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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Pakistani Muslim Child Sex abuse - 'Three Girls'

I was privileged to be a drinking and conversational chum to the late Sandy Fawkes in the 'French' for many years. But this is not the place for Sandy anecdotes - if you're interested, her obit in the Telegraph will leave you in little doubt how mundane most people's lives are. 

Sandy covered the Yom Kippur war for the Express in 1973 but it was her action in that year over the death of Maria Colwell of which she was most proud. Maria was killed aged 7 by an abusive stepfather, and the story floated around the news desks of the Express' black granite fortress on Fleet Street. Sandy wanted to do a piece. Her editor blocked it. "We don't do dead kids. It's not news. No one wants to read about it". It was a stance shared by every other newspaper - including the sanctimonious Guardian. Well, she fought, she manipulated and she schemed and eventually she got her way and the Express led with reports on the fate of this child at the hands of abusive adults. It was an accomplishment of which she was extraordinarily proud. The rest of the pack followed, and her Britannic Majesty's Press acquired a new duty - reflecting public outrage at child abuse. 

Press reaction to the BBC's drama Three Girls this morning reminds me of this. All the while young English girls - children - were being abused, raped, enslaved by Pakistani Muslim men of little intelligence or ability working lowly occupations in Northern cities our press was silent - despite, I strongly suspect, every newsroom in the country knowing the story but 'spiking' it, as they had with the death of Maria Colwell. Now it seems the dam has broken. Julie Bindel in the Indie is amongst those now claiming to have known since 2006 what was going on. Why then, dear, did your paper not publish anything at the time?

Prepare for more of this 'Me too!' post hoc rationalisation as journos claim "I emailed someone about this, ooh, years ago. Or mentioned it in the pub. Or maybe made a joke about it......"

Sandy in the 'French'


Poisonedchalice said...

It wasn't just the newspapers. It was the police, the social services, the local government(s) the local health authorities - in fact the whole panoply of "public employees" that were (and maybe still are) wracked with hand-wringing political correctness and not wanting to "offend" minorities.

The truth will out; nothing stands up to scrutiny better than the truth. As well as jailing the perpetrators, we need a McCarthyesque with-hunt into the practices of these public employees, if only to frighten the shit out of them and discourage others from following in their path.

Lets call it like it is - Pakistani Muslims are the perpetrators and they have brought their vile practices with them.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that immediately after the news of Rotherham came out our deputy children's commissioner rushed out a report to tell us that most child abuse was 'white on white', so nothing to worry about and definitely nothing to with the RoP.

Anonymous said...

Poisonedchalice has it bang on the money, every single public employee who knew, who was complicit, who suspected and yet did nothing, or worse actively prevented disclosure should be prosecuted with the words "aiding and abetting" mentioned frequently on the charge sheet. That includes Julie Bindel and the deputy children's commissioner too.

DeeDee99 said...

I couldn't watch the programme. I already loathe the scum who destroyed the lives and in some cases the bodies of young girls who were already facing a difficult (or even bleak) life.

I can't forgive the authorities who allowed it to continue either. I simply don't understand why none of the so-called "public servants" who decided and connived at suppressing the information "in the interests of community relations" (ie Pakistani votes) have not been prosecuted for, at the very least, Malfeasance in Public Duty.

Since Blair became PM this has become a horribly corrupt country. We cannot trust our politicians, police, Prosecution Service, local authorities - anyone "public servant" to behave honourably and uphold the law EQUALLY in our multicultural, fractured, country.

Prosecutions of the "public servants" who were complicit MUST follow.

Dave_G said...

Whenever I hear or read of collusion in public office I'm drawn to thoughts of 'Common Purpose'.

I fail to believe that ordinary people working in Government would be capable of standing by and watching as these horrific offences were perpetrated - rather I CAN believe that those with the authority to do something DIDN'T and that they were either part of, or under the control of, Common Purpose operatives.

To believe that ALL Government is corrupt is to acknowledge that we have collapsed as a civilised society - but to understand that Government is under the control of a fifth element? Now that's believable.

As part of any investigation into the guilt of the perpetrators we need a more thorough and more public investigation into those who covered the facts up. Exposure, conviction and eradication.

Bloke in North Dorset said...

