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Monday, 26 February 2018

Crooked Phil Shiner still a shit

The Telegraph carries the story this morning of how crooked lawyer Phil Shiner, now struck-off, hid his assets to avoid paying for the costs of his campaign of dishonest and utterly morally corrupt  false and manufactured allegations against members of HM Armed Forces, devised as part of a crooked plan to deceive justice and get rich.
"The Insolvency Service discovered a trail that included transferring ownership of his £300,000 house in Birmingham and two guitars he valued at £3,500, to a family trust in December 2016. The terms of the trust allowed him to live in the property. He also sold two commercial buildings for a total of £550,000, transferring the money to his now defunct law firm Public interest lawyers. According to the Insolvency Service, he then took at least £170,000 out of the law firm to top up his pension by almost £95,000, putting the rest into a family trust.
Justin Dionne, Official Receiver from the Insolvency Service, said: “Mr Shiner thought he could be clever by giving away his assets to his family members so that when he declared himself bankrupt there wasn’t anything to pay his creditors with."
The man is an utter shit with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. What concerns me are the number of  Phil Shiners amongst the neolib Metropolitan elite still exercising their crooked avarice.  

I'll post again after the Corbyn speech - which could well prove a watershed for us all


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pedant, but

"utterly morally corrupt"

'utterly corrupt' is sufficient. Morals in our diverse society don't mean nuffink, Mussleman morals permit one to rape children simply because they are unbelievers, and there's evidence the British Police condone the practice.

And yes. Shiner is a shit. Maybe there's a case to bring back the old Outlaw statute, or invent one if it never existed.

Declare Shiner an Outlaw and thus outside the protection of the Law.

rapscallion said...

Personally, I'd allow him to fall into the hands of the families of the men he helped to ruin.

Smoking Scot said...

Your link is to the Premium Telegraph, so not available except subscribers.

This one's free to all.

And yes, anyone who made money out of false accusations against our troops is more than just a shit. Frankly he should be 1) made to speak to every soldier plus their next of kin, then 2) jailed if for no other reason than as a warning to others. Oh and sent to a jail where he's outed to fellow inmates.

I thought the Inland Revenue had the power to "see through" all these fronts. Certainly it's a gross miscarriage of justice to not claw back everything together with costs and accrued interest.

mongoose said...

Do they still have that nice military nick in Colchester?

Anonymous said...

"Do they still have that nice military nick in Colchester?"

Nah, too expensive.

How about we round up Blair ( and the Blair witch ), Alistair Campbell, David Cameron and drop them at night ( parachutes optional ) into Tripoli.

Anonymous said...

Phil Shiner in spec's that appear to have fallen out of a Xmas cracker.

jack ketch said...

Corbyn's speech was, as expected, a damp....gusset. Way to go Jeeza, it takes Bo Jo type talent to piss off BrexSShiters and Remainers alike.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'The man is an utter shit with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. What concerns me are the number of  Phil Shiners amongst the neolib Metropolitan elite still exercising their crooked avarice.'

You're not wrong there Raedwald, not so long ago creatures like Phil Shiner would have been thrown in prison - pecuniary advantage to himself was after all the main driver.

As for the rest just look at that Balls couple: the fat git who thinks he's some sort of economic sage and his virtue signalling wife? They've been at the trough for years having learnt from others how to flip their properties to max out their allowances even when they were both on cabinet pay grades. They disgust me.

There's an old boy I remember who used to walk down the road past my house to catch the bus to go to work every morning. Wife died in childbirth back in the fifties, never remarried and brought up his kids on his own. They were a credit to him. It was only when he died that the true story of who he was came out in the local echo. He was a former SAS soldier during the war, Military Medal and bar plus umpteen other medals.

Ask yourself why there were no Phil Shiner types back then? Different country is the answer because this bloke used to kill SS with his bare hands and Phil and his fellow travellers wouldn't like that today. God we're in such deep shit these days.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Let's not forget that Phil didn't achieve his mischief all on his ownsome - it was Public Interest Lawyers - plural.

I feel Leigh Day escaped a going over d/t their political connections.

It is still happening

eight inquiries over 15 years

You might or might not recall that the lawyer goons at MoD thought to out-Shiner Shiner. We should be regaled with the names of those responsible for the persecution'