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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Simple social skills for the liberal elites

It was when, as a lad, I arrived home after a day out exploring with the dog, both bone-tired, exhausted and panting, that I learnt my dad's first maxim. Gently holding my hand from the breadbox he pointed at the dogs empty waterbowl "Always see to your men and animals first" he said quietly. That, and his second - "Never point a gun at anyone unless you intend to kill them" - have stayed with me for life. And if you only learn two maxims, those two aren't so bad. 

An old soldier of few words he was of a generation that had seen the alternatives to the way we did things and didn't like them. The Italian army, for instance, had three scales of rations for officers, NCOs and enlisted men. He mentioned it contemptuously. But he was no 'snowflake' - he knew fellow Brits of all classes, backgrounds and callings sober and drunk, in battle and at rest, scared and beserk, filthy and freezing and slick in parade order and was under no illusion that romanticised and varnished his fellow soldiers. But from Normandy to Korea, Palestine to Cyprus there was no-one in the world he would rather have standing in the line with him than fellow British men. 

I just know he would have been disgusted and revolted by the hauteur, disdain and ridicule heaped today on ordinary British people by a new metropolitan left-liberal elite. Laughing at someone's spelling, ridiculing their opinion or disparaging their taste from a position of wealth, power and privilege was something he and his generation had fought a war to eradicate - their prize a social victory at home. Yes, he was a Labour voter until Barbara Castle as Defence Minister criticised his battalion's use of force in Cyprus for political brownie points. After that we were Conservative and took the Daily Express. 

There is no comparison, but in my own way I've had a taste of it. Thirty years in construction and about a third of it spent on site have also allowed me the privilege of close contact with all manner of men from many nations. Sites are one of the few environments in which you never have to make your own tea, but if you do make a mug yourself, and one for the labourer who sweeps and housekeeps, and find the time to have a fag and a chat, then those little things pay dividends. You just need to remember the real truth that everyone is interesting, everyone is worthwhile and everyone is worth listening to. As I watch new young construction professionals on site disdaining the manual and craft as anonymous nobodies to be ignored as they bury their heads in their 3G devices I think that teaching those lessons to the new snowflake generation may be the most useful thing we can ever do.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hatred of the Left for the working class - Pt II

I was going to pen another piece about the vicious hatred of the middle-class EUphiliac Left for the working class, but found that Kate Hoey MP has already done it, and rather well
It allowed them to take Left-wing politics that used to be about getting higher wages for the less well off, and turn it into a game about middle-class identity.
Central to that is the new middle-class religion of so-called non-racism.
It became “racist” for the working classes to ask why white European cheap labour was allowed to come and drive wages down. It takes a real middle-class invasion of Labour politics to put that trick across.
What do the middle classes really care about the plight of black families living in poverty in our inner cities? These are the low paid or unemployed whose job chances are threatened by EU immigration.
And what do they care about the plight of the migrants once they get here? What do they say about them after they have settled in and want higher wages?
“British workers (and this must include settled immigrants and sons of immigrants) won’t do the jobs… so we have to get immigrants to do it.”
By which they mean new immigrants, cheap immigrants. And the bit they leave out is… for the low wages offered. They won’t do the jobs for the low wages offered. This is the crux of the EU intentions on labour.
Just as the Victorians tried to make trade unionism immoral, so the present middle classes brand any worker who complains of non-union or cheap labour.
It was immoral to protect your wages in Victorian times, it is immoral now. Morality often coincides with middle class economic interests.
The EU supports the low-wage economy, and tries to create it where it didn’t already exist, for example in Sweden where it prosecuted the unions, and sequestrated their funds (as the Tories did to the miners) when they tried to get union rates for migrant workers.
Where should the Left stand in all this? It’s pretty clear where it would stand if it were working class.
I recommend reading the whole thing.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Something very nasty is fouling our democracy

Dr Dawkins as we know is a fool - and not one that hides his idiocy under a bushel. His latest fatuous pronouncement is that ordinary people are too stupid to vote in a referendum; he wants to restrict the vote to middle class professionals with a knowledge of economics. I thought he was alone in this lunatic anti-democracy but no; up pops David Mitchell, the husband of Victoria Coren and supposedly a comedian of sorts. He came out supporting Dawkins. Not funny; very scary.

The left have a long history of despising and wanting to disenfranchise the British working class; from GB Shaw and his serious and earnest desire for a 'humane' poison gas to kill the poor, to Virginia Wolff who wanted to euthanize a group of mentally disabled persons. Indeed, in Scandinavian Poly Toynbee La-la land, the government were compulsorily sterilising people regarded as stupid right up to the 1990s, to stop them 'breeding'. The left and eugenics go together like cheese and pickle - and it's always the working class that are the target of their violence and spite.  

What has become very apparent in this campaign is that the 'Remain' camp's hatred of the working class has shown itself in all its bigoted, vile, filthy nastiness. Here are a selection of Tweets posted in response to an interview by R4's 'Today' with an ordinary family from Hull. On balance, the family favoured the 'Leave' case. The tweeters responding as below would all, no doubt, support the foolish Dawkins and seek to remove the vote from our fellow citizens from Hull.

Their arrogance is intolerable. We must make it clear we will not stand for it. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Somewhat on the basis of monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare ...

Since the start of the campaign I've been twittering like an obsessive - more twits in the past month than since 2008 - and have used an easily edited and modified graphic to make key points and counter points day by day. Most are a little amateurish and so-so but they generally work a lot better than bare twits. Today's, though, is getting a lot of people exited and is being re-twitted like Billy-oh. I clearly got something right here; probably more on the basis of monkeys and typewriters than anything else.

Why do Fascist dictators always start with Armbands?

I have no doubt that someone in the EU has commissioned at vast public expense a top European clothing designer to produce the EU Army's uniform, much as Hugo Boss was commissioned to do the same for the SS. In the meanwhile, just what are all those Brussels bureaucrats in the Berlaymont who openly wear Hugo Boss suits trying to say? 

In the absence of a uniform, and sometimes with a uniform, they always start with armbands; the first picture are the fascist 'Jobbik' thugs from Hungary ...

Then are the EU's new border guards ...

(No, don't adjust your screen; the chap on the right really is wearing his epaulette over his manboob)

Finally, like LDV volunteers still with pitchforks and shotguns, are the EU armed forces;

Monday, 6 June 2016

Fear gives way to Smear as Remainiacs get dirtier

There was something extraordinary about watching John Major being more animated in one brief TV appearance than he had been in the whole of his premiership. Major was incandescent with anger that the British public appeared prepared to disobey their masters and betters; he had told the nation that the EU was good for it, and now they were daring to disagree!

The 'Remain' side's playing of this tedious old relic marks a point in the campaign at which we will see things about to get a lot dirtier. They have busted a gut with Project Fear only to have it fall flat as the British public are either annoyed at the obvious lies or amused at the jejune mendacity. Now they are about to go from Fear to Smear in earnest; Major's 'dead sheep' savaging of Boris (which the blond one shrugged off with a laugh - he's been dissed by pros; this toothless gumming by a passing geriatric was hardly felt) marks the start of Phase II.

So expect the Whips' little black books of blackmail secrets to be used in an escalation of personal attacks against 'Leave' and 'Out' campaigners, and expect there to be retaliation. And when the two sides are left like mental patients covered from head to toe in eachother's shit, the smart money says the public will vote 'change' because this is precisely the behaviour from which we want to escape. So Leave gains, again. 

But it's going to be rough.