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Friday, 1 September 2017

Herr Barnier descends into histrionics

The EU got the negotiations disastrously wrong from the start. Their cause was crippled not by the UK but by the territorial in-fighting between the Parliament and the unelected officials of the Commission. Herr Verhofstadt, who would have loved nothing more than to have faced the hated Brits across the table himself, only consented to Herr Barnier taking this place if he was constrained not to depart from the EP's detailed instructions by a millimetre. And instead of keeping this crippling disability secret, Herr Verhofstadt rose to his hind feet and crowed it all over Europe.

The EU assumed of course that their usual Panzer tactics would work; first they ridicule, undermine and insult us, then wear us down with verbiage and papers, all the time proclaiming that only they have control of the agenda and the UK must obey like a recalcitrant schoolboy. Boy, how little they know us.

This week it was time for the UK to tell the king he was wearing no clothes. The Berlaymont bullies sat gobsmacked with hanging jaws as some young Treasury rasper with an Oxbridge double first completely demolished the legal basis of their money grab. Then we had to tell them to get serious about negotiating - that in effect Herr Verhofstadt must allow Herr Barnier some flexibility.

An irascible Herr Barnier, undermined and on the back-foot, descended into Gallo-German histrionics at the press conference; the UK was finished (untrue) we would be forced out of Europol (untrue) and our nation would sink 'neath the waves. I was only waiting for the poor little man to turn to David Davis and exclaim "Your mother was a Hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries!"


Ravenscar. said...

You might be amused Radders at, the Kermit's nickname for Monsieur Barnier, born down in the South East foothills of the mountains [Savoie]. As Quentin Letts, divulged in his DM article yesterday. "Le Cretin des Alpes" they call him, and alluding to an adjudged problem of insufficiency of dietary input leading to alleged mental deficiency in people in that particular area [South East France] during C18th.

How cutting can they [the Frogs] be, how accurate are they? Barnier was installed to stymie, cock up and make a general nuisance of himself, this is for certain a man who is not there to 'negotiate' and as the Germans move the background props, stage managing and stalling until Westminster ties itself in knots, the EU sponsored media wear down the nation and supposedly the UK - we cave.

Fuck 'em all and well done for that, is, David Davies's attitude.

DeeDee99 said...

Sadly, there are many in the British Establishment who take the EU's side and are doing their level best to keep us in their corrupt, dictatorial (and failing) Empire.

The BBC's and Sky News' reporting of yesterday's negotiations/Press Conference was disgraceful.

Mr Ecks said...

Also--- fuck Europol--the EU's wannabe Gestapo.

The sooner out the better.

barnacle bill said...

Unfortunately for us one of the biggest Quislings resides at the postcode SW1A 2AA.

rapscallion said...

Curiously Mr Ecks (and in a way you'll find this hugely amusing)
Listen very carefully, I shall say zis only vunce. Europol's main base of operations in 2004 was quartered in the old Gestapo headquarters building in the Hague. I kid you not.

All I can say Radders is that the longer they keep that brain-dead kermit as their main negotiator, spurred on by Verhofstadt and Druncker the better.

They still have not managed to understand that ridiculing, undermining and insulting those you are trying to do a deal with is soooo not the way ahead. Did not "Call me Dave" and Hitlery Clinton's catastrophic results not ram this lesson home enough for them ?

.... and no Radders, how little they know us. Don't these idiots never study their history?

Cretin des Alpes indeed

Dioclese said...

Quite so Radders!
Just wrote a piece myself on the rat that is Barnier...

Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of a word to describe how the Euro elite got hold of the power they now wield and the nearest I could think of was carpetbaggers - unscrupulous opportunists - which ties with some of the comments in the previous post. The term came about after the American Civil War when politicians from the North came to the South to gain power locally and make obscene profits for themselves on the quiet.


Dr Evil said...

Barnier et al are so used to everyone rolling over and doing exactly what they want/ask for they are not prepared for a big, fat, "NO!". They have not actually calculated a number because I'm sure they know they will get it shoved up their backsides. I really admire DD for even talking to these idiots. It isn't a negotiation, it's a stating of the EU case and the UK complies. We don't do the bending over bit. We do the same as our ancestors did at Crecy, Agincourt, Trafalgar, Waterloo etc and we bloody well fight. They really don't know us. We didn't give in to the Germans in 1940 unlike these damn continentals. We aren't going to give in to a Frenchman, especially one who hates the British. I'm surprised Davies hasn't punched the smug bastard. The little Belgian toad and Junker can keep sniping. carry on and we will just turn our backs, go to WTO trading rules and carry on regardless.

Dr Evil said...

BTW, the Cretin thingy alludes to a lack of iodine in the diet of those living in the mountains. Used to be a problem in Derbyshire I think too, but at least it was only goitre rather than a brain problem.