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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

If Tory Remoaners bring down the government, voters will tear the throat from the party

There must be a temptation amongst MPs closeted in the plush and rarefied atmosphere of Westminster to imagine themselves inviolable from the wrath of voters, immune from the tensions and passions in the nation clearly audible from social media. Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen, Antionette Sandbach, Dominic Grieve and others may even now be building their future infamy - a future of derision, loathing and contempt - if their jejune and anti-democratic posturing, their preening narcissistic self-regard, their contemptuous dismissal of the popular will, brings down this fragile government and disrupts the Brexit process.

If they do so, the people will turn upon the Conservative party and tear its throat out. Tories will be more rare in the Commons than LibDems. They will have consigned their own party to the dustbin of history, and destroyed for themselves and their families any personal prospect of help or support from their peers. They will be shunned like wet lepers, regarded more lowly than the ordure on our shoes, despised and scorned. 

They are playing not with their own pathetic petty careers, not with their own overweening mediocrity, but with the future of our nation. And that's bloody serious.


rapscallion said...

I only care about the Government inasmuch they they are the largest party in the Commons and have promised to bring Brexit to a conclusion in accordance with the wishes of the people in what was the largest mandate in British Political history.

If the Government falls, the rebels are dead men and women. If Brexit fails to happen then democracy in this country is dead and buried for decades, no government will have any legitimacy. Why bother voting. people will say when they ignore you anyway?
If the political class aren't going to abide by the rules, then why should we? We are supposedly governed by consent, what happens when that consent is withdrawn? You will have revolution or worse Civil war.

They should tread ever so carefully, or else they will have their own "Ceaucescu moment"

Anonymous said...

People including me spent years campaigning to leave the EU, delivering leaflets going on demos and voting UKIP and eventually scaring the "ordure" out of Cameron by threatening his votes.

In the process we have endured an awful lot, the tories are particularly heinous in this regard, with their cheating and lying, their obfuscation and their obsession with their collective navel.

But I honestly thought that our biggest problem was always the EU, rather than the government and its malleable politicians. But before we get excited and start to talk about other revolts, it should be noted that WE British have been disarmed by the government, we are defenceless.

I would say that in or out of the EU, the communitarian coup has succeeded.


Charles said...

I️ am afraid that if these MPs stop Brexit they will be in the hands of their constituents. If they are in a remainer area, ie London or South East then they will be re-elected. The people who will get the chop are those in Brexit areas. We face the ghastly prospect of preening remainers being returned to parliament while Brexit supporting MPs lose their seats.

I agree that the govt will fall, Labour will get in, followed by two years of chaos. Then it’s anyones guess, either a moderate Labour coup or another election. It all looks very unpleasant and rather risky.

Look on the bright side Heseltine has shut up, and with a bit of luck, Blair and Cleg will make another push to keep us in, and their charismatic charms will make sure people stick to Brexit.

Sackerson said...

Peter Hitchens is saying we are in a pre-civil war condition. If so, it will be because of the long-term result of the globalism that the Conservative Party foisted on us - Macmillan, Heath et al. Sir James Goldsmith warned about the social consequences back in 1994 at the time of the then GATT round.

Opposition to Brentry and support for Brexit was and should still be from that part of the Left that actually cares about the working class (Professor Alan Sked the founder of UKIP), as well as the patriotic Right.

What do Conservatives conserve?

Mr Ecks said...

The Fish-Faced Cow is at the back of this. Her uselessness and the June fiasco are what are emboldening this shower of BluLabour shite.

Several prominent Remainiacs need to be charged with Treason & Sedition and put on long-term remand. Bliar would be a good start.

Then it should be made clear to the torytrash that they will be arrested --in the lobby of the HoC if need be--and be in the cells double-quick unless they do exactly what they are told.

That useless, treacherous cow May needs to be gone double quick also.

formertory said...

I would say that in or out of the EU, the communitarian coup has succeeded.

