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Sunday, 13 August 2017

BBC - Just Lies, no Secrets

If you rely solely on the BBC for your news, you could be forgiven for understanding that the civil disturbances rocking the southern US were protests by pro-Trump white supremacists against something unspecified. With a headline 'Charlottesville: Virginia governor tells white supremacists: 'Go home'', you need to read down past the emotive picture to the tenth paragraph to get a clue as to what the protests are about. To get an idea of just how distorted the BBC's coverage is, try the story in the New York Times 'White Nationalists Wield Torches at Confederate Statue Rally' 

It's not just Virginia. In New Orleans the white Mayor is overseeing the removal of Confederate statues which, it is alleged, promote white supremacism. There can be no excusing the vile treatment of black people in the southern states, from the lynchings and corrupt disenfranchisements to segregated buses and the evils still prevalent during my youth. But one needs to understand that not everyone with some regard for the losing side in America's divisive civil war is a racist white supremacist, and not everyone who thinks that book burning and statue destruction are wrong is a violent nationalist.

The figures of one notorious white slave-owner seem safe for now; no one is tearing down statues of George Washington. Yet.

General Robert E Lee was greatly loved by his men, even in defeat. One needs to understand the place he still holds in the respect and affections of many southerners to begin to understand the complex emotions invoked in tearing down his statue in Virginia. All of which is of no interest to the BBC, who have just used the story in their agitprop war against those who disagree with their own values and worldview. 

But those of my age will recall a different BBC screening the Dukes of Hazzard, a comedy programme about, as the BBC would explain now, white supremacists. Only they weren't, of course. It was also about their car, General Lee. It was rubbish, but objectively more accurate than the BBC news you are reading today. 


Anonymous said...

The conflict is vaguely reminiscent of something that is happening in England now.

Some politicians, convinced that they were right, decided to take their people into a political union against the peoples interests, and without reference to them.

The people that rightly believed they had been wronged began a fightback that unfortunately ended in failure.

Unfortunately history is written and amended by the victors, and in this case the victors have chosen to behave like Goebbels, and his descendants in the cultural marxist movement, by re-writing history whenever it comes up against an "inconvenient truth". :)


DeeDee99 said...

Contempt for the BBC is so widespread now, I can't believe the Conservative Party will allow it to continue in its current form for much longer.

It doesn't broadcast the news; it's a propaganda unit for "liberal" policies which have been forced on us for decades and can now be seen to have comprehensively failed and do not have the support of the majority of the people.

Channel Four "news" is worse. It's become a parody of a news broadcast which it would be impossibly to satirise since it's done such a good job of satirising itself.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately, as we can see from Brexit and the recent election in the USA, no serious challenge to the establishment goes unpunished and the tory party knows this, so it will not challenge anything that has been inveigled in to English law without some very strong intervention.

Any establishment organisation would do the same, the privileges of membership not only demand this, it makes sense too.

This is what makes direct democracy such an enticing concept... No "establishment" can ever really become established enough to ignore the people (electorate).


John Miller said...

Wouldn't touch the BBC with a bargepole.

Since Brexit we are being punished by the BBC. Every programme I've seen my wife watching is presented by or about ethnics. Gays and lesbians seem to make up the other 10% of presenters. Huge swathes of disabled people. A quick flick through the Radio Times reveals a tsunami of TV and radio celebrating 50 years of queers.

Anonymous said...

I believe the time has come for the government to remove 'News and Current Affairs' from both the BBC and from the state-supported Channel 4. Now that charters have been agreed, they think they are safe to pursue anti-Conservative, anti-Brexit, pro-immigration, anti-Trump, pro-LabLib, pro 'querty' policies etc etc to their hearts content. Their bias is blatant and beyond toleration. Removing their monopoly will produce screams of outrage from the assorted cabal of leftists, but it has to be done.

opsimath said...

As seen on another right of centre blog:

'If you don't watch the BBC you are uninformed: if you do watch the BBC you are misinformed.

Dave_G said...

I understood the DUP were massively opposed to the BBC licence fee and would (could?) have made overtures to have something done about it as part of their coalition agreement. An easy decision that would have garnered them huge support from the British voters (I guess).

Given that the issue didn't even rear its head is either indicative of the power those who support the BBC have over such decisions OR the £bn's the DUP were handed was inclusive of a pay-off to shut up about it....

Anonymous said...

To clarify. The rally - permission for which had been granted by the mayor - was about the proposed removal of a statue and was peaceful right up to the time when the Soros-funded anti-fascist fascists started throwing bottles and bricks at members of the rally - folk had an inkling this might happen so had brought shields and helmets with which to protect themselves. If it continues unchecked the removing of history because it may upset some people will not just sterilise the built environment it will cage thought entirely.

