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Friday 3 November 2017

Forward to the Past!

There's a wonderful piece in the sad old Grauniad with some lovely maps on how the world would look with a rise in sea levels. For those of a historical turn of mind, their feature map of the Wash may look familiar... yes, it's exactly the same as the Anglian coastline back in Roman and Saxon times. 

To be frank, I can see only upsides. With the Norfolk broads once again decently under water and connected to the sea, all those ugly floating caravans known as broads cruisers would be dashed to matchwood by decent storms. Hull would cease to be. Old Anglian cities - Dunwich, Soham and Ely - would again be prosperous ports. 

Looks good to me.

Thursday 2 November 2017

Dirty Dog MPs need their tackle lopped

You can bet that Michael Fallon didn't jump because he touched Julia Hartley-Brewer's knees some years ago. Oh No. There had to be something much darker and nastier that threatened to burst out - rape perhaps, a serious sexual assault, an offence against a minor. Fallon's rapid resignation stinks of an attempt to stay out of jail rather than an attempt not to embarrass the government. 

What is it with male MPs that they're seemingly incapable of keeping their dicks in their trousers? Does their petty power act like a sort of Viagra? Or is it just the deviant narcissists that are attracted to politics in the first place? And no, women MPs don't behave in the same way. 

And I'm not writing about innocent horny flirtation; these men target their staff, juniors, researchers, new young female party colleagues. In other words they abuse their position to inflict their sexual attentions on those not in a position to repel them. If it was up to me I'd treat them like one does a dog that humps visitors' legs. Lop 'em off. 

Of course we mustn't let this become a witch hunt that uses harmless and innocuous banter and tentative try-ons to target the innocent and foolish. No. But we must scour Westminster of the threat of the really harmful dirty dogs. As with expenses, if they can't manage to restrain themselves, then we must introduce systems that do so.  

Tuesday 31 October 2017

The evidence says we're right to distrust 'experts'

I don't need to lay out the disastrous economic, environmental and industrial consequences of the idiot official moves, urged by 'experts', to encourage a switch to diesel engines for short-hop urban journey low annual mileage private cars. Non-experts said all along this was tosh, that diesels were suitable for long-hours, hot running and continuous load - for road freight, marine, rail engines. So now we have cities so polluted that 40,000 Brits each year are dying prematurely. It's not just diesels, of course; long before changes to building regs, Ken Livingstone made his own planning changes in London that required developers of large buildings to install renewable-fuel heat systems. They all of course chose the cheapest - pellet-burners - which along with diesels are the major cause of those lethal PM10 and PM2.5 particulates. Without intervention developers would have chosen clean gas-fired systems. Even when tens of thousands of Londoners were dying prematurely from their lying and incompetence, the 'experts' threw yet another lie into the mix to save their skins. All London's pollution, they claimed, was due to some middle class people in Highgate and Islington with wood burning stoves, which they lit each Sunday from September to March. Yep. Throw some hipsters to the mob - and keep the blame away from those crooked, bent, indictable 'experts' and the credulous incompetent politicians who listen to them.

Now a bunch of criminally crooked, lying, devious 'experts' from Public Health England are being exposed for falsifying scientific evidence and distorting scientific recommendations all in order to further their own bigoted and zealous opinions and agendas. I cannot recommend too highly the esteemed Dick Puddlecoat who normally does such a sterling job exposing the lies, distortion and hypocrisy of the anti-tobacco bigots but who gave a heads-up on the PHE alcohol lies on Twitter.  

The full disgraceful exposure of those bent bastards at Public Health England is in the Health-Spectator. I commend it to you. 

Whilst our rogue MPs may be obsessed with sex toys and childish acts of Onanism, along with stealing the stationery, the real rogues are these fake 'experts' who lie, distort, omit and make up false evidence all under the cover of a supposed academic credibility. We're right to distrust them - and we have the evidence.