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Saturday 6 October 2018

EU gearing up to censor UK Free Press

Friday 5 October 2018

Restoring British Liberalism means freedom from both Brussels and Whitehall

Mrs May, the consensus goes, did a fairly good job of reading-out at the party conference the words written for her. Most agree it has bought her at least another two weeks in power. But like one of those theatrical-cuisine meals with drizzles, one wonders after leaving the restaurant whether one has actually eaten at all. Allister Heath has pinned down the problem (£)
Ban, tax, regulate and intervene some more: Britain’s new modus operandi is grim indeed. The stream of silliness never ends; petty, meddling officialdom, empowered by the most controlling, puritanical government in living memory.

Only fashionable freedoms, such as the ability to get divorced at will, are promoted; unfashionable ones, such as the right to eat whatever we wish or to keep more of our hard-earned cash, are trampled upon in extraordinary fashion. There is ever-more red tape, and the tax-to-GDP ratio has reached its highest level in decades. This is neither real conservatism nor real liberalism: it is mushy, unprincipled, command politics, a regression to the Whitehall-knows-best mentality of the disastrous Harold Macmillan era.
This is the consequence of having since 2010 first the dilettante Cameron in Downing Street, and then the Whitehall puppet May. Neither have an innate understanding of the meaning of Conservatism or of true Liberalism. Until we finally break Whitehall's 1940s grip on power, a wartime-only grant of British freedom which ever since they have  refused to relinquish, we will never regain our true freedom.  

Meanwhile, Herr Tusk, one of the EU's unelected presidents, joins the Brussels grumbles about 'lack of respect' for the EU by the British press and commentators, after the Foreign Secretary's comparison of the EU to the Soviet Union. I for one have the greatest respect for the EU; in particular for
  • Being able to subvert billions in national taxes to return as 'gifts' 'grants' or 'investments' to those who paid the taxes in the first place
  • Allowing the fraudulent use, theft, peculation and false accounting of millions more in citizens' taxes in ways that shame crooked Russian oligarchs as GRU-type amateurs
  • As a public body, hiding, refusing access to, distorting, misrepresenting and omitting financial information at all levels, from crooked expenses to institutional malfeasance, to prevent any meaningful scrutiny of fiduciary probity
  • Enabling the capos to crookedly appoint as consigliere Martin Selmayr, a man whose principles are flexible enough not only to accept the appointment without shame but allow him to develop with Teutonic aggression the organisation's institutional corruption
  • Stifling, choking and suffocating democracy in Europe whenever Europe's citizens dare to exercise their fundamental Human Rights at the ballot box; universal suffrage and the secret ballot are the weapons the bent capos of the EU fear most, and are most determined to destroy
  • Destroying an entire bedrock European nation - Greece - to save the French and German banks. As Jonathon Bond writes in the Speccie, €230 bn of the €280bn 'aid' package for Greece has gone straight to EU banks without rescuing a single impoverished Greek.
Above all, I respect the EU's simple and powerful Mission Message "Ever Greater Power and Corruption".

Whitehall, of course, has been for forty years no more than the branch-office of the Berlaymont, deepening and furthering the crooked destruction of British liberal democracy by the EU. It is time to clear the thigh-deep shit from those Augean stables - but for that we need a Conservative Leader.

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Boris - Chequers cheats the electorate

Text of the final part of Boris' speech - with apologies to ConHome
Full text at ConHome HERE

So now therefore is the time truly to take back control and make the elegant dignified and grateful exit the country voted for. This is the moment – and there is time – to chuck Chequers, to scrap the Commission’s constitutionally abominable Northern Ireland backstop, to use the otherwise redundant and miserable “implementation period” to the end of 2020 to negotiate the Supercanada FTA, to invest in all the customs procedures that may be needed to ensure continued frictionless trade, and to prepare much more vigorously for a WTO deal.

And if we get it right, then the opportunities are immense. It is not just that we can do free trade deals. In so many growth areas of the economy this country is already light years ahead. Tech, data, bioscience, financial services, you name it. We can use our regulatory freedom to intensify those advantages.

