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Friday 29 March 2019

They're Frit!

In the words of the grocer's daughter from Grantham, they're Frit. Oh yes, MPs really want to cancel Brexit, are committed to cancel Brexit and now have the means to cancel Brexit, but just don't quite dare do the deed. Somewhere in their mendacious, fraudulent half-wit hearts is either a residual pang of conscience or a spark of rationality. They are aware at some level that to cancel Brexit will mean their own destruction, savaged at the polls, despised by those they ask to cast ballots for them. Most MPs put one duty before all others - way in front of country, constituency or party - and that is their duty of self-interest, their obligation to themselves and their own wealth and advancement. That's why they're Frit.

So on this day, when we should have been riotous with joy at being free from the malign clutches of the Federasts, these craven narcissists will choose the path of deferring their cancellation of Brexit. A path that keeps us in the clutches of Brussels in a half-way measure. And their pusillanimity will turn around and bite their arses; Farage will storm the EP elections, Cummings will lead us in a crushing second referendum victory and finally we will cull this foetid House of its betrayers, frauds and liars and fill the green benches with those who represent the interests of the people of Britain and not solely those of their own discredited patrician elite.

Bring it on!

Update 14.43
May loses by 58 votes (286 Ayes to 344 Noes)
So get your walking shoes ready, all you knockers for the forthcoming EP elections!

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Referendum II - We Will Win Again!

The more astute amongst you may notice an addition to the blogroll in the side column. Dominic Cummings writes today;
Dear Vote Leave activists…

Please get in touch with friends and family who you know are onside. Start rebuilding our network now. The crucial data to collect: name, email, postcode, mobile (full address if possible). If we need to set up a new entity — a campaign, a party — you will be able to plug this straight into new data infrastructure and we will try to grow super-fast. And it looks like we will need to…

Remember: we won last time even though the Establishment had every force with power and money on their side. They screwed it up because they do not have good models of effective action: they literally do not know what they are doing, as they have demonstrated to the world in the farcical negotiations. They are screwing up their attempt to cancel the referendum. Beating them again and by more will be easier than 2016.

Also, don’t worry about the so-called ‘permanent’ commitments this historically abysmal Cabinet are trying to make on our behalf. They are not ‘permanent’ and a serious government — one not cowed by officials and their bullshit ‘legal advice’ with which they have herded ministers like sheep — will dispense with these commitments and any domestic law enforcing them.

And next time we will not close down — we will try to ensure that votes are respected and the malign grip of the parties and civil service is broken, as Vote Leave said should happen in 2016.

Spread the word among those you know…
Now that's a mind I can happily work for!

In contrast I offer you the EU's angry midget, the Pole who can't keep his gob shut. The credulous little fool actually seems to believe that the signatures on the 'revoke' petition are genuine and that the verified 350,000 Waitrose shoppers who strolled about in central London carrying correctly spelt and pithily contrived bijoux placards in a range of Farrow and Ball colours were worth 1m of us normal people - they being so intellectually superior to we dumbass Leave fools, I suppose. In a comment aimed at Hof and his chums - who really don't want Farage littering up their ideologically pure chamber, Tusk said;
Let me make one personal remark to the members of this parliament. Before the European council, I said that we should be open to a long extension if the UK wishes to rethink its Brexit strategy, which would of course mean the UK’s participation in the European parliament elections. And then there were voices saying that this would be harmful or inconvenient to some of you.

Let me be clear: such thinking is unacceptable. You cannot betray the 6 million people who signed the petition to revoke article 50, the 1 million people who marched for a people’s vote, or the increasing majority of people who want to remain in the European Union
I have a feeling Tusk will eat those words.

For anyone in any doubt as to why those revoke clicks don't count, see Brendan O'Neill on Spiked

Parliament v. People - the Craven Rabble

The craven rabble of fraudulent representatives in the Commons are today engaged in an exercise of mutual self-preservation. Both main parties having lied outrageously in their 2017 manifestos, the 74% Remainer Commons are running scared of facing voters at the ballot box - what the Hell would they claim this time around about their commitment to deliver Brexit?

All morning a stream of self-interested fake-MPs have followed one another on R4's 'Today' in a united chorus of mutual preservation; the important thing is that the Commons, having decided to oppose the will of voters and to renege on their own manifestos, comes together to unite in the face of voter anger. Yes, today is all about these frauds, these fakes, this craven rabble of narcissists and half-wits, demonstrating that they have more in common with eachother than with the voters they tricked in 2017 into putting them there.

But they can't hide forever from the Hustings. At some stage they must face the voters they tricked and defrauded. And judging from the polls, they will face a voter anger many times greater than when caught with their half-wit snouts in the expenses trough. Parliamentary self-interest and the previous bent Speaker, Gorbals Mick, saved many from prison - and the contrast was not lost on the public of a 2011 rioter banged up for a year for stealing a pack of bottled water worth under a fiver and MPs who had stolen tens of thousands in upscale furnishings, household goods, fraudulent claims and swapping getting away Scot free.

