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Friday 7 April 2017

US now free to kill its own 'beautiful babies' in Mosul

With the PR-stunt bombardment of a vacant Syrian airbase over, US forces in the region can now re-target their cruise missiles and aircraft and carry on killing beautiful babies as well as their mothers and older children in Mosul. However, since Putin is way smarter than Trump and has normal sized hands to boot, don't be surprised at some cunning piece of counter-PR. Of course it's still possible that one of those US cruise missiles hit the base creche, and that Syria produces its own dead beautiful babies torn apart by US explosives. 

I'm really sick to the gills of the lies. Sick of the superpower slaughter fought through proxies; sick of the mendacious game playing, sick of the horror, the death, the childish destruction. I'm sick of the official distortion, invention, omission and misrepresentation of the truth. Sick of the BBC, of the MSM, of RT, of Brietbart and of the bloody lying Guardian. Sick of twisted journalism of the sort gurgitated by Con Coughlin, by other maggot-struck dags, who lie for their paymasters in claiming to be sure of events a thousand miles over the horizon. Who the Hell do they all imagine they're lying to?

Will all you fake journalists now please re-target your own interest from this fake gas circus sideshow to what is really happening in Iraq? In Kurdistan? No, thought not.

Thursday 6 April 2017

Oh Good. They've forgotten about the 'unspeakable' slaughter in Mosul.

I have no illusions about Bashir Assad's ruthlessness, and none about his commitment to regain control of Syria. His success in Aleppo, the recapture of Palmyra and even his quick reaction to the assault by the West's 'friendly' Islamist jihadis on Damascus have all given him the advantage. Meanwhile, the US-led blundering in taking Mosul, with its massive civilian casualties, makes Trump look a dick against Putin's effective siege of Aleppo. 

So I don't rule out Assad being responsible for a chemical attack in Idlib that has killed 70. But it's so / too convenient for the US led side, and such an unnecessary action for Assad, that I cannot rush to the same immediate verdict as the entire Western media seems to have done, at least without evidence. It's just too bloody convenient, particularly in silencing  the growing outrage against child and civilian casualties in Mosul, most recently as the 230 (as the Telegraph reported) child and mothers corpses were pulled from the rubble of a single Iraqi / US strike last week.

Whilst the slaughter of seventy in Idlib by poison gas is 'unspeakable', the slaughter of three times that number in Mosul by good, clean US missiles seems to be OK. Good. Glad that's clear.

Tuesday 4 April 2017

NATO - Keeping the peace in Europe for 68 Years

NATO's anniversary today could not come at a more appropriate moment. NATO, and the Atlantic Alliance, has kept the peace in Europe since the Iron Curtain came down in 1949. NATO itself  arose from a 1941 meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt at which was drafted the Atlantic Charter - subsequently adopted by allies of the United Nations. No territorial aggrandisement; no territorial changes made against the wishes of the people, self-determination; restoration of self-government to those deprived of it; reduction of trade restrictions; global cooperation to secure better economic and social conditions for all; freedom from fear and want; freedom of the seas; and abandonment of the use of force, as well as disarmament of of aggressor nations. 

And why such an appropriate moment? Well, it's come at exactly the time at which the EU has demonstrated yet again that it is NOT an organisation that promotes peace, but is instead a malign nascent Empire that foments conflict, war, death and dissent. Britain's reaction to the EU's inclusion of Gibraltar in the Brexit talks was entirely predictable. One could have written the Sun's headline in advance. It is an unforgivable deliberate hostile provocation from this cabal of cynical hypocrites in Brussels geared at provoking conflict - just as they have done in Ukraine, just as they did in the Balkans. 

The EU is simply incapable of signing up to the aims of the Atlantic Charter; the Federast aim is wholly about expansion, not peace; "No territorial aggrandisement" is simply not a phrase they understand in Brussels. The aims of NATO and the EU are not the same - not the same at all. Which is why the EU now wants to fund its own military arm - one that can breach the Atlantic Charter provisons with impunity and no opposition. 

NATO needs a strong and effective leader who has the confidence of both Washington and London. Cameron, the Boden-catalogue ditherer, the kitchen supper dilettante, a collapsed souffle of a politician, is simply not that man.

Sunday 2 April 2017

If the Remoaners had been around in 1938 ...

It's perhaps not strange that although times and events move relentlessly forward, human nature is far less liable to change. Time and embarrassment will have erased many of the dissenting voices of 1938 as the winner's history was subsequently written, but echoes of those same 1938 types can be heard today in Britain ..

The scientific Remoaner
"Look at the statistics; look at our armaments production, military strength, renewal capacity and expected levels of attrition. They prove without a scintilla of doubt that there is absolutely NO WAY we can beat Nazi Germany. It just can't be done. It's quite impossible. I'm an expert and I'm telling you that Britain simply cannot win this war."

The Socialist die-hard
"The National Socialists in Germany are in permanent alliance with the Union of Soviets; all over Europe, socialism and communism are in the ascendant. We should invite Comrades Hitler and Stalin to come and take control here, to end the disgrace of warmongering capitalists who just want a war to sell weapons and munitions. Our future can only be as a socialist republic under the wise control of the German-Soviet pact leaders."

The mindless thug
"So what's the worst that Hitler can do to me then? Sanction my benefit again? Like these c***s keep doing by calling me in at 8.45 when I'm in breakfast mode bro, know what I mean? I bet Hitler wouldn't tell me to hand out my CV instead of doing my shift on the anti-racist march, yeah? I hate authority,  I do - I hate being told what to do. That's why we should chuck this lot out and get Hitler in, innit?"

The liberal mum Remoaner
"Basically war will prevent my two, Tarquin and Murgatroyd, from reaching their potential. We took them across the Channel to Le Touquet last year and they came back with several words of French and after the Olympics they sooo want to see the torchlight processions in Nuremberg and Tarquin in particular wants to go on Erasmus to meet his Hitler Youth penfriend - he even keeps a photo of Horst wearing his athletic vest by his bedside! You can't travel freely when armies are trying to kill eachother."

The Remoaner MP
"War with Germany will mean the total extinction and annihilation of this country -starvation, economic collapse and in ten years by 1948 we'll be little more than apes scratching in the dirt with sticks. If we take what Germany is offering we'll keep a model Parliament that's free to make laws on dog fouling, loud noises, garden shed colours and similar matters and life will be pretty much as it is now, well, except for the Nazi troops on the street, loss of freedom, confiscation of our wealth and so on. Most importantly, the Germans have promised to keep-on in Parliament all MPs that sign up now .."