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Monday, 25 September 2017

Deep anger at Brexit 'betrayal'

Although I have avoided writing a post that condemns Mrs May's handling of Brexit, the comments to the post below are unanimous in their anger, frustration and exasperation at the government's implementation of the Brexit vote. I share the frustration, but not perhaps the anger.

We are where we are. The only government that will implement Brexit has a knife-edge majority. We face a powerful, effective and international Remain lobby that seeks to reverse the vote. May's own ministers risk triggering an election that would put Labour into power and leave us in the EU. 

The nation is deeply divided. That we won doesn't mean it's wise to trample on the sensibilities of the losers. Remember Churchill's 'Magnanimity' - we have to find a way back to a unified nation, to heal the bitterness, while still honouring the vote and implementing Brexit.

So no, you won't find puce spluttering fury here, nor pointless condemnation of the government. It's all far too serious for that. We are tiptoeing through a minefield. Yes, Hammond should go - or rather be re-shuffled to Agriculture or DFID. For now May's speech has made a number of conciliatory, utterly reasonable concessions which if rejected by the EU demonstrate a level of unreason that forces us to leave without a deal. Not our doing, guv; no nation could swallow their punishment.

I'm keeping my powder dry for now.    


DeeDee99 said...

"The only Government that will implement Brexit has a knife-edge majority"

Yes, and that is the fault of the Remainer PM, who stuffed her Cabinet with Remainer MPs.

The reason the Cabinet Remainers want Brexit delayed is to give Merkel the time to organise her coalition and then for the EU to restructure into an inner, Federal Union, and an outer tier ...... so they can keep us in the outer tier.

EU Representative in the UK Nick Clegg - elected by no-one, representing the Globalists not the British people - admitted as much yesterday when he was expressing the hope that the people who voted Leave would die so the result could be overturned.

The Remainers disgust me. I find it very hard to be polite to them as they are attempting to overturn MY democratic rights.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the nation is divided, rather we have had three identikit parties stuffed with the the worst that Oxbridge PPE departments can inflict on us for the last forty years.

What will it take to get their hands off the levers of power?

John Brown said...

As I have written before, I hope you are right.

Although I take your point about not “trampling on the sensibilities of the losers” the government could attempt more often to contest the false arguments put about daily by the EU supporters and try to talk about Brexit in a positive way.

It is disappointing that the “transition period” does not appear to be a transition at all since we will continue to be under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, paying into the EU budget, accepting FOM, unable to sign any trade deals or take back our fishing grounds etc. other than without any UK representation at the EU.

I think Mrs. May is hoping that an “event” will take place between now and the end of the transition period (whenever that is) which will stop Brexit.

Dadad said...

May's Flo speech was pure waffle and nothing else; to just get her through the conference.

She gave no comment/offer/solutions to the Irish border, EU citizens' rights, or the divorce bill, so Barnier will quite rightly say no progress has been made, so no trade talks.

That woman is a waste of space and is taking us to disaster.

Anonymous said...

How did that magnanimity go for old Winston?

As I remember, he was crushed by people who are not so charitable, also known as the poisonous labour party... PLP, who used his wartime victory and accompanying post war charity and let that creep Attlee and his pals ruin this country for ever.

Remember this attitude is what gave us the envy of the world... the NHS.

Jeez, I bet the world is really envious...

No really.


Dave_G said...

The referendum result was never 'close' - I suspect that shennanigans were afoot yet they (.gov/.eu) STILL lost.
Since the referendum, however, there has been a lot of eye-opening and realisation by those that voted remain on the basis of 'better the devil we know' and those that voted 'to retain the status quo' etc and there were a LOT of those voters.
Should the vote be held again I suspect the result to be a lot closer to 70% to leave and on that basis the Governments slack handling and slower progress is annoying far more people than they realise.
.gov are only acting as they are by virtue of the lack of anti EU opposition, UKIP being sidelined (but not gone), and safe in the knowledge that they are the only valid option for Brexiteers to get behind.
The level of anger and disgust at the leave process is, as usual, hidden by the media and .gov alike but there's no knowing what will happen if the lid ever comes off that particular boiling pot.

mikebravo said...

