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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Impress and Ipso

This is a story in which there are no heroes, only villains. Press 'regulation' does absolutely nothing to eliminate fake news, bias, distortion, omission or misrepresentation in our national press; such things are accepted as part and parcel of newspapers. Some editors, such as Piers Morgan, unashamedly even faked photos and printed fiction when the real thing was scarce. For anyone of any sense, the best approach to newspaper reporters is to shun them utterly; anyone stupid or naive enough to believe that a newspaper will tell their story the way they describe it deserves the monstering they will undoubtedly earn.

So who exactly do the competing regulators Impress and Ipso protect? Well, the establishment for a start - politicians, fixers, political dags, the wealthy, the powerful, and then of course luvvies - actors, musicians and the like, those who seek to use the press for their own publicity. Them. Not us. Press regulators do absolutely nothing for you and I; absolutely nothing. 

So the Press are heroes then, fighting the rich and powerful on our behalf? Uhm, no. The papers are owned or directed by the same rich and powerful. Their aim is to stay rich by printing stuff that people want to read - and what people want to read about are other people, if not the establishment and the rich and famous then at least those endowed with enormous buttocks. Private Eye used to push the boundaries a bit but under Hislop has become flaccid and toothless, a sort of downmarket Punch with dirty print.

One of these pointless regulators was actually founded by Max Mosley who has spent much time and effort ridding the internet of images of himself naked and undergoing a sexually perverted act with a number of prostitutes. As a wealthy man who can afford to indulge his perversions, Mosley asserts his right to do so without fear of exposure. It's not an argument with which I care to engage. 

So there you have it. Impress and Ipso. Utterly pointless and nothing to worry about.


Cascadian said...

Destroy the political parties they put most of the corrupt "lords" in the house.

British serfs will have to read US newspapers or internet blogs to obtain their news, just like in former times. yUK is pretty much only good for false dossiers now anyway.

anon 2 said...

Fascinating that there are "No Comments" yet on this article, Raedwald!
Perhaps it's because your take on the situation is accurate.

Your observation sbout a wealthy and powerful person who can "afford to indulge [...] perversions, [and assert the] right to do so without fear of exposure" is key to recognizing the perversion practiced among those who play politics over us. He's not the only one, and they include newspaper magnates. It's at least 55 years since I was horrified to be told of such reality in an exotic holiday resort.
I should, perhaps, clarify that I refused to participate.

Similarly, you are spot on in referring to: "anyone stupid or naive enough to believe that a newspaper will tell their story the way they describe it" -- I once was such a naif who responded to a reporter regarding a friend who had died in an air crash. The published report twisted my comments completely.