With great regret and a sense of foreboding, that is my conclusion also.

Dave_G said...

They are playing not with their own pathetic petty careers, not with their own overweening mediocrity, but with the future of our nation.

More so - Western leaders are playing with the future of mankind - their antagonistic attitude towards Russia (most recently 'advertised' by Mrs May at the Lord Mayor's banquet last night), support for Saudi Arabia, ignorance of the real purveyors of terror, fake news and propaganda, American hegemony, Globalists, Fiat currencies (the banksters), Soros, not to mention the deception by national 'security' operatives etc....

They are ALL conspiring to destroy everything we have - to give rise to their own total control.

It's not just Britain and Brexit we need worry about - we need to worry about the future of mankind and how we can stop these traitors in their quest for a new hegemony.

Anonymous said...

I predicted before the referendum that Leave would win with a small majority but Brexit would never happen. I hope I'm wrong but the longer this process goes on I fear I'm going to be right. There's too much of a vested interest to keep us in the EU and the Remainers are too powerful to defeat.
As for the "revolution" or "civil war" threat if Brexit doesn't happen-utter nonsense. There will be a few angry letters to the Times and a bit of anger on blogs like these but that will be all. It's just not the British way to revolt. Unfortunately.

Poisonedchalice said...

It's just all too difficult for us to do. It can't be done, it's too hard, there's not enough time...

This is how it will end - with another referendum and I have predicted this from the start. How that would work out, I'm not so sure about!

Anonymous said...

For some years, I've been advocating a vote for your independent Conservative candidate. The Tory party is beyond redemption

miker22 said...

"As for the "revolution" or "civil war" threat if Brexit doesn't happen-utter nonsense" Not so sure. If you give people a glimpse of freedom and then slam the door in their face, the reaction is going to be much stronger than if there had been no chance of escape. People - at least those whose minds are not totally closed - are seeing just how the Eurocrats behave and it's not pretty.

Oldrightie said...

" They will have consigned their own party to the dustbin of history, and destroyed for themselves and their families any personal prospect of help or support from their peers. They will be shunned like wet lepers, regarded more lowly than the ordure on our shoes, despised and spat upon."

I suspect they already are and only the prospect of even worse under Corbyn's crummy camp of cretins keeps them in power. For Britain is the last crumb of hope.

terence patrick hewett said...

As is usual we are split between "civil war" and "we're all doomed" Get a grip: 2 years ago would anyone have believed the progress we have made? All we need to do is pile on the pressure until these rotten b*astards break.

Sackerson said...

I wonder whether Peter Hitchens is in danger of falling into the trap that catches some older people, of unconsciously wanting the world to end with them.

Anonymous said...

The commentary today is top class - I suppose the topic does lend itself as we are all passionate about this hour in our nation's great history.

Raedwald said:

'They are playing not with their own pathetic petty careers, not with their own overweening mediocrity, but with the future of our nation. And that's bloody serious.'

I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and Johnny Mercer MP (Con: Plymouth Moor View) was as close as I've heard in years when he spoke about the disconnect between Westminster and electorate. He knew it was 'bloody serious'.

Whatever happens put your faith where it matters. We've been here many times before:

In the eyes of this brave people there was only one rule: to accept without flinching whatever the fates had in store. The craven whined; the valiant kept his grief locked in his heart. The worse fortune treated him, the truer he must be to creed and comrade; the craven and traitor could gain only shame by their baseness. It was a rough, masculine creed, without much subtlety or refinement. It judged men, not by what they said or thought, but by their deeds. Yet it bred a sense of duty and responsibility without which no nation can be great or endure. It taught the rank and file to be loyal, and their leaders to sacrifice themselves for the led. 'I have bought with my death a hoard of treasures,' cried Beowulf after his fight with the dragon. 'I give thanks that before my dying day I have won it for my people.' So long afterwards on the battlefield of Maldon the outnumbered English fought on without hope of victory.