Back when Radio 5 ran its own Forums, around 2006, this issue was occasionally hinted at in posts that quickly disappeared. At the time I put it down to a few right wing trolls and the Beeb was just protecting itself from liable. Little did I know.

Anonymous said...

The Independent article uses the M word twice: "a large number of the men involved were of Pakistani Muslim origin" and "The British National Party (BNP) had been already been claiming that nasty Muslim “paedophiles” were praying on innocent white girls."
Neither the Manchester Evening News, nor the BBC in yesterday's article on their website use the word at all.
Winston Smith is working overtime.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to an idea several years back, that these acts were foretold and accepted by our establishment - that this would be a beneficial crisis that would add power to ‘the state’ and denude us of our civil liberties.

For anybody that used to attend the old Marlborough meetings it became obvious that there was a central group who feared that this situation would result in race strife and would achieve the establishment’s aims.

One of the most influential of this circle very obviously played down the Rotherham disgrace n his blog, and was in total acceptance of the report that followed.

This I always found strange - an anti-establishment blogger, who would normally take apart any establishment stooge - along with their reports?
But when viewed alongside my first paragraph it became clear why he did so.

It is too late now - as we’ve seen with Macron, a vote for Le Pen would have left France up to its neck in blood.

We now live in an age of fear.

Anonymous said...

[...] "The recording year of 2009-10 saw the highest number of child deaths in the period. Of all deaths in that year, the second greatest cause was “chromosomal, genetic or congenital abnormalities”.

Overall, 65 per cent of child deaths occurred before the age of one.

The Ilford Recorder reports the remarks of Child Death Overview Panel Chairman Gladys Xavier who told the meeting there were ongoing education programmes targeting Asian communities in the area to address the prevalence of incest, which the paper referred to as a “continued problem”.

The council has also asked local schools to emphasise the teaching of genetics to children.

The 2011 census found that 41 per cent of Redbridge residents identified as Asian or Asian British, and the religious makeup of the area was 36.8 per cent Christian, 23.3 per cent Muslim, and 11.4 per cent Hindu.

Concerns over consanguineous relationships in Redbridge focus around particular communities in the borough, with the report stating the practice “is most common among Pakistani communities”, and the same pattern can be observed in Redbridge. [/quote]

Under the banner: 1 in 5 child deaths in London caused by parents being close relatives

Look it up and scroll down to this Angelo carpenter:

[...] According to the BBC, this Pakistani, Muslim-inspired inbreeding is thought to explain the probability that a British Pakistani family is more than 13 times as likely to have children with recessive genetic disorders. While Pakistanis are responsible for three percent of the births in the UK, they account for 33% of children with genetic birth defects.

The risks of what are called autosomal recessive disorders such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy is 18 times higher, and the risk of death due to malformations is 10 times higher. Other negative consequences of inbreeding include a 100 percent increase in the risk of stillbirths and a 50% increase in the possibility that a child will die during labour.


It's no wonder the Metropolitan councils and the administration clamp down on 'the real figures' - the rapes the incest the diseases the cost to the UK taxpayer!! FFS!

When you listen to em, shouting their puerile appeals to victimhood and 'we is oppressed minoritee inint?'.............wonder no longer why they all act as savages with mental ages of not much older than 12, we used to call it "incestual relationships" now morphed into cosanguination............

It's a mult cult world and shariza May loves it! vote May get more and more EUrope and miscegenation with incest - how great can it get, diversity and the benefits of mass immigration!

Britain, is now lost, thank ted heath, john major, tony bliar, scameron and may will continue the tradition and aay a prayer for st jo and dope not soap.

dustybloke said...

Reminds me of the bitch so narcissistic that she rushed to be the first to proclaim that she knew all about Sir Jim, before she realised that was one claim to fame that might not fit her profile as the founder of Childline.

G. Tingey said...

Children don't have votes, do they?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I recall watching and listening (now some 4+ years ago) to Joyce Thacker and clocking her as a "wrong 'un".

Why do I suspect that the extent of all this has been actively concealed by a collection of Joyce Thackers?

It's easy to demonise Common Purpose .... but in actual fact - they have not come out and defended themselves as having acted in a fashion that most would accept as responsible and honorable - have they?

Deceit, evasion etc predominate while the facilitators are paid! ... to get out of the light and lay low - many sucking on their fat pensions.

