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Friday, 5 August 2016

German police prove Saudi link to Islamist killers

Der Spiegel are reporting what I think most people already knew - that ISIS are funded, organised and managed by interests in Saudi Arabia. Both ISIS jihadists for the W├╝rzburg and Ansbach atrocities were in contact with their ISIS controllers in KSA shortly before their terror sprees. 

Why the HELL are we still trading with this terrorist nation? Why are we allowing them to fund mosques, Islamism and jihad in our own nation? Why do we permit Saudi trained imams to spread their gospel of hate and death in our realm? Why do we permit their crooked, bloated capos to visit?

I think the time is coming when a national campaign of boycott / non-co-operation with the empire of the barbarian head choppers is coming. 

Nasty little piece of ordure gets comeuppance

Phil Shiner is a nasty little piece of shit if the allegtions about his crooked and spiteful twisting of the law as reported are true. He's grown rich persecuting innocent soldiers using the lies of Iraqi witnesses whom, it is now alleged, were bribed to falsify their evidence. We've reported before on this stinking little turd, but you won't find the post using google - Shiner has used the EU 'right to privacy' to remove all older adverse comment about him from search results. 

I so, so hope this nasty little shit is convicted and does jail time.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Eurocrat & MEP pensions - the answer must be NO

You can tell that the EU's Brexit team is led by unelected bureaucrats. The very first headline negotiating line is not trade, immigration, justice, security or currency - but whether the cost of the obscene pensions paid to retired British eurocrats and MEPs will continue to be paid by the British taxpayer. 

Not only does the EU stuff with gold the mouths of its working staff, but this largesse extends to retired loyal servants of the empire. Except of course its not te EU but the national taxpayers of the member nations who meet the bill. 

The answer must be very simple - and it's NO. We must pay to Brussels the cost of a pension due to an MP with equivalent service in respect of MEPs, and the cost of civil service pensions for equivalent grades of British EU staff. That is only fair. Or a cash settlement equivalent to these costs. The Vienna Convention may possibly oblige the EU to continue payments on previously agreed terms.

The good news for all concerned is that because of the very low numbers of UK nationals historically employed by Brussels, only 1,730 Brits are affected. BHS, robbed by Euphile Philip Green, has some 13,000 pensioners facing a reduction in benefits. 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Cameron screws up one last time

The resignation honours list is a 20th century institution allows incompetent PMs to make just one more mistake. The former polite restrictions on who got what were overturned by both Blair and Brown, who established new levels of cronyism. In contrast, Mrs Wislon's Lavender List, largely restricted to crooks and shysters, was benign. Throwing knighthoods at school heads may have made a political point, but is just storing up government embarrassment for the time when one in twenty are caught with either their hand in the till or in a sixth-former's knickers. 

Cameron celebrates a premiership of unalloyed poor judgement (or some say Mrs Cameron's poor judgement) by submitting, according to the Sunday Times, a list of unparallelled corruption of the honours. His hairdresser is now MBE and Mrs Cameron's nail-girl is now OBE. All it lacks is a CBE for the doctor who put his finger up Cameron's arse every year and a K for Johnny Boden for supplying Cameron's Summer wardrobe.

The honours system - for all honours bestowed at the behest of government, rather than the Sovereign, that is, is now so utterly valueless that I really don't know why we just don't sell them openly - starting with say £5k for an MBE up to £250k for a K, like Nigerian university degrees.