'Thought shall be the harder, heart the keener,
Mood shall be the more as our might lessens.'

In the hour of adversary and danger they closed their ranks and were true to one another.


Anonymous said...

To take just one or two parts of comments:

...It's just all too difficult for us to do. - NO IT ISN'T! It can't be done, - YES IT CAN! it's too hard, - NO IT ISN'T! there's not enough time -YES THERE IS!) ...

... In the hour of adversary and danger they closed their ranks and were true to one another.

And so will we be! To hell with the treasonous traitors! Let's all pull together, do whatever we can, wherever we can!


Cascadian said...

The electorate had their chance to throw out a proven ineffective, "manage the decline", "tax-and-spend", EU-supporting conservative government in 2015 when there was an alternative that was not marxist.

Now there is no alternative, we are led to believe the electorate will punish the "manage the decline" party. I call bull-shit, the timid electorate will put up with decades of terrible government, as proven most recently by the 1970's.

Ms Maybe is a reincarnation of Ted Heath, with similar aims.

Anonymous said...


"Events dear boy, Events" As Mac alluded to, you can't insure against unknown unknowns.

I believe in this mad, bad, shit world; something will crack, something will give and the aftermath of the implosion will be cathartic.

I believe that, the commencement of this implosion will be because of a collapse somewhere, probably in the bankster division though who knows maybe in the Korean peninsula..............and as we see events are eventuating................

Look to; in Zimbabwe that genocidal madman and his endlessly corrupt regime is in faultering and the promise of putting his wife in as No2 was perhaps too much even for the long suffering Southern Rhodesians. That South American nutter Maduro couldn't run a fucking bath, Venezulu's have defaulted - £60 billion default, what will it trigger? So too, China is in deep do dos, as is the EU - despite their effin hollow bluster and Macron will be stuffed up his shirt in France. Yes after 4 and a half decades being reamed by Brussels, Britain's financial house of cards with a national debt some estimate to be as high as £7 yes 7 TRILLION!!!! it can only go on for so long, soon it will be so long, we cannot go on paying for the EU, paying for the 'privilege' of coughing up to be the welfare state and hospital to the world and importing a million useless souls p/a - it can't go on.

It can't go on, now - the UK taxpayer cannot afford it and OUT of the EU would only be a start but as I say, Events will dictate the future and for a while it will be not good and the trigger just might come if the Westminster charlatans decide in their infinite wisdom to keep us shackled to the Berlin slave Empire................ if they fucking dare.

So, yea! to positive thinking but there's a lot of negative stuff to go through first.

DeeDee99 said...

If the anti-democrats in the Conservative Party prevent Brexit and bring the Government down, the Conservative Party will be slaughtered.

The only thing keeping it electorally alive is the FPTP voting system, but that can have very sudden impact if a relatively small number of voters either switch their vote or are so disgusted by the selfish antics of anti-democrats parading their concern about "Parliamentary sovereignty"over Brexit when for decades they and their ilk have been transferring it to Brussels with no mandate and no Referendum.

This is a very angry country now. It wouldn't take much to tip it over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Hands up everyone who votes Conservative because they think that the alternatives are worse, rather than having any love for the party?

The Brexit vote wasn't silent conservatives voting, it was people from across the political spectrum, a lot of them otherwise core Labour voters. Tories will get and keep those votes is May can bring herself to do the sort of things the ordinary man and woman in the street think are proper - Maggie did.

G. Tingey said...

That we will be forced out of the EU with no deal, immediatley followe by a massive run on Sterling ... immediately follwed by a general election, which Corby ( & even worse the open Marxist MacDonnell ) win ... leaving us isolated in a form of Ssoviet semi-republic, slowly starving.
NOT a pleasant prospect.

[ Oh yeah, a reminder ... both Tronad Dump & Vladimir Putin want us out of the EU.
Um, err .... ]