Maybot is bloody useless and taking the piss!

She talks of a transition period, still inside the EU, (although our membership comes to an abrupt end 30/03/19), with a continuity of payments, freedom of movement and under the jurisdiction of the ECJ and all new wheezes imposed by The Colleagues. Presumably this can be continued in perpetuity until the useless bastards at Westmonster can slid us back in.

All the while rubbishing the so called Norway option , Efta/EEA, that would take us out of the EU. We could then transition out of that if required when we have re-built ports etc to compete with Antwerp and make sure that we do not become the EU's Cuba.

She and the useless tories are playing games with us as usual.

Cull The Badgers said...

You don't really believe that this government under May's supine EU loving leadership is capable of walking away from the 'offers' she has made do you?

She hasn't the spine. She isn't capable of rejecting the mountain slide of criticism which will come her way from the Remainiacs at home and abroad if she did.

Dioclese said...

I have always maintained that there was never going to be a deal and that we should simply leave. There is no point in negotiating and even less point in throwing in your hand when you hold all the best cards...

Sobers said...

What we need to remember is that we don't need a perfect exit, we just need an exit, because there's no way we're ever going back in once out. So the trick is to not get tied up on red lines and go puce over betrayals etc, just that we need to cross the Rubicon by any means possible, even if the initial destination is not what one would like. Once that far the direction of travel will always be further away from the EU. They won't want us back either, and the EU will either collapse or integrate further once we leave, meaning that us rejoining would rapidly become utterly inconceivable. We just need to get that initial separation, however small, as the gap will rapidly grow over time.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 said @ 08:07

'EU Representative in the UK Nick Clegg - elected by no-one, representing the Globalists not the British people - admitted as much yesterday when he was expressing the hope that the people who voted Leave would die so the result could be overturned.'

Clegg channeling A.C. Grayling when he said virtually the same thing with regard to the elderly, who voted Leave with a gusto. Disgusting attitude: the people they're referring to either fought in or worked through the war and the slightly younger ones, like my parents, had their life chances drastically curtailed. Furthermore most of this generation lived through genuine austerity and are the only group with enough experience to know a lying toad when they see one.

Raedwald said:

'I'm keeping my powder dry for now.'

You underestimate both the nature and the power of the cabal that's been busily re-shaping our society. The battle to leave the EU can only be won when enough people realise there is also a war to be won. That war will determine whether the civilization that brought modernity to the world lives, or dies. The stakes therefore are higher than Brexit. To quote Churchill:

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."


John Miller said...

Before they go any further, the Remainers should realise that, if we want to get back in, the EU will argue that we have left.

There will be no concept of a rebate. There will be a re-entry fee of billions and £350 million a week will look like chicken feed to what the EU will demand of us.

Anonymous said...

We have to remember that although Leave has been identified as a Conservative point of view, and many Cons activists are Leavers, the main body of Leavers aren't necessarily Tory voters. When Corbyn did so well, he was professing a Leave position. My questions are (a) will Corbyn fizzle now that Labour are opposing Brexit, (b) How can Tory Leavers trust a Remainer PM, cabinet majority and actually Parliamentary party strongly Remainian? I'm confident that May would have been annihilated if she wasn't following some sort of Leaver agenda, and Corbyn would have been annihilated if it had been known at the election that his party would make difficulties.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "The nation is deeply divided. That we won doesn't mean it's wise to trample on the sensibilities of the losers."

All votes are divisive. That's their purpose.

We either leave the EU or we don't. It's binary. Remaining in a bit of the EU is still remaining in the EU. That's why the Remains are trying to make sure we do just that.