Let them wriggle and squirm in mutual self-pleasure today, safe in their privileged isolation from the reality of their betrayal of Britain's voters. Their reckoning will come.

MPs must face electors over their Brexit Betrayal

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Parliament vs. People - Betrayer MPs tighten the noose

The Brexit Betrayers in Parliament who seized control last night moved immediately to tighten the noose and to cancel Brexit. They may succeed in the Commons, where 74% of MPs personally voted Remain despite lying with false manifestos to cheat their way to seats in the 2017 elections. Yes, politicians are consummate liars - quelle surprise. What hope had we that they would act with honour and dignity, these swine whose snouts are still coated in the mire of the expenses troughs? Last night the Commons was not so much the Parliament of Britain as Dante's eighth malbolge  - pimps, seducers, flatterers dipped in human shit, liars, fornicators, barrators, perjurers, corrupt office-holders, half-wit frauds and peculators. They are the lowest scum in our land.

There will be a reckoning to come. 17.4 million votes will be heard - the clear majority of the nation gave their instruction to this noisome cabal of betrayers. It will prevail, either now through Parliament or later by other means with a new government prepared to use its prerogative powers.

If they imagine the People are blind to their perfidy they are mistaken - as this ComRes poll from the Telegraph shows. It also reinforces that which is the will of the people who decided to Leave the EU - that we now we want to go NOW, on WTO terms.

Pompey's patrician MPs, these bloated, privileged elitist fartbubbles, will have their beliefs prick'd.*

It's worth one again quoting constitutional expert Dr David Starkey -
The People voted 52 to 48 per cent to leave; an estimated 74 per cent of MPs voted to remain.

No representative assembly can sustain such a gulf. Either People or Parliament must give way.

And so it has proved as, in its profound lack of wisdom and in its disregard for the central thread of its own history, Parliament has decided it is the People who should change. Or, rather, be changed.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Communist states were ruled by similarly pampered, out-of-touch and privileged elites who, against all the evidence, claimed to represent the People.
*"Once you touch the biographies of human beings, the notion that political beliefs are logically determined collapses like a pricked balloon" - Walter Lippmann

Monday 25 March 2019

How can we replace May?

With another momentous week for Brexit and voices even louder for May to go, the immediate question is not so much who can replace her as how she can be replaced. To get a Brexiteer in Number Ten, the vote needs to come to us - party members. For that we need several weeks, and for the Parliamentary Party to offer us two candidates. They will not dare exclude a Brexiteer. It can't be done before 12th April, but could be done before 22nd May if Parliament agrees the Selmayr-Robbins Treaty. However, what Brexiteer wants to inherit a party that has betrayed Brexit?

The Remainers around Hammond and Lidington have botched their attempted coup over the weekend, their offer of Govey as Leader having been the equivalent of Hitler having offered to put the Duke of Windsor on the British throne after a successful invasion and having shot the real sovereign. Govey is unique in having even fewer interpersonal skills than May, and the inflamed little haemorrhoid, who would actually make a decent fist of No.11, a post that doesn't require popularity or clubbability, would do nothing but inflict a grievous pain in the arse on the British people.

Boris is on the campaign trail in the Telegraph, and offers a glimpse of the way through. Theresa May is a chicken who's bottled Brexit, screams the strapline. Boris goes on to say the betrayal of Brexit is not the fault of MPs at all, oh no. He knows it doesn't pay to blame the electorate. Nope. He puts the blame firmly with his boss;
We have blinked. We have baulked. We have bottled it completely. We have now undergone the humiliation of allowing the EU to decide the date on which we may make our own departure. It is the EU that is now insisting that parliament must vote – for a third time! –  on its Carthaginian terms, if we are to be permitted to leave on May 22. If we fail to vote the deal through, then the PM has until April 12 to present fresh plans.
His solution seems to be to vote down MV3 and go for a long extension to article 50. That leaves time for either the shoe-in of a Leaver Leader or his insistence that May remains as caretaker whilst the contest goes out to the Party for a full contest. The problem is the local government elections on 2nd May. Conservative councillors are facing slaughter. However, Boris is not explicit - his final paragraph is impossibly confusing, there being no 'implementation period' without an agreed WA but hints that if he were Leader during the extended period, he would bundle up a Trade Deal in an Article 50 extension.
Extend the implementation period to the end of 2021 if necessary; use it to negotiate a free trade deal; pay the fee; but come out of the EU now – without the backstop. It is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus, and say to Pharaoh in Brussels – LET MY PEOPLE GO.
Boris, it appears, might be ready to see Farage's Brexit Party in the EP and the potential decimation of Conservatives in local government in order to preserve the present Parliament to the end of its life.