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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Incompetent Met officers over-reach themselves

This time the idiots that screwed up are the zealots of the so-called 'race hate' branch of the Met. Having exhausted their enquiries at a nursery school at which a 3-year old was charged with racial hatred offences, then uncharged when the presence of a JCB 3X in the adjoining field supported the mother's contention that the toddler had actually been saying 'digger', a Croydon man was uncharged for having made a tweet when it was suggested that the Met zealots had no power to bring such charges

I've long held that the police force is an area in which an individual's service preference field should always be used to bar them from work in their preferred area. Thus tough lads with difficulty doing joined-up writing who want to join the firearms unit should always be posted instead to the cycle safety unit, blokes wanting to serve in the vice or porn squads should be posted to the mounted police and kept away from computers, those wanting to be high-speed pursuit drivers should be sent to supervise the school crossing patrols and anyone but anyone who wants to work in the race hate branch should be posted to the art and antiques squad.

You may perhaps rightly think that the actions of Matthew Doyle were crass, and posting on Twitter an action of gross stupidity, but poor taste and dimness are not crimes. And the public can see nothing but injustice from the Met who leave the real fomenters of racial hatred, the snake-tongued men from CAGE and their like, the Salafist imams of evil and the treasonous Choudhary, free to spread poison and distorted hatred whilst to the sound of trumpets and wide publicity seeking to persecute some poor dork from Croydon.

The Met is rapidly losing the confidence of the public, and this latest incident does nothing but further the process.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Balkans poverty & EU failure give EU Islamists arms, explosives

When it came to moving my kit here from London I saved £3k from the price quoted by a household name removal firm with a traditional pantechnicon by using instead a reputable Liverpool haulage contractor, with insurance from a specialist marine and freight broker and doing all the packing myself. The actual transport was sub-contracted to a Serbian firm with a couple of long-range 7.5 tonners. The lads were fine - Serbian and Montenegran with EU travel documents, too young for the last Balkans war but old enough to have done their military service. Even a tattoo of the rune used by an SS Balkans unit glimpsed briefly on one forearm didn't detract from the lads being helpful and friendly. We talked. I was genuinely outraged when they told me quite truthfully that their whack for the 3-day job was €35 a day each. No, no, they said; it was fine. Driving work at home earned them no more than €20 a day, while unemployed veterans only got €40 a week. You'll be assured to know I tipped them well - though they weren't looking for it. 

Zastava Arms in old Yugoslavia made knock-off copies of the AK47. Hundreds of thousands. Some estimates even put the number as equal to the population figure. Both sides used them in the civil war, as well as Albanian and Bulgarian AK47s. Millions of rounds of ammo still flooded the region when peace came; after peace, there was an initial phase in which the old weapons were still kept in cupboards at home in case it kicked-off again. More recently as peace is more assured and Bosniak Muslims, Bosnians and Serbians even serve together in an integrated defence force, and as poverty is hitting the region hard, the attraction of making a quick €400 from selling dad's old AK47 is proving hard to resist.  

And so these old Balkans weapons found their way to Paris and to the Bataclan massacre; a Zastava AK47 from 1981, a Chinese Norinco AK47 from Albania also used in the war and a 1985 LMG from Bulgaria. It is reported that when the Albanians raided their military arsenals in 1997 they looted 550,000 automatic weapons and 1.5 billion rounds of ammo. Arsenals in Romania held a surplus of 1.5m AK47s last time they counted them - but with a black market value of £465m, you can be sure they are leaking out of the door. 

You can also be sure that weapons now being recovered in Paris and Brussels will include those from such places. And traffic from or through the Balkans to not only the Shengen region but the UK - coaches, buses, freight wagons, private cars and vans - being impossible to search, you can be sure that Balkans arms are now well-distributed throughout Europe. 

The EU has dismantled the borders, but has put nothing in their place to prevent arms, drugs or Islamist terrorists from flooding the continent. Combine such EU failure with the natural incompetence of the Belgian authorities, with police and security services that are not fit for purpose, and a city (Brussels) with a Muslim population of 25% and mosques whose imams are supplied by Saudi Arabia and any surprise at last week's events should only be that it took the Islamists so long.    