May, in her speech, didn't just ask the EU to extend the Art50 process for another 2, 3, or more, years, she wants to sign a new treaty with the EU. That treaty is to cover defence, foreign policy, aid, security, and criminal justice. Even if we "leave" the SM in 2022 or whenever (which at this rate is not going to happen), we will be back inside about a third of the EU straightaway. Whatever else you call it, this is not Leave.

If anyone is treading on anyone's sensibilities it is the Remains treading on us. And if May thinks she can hoodwink Leave voters with her Florence fantasy she is even more of an idiot than I first thought.

Cascadian said...

Said it before, will repeat:

"I predict the Euro fails before yUK super-negotiators get their shit together.".......super-negotiators used ironically. If the negotiations were realistic tenders for port and airport immigration upgrades would be appearing, they are not, so like others, I believe Ms Maybe's government is faking Brexit.

In the end, the financial strain of gimmegrants is too great for EU survival.

This is no time for appeasment or waffling, which are Maybe's strong suit.

Anonymous said...

I am sick to the back teeth of numpty lefty's telling me what I did and didn't vote for and that includes such twats as Hammond and anna sozzlebury.
And then, that placatory-Vichy speech of theresa shariza, who knows what she thinks herself? Does she even think, does anybody really believe that the words she mumbled were her own? Additionally, what was she actually saying, no one can fathom it.

The ORIGINAL question was pretty simple, leave or remain, and most people knew full well the implications probably better than most of the corporate blob experts and the muppet theatre at Westminster.

For those twats who are hard of hearing; Keir starmer/phil hammond/clegg/bliar et al and his "we respect the wishes of the people.....but", remaining IN the single market means still in the Berlin Empire and if follows that: remain wins. Thus, how can that be a recognition of a democratic vote? But then ask yourselves, is anything to do with the Berlin Empire remotely to do with democracy and the answer comes flying back - NO.

Dealing with the remain camp is a large problem, dealing with the minutiae of disassociating ourselves from the strings which bind, attach us to the Empire of Financial creativity is another bugbear altogether.
What could greatly help is, a motivated civil service and to that end money should be the incentive [because love of Britain won't] - bottom line counts - eh? Aye incentivise through a bonus system, instructing them to streamline and drop the guff, one problem though with that have we sufficiently composed, dedicated and willing to begin the task and on that the jury must be out.
It is true that, we'll have to accept a large amount of common 'currency' with our EU 'partners' and in saying that, when we leave UK business not exporting or dealing with the EU can be released from the onerous burdens of EU regulation, for crying out loud UK business needs less not more, and yes Richard North says "transnational/worldwide competencies" but on our own we can help call the shots, at the minute we cannot.
Plus not least, envy and imitation is the finest form of flattery, if we can demonstrate thet finding a new way, forging a new and better less regulated model works, which it will and sets them to wonder what it would be like 'doing a Britain' ...................Can't you see, that's what frightens the bejabbers out of them (Berlin/Paris/Brussels) the most - Britain free again.

We'd be must become what we were, a major player, on a world wide scale not stuck in some failing overregulated stagnant backwater.
And we'll be much better able to control our borders, all we need to get away and out from the ECHR-ECJ + the 'single market'.

rapscallion said...

May is playing a dangerous game if she thinks she can delay Brexit or find some way to be linked to the EU in some way. When is the next election ? 2021?

There are two problems here for her and those like her in the Tory Party who think it smart to conduct the foot dragging to honour the referendum result. This move would be utterly catastrophic for "British Democracy". If it doesn't trigger outright revolt it will ensure no politician or political entity is distrusted for decades. It will kill democracy dead. Brendan O'Neill wrote a very good article recently -

Secondly, even Sharia May loves being in power, and with these verminous specimens, party comes before country. Either she delivers by 2021 or she's dead meat and so is the Tory party. If that happens then we are well and truly up megash1t creek negative paddles, because we'll end up with Corbyn and McDonnell and all the rest of the murderous Left.

At that point, I'll sell the house, refit my boat and get the hell away from here.

Rossa said...

