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Saturday 6 April 2019

Power of Recall - Grieve

Our MPs are representatives and our Parliament is sovereign. I am happy with that, with reservations. I'm also a Burkean, committed to the place of the Little Platoons, or in the language of modern non-lefty sociology, Nisbet's Intermediate Institutions. So it's hard for me to disagree with Burke's "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion". Well, I reckon he was right here too. Let me explain.

Max Musterman MP sits for Pepsiton, a town in which a third of the population work for the Pepsi plant. Despite that, he is free to declare that he prefers Coca Cola to Pepsi, and even to stand on his hind legs in Parliament and declare that he thinks Coca Cola is the superior beverage. It may be unlikely to win him votes at the next GE, but is within the limits of what representative democracy allows.

Now imagine that instead of just preferring the taste of Coca Cola, Musterman campaigns openly for the closure of the soft drinks plant in Pepsiton and the government funding of a new Coca Cola plant in Cocaville, the town in the next county, caring not that he will be putting his own constituents out of work. That's beyond the limits of representative democracy - Musterman's judgement may trump the opinion of his electors, but cannot get away with acting contrarily to their interests.

Betrayer MPs have taken refuge in Burke's aphorism, and their pusillanimous chums-together defence of the egregious Grieve is on these grounds. They are cruelly mistaken, if not wilfully disingenuous. It is not a matter of Remainer MPs for Leave constituencies disagreeing with the opinions of their electors but acting directly against their interests.

An MP's very first duty is the defence of democracy, of our bloodily-won rights to universal suffrage and the secret ballot, and their first duty to defend the democratic outcome that 17.4m electors chose. Seeking to overturn that democratic outcome betrays not just the interests of an MP's electors but renders them unfit for further service in Parliament.

With five-year fixed term Parliaments and rigid central party control over candidates, a system that gives us convicts clamped with tags and still subject to recall to prison sitting in Parliament, we need a constituency Power of Recall more than ever. Assuredly, with the bar set sufficiently high to prevent vexatious abuse, but enough to allow the voters of Beaconsfield to rid themselves of this rogue Grieve and elect a representative loyal to their democratic duty.

PS For the benefit of those mutton-headed Home Office dags and Common Purpose shills masquerading as senior police officers, the term 'betray' when applied to MPs has been in use since the 18th century - see the Burke quote above. 

Friday 5 April 2019

Brexit betrayers need to move quickly - the public mood is changing fast

The Establishment cabal mired in betraying the democratic will of the nation are increasingly under pressure as the public mood turns against them. Here's the most recent poll from Yougov;

The majority of British people want to leave now, without a deal. In fact, every part of Britain with the exception of London is in favour of this. Very few want an extension.

We can also be sure that if there's a second referendum, which will have to offer a Leave option, we will win again.

UKIP has just polled 9% in Newport West - not the 12% - 13% of 2015 to be sure - but it won them third place. The Brexit party has yet to offer a candidate but polling suggests strong support. All over Britain, support for remaining part of the EU is slowly draining and support for Leaving gradually growing. It is quite clear which way the national will is headed - and the betrayers in government and Parliament, and the secret Heart of Darkness within our senior civil service, all conspiring with both legal and unlawful means to sabotage the will of the people, are on the back foot.

But like cornered rats, we must expect them to fight viciously. They must move quickly now, before the mood against them turns into something more ugly. It looks increasingly like the choices offered by the EC will be to leave on the 12th, or in a year's time. That means fighting the EP election next month.

FIne. So be it.   

Thursday 4 April 2019

May betrays Britain for the global corporates

Mr May must have poured his wife an extra slug of Gin last night with a grin on his face, as she traded away her country for the interests of the global car makers. She has made the globalists of the CBI, the European Round Table and remainder of the rootless corporate mafia very happy. Of course, she has condemned 99% of the British people to declining wealth, financial servitude, in many cases penury and debt serfdom, she has abandoned our service industry, one of the most significant parts of our economy, and has ceded control of our nation and economy as a Satrap nation to a crooked cabal of unelected officials in Brussels who hate us.