Given that the police and to a certain extent the judiciary are involved and "The Inquiry" is bloated with parachuted in freelancers buried in paperwork... A few lynchings (a metaphor...) look in order to get their attention - some in media land have an appetite for that sort of thing.... one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that the BBC won't be hiring a helicopter to do a live feed on any police visit to Joyce Thacker's house.

Dave_G said...

Another thought - how much of the 'lack of concern' over such inbreeding is as a result of those wishing to 'cash in' on their children's misfortune?

Cynical? We have to be.

Ryan said...

We all knew this was happening in Bradford whilst we were at school. I left in 1994. The monsters getting charged now, are the sons and grandsons of the men turning up at the schoolgates.

Anonymous said...

Watching Corbyn deliver his version of our post-industrial, post-democratic English minority future yesterday and who was at his side? Sarah Deborah Champion, MP for Rotherham. No shame - she could have blown the whole grooming gang scene that had infected that town during Denis MacShane's tenure as soon as she took her seat, but she didn't. No, it took the Jay Report to get her out of her socialist comfort zone, and when eventually she did appear on tele she looked like she'd just eaten a turd.

Labour colluded in the cover-up, as did the police, the local authorities and social services: they didn't want to know about glass bottles being inserted into little English girls, to dilate their vaginas and anuses, for multiple adult and elderly Muslim penetration...

Read the Jay Report, then Peter McLaughlin's Easy Meat - you can read it online - then tell any friends or family who vote Labour (I've turned countless working class English folk away from Labour).

The woman who commissioned 'Three Girls' said the making of this drama was 'timely'. I've get news for her, it's been going on for well over 30 years when Muhammadan numbers in some Midland towns made them dominant. The future is grim for little English girls, and English women. Muhammadan numbers are predicted to double in every ten years.

Quran (2:228) - "and the men are a degree above them [women]"

Of course for infidel women such as ours the degree below a Muslim man is somewhat lower.

From the Hadith:

Sahih Muslim (4:1039) - "A'isha said [to Muhammad]: 'You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses'" These are the words of Muhammad's favorite wife, complaining of the role assigned to women under Islam.

I advise people to wake the fuck up.

A small sample:

By date of conviction evidence of such exploitation taking place in Keighley (2005 and 2013), Blackpool (2006), Oldham (2007 and 2008), Blackburn (2007, 2008 and 2009), Sheffield (2008), Manchester (2008 and 2013) Skipton (2009), Rochdale (two cases in 2010, one in 2012 and another in 2013), Nelson (2010), Preston (2010) Rotherham (2010) Derby (2010), Telford (2012), Bradford (2012), Ipswich (2013), Birmingham (2013), Oxford (2013), Barking (2013) and Peterborough (2013).


Anonymous said...


Whistleblower: Muslim Child Rapists Walk Free, But Authorities ‘More Interested in Covering up Mistakes'


Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

There is no parallel in history in any nation, where a bunch of immigrants have been allowed into a country, and then raped little girls over decades, with the authorities turning a blind eye.

Why is their no parallel in history for such an occurrence?

The answer is that no government has been so weak, so immoral and so far down the road to cowardice, as to allow immigrants to rape thousands of little girls.

I had to ask myself then, why did immigrant Muslims do this? What was in the minds of these Muslims in the UK or Scandinavia, that their fellow believers would not do elsewhere?

The actions of these rapists reminded me of what happens to a country that is invaded and occupied. The soldiers rape any female they can - young, old or whatever, does not matter. Young being better. For this, there are plenty of parallels in history.

The reason is clear. A cohort of Muslims view themselves as a conquering force.

It is inconceivable that the authorities did not know, as they claim. They knew.

And now they are trying to brush it under the carpet.

Historians will view this chapter in our history as one of the most shameful if not the most.

anon 2 said...

Anonymous @ 21:19: "Historians will view this chapter in our history as one of the most shameful if not the most."
Historians? Uh-uh; not historians as we know of them, anyway.

The invaders in their several colours are already brainwashing the young with the commonplace: "The winners write history."
So they'll get busy writing the neu-moz fairy-story. That's if any of them can still write (even in their own languages).

RAC said...

