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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Shroud-waving Juncker plumbs new depths for 'Stay' campaign

The EU's senior official JC Juncker (unelected) plumbed new depths of gutter campaigning yesterday in a speech in which he claimed
"Europe gains whenever we point out that Europe is a major project for peace. Whoever does not believe in Europe, who doubts Europe, whoever despairs of Europe, should visit the military cemeteries in Europe."
Juncker's efforts in attempting to equate the EU's history of ineptitude, inaction, provocation, torpidity, stupidity and ineffectiveness in foreign affairs to the efforts of NATO and the sovereign nations of Europe in maintaining peace has angered many. 

Juncker appears to have memory problems; he forgets the EU's utter failure to prevent, slow or suspend a war in the Balkans that claimed thousands of lives, forgets the role of the EU and the grossly incompetent Catherine Ashton in fomenting war in Ukraine and seems wholly to ignore the EU's complete failure to have any part in the solution of the migrant crisis, the EU's failure itself raising tensions between nations and feeding the rise of a new far-right in Europe.  

Any objective assessment of the EU's role in regard to peace in Europe will find that rather than helping keep it, the EU has a malign effect in causing tension, aggression and armed conflict. The bodies of 900,000 Britons from the Great War and half as many again from Hitler's War lie beneath the world's battlefields as testimony to the United Kingdom's blood sacrifice in saving Europe from previous Federast zealots. 

And no one blames Juncker for having a father who was conscripted into the Wehrmacht during the time of a previous attempt to create an involuntary united Europe. One just wishes he'd learned the lesson from it.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Cameron recruits a Kermit to 'Project Fear'

In my boaty days, the rules for entering the UK in a small vessel at an unstaffed port or harbour were clear. You called HMRC on the VHF, moored up and were prohibited from leaving the vessel until either visited by an immigration officer or for a fixed time period. If a crew and passengers were refused entry off they would go, aboard their own vessel. The same principle applies for cross-channel ferries; there's no obligation to allow one single passenger, one single car or one single freight wagon off the vessel until entry clearance has been given. If the Border Force set up shop on the exit ramp they would leave on-board all those refused admission, who would then be the ferry company's headache. 

Cameron's efforts in recruiting a Kermit economy minister to Project Fear by warning that the French would renege on a mutual advance border treaty are therefore as pointless as everything else about the man. Yes, Border Force checks can be kicked out of Calais - but you can be damn sure this doesn't mean a tsunami of illegals boarding the ferries. The ferry companies, knowing that they will be lumbered with them, will introduce their own checks. At a cost which will be recovered by higher freight and fare costs and increased travel time costs. Which will harm both French and UK trade.   

The current treaty arrangements, completely seperate from EU treaty obligations, are of great bilateral benefit and despite the whining noise from Paris will not be revoked. It's just Cameron and more Project Fear to join the dodgy dossier and other miscellaneous 'Stay' lies.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Cameron to wind-up the Conservative Party

It's time to say a fond farewell to the Conservative Party; an association of electors that has served the nation well is to be wound-up by David Cameron. The name will be retained by a conglomeration of global corporates which will run the nation's first party without members, using money rather than volunteers or members to campaign for seats. The move was leaked through the Telegraph today

From the Party's heyday in the 1950s when it had over 2m members, increasing centralisation by a London party hierarchy, dis-empowerment of local associations and the gross reduction in the powers of local councillors have caused a haemorrage of members down to a current estimate of fewer than 200,000. The party lost over a million members alone, including the author, between 1979 and 1997, when it was last in power. 

However, even reduced, the vestigial Associations are still a thorn in the side of a metropolitan leadership intent on a pro-EU, pro-global business, pro-international establishment world in which favoured apparatchiki can be parachuted into local constituencies and party members have no part in policy making. As local Associations have refused to die-off, Cameron has decided to kill them off. 

Cameron is understood already to have retained brand and copyright experts from the new corporate owners of the party brand to prevent any use of the 'Conservative' name, logo or badging by members of the old political party. It is understood a re-branding exercise is being planned by the new owners to promote the party as a lifestyle, with exclusive branded goods and a consumer discount scheme. 

Monday, 29 February 2016

Bloody Blair, spook Dearlove indicted by Bower in Mail

The Mail hits the week running, with a major destruction of Bloody Blair by running substantial chunks of Tom Bower's new book. And after a supposed 200 interviews - surely as many as Chilcot? - it's clear that Bower indicts Blair himself and the spook Dearlove. The triumverate of senior officers of State at the time of Blair's unlawful war - Hoon, Straw and Irvine - get off very lightly in this serialisation. Bower asserts they were all kept outside Blair's plans during the phase in which he committed the UK to war;
"Blair’s position was now unprecedented. No other British Prime Minister had ever planned to start a war while distrusting his Chief of Defence, the Cabinet Secretary, the Foreign Secretary, the Defence Secretary and most of his Cabinet."
It looks as if his former chums have been distancing themselves from Blair, possibly in anticipation of his prosecution following the publication of the Chilcot report. And for Chilcot himself, the need now to check his own findings against the evidence that Bower produces - including proof that Blair lied to his enquiry. The inclusion of the spook Dearlove, who left full-time intelligence in 2004 for a spell recruiting nice Cambridge boys for the service until 2015, must be a disappointment for a man who must now be expecting a life peerage but who may end up in the dock alongside Blair instead.

These are something of Schrödinger's cat times. Both Blair's prosecution and leaving the EU are live possibilities - you note I don't write probablilities - until those boxes are opened. Alas, I think there is only one certainty - that Chilcot has already earned more from his efforts on bringing closure to Blair's folly than Tom Bower will ever earn from his book. 

Housekeeping - S-R, you're rationed to one relevant and succinct comment, please.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Cameron: A weak and insecure party leader

Cameron's doubts and fears over Brexit say more about his own weakness and lack of self-confidence than it does about the UK's ability to thrive outside of the shackles of Europe. It's as if Churchill had declared in 1940 that he wasn't sure about the resisting thing and maybe we'd be better off surrendering to the Germans after all. Cameron's insecurity and pusillanimity have no place in guiding the future of our nation. 

There are moments in the life of a nation when the best course is not the one that superficially presents the least risk. In actual fact, I believe that staying in the EU is the greatest risk that Britain faces; Brussels has learned nothing and cannot be changed. I love Europe and have always appreciated our Island's place in the glorious melange of European culture. Before 1600, little divided us in terms of advancement from the arabs, the asiatics and the chinese, but our skill, enterprise, inventiveness and two enlightenments catapulted Europe ahead of the entire world by the 20th century. England's bloody-minded determination to grow and thrive was one of the major drivers for Europe's development then - and can be so again. We just need to show the Federasts that they're wrong and bad for the people of Europe.

And for that we need courage and self-confidence in our undoubted ability to show Europe the way. What we don't need is some weak and foolish Cassandra in Number 10 crying woe and dribbling piss down his expensively tailored leg. 

We can do it - VOTE OUT!