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Saturday 8 September 2018

Will the crane-hangers or head-choppers win Labour?

With faith voting preferences so clear, it is hardly surprising that the divided factions of the Islamic faith are now fighting for control of the Labour party. Iranian-backed Shia Moslems have just succeeded in dumping pro-Israel MP Joan Ryan, whilst in London and in other large cities Sunni Moslems have succeeded in selecting candidates supporting their branch of their faith. 

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This is a fight for the Labour party funded respectively by the head-choppers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the crane-hangers of Iran. The first stage is to deselect all pro-Israel MPs and replace them with candidates sympathetic to each of the two factions; the recent election to the NEC of nine pro-Islamic, anti-semitic Corbynistas ensures Sunni and Shia can access the policy-making engine of the party and oppose further rule changes that may disadvantage the takeover. 

The changes make even more certain that Labour will become the de facto permanent party of large metropolitan centres, with complete control of local government. The challenge for the Conservatives is to win-over the traditional Labour vote.

Friday 7 September 2018

Selmayr's crooked appointment

Well, it's official. We all knew that the EU Commission was nothing more than a cabal of unelected officials trampling democracy, conniving with organised crime, losing billions to theft, fraud, nepotism, corruption and incompetence, and that Martin Selmayr's appointment as consigliere to the capo of capos was as bent as a 90p piece, but now the EU have confirmed it themselves.

Selmayr claims to be a clever lawyer, which doesn't say much. So does Blair. But even he must know that the knowing and wilful beneficiary of a crooked act is as crooked as the crooked scrotes who actually did it. Anyone with half a conscience would be humiliated to hell at holding a post gained so corruptly that the appointment would disgrace the equal ops policy of the Klan.

But with his capo reported as being increasingly out of action earlier and earlier in the day due to 'sciatica', the bent cabal from the Berlaymont increasingly need leadership, and Germany is happy to lend this consigliere.

Good luck to them. At least Britain doesn't have to stomach the cesspit stench for much longer.

Thursday 6 September 2018

Russian killer scum must be answered with severe sanctions

Back in March I made a right cods of this. My instinct and my initial post agreed with the official line that Russia was responsible for the attack on the Skripals, but scores of your comments protesting that this couldn't be the case, and the sacking of Tillerson across the pond, prompted me to add a postscript saying in effect 'not proven'. 

Well now I think it has been. And I'm even more disappointed with Russia than I was in March. It wasn't the attempted assasination of the ex-GRU Skripal, but the casual and careless way that Putin's thugs discarded the poison container in a public bin, where it was retrieved by some poor bloke who gave it to his girlfriend; she sprayed it on her wrists and died. These Russian scum are heartless killers, utterly careless of human life, and we must now make their nation pay for their barbarity. 

Both Russians and Africans seem to value human life far more lowly than do we Europeans; Russia killed 30m of her own people in the name of an ideological mistake. This inhuman brutality from the land of the knout, where men were still serfs six hundred years after Britons were free men, cannot be permitted in our continent. I've been happy to offer the carrot, but now is the time to use the stick. Russia must be tamed.   

And I've learnt also that I should have trusted my initial instinct.  


Wednesday 5 September 2018

Cressida Dick wants to go fishing

Lucy McHugh's murderer remains unconvicted, and Hampshire police think they know who did it. They believe there is evidence on his Facebook account, but to get it, must apply to the US courts for access. Facebook only grants immediate police access worldwide to user accounts in the event of imminent serious harm to a child, or of immediate risk of death or serious injury, for example from a terrorist act. 

Cressida Dick has waded into the debate by voicing her opinion that social media companies should give unquestioned access to the police 'within minutes' of being asked. It is the sort of fatuous saloon-bar comment that is usually the preserve of the deeply stupid, and as such is hardly worthy of serious rebuttal. But this woman, remember, is the nation's senior police officer with operational responsibility for terrorism and the most serious investigations. 

Hard cases make bad law. I am sorry for the family of Lucy McHugh but would ask them to be patient; if there is sufficient evidence to do so, police will be given access to the suspect's account. There may or may not be evidence that will secure a conviction. No one else is at risk, and immediate access cannot reverse the family's loss and grief. There is no pressing reason for change.