I can remember filling in application forms which included the question. Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party or any right wing group.(exact wording is hazy now but what I state is near as I remember it)
That question should be re-phrased to read. Are you now or have you ever been a member of or associated with Common Purpose.
If politically correct laws have made this sort of question no longer allowed then changing the law back to what it used to be would be a start in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I've oft' said it, "History may record" - perhaps men and women in the USA though why they'd be at all scunnered by a small piece of rock just off the Eurabian continent? in the UK history, a look back at our future so to speak, will be written, if there are any to scribe it, commencing at year Zero whenever it is.

It will make a sorry tale of death, more death and death. the fights been washed out of the last two generations as it was so designed, the nation is ripe for conquest and conquest is what is to come, the scimitars metaphorically, literally: are being whetted.

Anonymous said...

I recall the incredible slaughter on display during the Iraq v Iran war, indiscriminate savagery, genocide on a massive scale, echoes of the butchery of Paschendaele, Ypres, the Somme and I wondered then as I do now but these days I understand far better of it.

The Theocrats encourage and revel in incestuous marriage, it keeps 'em mean, stupid and purblinded faithfully. Admit it of course they will permit a small professional cadre of lawyers and shysters to protect their fiefdoms and to hammer the Kuffar - the ECHR is a wet dream, discrimination laws - perfect!! Allah sent!
But the reality is, that, there is no real professional well educated layer, a strata of middle class if you like, the madmen who rule the underlings would, and do baulk at the idea of the faithful posing as 'equals' and fear them - as betters.

thus as the mumbers roll in, the savagery is kept white hot up to maximum, the warriors are ready, indoctrinated, hateful, baleful with preset, to butchery, slaughter, torture, rape and kill, kill, kill.

All they need is, the word and Iraq versus Iran will be a kids party in comparison.

Anonymous said...

These are the same state bodies who failed Baby 'P' who apparently have 'learnt lessons' or is it 'have lessons to learn'? Apparently not.

Anonymous said...


The Rotherham rapists are just a tip of the iceberg. The real figure is likely to be upward of 30,000. Assuming just ten Pakistani men in a gang to one girl, some 300,000 Pakistani Muslims were involved in the brutal serial gang rapes of young girls.

This is not a crime but a war crime. Not just by Muslims, who are not immigrants or even migrants, but invaders and colonisers, but by those who knew, and yet allowed it to happen.

Islam is waging war on Christendom, so this amounts to a war crime. And the reason it has happened, is that Muslims view England as conquered territory, and therefore its women as fair booty for the victors.
And yet, such is nature of the treason, that there is no precedent for punishment of such a crime, as there is no parallel in history, anywhere or anytime.

No wonder several judges appointed on extremely high salaries, have quit. Obviously they felt they couldn’t meet the terms of the contract – that is, minimize the scale of the crime, and absolve all those involved, from Islam, to our our own wonderful constabulary and politicians

leila said...

Add to all of the above is that B'ham is the benefits capital of the UK Majority is now ROP ie most of these vermin are on benefits

Anonymous said...

Bloke in North Dorset: "At the time I put it down to a few right wing trolls and the Beeb was just protecting itself from liable."

The Beeb ( nice affectionate term for a filthy corrupt organisation ) was neck deep in covering up Jimmy Saville. The Beeb, is complicit as hell.

The Beeb, ought to be shut down, its buildings levelled to the ground and the soil where they stood salted .. - .. and then sprayed with Roundup.

Span Ows said...

Steve, this began more than 30 years ago but they started on Sikh girls, probably (correctly) assuming nobody would notice brown men taking brown girls along the road. Quickly the source material wore thin but finding out that nobody would do anything about the white girls must have been like blessing from Allah for them.

I am still waiting for any head to roll (police, council, Councillor, social worker, MP etc). The only one so far is Jo Cox who paid full penalty (check what she made speeches about and what she was facilitating in her area). Then check what was front page news in her local rag the day before she was killed). There's the motive no doubt: I am sure it is being investigated but it certainly hasn't been reported.

Anonymous said...

"I am still waiting for any head to roll (police, council, Councillor, social worker, MP etc). The only one so far is Jo Cox who paid full penalty (check what she made speeches about and what she was facilitating in her area). Then check what was front page news in her local rag the day before she was killed). There's the motive no doubt: I am sure it is being investigated but it certainly hasn't been reported."

In a roundabout way you say that, the 'southern Asians' terminated st jo?