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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Brexit - FAQs

Given that Project Fear is achieving peak risible on social media, now may be an appropriate moment to answer a few Remoaner points;

Brexit will mean Brits are banned from travelling in Europe
Brits will be able to travel in Europe visa-free but with passports, just as we have been since 1947, with stays of up to 3 months. No change.

British people will never be allowed to live abroad
Brits can live wherever they like in the world, and do. Generally one needs a source of income, health care arrangements and the consent of the country in which one wants to live. There has NEVER been an absolute, unconditional right to live in another EU country. Nor is there is a single  EU wide standard, and individual national standards are likely to remain as they are now. No change. 

Our children will be barred from the ERASMUS programme
UK access to ERASMUS will continue unconditionally until 2020. After that, the British Council, which funds and runs the UK programme, is committed to facilitating reciprocal access to Europe and the Commonwealth for young Brits. 

Our children's access to EU universities will be restricted
This is probably a good thing if it happens but is sadly unlikely. EU universities are utterly second rate and rank way below the UK's HE sector. The EU27 don't have a single university in the international Top Ten; the UK has four. However, if young Tarquin is so irredeemably stupid that he can't even get a place on the media studies course at Steeple Bumstead, I'm sure that the University of Ibiza will still give him a place on the English degree course. For a fee. 

Brexit will mean food prices will rise
The EU is deeply protectionist and maintains high food prices to ensure good incomes for EU farmers; imports to the EU are therefore heavily taxed. After Brexit it's entirely up to the UK whether to maintain these trade barriers or not - though there are implications for UK farm incomes if we scrap them. Whatever, the UK government will have its hands on the levers that determine retail food prices - and you can be reasonably certain that they will ensure no overall price rise, though the mix and origin of the nation's shopping basket may change. 

The NHS will collapse after Brexit without EU staff
Simply, Bollocks. See the NHS' own breakdown of staff origin. Many EU staff who have gone home since 2016 - a small part of a small part of total staff - have done so because the £ used to buy €1.40 but now only buys €1.12. That's quite a drop in incentive for a Polish nurse working in the SE and also having to pay rent. EU churn will be compensated for by additional worldwide recruitment.

Right. I'm fed up with this now. The remoaners talk so much bollocks one could continue indefinitely.


Dadad said...

It is impossible for T May to get a FTA within the 2 years. Totally impossible.

After our extra 2 years as a vassal state, we will then become a Third Country with a;ll that that entails.

APL said...

Raedwald: "I'm fed up with this now. "

Well, yea! It's as if we've been in the EU for four hundred years, not fourty.

Dave_G said...

As ever, this has never been anything to do with facts - it has always been propaganda and, being propaganda, at the mercy (or abuse) of the media who, for the major part, are controlled entirely by the Globalists and/or special interest groups.

The public aren't daft (generally) and will be fully aware of these facts but the media simply will not even state this as being the case but continually blur the lines between fact and fiction.

A concerted campaign to deride, expose and condemn the various media outlets would be the most useful thing we can do to counter this subversion. If you comment on news sites, bring them into disrepute with exposure of their lies. Complain to the BBC on each and every occasion of misleading (or outright lies) made by them. Use a 'standard letter of complaint - with space for date/time of transmission etc - as, even though your complaint is likely to be ignored/passed off, they still have to deal with them and the more they get the more they'll be concerned for the exposure they will (eventually) come under.

Write to your MP (again, a standard letter may suffice) demanding that due process be instigated for blatant abuse of privilege or malfeasance etc.

It's no good us all sitting hear and simply agreeing that 'something must be done' - even as armchair activists we can make a difference.

Budgie said...

Dave G, What you say is right and useful. However, the BBC are past masters at ignoring complaints. Some time ago I decided the only option was to not pay the TV Tax, so depriving the BBC of part of its income. That is the only real option we have to control the rotten BBC.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "The remoaners talk so much bollocks one could continue indefinitely."