And of course our European friends know that is possible – and that is exactly why they want to constrain us. Yet I would argue that it is actually in their interests too, to have the fifth biggest economy in the world, on their doorstep, acting as a continuing brake and caution to the over- regulatory instincts that have held the EU back for so long. Instead of being relentlessly homogenised, we can actually learn from each other again, in the spirit of friendly emulation that inspired the renaissance of European civilisation.

If we get this right, it can be win-win for both sides of the Channel.

If we get it wrong – if we bottle Brexit now – believe me, the people of this country will find it hard to forgive.

If we get it wrong, if we proceed with this undemocratic solution, if we remain half-in half out, we will protract this toxic tedious business that is frankly so off-putting to sensible middle of the road people who want us to get on with their priorities.

If we cheat the electorate – and Chequers is a cheat – we will escalate the sense of mistrust. We will give credence to those who cry betrayal, and I am afraid we will make it more likely that the ultimate beneficiary of the chequers deal will be the far right in the form of UKIP.

And therefore the far Left in the form of Jeremy Corbyn – a man who takes money from Iranian tv, who can barely bring himself to condemn the Russian state for the Salisbury atrocity, who indulges anti-semitism, and who by opportunistically committing himself to the misery and farce of a second referendum, has finally revealed himself to be the patsy of the EU as well.

We cannot allow it to happen.

We must not allow it to happen.

And so for one last time, I urge our friends in government to deliver what the people voted for, to back Theresa May in the best way possible, by softly, quietly, and sensibly backing her original plan. And in so doing to believe in conservatism and to believe in Britain.

Because if we get it wrong we will be punished. And if we get it right we can have a glorious future.

This government will then be remembered for having done something brave and right and remarkable and in accordance with the wishes of the people.

May and Hammond preparing to sell-out Britain?

If the story in the Times is to be believed, May and her Remainer ally Hammond are preparing to betray the UK's interests in favour of the wishes of the global corporates. On past form she will deliver a twisted-mouthed mendacious speech at conference that will be aimed at placating Brexiteers with oily words and smooth insincerities whilst all the while caving into the demands made by an intransigent Brussels.

May and her Remainer team are simply not up to the job of defending the UK's interests. They trust neither the British people nor the assurances of our many friends across the world who wish us to do well. They would rather we remain a Satrap nation under the authoritarian rule of an anti-democratic and unelected cabal in Brussels. 

Make no mistake; if May attempts to follow the route suggested by the Times, our children and grandchildren will weep bitter tears of regret at her betrayal of their future.

Sunday 30 September 2018

Global Corporates ramp up Brexit scares

The biggest threat to the future success of the United Kingdom is pinning our economic hopes on the global corporates, yet this is exactly what Mrs May, under the brainwashing of the CBI and Oliver Robbins, is trying to use Brexit to secure. Neither are the globals themselves backwards in adding their own lies to Project Fear; the latest last week were from the international car makers. 

What they forgot to mention is that in ten years or so their cars will be banned for sale in Europe, their plants just so much scrap metal and wasteland, and their vast Euro workforces all redundant. That's not the fault of Brexit but of technological progress. An electric powered car has just something like 15% of the parts of an internal combustion engined one. So why screw the entire British economy, as they want May to do, to prolong their JIT uselessness by a few more years? The sooner the UK bites the bullet and attracts investment into 100% UK assembled electric vehicles the better. 

It's not just carmakers. We've reached peak global. The corporates are simply unable to increase their profitability from their operations by a single cent more - only a continuous process of mergers and takeovers generates new money, and we're at the end of that road. We're way past Standard Oil, and now only a radical rethink of Conservative capitalism can rescue the British economy. Sadly, Mrs May, with her limited understanding and abilities, is not the Prime Minister to head this process. Tenacity and resilience are only positive virtues when exercised in following the right path.

Steve Baker in the Telegraph today (£) and Janet Daley yesterday are both singing the same hymn. A party for a young, energetic, entrepreneurial, internationalist and enterprising Britain doesn't shackle itself to the dead-weights of the terminally-ill global corporates and the CBI. Our future Conservative membership is waiting for a party that articulates their hopes and aspirations, their knowledge and world-view, yet Mrs May wants to lead the party into failure and error, wants, like Corbyn, to lead a party stuck in the 1970s and unable to progress. 

For the sake of Brexit, and for the sake of Britain, she must now resign and hand over to a Leader who can do the job.