You are now entering the twilight zone.


Budgie said...

The BBC is beyond reform. We can do something about it now - we can refuse to pay the TV tax. Enough of us do that and the BBC collapses.

No, I'm not advocating illegality. Far from it - we are better off not watching the BBC; and anyone can still legally catch up on ITV if he must.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of outrage on this Facebook post
While totally choosing to ignore they might have it the wrong way round

Anonymous said...

The Dukes of Hazzard was ace. My ghast is in a state of flabber.


Gardener Fisher said...

Hello I lived in Alabama between 1966 and 1969 and I have never lived in a nicer place. The war is over but General Lee was a key part of the culture of the region. Are we going to destroy statues of Charles I or Cromwell, one at at least of whom must have been a war criminal?

G. Tingey said...

The DUkes of Hazzard was a piss-take comedy
Skimming over the darker side (as such tings do )
It wa very funny -then.
This is now.

Let's face facts
The confeds were slavers, the "alt-right" are Nazis.

Anonymous said...

"the "alt-right" are Nazis."

Said jezza catweazles breathing, livin' sweaty socks............

Didn't you get the memo, most of the 'founding fathers' had slaves on their lands and upto 1861 most of the union, it's bosses approved of vassalage.

It's the running dog arseholes of Islington's big joke, that if, you make a remotely common sensical comment on politics, socio economics that doesn't praise multiculti or how peaceful and religious is Mohammedism and how marvellous it is to have your civil service and NHS full of non English speakers, the streets filled with foreigners who hate your guts - if you don't praise all of that then, you're regarded as a "Nazi" and remind me................................. what does Nazi actually mean hmm er yeah = NA tionalSo ZI alists. Got that?

conservatives seek to preserve and through frugal, but careful steady management, all commies do is spend other people's money on pissing it against a wall and finding new ways to kill their fellow countrymen; ref Cambodia, Soviet Russia, PRC, Venezuela.

Now do fuck off there's a hollow fellow - and malignant, baleful, outspoken shit for brains = rabid lefty.

Jeff Wood said...

Yes, Greg, the Africans should have been left in Africa.

Not many returned when they had the chance. I wonder why.

A long time ago, Muhammad Ali fought in the Congo, George Foreman I think. When he returned, a reporter asked him what he thought of Africa.

He replied "Man, I am sure glad my great-great-grandpappy got on that boat."

Anonymous said...

Robert E. Lee freed all of his slaves before the war and it was the Republicans, not the Democrats, who opposed the expansion of slavery.

Lies catch up with you in the end. The odds are astronomical:

Sandy Hook Elderly Parents


leila said...

We should take note that a US and EU engineered overthrow of Ukraine's pro Russian democratically elected leader installed the 'Neo-Nazis' that these lefties now decry. The BBC is a cesspool.

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey: "Let's face facts SLAVERY is EVIL The confeds were slavers, the "alt-right" are Nazis. GET OVER IT."

A nice example of argumentum ad ignorantiam. Actually not even an argument.

Slavery has been revived in Libya, thanks to a Democratic secretary of state, one Hilary Clinton. And as anon above pointed out above, Democrats were slavers, the original KKK were run by Democrats, who murdered Republicans to further their racist tyranny.

From WIKIPEDIA, that bastion of leftist ideology: "The first Klan flourished in the Southern United States in the late 1860s, then died out by the early 1870s. It sought to OVERTHROW the REPUBLICAN state governments in the South. "

Bringing you upto date, you clearly have no idea what 'alt-right' means! Or you have no idea what 'Nazi' means.

G. Tingey said...

Anon @ 21.33
And, of all people the Dump brought it up.

Look up "Mansfiled Decision" - slavery became illegal in England in 1772 & Geo Washington realised that it was only a matter of time ....
[ Trading illegal in 1807, in the colonies - practically actually only S Africa & W Indes by then in 1832/3 ]
THEN they had to have another go 1861-65
Oh dear.

And how many times - communism is a religion, as evil as all the others & I'm an atheist - got it yet? "rabid lefty eh? WHo thinks Harold Macmillan was a great PM & had no time for Wilson - you really are deranged.

R. E. Lee was an oddly honorable man - but his supporters & those who came after him - were not. And they, the neo-nazis are still here.

RAC said...

Admit it Raedwald, G. Tingey is just an invented character who you throw in every now and then for amusement purposes.

G. Tingey said...


I suggest you read ( the comments sections of ) "Charlie's Blog" - by the SF author C Stross
Or "London Reconnections" - which deals, as you might expect with trsansport & travel in & around London.

NO SPAMMING OR INSULTS on those blogs, please, or you will be banned - there.