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Primitive Sunni Moslem Indonesian Savages thrash girl

Primitive Indonesian savages, who are Sunni Muslims, viciously and thuggishly thrashed a young girl for alleged sexual experimentation, the Mail reports.

There is really nothing more to say. These people are primitive barbarian natives, savages from foreign lands, who lack all the civilising influences that we tried so hard to endow them with. Let them go back to the jungles and to scratching in the dirt with sticks. They have no place in the modern world.

Trump is right; we can't trust Sunni Muslims in UK

A commenter on the post below correctly reminds me that the post title should have been 'Sunni Muslims slaughter many people in Brussels'. Quite correctly he points out that no other branch of Islam causes so much trouble, no other branch of Islam has been weaponised by the evil and perverted Salafist / Wahhabist ideology from Europe's enemy, Saudi Arabia.

Trump is quite correct of course in saying that the Belgian killers were fish that swam freely in the sea of Sunni Muslims in Brussels, tolerated, protected and assisted by sympathisers and fellow-travellers. Hidden by the same people who would pop up when the corpses were barely cooling saying 'Don't blame us!'. Experience has taught us that neither can the Sunni Muslim population in the UK be trusted. If they could, they would themselves already have lynched the twisted snake-tongued dogs that run CAGE UK.  

And not only Trump is right but so is every commenter from James Delingpole to Douglas Murray who has pointed out the absurdity of the jejune death ritual; Imams on TV denying it had anything to do with Islam, a building lit up in flag colours, piles of celophane wrapped flowers and little candles, an iconic cartoon, a lucky survivor's story, Euro leaders with linked arms walking past the killing pits. 

And quite rightly there are universal calls for real action to restrict not only the Sunni Muslim killers in our midst but to impose control and surveillance on the Sunni Moslem sea in which these fish swim.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Muslims slaughter many people in Brussels

Attacks in Brussels by militant Muslims have everything to do with their perverted religious beliefs and nothing to do with their nationality. The West is at war with Islamists - and innocent followers of Islam across Europe are still doing too little to identify and help eliminate the poisonous filth in their midst. 

Belgium is a spawning ground for Muslim terrorism. The Islamist killers are the shit-eating bottom-feeding fish, but they swim in a sea of 'innocent' Muslims who pretend to see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. Every time the Islamists score a hit, their imams appear on TV evincing fake sorrow and contriteness but I really doubt that there's a single one that really regrets the atrocities. Just try showing a drawing of their idol Mohammed and the same imams will bawl for blood and head-chopping.  

These Islamist killers didn't do what they did in secret. People helped and assisted, and people knew. Until we start jailing the helpers and facilitators to severe and lengthy terms in prison, and start draining the water, we will contunue to be vulnerable to the Islamist threat. 

Molebeek is the foetid swamp in which these monsters breed. It's time the Belgians drained the swamp - level the area and sell the land to developers and disperse the Muslims in small groups of half a dozen to every hamlet and village in Belgium . 


Rejoice! Another exploding Islamist Brit self-detonates

Go on, remind yourself to grab a beer or a glass of something later in the day and raise it to Alfred Nobel, the man who made it safe to carry Nitro Glycerine about until deliberate detonation is desired. Dynamite and gelignite gave bith to powerful military explosives, which in turn have been responsible for ridding the Isle of more unwelcome Islamists than ever the Home Secretary could dream of.

The latest self-detonating Brit Islamist went off in Iraq yesterday and there wasn't enough of him left to fit in an air-mail envelope to post back to his dear old mum in Luton. Raised under the umbrella of the NHS, schooled at enormous expense, perverted by evil Islamist imams, he's now just little gobbets of organic fertilizer from which Iraqi weeds will grow.

Any more Islamist volunteers for Daesh / ISIS step forward please ..... as many as possible. 


Monday, 21 March 2016

The NHS - being destroyed from within

One of the reasons that motivated my recent move was watching the slow and terminal decline of my local NHS in London. The local GP practice when I left was ranked as poor and failing, and was unable to recruit competent doctors who stayed for longer than 8 months. I once watched the receptionist pick up a silent phone handset and pretend to be engaged on a call when she saw a patient approaching the counter. And many patients were premium rate benefits claimants all relying on the GPs to help prolong their eligibility. There was never a problem getting an appointment in the key 17.30 - 19.00 working people's slots. 