Unfortunately Raedwald, what you consider to be reasonable concessions has turned out to be dictation from Brussels, followed up by Tusk claiming she didn't go far enough, right on the doorstep of no 10, with no concession made for Teresa's appeasement. Not helped by Brussels mandarins agreeing all this with the top civil servant in the Brexit dept. Makes David Davies look like a complete numpty too!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"... utterly reasonable concessions which if rejected by the EU ..."

As of course they have been.

Whatever concessions we offer, they will just pocket and move on to their next demand.

It's time to stand strong, not cringe.


G. Tingey said...

As all here know, but many deliberately ignore, I was a very very reluctant "remain" voter, & only at the last minute.
I still believe the EU needs a thorough reaming & reform process.
On foreign-policy issues, ( Ireland, Gibraltar, Scotland - the last not so much now ) I did vote "R".
I have now become a conviced "Remoaner", if only because of the utter shambles made by BoJo, DD, L-Fox & the Maybot, not helped by Farage's little contacts with neo-fascists coming to light.
It was well-known that it last year's referendum had gone the other way, then those wishing to economically drag our country back to the 19th C ( Hannan & others, like the utterly nasty JR-M, shitting on real working people ) would have had "another go" ...
So, what is wrong with us remoaners also wanting "another go"?
Sauce / Goose / Gander & all that sort of thing?

What is also obvious, is that the lies, thrashing & desperation of BoJo, DD, Fox et al is getting worse.
WE ARE NOT NEGOTIATING, WE'R POSTURING - & it's going to ba a disaster, probably compounded by the equal horribleness of Corbyn becoming PM, because, as some of you seem to have forgotten that he was for "Leave" whilst May was for "Remain".

What happen If/WHEN we leave the EU & then JC becomes PM?
Ever thought of that uniquely horrible prospect?

ARGUED answers please, no name-calling?

Budgie said...

G Tingey, Is that "no name-calling" like you no name-call here in your tirade? So, name-calling then? By the way, it's not that we "ignore" your supposed "reluctance" in voting Remain, it's that we don't believe you. Not given your previous comments anyway.

If you want to be taken seriously when you claim that Boris Johnson, David Davis, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Farage, even Theresa May, etc, are one or more of: lying; tainted with neo-fascism; desperately thrashing; utterly nasty; etc; etc; you will have to cite actual examples and quotes, with references.

The only reason the government (and the opposition) are in a shambles over "Brexit" is they are twisting and turning to avoid leaving the EU. For example May's Florence Fantasy promises indefinite transitions, plus signing back up to all the defence, security, diplomatic and aid provisions of the EU that we're already tied to. Then Corbyn, who used to be opposed to the EU, now wants us to stay in the SM for ever including the free movement of capital and labour.

Whatever else you call these LibLabCon Brexit policies, it isn't Leave.

G. Tingey said...

Farage is tainted by neo-Fascism, BoJo is a buffoon & R-Moggage is a reactionary 18thC Catholic - OK?
May seems to be completely out of her depth.

REMEMBER that Corbyn is a "Leave" supporter, please?
DO we really want his version of a people's socialist republic, whilst OUT of the EU & no defence forces at all?
Because that's what we are going to get, unless we are very lucky.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, Evidence please, for your claims about Farage, Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Davis.

G. Tingey said...

Oh really!
Farage's contacts & past "postings" show hos connections with semi-fascists ..
BoJo is obviously incomptetent - see the press over the past year or so
Mogg, well he is openly catholic & well away from the present Pope's line - he'd fit right in in the 18thC.

COME ON it's right in front of you.
If you want to emulate G Galilei's accusers, by refusing to look in the telescope, that's your problem

Meanwhile DO YOU WANT Corbyn, J as PM?
Because that's what Brexit will bring.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, Still no evidence? Your opinions are not evidence. Show me the telescope of evidence and I will look into it. Start with "Farage's little contacts with neo-fascists" which you use to imply that Farage is a neo-fascist, and then go on to the evidence for the "utter shambles made by BoJo, DD, L-Fox".