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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Supporting democracy in Europe

Poland's Independence Day in November - the 99th of the current incarnation of the nation - was dry but cold. Patriotic Poles were out en masse waving a field of red and white national flags in a demonstration of real pride and love of their nation. Poland's elected politicians stood in the front row of the VIP stand, and another Pole, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, was also there, back in the third row with other unelected officials.   

But there was another mass gathering there on that day - radical nationalist Poles carrying not flags but slogans and placards, chanting not the words of the national hymn but words of anger and protest. I don't read or speak Polish so must rely on newspaper reports for what the slogans said. They called for the protection of Polish 'blood', opposed spreading Islamic immigration to Europe, and support of defence of the Homeland.  

Poland's democratically elected PiS government - fairly described as 'hardline conservative' by the Telegraph - consistently enjoys clear popular support and the sort of opinion poll ratings that western European political parties can only dream about, the latest giving them 50% approval against 17% for their closest rivals. They are irrevocably opposed to every single EU policy in respect of opening Europe's borders to 5m non-European migrants to compensate for low European birth rates. 

They are also in the process of dismantling the mechanisms left by the old communist regime to ensure a continuity of control over many of the levers of State. The communists of course have disappeared, but their successors - some of whom in the EP are members of Verhofstadt's ALDE group - still sit on many judicial posts. In Napoleonic European systems with no real judicial independence and where justice is political, from Paris to Berlin, from Warsaw to Rome, this is a real obstacle. 

Verhofstadt is of course furious about his chums losing power. He is seeking to declare Poland a European Pariah. He will fail, but will have made a lot of noise. 

The point about all this is that I've tried as far as possible to write this post in a way to which neither a native Pole or a professional UK journalist could reasonably object, eschewing terms such 'far right' or 'enemies of the EU'. The Poles are as European as anyone; unelected officials in Brussels are neither more European nor endowed with greater moral purity than elected politicians in Poland. Both have a legitimate viewpoint. But the difference is this; Poland's rulers were elected. The EU's rulers are not. As long as this yawning democratic deficit exists in the EU, the support of freedom loving democrats must always be to those actually voted into power. 


DeeDee99 said...

The EU is implementing the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for the integration and federalisation of European countries. The plan also called for a new population of Europe; a mixed-race hybrid of the native peoples with Asians.

Both von Rumpey and Angela Merkel have received the Coudenhove-Kalergi Award for advancing the plan. That puts a very different perspective on Merkel's "generous offer to the Syrian people" which actually resulted in a torrent of (mostly male) Muslims from a variety of Muslim hell-holes who, when settled, will demand that their extended families be allowed to join them.

She did what Blair had previously done in the UK: set out to change the face of Germany forever.

When the Poles (and other Eastern Europeans) see the disaster that mass immigration and multiculturalism has inflicted on western Europe, who can blame them for wanting none of it. I certainly don't.

Merkel, Blair and the rest of the Globalists are taking their Orders from a higher authority which keeps itself in the shadows. I believe a decision was made, post WW2, by powerful people that the European nations and their native peoples had to be permanently "neutralised" and the best way to do that was to breed them out of existence.

Conspiracy theorist? Yes, I guess I am. But I can't see how else the actions of post-war western European governments can be explained.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Morning Radders.

By their refusal to listen to genuine and legitimate concerns about immigration the EU so-called elite are forcing people into a position in which patriotism and self confidence spill over into an unattractive xenophobia.

It is too easy to say "this cannot end well" and it sounds like hyperbole; but I am increasingly concerned that truly this cannot end well.

The Poles to their great credit are announcing they have had enough. And their own political class is smart enough to listen, apparently. The Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians will likely follow.

We had our brexit vote, but are much more inclined as a population (and I hate to have to recognise this) to roll over than the poor sods who had 40 years of soviet domination.

mikebravo said...

There will be many Poles who grew up hearing stories about how the now rulers of the EU tried to replace them in their own lands 1939-45. I suspect that there are many who think that they are trying again.

