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Friday 6 July 2018


The issue today at Chequers is very simple. Theresa May made an unequivocal promise on three red lines that she pledged on her honour she would uphold;
- An end to UK membership of the Customs Union
- An end to UK membership of the Single Market
- An end to the jurisdiction of the ECJ in the United Kingdom
The question that will be answered this weekend is simply - was she lying? 

A Prime Minister lying to Parliament is very serious indeed. A Prime Minister lying to the British people, as Blair has found, is more serious by far. For ever deprived of official honours, loathed, shunned and scorned by the people, a reputation in fouled rags, condemned to spend the rest of their pathetic lives in post-hoc apologia, begging for interviews on the 'Today' programme. 

Well, Theresa, which future do you see for yourself?

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Corrupt Euro MPs vote to keep stolen tax money secret

The European Parliament is a a massive corrupt pustular cyst at the heart of the EU, a body intended only as a PR gesture to counter the reality of anti-democratic rule by a cabal of self-selecting officials. It's fake democracy at an international scale. In return for the shame of being the feculent tools of a loathsomely crooked mafia, MEPs have the consolation of having their mouths stuffed with gold - a pre-tax monthly salary of €8,611.

But of course this is not all. There will be legitimate expenses - travel, correspondence and so on. Any transparent, open democratic organisation pays such expenses in return for proof of expenditure, and determination of eligible use of public funds. In the UK getting to this stage was like pulling teeth - but even Gorbals Mick, the most corrupt speaker the Commons has had in living memory, could not hide the truth or stop the sunlight reaching those dark places. People of course have a right to know how their tax is being spent by their elected representatives, our courts found. 

But not of course in that seething stink hole of bloated fraud, peculation and simony that is the European Parliament. The over-full mouths of MEPs are merely stuffed with even more gold - another €4,416, paid as a fixed lump sum, for which no receipts are required, no accounting necessary, and no public scrutiny possible.  

From time to time, in reaction to public opinion such as this, the fake Parliament allows MEPs to consider a token suggestion to reform the legalised theft. This occurred again this year. And like all other suggestions that would make MEPs more transparent and accountable, it was firmly thrown out, MEPs rejecting any suggestion that they account for their expenses

Thrust those snouts in deep, folks; bloat yourself on that swill whilst you can. It may soon be past. 

Vid - H/T Doug. Click caption button for English subtitles.

Monday 2 July 2018

Denmark hardens compulsory integration of Muslim 'ghettoes'

Now here's a story notable for its absence from UK media - and not one from some crackpot news source but from the New York Times. What the Danes are doing in 25 Muslim 'ghettoes' (and yes, the NYT says that word is explicitly used, but I can't confirm it) to enforce integration seems harsh, but I guess the longer it's left the harder it becomes. I won't paraphrase the entire, thoughtful and comprehensive article by Ellen Barry and Martin Selsoe Sorensen but here's a taste;
Rokhaia, her due date fast approaching, flared with anger at the mandatory preschool program approved by the government last month: Already, she said, her daughter was being taught so much about Christmas in kindergarten that she came home begging for presents from Santa Claus.

“Nobody should tell me whether or how my daughter should go to preschool. Or when,” she said. “I’d rather lose my benefits than submit to force.”
One of the measures being implemented is that "Starting at the age of 1, 'ghetto children' must be separated from their families for at least 25 hours a week, not including nap time, for mandatory instruction in 'Danish values,' including the traditions of Christmas and Easter, and Danish language."

All across Europe, amongst the old, original EU members rather than the newcomers of the Visegrad group, laws to force reluctant Muslims to integrate are gaining traction. Burqa bans, bans on Saudi and foreign funding of mosques and imams, clampdowns on arranged marriages and female genital mutilation and measures to force integration are becoming mainstream. 

One measure yet to be adopted by any European state is a ban on first-cousin marriages. Though these are unlawful in China and in many US states (and a criminal offence in others) it remains legal in Europe to marry your first cousin. Some 55% of Muslim marriages in the UK are first cousin unions, producing, as such things do, the most terrifying crop of deformed, seriously malformed or mentally subnormal offspring who are a serious burden to the NHS. Labour minister Phil Woolas called this the 'elephant in the room' and said in 2008 that "If you have a child with your cousin the likelihood is there'll be a genetic problem" - yet the UK has not yet taken action to ban the vile practice. 

Legal first cousin marriages (blue) or not (other)
 But I think the message is becoming clear to those considering migrating to Europe from one of the 'stans or from North Africa - that the prospect of establishing and maintaining detached nations-within-nations here in Europe is in rapid decline. Possibly we have even passed 'peak Islam' as nation states across Europe roll out the pushback.