At the bottom of the hill was a London University teaching hospital with an A&E department. When I bought my house in 1995 this was a plus point. By the time I left it was an open wound, with an ambulance service in London incapable of responding quickly and patient care suffering in order to concentrate resources on employing the permanent NHS staff. The maternity wing became Little Lagos, the beds filled by fecund Nigerian women  from among the 20,000 Nigerians who had settled in the borough since the 1990s. Nigerians don't cross the Mediterranean in leaky boats or storm razor wire fences; they are the world's finest con men, forgers, crooks and blaggers and Nigerian illegals prefer to arrive on scheduled flights with fake documents, each one a PhD. 

I caused mild offence a couple of weeks ago when I commented to a local (real) Doktor Doktor that his compatriots had almost as many doctorates between them as the UK's Nigerians, but without the fertility rate.

That the NHS is stuffed with staff who stand by their right to treat the whole world for free and irrespective of any entitlement, as the Mail reports, is no surprise. Until we surcharge the doctors personally for the costs of unlawful treatment, we won't stop it. Their jejune virtue signalling provides justification for their complicity in the theft of tax resources. And that's another of the reasons I made the move; I was sick of it. An FOI request had to be enforced by the Information Commissioner and revealed that the cost recovery position stated to the DoH and quoted by a Minister in a written answer to the House was false - so fictional as to be risible. So they lied to the DoH - which meant the whole thing was rotten right to the top, the CE and Finance Director being as complicit as the medical staff in the theft of tax resources. It stinks. 

Here there is a real health insurance scheme, not the fake NI thing. It costs me about £30 a week, and I get a health treatment chipped 'e-card' and a number of vouchers for routine visits to various self-employed GP-type doctors. Whichever ones I choose. They recharge the Health Department via a simple computer system. Hospital costs are covered, as are some dental procedures, and there are nominal prescription charges. The major benefit, though, is that there are no 'free riders'. Doctors and hospitals who unlawfully treat non-entitled persons do so at their own cost - they won't get the money back from the government without the e-card data.   

And this, I think, has to be the answer. Neither medical staff nor administrators in the UK can be trusted not to steal tax money. So control over money must be taken from them, and their pay depend on their lawful treatment of entitled persons. Otherwise, we'll just go on treating the world for free.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Russia's place in the 21st Century

There's a lengthy article in English by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the Foreign Affairs Ministry's website. It makes important reading. To work out what he's actually trying to say, you need to throw out conventional journalistic notions and think a bit like a Russian. While I'm pretty certain that the Guardian's take on it is utterly flawed, I make no claims that my own is definitive. As a quick first take on an article that really needs careful dissection, here's my precis of what I think it means:-

1. Russia is a continuity with a long and consistent identity. Victories at Borodino and Stalingrad are just part of the same historical continuum.

2. Russia is now and has always been an inherent part of a European settlement. Russian participation is critical in maintaining peace in Europe.

3. Next year Russia is facing the centenary of the 1917 revolution and will be treating this as an event in the history of the Russian Empire that was a reflection of the time. It should be considered the equivalent of the French revolution. Russia would prefer it if a jingoistic sabre-rattling NATO and EU federation refrained from making negative capital from the Soviet period.

4. In particular, Russia's official position remains that there is no moral (or immoral) equivalency between the Hitler and Stalin regimes; as Lavrov writes
'... the notion of the “clash of two totalitarianisms,” which is now actively inculcated in European minds, including at schools, is groundless and immoral. The Soviet Union, for all its evils, never aimed to destroy entire nations.'
5. Russia didn't lose the Cold War; 1989 was the result of "our people’s will for change plus an unlucky chain of events"

6. Fukuyama's 'End of History' is bollocks

7. Russia made all the right moves following the fall of the Wall to create economic and political co-operation with the US and Europe. She was spurned by a triumphalist and aggressive NATO and EU that sought to kick her when she was down - fomenting crises including Ukraine.

8. Work with us; Russia has a legitimate and important part to play, and we're on the same side against the same enemies. EU / NATO aggression is pointless and harms us all. 

For what it's worth, my own opinion on these points is (1) True (2) True (3) Get over it. The millions of Stalin's victims will rightly get plenty of air time. (4) Plain wrong. You can't whitewash Stalin. (5) Wishful thinking (6) True and (7) to (8) all true.