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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Cameron screws up again - it's Yemen this time

Many years ago when the USAF's stock fighter was the F4 Phantom, an aircraft whose engine operated so inefficiently that to be under the flight path of a low-flying F4 was to be covered in a mist of unburnt kerosene, one of my locals was the Martlesham Red Lion, a short drunken drive from the Bentwaters and Woodbridge air bases. Popping in late one lunchtime for a quick pint and a basket of scampi and chips, a Septic F4 pilot we knew was slumped at the bar, clearly drunk. He was usually affable and an unfailing source of (duty evading) dirt-cheap US liquor from the base PX, but today he was ornery as a bear woken early (please excuse the vernacular here ..) . A quiet whispered conversation with the guv'nor revealed that he had been grounded - for being too fat. He couldn't safely fit in the cockpit any longer. 

A strange little story. But every time I see photos of Saudi Arabian pilots, I'm reminded of him; they all also look too fat to fly, little brown chub-pots of greased mutton and buttered rice, and lacking the martial look. They look as if they'd rather be watching internet porn in a tacky airconditioned goldy-coloured apartment. 

Anyway, the idiotic Cameron has put UK special forces in theatre in Yemen to try to get these KSA dilletantes to drop their weapons payload somewhere near the enemy rather than just dumping their bombs as rapidly as possible and belting-off on afterburners throwing chaff and flares out with gay abandon. It's as wrong-headed, mistaken and unwarranted as others of Cameron's foreign adventures. All the assaults on Yemen have achieved is to have created a very capable and very cross hornets nest of Islamist terrorists. As usual. You'd think he'd learn, wouldn't you? 

You can tell whether a nation's warriors are committed to their task or not. Post-Vietnam in the late 70s, the USAF was just a rather slack flying club. The KSA now looks the same. The corrupt little kingdom of primitive barbarian savages much given to head chopping and oceans of blood drawn by domestic Islamists is ripe to fall to fellow Islamists equally committed to primitive savagery. And of course we'd be better off honestly facing an armed hostile KSA than we are now - when they fund terrorism, subversion and sedition here at home, and are allowed to destroy the UK from within because they give large crooked bungs to our corrupt general officers, civil servants and politicians.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Glyphosate - How the EU works with the global corporates

We have posted before on the iniquitous and corrupt access that the global corporates have to EU lawmaking. The ERT - the European Round Table of top EU based global corporates has a privileged inside track access to the Commission's law making process, and some say an effective veto on measures not to their advantage.

Glyphosate is a weedkiller discovered and patented by Monsanto in the early 1970s. It is very safe. Over 45 years, there has been no proven danger to human health from its use, either to those that apply it or those who come into contact with treated areas. 

However, in the past few years, Monsanto's last patents have expired. This means that anyone can now manufacture and market Glyphosate. The company faces a massive hit to its profits from losing its monopoly, and is looking for an alternative. The problem is, Glyphosate is safe, useful and universal. What to do?

Well, firstly, a faction in the WHO were somehow persuaded to declare that Glyphosate was 'probably carcinigenic'. Rubbish, say independent and principled scientists. All the WHO found was that Glyphosate, when mixed with some other carrier chemicals and ingredients, could be carcinogenic. No study, not one single study, that looked at exposure to pure Glyphosate found any evidence at all of carcinogenicity. The science all points to the stuff it has been mixed with. The WHO's science, like much that now comes from that deeply corrupt and compromised body, is junk.

However, this hasn't stopped the EU, no doubt with some subtle hints from the ERT's chemical manufacturers, from using the corrupt science in moving to ban Glyphosate from this June. The ban, in a global market for Glyphosate of $6.5 billion in 2010, will allow the global corporates to sell highly profitable alternative in-patent weedkillers instead - with the danger that the new and untested products, unlike Glyphosate, may actually be either carcinogenic or may irrevocably damage the environment. It's like banning Aspirin.

Oh, and the EU are not planning any sort of ban on the 57 pesticides that are proven dangerous to bees and that are made by their close chums in the global corporate chemical industry. It stinks. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Guest Post - the Guardian's Lowe Duggs

The Guardian's Lowe Duggs explains the paper's policy in closing the print edition and turning the online edition into a private consumers' club with special offers. 

Some of you may have noticed that we are making changes to our online site to get the Web that we want. We want to continue to engage with readers, but the way in which we do so needs to evolve. In particular, we need to eliminate the many posts made by people who don't agree with our editorial position; we want the online Guardian to be a Safe Space in which like minded people can converse without having their views challenged. 