Indeed. It is continually remarkable how little the Remains know about the institution they profess to love. They don't know how the EU is run, where the power lies, or how much it controls us.

Instead the Remains are self-satisfied with ad hominem attacks on Leave voters (we're thick, etc) and whinges about the leaving process. Of course appeaser Theresa is making a complete cox up of Leave, so it is an easy target.

Yet May is following Remain advice to keep us locked into the EU, and paying it lots of our money. It is another oddity: Remains don't like the consequences of their own advice.

Anonymous said...

Let us just hope that Nigel is correct and that in ten years the whole effin' EU collapses...

There is not going to be any brexit all the while we live under the tyranny of the two party socialist state.

jack ketch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mikebravo said...

Quite so Jack. We could start with using real words rather than made up nonsenses.

jack ketch said...

"real words rather than made up nonsenses."-mike bravo

You mean like the made up nonsensical 'word' "Brexit" ?

jack ketch said...

(repost because I put 'leavers' when I meant 'remainers)

I have to say, as someone normally counted in the Remainer camp, I wish I could claim those 'arguments' you list were simply BrexSShiteur propaganda/Project Fear and weren't at all common among Remainers. Unfortunately I can't.

It's embarrassing. Although I still think the 'Russians hackz0red brexit' was the Gold Standard of Remainer nonsense.

The whole thing would get a lot easier if we all just started dealing in facts, with the actual words on the actual paper.

mikebravo said...


I think most people will instantly understand the word "Brexit". It will have passed into common usage by now. It may even appear in the new Oxford Dictionary.

However, if you just wish to be obtuse, knock yourself out!

jack ketch said...

I think most people will instantly understand the word "Brexit"

Indeed but then again most will, on 2nd glance at least, understand the sig runes in BrexSShite and I dare say "SS" has been in the OED (as an abbreviation for Schutzstaffel) for some years already. However that wasn't my point, my point was that it was a little , dare i say, 'foolhardy' for you to describe 'BrexSShite' as 'made up'and 'nonsense' in a comment to a post which has the nonsense made up word 'remoaner' in the first sentence. Who knows, stranger things have happened, maybe "BrexSShite" as a spelling will also catch on and enter the hallows of the OED- as 'remoaner' almost certainly will. I wish I could take credit for it but I can't :(

BillyMarlene said...


Plus, BREXIT was preceded by GREXIT at the time of the Greek financial crisis. It is therefore a logical progression.

Oh, and don’t feed the puerile troll.

mikebravo said...

My response was to your call for people to deal in facts and actual words.
The use of the word 'remoaner' in the blog would seem commonplace in the context. Again it is a word that has passed into common usage.
However the mixing of SS runes and excrement with the wishes of people to leave the clutches of the EU eludes me. Perhaps I am a thicko and you can educate me?

jack ketch said...

"don’t feed the puerile troll."

As trolls are commonly anonymous (my real identity is no secret) and hard to get rid of (who of us can forget, as much as we might like, ol' Dickie Double Digits?) I feel I probably don't even rate as 'puerile'on the troll-o-meter.

Balanchine said...

Here's what I would do if I were in charge of the Brexit negotiations, just walk away, revert to WTO rules then use the money saved, some 11 billion a year plus the 40 plus billion we have agreed to give them in the first part of the negotiations so far, to refund and businesses affected by reverting to WTO. For instance, we export nearly 53 per cent of cars manufactured to the E.U generating 14.6 billion in income, so if under WTO rules cars are ten per cent dearer, then we give those manufacturers 1.46 billion. This would mean our cars could be sold at the same price as today, yet Cars imported to the U.K. from the EU. would be ten percent dearer. Currently we import some 44 billion pounds worth of cars from there, it would not take long for the manufacturers from all over Europe to push their governments and the E.U for a free trade deal with the U.K.

jack ketch said...

yet Cars imported to the U.K. from the EU. would be ten percent dearer. Currently we import some 44 billion pounds worth of cars from there, it would not take long for the manufacturers from all over Europe to push their governments and the E.U for a free trade deal with the U.K.