The Conservative Party is fatally wounded, sundered apart by May's betrayal. Even IDS was prompted to write "The spectre of Corbyn lording it over us in a Prime ministerial way as he wrecks Brexit makes my blood run cold and fear for my Party and my Country."

Those who believe she is actually clinically mad could well be right.

Allister Heath writes in the Telegraph
Mrs May doesn’t understand or care about any of this: as a technocrat in awe of officials, she sees Brexit as an absurd damage-limitation exercise. There appears to be nothing she won’t sacrifice to stop a real Brexit, no principle she won’t give up, no solemn promise she won’t break, no betrayal that she won’t countenance. Does she not care that she is pushing the DUP and many of her MPs away, and that this will probably mean the collapse of her Government within weeks?
We need to get this bloody woman out of Number Ten, out of the Party and out of British politics with no delay - for the sake of every one of our people, for our nation.

Bob in the Telegraph

Tuesday 2 April 2019

For the nation, May's only option is a Clean Brexit on 12th April

If the Conservatives were to opt to fight an election now, under May, we would be slaughtered at the Polls and Britain would have a Labour government for the next five years

If Parliament agrees to a long Brexit extension, the Conservatives will be slaughtered under May at both the May 2nd local elections and May 23rd Euros.

A new referendum will take six months to construct and MUST offer a Leave option. We will win it again, with an increased majority. But the country will have suffered even more, and the Conservatives will have caused more damage to business and the economy than Corbyn could.

In the interests of the Conservative Party, the only option is a Clean Brexit on April 12th

In the interests of Britain, the only option is a Clean Brexit on April 12th.  

Sunday 31 March 2019

Cameron and the Mandarins cannot escape blame for this mess

A narrative is building that the Brexit debacle that has trashed the UK's international reputation is solely the fault of Theresa May and a rogue mandarin called Oliver Robbins. Indeed, Whitehall is already getting its story straight for the inevitable inquiry into the biggest failure of statecraft since Suez. It's a bit like coppers getting the chance to sit around a table and make sure their pocket books all say the same thing after they've just shot some blameless sparky. May and the unfortunate Robbins have already been lined up to take the blame; Whitehall's official histories are already being written, exculpating the mandarinate as dedicated and utterly impartial servants of democracy led astray by rogue politicians, but struggling to do their best.

It's all bollocks of course. Hints are now appearing in the press under the pens of some respected researchers of the role of a small cabal of 'Deep State' mandarins - one writer puts the number at seven - co-ordinating both legal and unlawful actions within Whitehall and without to sabotage Brexit. Whitehall is up to its neck in the betrayal of Brexit and of British democracy.

The Establishment narrative is also being constructed to avoid casting blame at our former dilettante PM, Cameron of the 'kitchen suppers'. Yet this privileged fool is as culpable as May of creating the mess we're in. Whilst this idle flabarse scranned spag bol and Netflix, having instructed Whitehall to do no planning at all for a 'Leave' vote, Selmayr and the Berlaymont's crack shock troops had already agreed a secret strategy to roll over the UK in the event of a 'Leave' win - as is revealed today by
It was at 6:22 a.m. on June 24, 2016 — 59 minutes before the official tally was unveiled — that the European Council sent its first “lines to take” to the national governments that make up the EU.

The United Kingdom was leaving the European Union and Brussels was determined to seize control of the process.
Neither did our third-rate Cabinet realise what had happened until too late
The story that emerges is of a process in which the EU moved inexorably forward as Westminster collapsed into political infighting, indecision and instability.
These SW1 people receive wealth and honours for the responsibility they shoulder. When they fail, they should be held accountable. Another mendacious whitewash of an inquiry will not do - nor will allowing the anti-democratic Heart of Darkness within Whitehall to fabricate its alibis at the taxpayers' time and cost. What we must have is a criminal investigation headed by an ex-intelligence chief and run by anti-terrorism experts with unrestricted security clearance. We must weed out this cancerous fifth-column from our public services lest their sabotage of Brexit emboldens them to further mire in filth our precious democracy.

I commend Booker's final column for the Telegraph, which Dr Richard North reproduces on his blog (link right). One of the good.