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Monday, 13 March 2017

Brexit: The Sekt is on ice .......

With our Article 50 notification now just a hair's breadth away, we can expect today some spectacular last-minute disruptions. Satan's little sex-toy to the North will probably announce a new independence referendum, just as US fracking is making third-stage extraction from the North Sea increasingly uneconomic. Soros and his little helpers will throw money at QCs in an effort to use the law to scupper Parliament. The BBC will no doubt find reasons to announce today some dire economic forecasts amid tones of general gloom. Little Owen Jones may offer free blowies to Brexiteers who recant, Lily Allen will give away copies of her dire new album, currently bombing, and even Lord Geldof may emerge to sneer at, shower with spittle and swear at the common folk before his carers get him back into his bath chair. 

None of which should make the slightest difference to the Brexit Bill. If it clears its stages today unamended, I can think of no greater gift to our Sovereign Lady than to submit the Bill for Royal Assent allowing the Prime Minister to give Brussels our formal notice tomorrow. 

There will be a general screeching from Farringdon as a distraught Polly Toynbee dribbles salty snot over a wailing Suzanne Moore's velvet kitten heels. Some hopeless little bloke called Farron will call all the TV stations ( "there's some bloke called Dim Pharom on the line ... yeah, third time he's called ... OK, we'll bar the number" ) Gina Miller will vow revenge on the British people and devote her remaining fortune to keeping members of the bar in Claret, and in Brussels the pressed duck (four fat Flemish ducks for each Commissioner, reduced to a cube the size of a fag packet by a powerful hydraulic press,  a favourite dish served by Herr Juncker) will regorge and repeat acidly into the night. 

Here, I'll pop the caps on a brace of Sekt bottles cooling in the fridge. If it happens.


DeeDee99 said...

Heseltine's petulant and arrogant rant in the Sunday Times yesterday - and all the pathetic bleating from the Remainiacs in the comments below - should be enough to make any wavering Brexiteer stand firm and convert many who reluctantly voted Remain because they were taken in by Project Fear.

If they manage to force another Referendum, I believe the majority to leave would be at least 60:40.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Theresa May submits the Article 50 Bill for Royal Asset. She too wants her country back.

I shall open a bottle of English Sparkling Wine when Article 50 is submitted.

James Higham said...

Satan's little sex-toy to the North

That is brilliant.

Dadad said...

What do you mean, another referendum. We can't have one of those because we've been told that we won't vote the right way because we're too thick to understand the question.

Ravenscar. said...

Nice one Radders.

The image of Satan's little sex toy has right put me off breaking my fast. Ne'er mind, time to go and work some appetite up!

OUT, OUT, OUT and a spring in my step.

Dave_G said...

God forbid I should ever find myself on the receiving end of a Radders rant!


Michael said...

Even the BBC are now throwing their hands up in faked capitulation because of the Get-out pent-up motion!

It must be such a sad day for them, not having yet another anti-British story to tell!

Anonymous said...

Anti English you mean.
The BBC news website had no mention of the rugby on Sunday morning. Odd then that all the papers they reviewed on the site had England's record breaking win on the front page, with photos.

Just saying......

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'..and in Brussels the pressed duck (four fat Flemish ducks for each Commissioner, reduced to a cube the size of a fag packet by a powerful hydraulic press, a favourite dish served by Herr Juncker)..'

You learn something everyday. Is that what socialists eat these day's?

Well she did what you said she would, Raedwald:

Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Ms Sturgeon said she wanted a vote to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year.

The Scottish first minister said the move was needed to protect Scottish interests in the wake of the UK voting to leave the EU.

She said she would ask the Scottish Parliament next week to request a Section 30 order from Westminster.

The order would be needed to allow a fresh legally-binding referendum on independence to be held.
- BBC News


Nick Drew said...

nicely done, Mr R

Cascadian said...

It would seem the article 50 celebrations are a little delayed, but never mind, I am sure there will be something to celebrate on Wednesday.

The Netherlands government is in full panic mode, Turkey have just threatened to release the 2 million gimmegrants into Europe, the polls related to the Netherlands election as always are to be ignored, nobody reveals their true intentions to those charlatans.

Then again a celebration is surely in order this evening, Jockland is once again contemplating secession, hopefully this time it will be successful.

At this rate a mere two bottles of Sekt will prove totally inadequate.

Sackerson said...

Henkell Trocken. Nothing better, I think.

Wildgoose said...

Gina Miller isn't spending her own money. She had admitted that she was approached to front the legal challenge. So, probably Soros (again).

gareth said...

"The Sekt is on ice"
Hopefully not pink (French)
Ref Eagles, Hotel California...

anon 2 said...

Wot's "Sekt"?

Craig said...

@anon 2: Wot's "Sekt"?

A sparkling wine from Germany :)