thompson that the Sedwill-approved Selmayr-Robbins Treaty betrayed UK defence interests. Huawei is a part of the same campaign.

At the heart of it is Britain's future defence alignment - with a choice between an EU-led, Brussels driven military Axis or a US-led reformed NATO defence pact. The popular suspicion is that Sedwill favours the former whilst professional spooks and soldiers favour the latter.

Sedwill was caught out last year when Alastair Brockbank, then a Cabinet Office security adviser and now a member of Robbins' team, was captured on tape giving assurances that the UK would stay loyal to PESCO interests after Brexit, and would find a way to keep paying the EU to develop its army.

For the EU, defence is all about money, contracts and corruption. Military effectiveness is second. When one looks for the beef, there's a whole bullock being carved up right now. A trade off is rumoured whereby the Navy will contract out to Spain the building of new support RFA vessels in a quid-pro-quo for not niggling over Gibraltar. It's also being called protection money.  In Germany, not only are there plans to abandon the US made F35 5G aircraft for the Euro made 3G Eurofighter, and even to contract H&K to develop a new infantry rifle that uses neither the 5.56 x 45 or the 7.62 x  51 NATO cartridges. Europe's big globals sniff the billions of tax money swilling around and want the snouts in the trough to be solely from this side of the Atlantic.

At the helm of the UK sits Sedwill. It is quite right that we should subject him to far greater public scrutiny - largely through televised questioning by Select Committees, the sole recourse that Brexit MPs have left to expose the truth.

Sedwill - Williamson's nemesis

Monday 6 May 2019

May in last ditch struggle to stop Brexit

The Telegraph reports that the besieged May is engaged in a last ditch struggle to block Brexit. Securing Corbyn's co-operation in sabotaging Britain's exit looks doomed to failure as even the Comrades are unwilling to leave their fingerprints on an act of electoral suicide when they can leave May to achieve this for the Conservatives on her own. The Telegraph claims she is planning a new referendum with three choices -
Mrs May and her advisers are understood to have 'war gamed' the possibility of giving voters a choice of her deal, no deal and remain, though Government sources insisted it would only become relevant if talks with Labour collapse and Parliament forces a vote on a second referendum.
It is exactly this three-way option that is designed to split the Leave vote and allow her to defy the Brexit vote. However, since it is so clearly biased, it is unlikely to be agreed even by the deeply Remainer Electoral Commission - it would earn them opprobrium from across the developed democratic world and mire them in legal challenges. In this form, a referendum would be almost impossible to engineer before the end of October - our final end-date for EU membership. Agreeing it would mean agreeing an extension with the EU.

There are two key problems with May's final defence of her F├╝hrerbunker; with Farage set to storm the EP in July, it is unlikely the unelected officials in Brussels will want to prolong this beyond October. The second is that May's political life is limited. The latest poll of members by Conservative Home with 82% demanding May's departure now means her claws will be dug out from the Number Ten doorposts before too long - probably after the EP elections.

The Party's members will only vote for a new Leader who vows to deliver the Brexit we voted for in 2016. The Chairman called upon us to show Unity. Well, I reckon 82% demonstrates a fair degree of bloody Unity.