Cressida Dick should learn that she polices in a democracy, not in a police State. I'm sure she would like the ability to access whatever accounts are of interest to officers, and allow them to go fishing to take down opponents of the State, critics of the police and those who fight for freedom of thought and expression. If she seriously thinks we should let her, she's lost her mind. 

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Hard left tightens grip on Labour

Twenty four hours is a long time in politics. After joking about Eddie Izzard's future  in yesterday's post it emerged he had none - or not in the Labour party, anyway. He failed to hold a place on the 39-member NEC and instead the nine seats chosen by party members all went to hard left Corbynistas. William Hague writes a pile of guff in the Telegraph today hardly worth reading but he writes on the takeover of Labour
... the hard Left does not go in for compromise to anything like that extent. They see Labour as an organisation to be purged rather than a family to be united. For some of them, this is a winner-takes-all struggle in which only a complete victory counts. For others, in the age of social media, opinions count for more than outcomes – politics is a noticeboard rather than a chessboard.
His main appeal, for Brexiteers to 'compromise' - that is, to give way on all the red lines, is an appeal for the UK to be a partial EU member. Hague may also believe it's possible to be just a little bit pregnant, or to have lost one's virginity only partially. He's turned sadly into a patrician, establishment fool whose best lines are behind him. 

Labour's nemesis, the deeply destructive and archly corrupt Blair, is still prostituting himself for the crazed dictators, bent ministers, mafia-businesses and murderous gangs of the former Soviet statelets. His latest efforts, paid for by Azerbaijan, are to secure a landing place for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline. The Italians are naturally wary, and no doubt Blair will have to put the Blair Lie Factory into night shifts and overtime to contrive enough persuasion to overcome the objections. He must mourn the old Italian political hierarchy, when it was just a matter of directing sufficient bribe-money in the right direction. I spent £3 in order to vote for Corbyn as a 'supporter' precisely to destroy what Blair had created. Mission accomplished, I think. 

As I wrote yesterday, I think Corbyn is as finished as May, but also that both will be kept temporarily in power for different reasons. May because ditching her before March risks the national interest, Corbyn because Labour have no cuddly alternatives who can maintain the yoof vote. 

With the Robbins Plan now dead in the water, May needs to be strongarmed into accepting the ERG position. Once she has done so, we can ditch her.

Monday 3 September 2018

Boris returns to Europe

Boris Johnson uses his Monday Telegraph column (£) to politely dismiss both claims and assurances given in Theresa May's weekend piece for the paper and Nick Boles' 'Better Brexit'. With conference approaching (and with the prospect of Arron Banks in attendance) Boris is clearly laying the ground for his keynote bombshell. On May's contrived Brexit belligerence he writes;
 I just hope you aren’t one of those trusting souls who still thinks it could really go either way. The fix is in. The whole thing is about as pre-ordained as a bout between Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy; and in this case, I am afraid, the inevitable outcome is a victory for the EU, with the UK lying flat on the canvas with 12 stars circling symbolically over our semi-conscious head.
So much for the Robbins Plan. On the subject of which, Boris alludes to the sabotage of Brexit by the enemy within;
It is now clear that some in the UK Government never wanted solutions. They wanted to use that problem to stop a proper Brexit. Solving Ireland would mean a solution for Dover-Calais, and they didn’t really want that. They wanted essentially to stay in, and to create a Brexit in name only.
And though the Damascene conversion of Nick Boles from fervent Remainer to Chequers-loathing critic, his preferred alternatives find little favour
The answer is not to lurch for a Norway or EEA option that is actually more humiliating than Chequers: it would mean taking even more rules from Brussels (on services, for instance) – and does not fix Ireland.
All of which usefully prepares the ground for a true alternative to the Robbins Plan, now being finessed by Boris and his cerebral chums of the ERG, and to be served up to the sound of trumpets and at the optimum moment. And that's his advantage - he's in control of timings, whilst Mrs May is subject to the timings of others. 

As for our Jew-hating Worzel Gummidge across from the Treasury benches, I have a feeling in my water that his moment has passed. He stopped being a thing sometime over the weekend. He's missed his tide, his star has turned. Yvette Cooper for one is working hard from one of her refugee-free homes to whip up her press presence; Labour's ladies at least have decided it's time for the Party's first female Leader.

Personally, my money's on Mz Eddie Izzard.