I also know that we owe the Poles a debt for their squadrons who fought and died over London and the south keeping the same master race from our shores.
I believe it was also the Poles who winkled the Germans out of Monte Casino after so may repelled allied attempts.

I hope the Maybot states the same when she is over there blabbing off but I somehow doubt it.

rapscallion said...

The Poles and to perhaps a lesser extent, all the Eastern European countries who were part of the Warsaw Pact know what communism, and rule from another capital is all about, and they have absolutely no bloody intention of repeating the process. The Visegrad Four being the most vocal opponents of having EU diktats thrust upon them.

We in the West have not had to suffer as they did, but we appear not to have learned the lessons. The West is moving left and the East is moving right. Completely arse about face from what it was 40 years ago.

Sadly Cuffleyburgers, I am inclined to agree with you, but the most pressing issue presently is the influx of immigrants from outside Europe. Democratic accountability comes next, because unless you sort out the former there is no chance of the latter. I invite you to read

Given the Polish resistance, I think they maybe in the process of saving not only our bacon all of Europe's bacon. If they fail - Western civilisation in Europe is dead.

Ed P said...

"I have a dream" All the problems and disagreements in the EU could be solved at a stroke by Rumpey, Drunker, Verhofstadt, etc. declaring that ALL officials of the various, presently unelected and corrupt institutions of the EU, will be democratically elected from, say, 2020. This would cancel Brexit, solve the Greek slave-state, stop Visigrad issues etc., at a stroke.
Damn, I just saw some pigs flying by and it's cold enough for Hell to freeze over.

jack ketch said...

And yet again the Poles (and the Hungarians etc) prove the lie behind all the BrexSShiteur myths about 'loss of sovereignty' and also just how powerless the EU is at imposing it's will on it's sovereign , independent member nations.

Shurely by now even the most frothy mouthed, naked-poster-of-farage-on-his-parents-basement-wall brexshiteur must have noticed that the problem was never Brussels but Westminster? How many more clues does PMT.May need to give yous?

Anonymous said...

Demography is destiny, the Poles know it and so does this bloke:

Diversity Europe and Africa Demography is Destiny

Raedwald said:

'They are irrevocably opposed to every single EU policy in respect of opening Europe's borders to 5m non-European migrants to compensate for low European birth rates.'

The other term they use is 'demographically senescent', according to them European society is deteriorating with age. What they seem to forget is technology will replace humans in the workplace, not migrants from Africa with IQ's below the European average. AI will burst many a bubble this century.

DeeDee99 said @ 08:23

'Conspiracy theorist? Yes, I guess I am. But I can't see how else the actions of post-war western European governments can be explained.'

A conspiracy theory is still a theory mate and when you look very hard at this one, as I have, it stands up. Is uncontrolled mass immigration unique to one country in Europe? No. So some co-ordination could be present? Yes. Who could be doing the co-ordinating? The UN (watch the video). Why? If you read the small print in Agenda 21, and again in Agenda 30, it's pretty clear that they want to de-homogenize Europe.

If they suggested the same thing be done to Africa it would be called genocide. Broadly speaking no homelands for European peoples means no homelands for Whites. Basically it's the worst form of racism there - it will mean the end of European diversity and a net loss to human diversity. Fucking evil.


jack ketch said...

AI will burst many a bubble this century.

One word : SKYNET....any questions?

leila said...

I concur with DeeDee99 100% However what part of the conspiracy against us explains the acceptance of ordinary English people to the migrant influx? it is as if a cloud of deception lies over the land, coupled with the fear of arrest/ censorship for being racist, a bigot etc Could this be a demonic deception? Now there's a theory!

James Higham said...

Maybe the EU can march on Brussels and open fire.

Anonymous said...

Following on from this news, I read that verhoofstatt has told the Maybot that she must condemn the Poles during her upcoming visit to that former nation.

He says that she needs to do this in order to prove that Britain is serious about its support for European liberal-democratic values.


L fairfax said...

@"Poland's democratically elected PiS government - fairly described as 'hardline conservative' by the Telegraph -"
That is why I don't buy it anymore - good luck with getting a job with the BBC when the Telegraph goes under.

Ravenscar. said...

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