Actually the attitude of the German car industry is 'the brits who can afford to buy our cars will still buy them if more expensive, perhaps more so and where else our they going to buy from, how many English car makers are there left?'. German Industry and particularly the Car industry have been wargaming/running BrexSShite scenarios for years -doing all the research our government apparently hasn't, that's why they pushed so hard for the summit not to offer Cameron anything of value.

Dave_G said...

As I recall it, Cameron didn't ASK for anything of value and was 'given' even less. Par for the course by that despicable excuse of a leader.

jack ketch said...

@ Dave_G no dispute about that. Infact the only good thing about PMT.May is that she isn't Cameron! The only 'hard' thing about Cameron involved a pig's head. Oh Maggie that thou should livest at this hour! You know the tory party is doomed when you find yourself thinking kindly of John Major.

DeeDee99 said...

The EU is like the Wizard of Oz. It's only strong because it's big, showy and tells us it is. And the Globalist Elite have a vested interest in maintaining it.

For decades, they told us a series of lies in order to get and keep us in it and they aren't going to stop now. It's just that the lies are more transparent and more easily debunked because of the internet and those opposed to it can communicate and organise via social media.

If they had a positive reason for us to stay in the EU, they'd make it. But there isn't one that stands up to any degree of scrutiny. They rely on negativity; hyperbole; idiotic claims that don't stack up; bullying and young people who have been fed propaganda all their school/university lives and haven't learned how to think for themselves.

We must continue to fight back. If the Remoaners win this one, democracy will be dead and buried in the UK.

John Brown said...

The majority of those that voted remain at the time of the referendum either still believed that we could reform the EU or were scared by the EU supporters warnings of dire economic consequences if we simply voted to leave.

I think that if it comes to a second referendum many of these voters will have seen at last the futility of the former, especially with the announcement for an EU army, continued ambitions for further closer integration and plans for inward migration from the Middle East and Africa, and with the latter not actually happening.

Budgie said...

Theresa May was invented to make David Cameron look good.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, Your use of the term "BrexSShiteur" is mere ad hominem abuse. It has no merit unless you are about 13 years old in the school playground, where talking about shit and the SS may be considered daring.

Neither Leave voters, nor Remain voters, nor the EU, in general, have any real connection to the SS or its runes. Though given Walther Funk's plans for a unified European economy under German control, the EU is closer to the SS than Leave voters are.

The made up word "Brexit" seems unexceptional. "Remoaner" at least has a direct connection to the true observation that some Remain politicians do moan about Brexit. It is considerably less abusive than calling Leave voters "thick knuckle-draggers".

jack ketch said...

"Jack Ketch, Your use of the term "BrexSShiteur" is mere ad hominem abuse."

And calling Remainers 'traitors' (even if you think it true) or 'remoaners' or any of the other 'names' isn't ?

I agree that the connection to the SS themselves is non-existent , but 'SS' has long become shorthand to mean any sort of fascist/totalitarian body, movement or will perhaps recall the infamous "DH-SS" label of our youths? What makes me uncomfortable personally about my, or anyone's, misuse of 'nazi terms' is that it cheapens the suffering of the Holocaust and yes I feel the same way about the term '4th Reich' so beloved of BrexSShiteurs (although I can see reasoning behind it).

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, The term ad hominem not the equivalent of what may be considered abuse. Calling a thief a thief is not, as generally understood, an ad hominem attack if it is true.

I have no problem with the legitimacy of verbal abuse in general. But to escape being merely an ad hominem attack it must contain some truth and or humour, be appropriate in some way, and in context. The word "Remoaner" complies, the term "BrexSShiteur" does not.

Europhiles/Remainers who put the advantage of the EU (a foreign power, after all) before their own country, are by definition traitors, if English words are to mean anything. The description of traitor may be abusive, may hurt the feelings of said europhiles, but if it is true, then it is true and not merely ad hominem.