We've just spent half a million with a prestigious Canadian consultancy who have analysed our online articles and the adverse comments they received. They found that;
  • Writers demonstrating a high degree of stupidity got the worst responses
  • Poorly literate or language-challenged writers were heavily criticised
  • Bigoted, racially-biased, BLT and Transwillied content was laughed at by some readers
  • Intelligent, Liberal analysis attracted the lowest levels of opprobrium  
Our own tax-dodging, overseas and offshored finance, fake charitable status and dire financial management also attracted some reader criticism. Articles from the previous year were also ranked according to how destructively our readers responded:-

Highest levels of adverse comments
Olo Akowesi - Advocating that all UK schoolchildren should drink their own Urine
Jumjum Bajandra - Ghana should receive all the credit for inventing the Internet
Mina Haram - Why Sharia courts should take over the UK justice system
Scumbly Medlar - Tearing down our borders will make us free

Lowest levels of adverse comments
Simon Jenkins - Why planning should not be left to politicians
Susanne Moore - No Ismamist has a right to blow me up
Oliver Wainright - Why London's Garden Bridge is a huge con
Hugo Rifkind - Why Cameron has failed

Clearly, this is the work of a biased minority who must be excluded from the online paper. Plus, in future, sadly we will no longer be able to afford Simon, Suzanne, Oliver or Hugo (how white those names are!) and the online edition will be written by Olo, Jumjum, Mina, Scumbly and all our other regular freelances. 

Please visit our online consultation site at where you will be prevented from joining the debate

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Interlude - The Lord rewards his faithful servants

Housekeeping note - day off today. After a hard day's anti-Islamist activity on the interweb yesterday I'm taking a breather to thank God for his manifold gifts today. Ten days ago the last patches of snow had just disappeared, and in no time at all the most gorgeous, delicate wild spring flowers had appeared on the meadows and in the stream bed, comic and delightful little wall lizards scampered along the sun drenched south facing walls and today a venerable Fire Salamander made his majestic way around my morning coffee on the way to his breakfast. They can live for up to 50 years, though no idea how one ages them. And not to mention the tits and finches who fill the morning air with chirps of delight at just being alive, or the plaintive 'Meoew' of the Buzzard overhead looking for exposed chickens to take, or the singing of the little bach as it trills and falls down toward the valley below. Oh, and the new roof is going on. Truly our Europe is a continent of holy wonder. May you all have a peaceful and glorious day.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Our government must lead in wiping the scourge of Islamism from Britain

A shock poll carried out in advance of a Programme on C4 on Wednesday reveals that the scourge of Islamism is thriving amongst Britain's Moslems, despite the government's official stance against the evils of Islamist doctrine. 

The time for talking has ended. The government must now take the lead in wiping the scourge of Seditious Islamism from Britain - and if this government fails to act, we must elect one that will. All actions in destroying the Islamist disease in Britain must be lawful, democratic and mindful of our nation's place as second to none in the administration of justice - not under the twisted Nazi evil of Sharia law, but British Common law.  

Actions that the government must take immediately include:-

- Banning all external Salafist / Wahabbi / Deobandi inward funding to Islamists and their infrastructure; largely from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, this blood money funds Islamist terror and subverts our State. KSA mosque money must be treated as that from Columbian drug lords - seized.
- Harsh jail sentences for bankers and financiers who flout the above restrictions
- A ban on all new Salafist / Wahabbi / Deobandi mosques, schools and places of association
- Civic penalties for Islamists who propound any of the seven evils of Islamism - to include Imams, publishers, printers, bloggers, twitterers and so on. To include suspension of the voting franchise, withdrawal of benefits, barring from social housing, exclusion from health care.

At the same time we need new prisons for Islamists as increased prosecutions under existing laws, including those for Sedition (EDIT: Now prosecuted under Terrorism Act 2000), will increase prison populations by 40,000 or so. 

And if there is little hope of either of the dying parties implementing this, we must elect in 2020 a government that will - and that means, over the next four years, quizzing every prospective parliamentary candidate for every constituency in Britain on their position in regard to muscular action against Islamism. 

After all, even Trevor Phillips, once the scion of the Corbyn left. now admits that Labour's multiculturalism policy is an abject failure and we must now take radical and unpleasant action to integrate the hundreds of thousands of Seditious Islamists who have been allowed to thrive.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Celebrity superinjunction - why we're naming them

The print version of the Raedwald blog today names the celebrity couple behind the 'threesome sex' injunction. We also publish photos of the short one exposing their bottom and of the other one showing-off their boobs on the beach. However, because the online edition is read in England and Wales (good afternoon Mrs Tryffid) we must confine these revelations to our print edition. 

In doing so, we join the Xxxxxx Xxxx in Scotland. Sorry, because of the superinjunction I can't even tell readers of this blog in England and Wales the name of the Scottish Sunday paper. They have taken the same decision as this blog. 

Of course, here in mainland Europe I'm entirely free to read every salacious detail of the case, olive oil and all, but do so comfortably in the knowledge that even the E&W Supreme Court cannot continue much longer to acquiesce in making the law of the realm such an enormous Ass.