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Thursday, 23 March 2017

This picture is genuine

This picture is credited to Jamie Lorriman. It is genuine. Jamie is a professional photographer. It appears, credited to Jamie, in the Standard


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to disagree with the commentators on the article below, but having lived and worked in the Middle East for nearly 10 years, I think the woman in the foreground is showing an express of shock and distress. Holding her hand to her face like that, she is not looking at, nor talking on, the phone, In my in the region, I would argue that gesture is one of sympathy and shock.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was sent before I could review it properly. What I mean to say was, "Based on my time in the region, and the many Muslims I got to know, I would argue that gesture is one of sympathy and shock".....

Poisonedchalice said...

Look again.

The first picture posted by R shows a woman striding. The latest picture shows a woman walking at snails pace. One of these has been PS or it was a sequence of separate pictures. We need to know.

Raedwald said...

Anon 18.24 - I agree. In this frame her distress is evident; she is shocked, upset, scared and clearly making her way to whatever safety she knows on the South Bank.

The frames were clearly taken by motor drive in quick succession. That this is the frame the photographer wants released is quite right; the frame in the post below that appeared widely on the internet yesterday makes her look callous and uncaring. I think this frame is the honest one.

However, the point in my post stands; UK Moslems must make a choice. Either they belong to the Realm, or they are hostile.

Anonymous said...

"Either they belong to the Realm, or they are hostile"

Islam and their tribe will always come first. Always.

I make the point that less than 10% of Germans were Nazi's; we still had to blow Germany to kingdom come...

anon 2 said...

Thank you, Raedwald, for you work in establishing the truth of this photo.

That's wonderful.

I still agree with all who want a cleansing of the Realm, however.

Anonymous said...

Good on yer Radders, thanks for the 'review'.

Doesn't change a thing tho'.

Brightside Bob said...

Thank you indeed Radders. I wasn't being lazy & expecting you to do the legwork!

As noted in the sensible & entirely rational comments above - the 'latest' image is much more in keeping with the reality of what happened.

I appreciate the sentiments (as regulars will know my views - definitely not to the 'left'), but I'm sure the 'first' image will win out. It doesn't help matters though, does it?

Once again. Thank you.

barnacle bill said...

Radders you are an honest blogger, full of integrity, I salute yu for your efforts. Especially here when emotions and judgement maybe running a little wild.

However, it does not matter which frame from that sequence is used, we have to get more people to wake up to the enemy within. The fifth column that grows daily from both home growth and import of so called refugees.

I say "people" because our political elites have failed us. In fact I would say they are the root cause of many of our present day problems with immigrants/refugees. Our political elites, both here and accross the Channel, seem to hate us "natives" that much they are prepared to import this cancer into our once fair lands. Knowing full well once us natives have been cleansed they will be next.

Islam is the name of this cancer, we are fast approaching the point-of-no-return to excise this treat to our very of life in our own country.

Anonymous said...

wot barnacle bill said X 10^ 1,000,000.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 18:24: "Holding her hand to her face like that, she is not looking at, nor talking on, the phone "

Its a recent fad that you hold your mobile phone in exactly the way this woman is holding it, while talking at the top of your voice and using the speaker facility of the phone - or a blue tooth headphone.

Having said that, she could be on the phone to the emergency serivces.

Anonymous said...


Worth reading – all of it.

London calling
March 25th, 2017Leave a commentGo to comments

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