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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Ignore fake Gouta 'outrage' - it's a smokescreen

With Agent COB revelations bubbling away as a foretaste of more news of Corbyn's past stupidity to come, as the deep establishment has now decided it's time to cut him off at the knees, it's a good time to take a look over to Syria. 

The manufactured horror in the Western media is peaking with 'humanitarian concern' over a rebel held pocket on the outskirts of Damascus. The press forgets that Russian-backed Syrian army re-taking of urban areas is brutal but thankfully rapid, with ground forces clearing house-to-house shortly after bone-numbing artillery and air attacks. Unlike US / Iraqi faffing about, with endless attritional bombardment including US White Phosphorus causing mass casualties because the ground forces won't risk themselves in combat. Not only is Syria's approach ultimately kinder, but the civilian population in the rebel area has already had every encouragement to move out into safety in the Assad-held areas but has chosen to remain. 

Media concern here is manufactured and is a smokescreen. Take a look at the current war map; ISIS have been all but vanquished, the Kurds have occupied territory from the Turkish border to the Euphrates, and the remaining US-backed Islamist rebel enclaves are shrinking. Assad must eliminate the rebel pockets around Damascus before a major offensive against the US / Turkish backed rebels holding land east of Latakia. We are now entering into the most dangerous stage of the war - in which Russian, Turkish, Iranian, Israeli and American ground and air forces are at high risk of direct conflict. 

 Der Spiegel has a good taste of the confusion now emerging on the ground;
What do a counterfeiter from Syria, an Iraqi-Afghan militia fighter under Iranian leadership and a Russian Cossack have in common? More than you might think. They all took part in a strange offensive involving around 300 men on Feb. 7 -- an attack force that was bombed by the U.S. as it crossed a pontoon bridge over the Euphrates River in an effort to capture one of largest natural gas fields in eastern Syria for the Assad regime. Located near the city of Deir ez-Zor, the so-called Conoco field had been wrested from Islamic State (IS) last September by Kurdish-led troops -- with the help of U.S. Special Forces who have been stationed in the area since then.

The Americans are using the Kurds to promote their own interests and the Turks, in addition to their own soldiers, are using anti-Assad rebels to fight on their behalf. Iran, meanwhile, has a diverse mixture of Iraqi, Afghan and Pakistani recruits under its command, in addition to its own people. Since 2013, the tens of thousands of troops under Iranian control have been propping up the regime of Bashar Assad. They are commanded, trained and financed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which wants to keep its Syrian ally in power at any price. One of these multinational Shiite militias was also involved in the attack on the Conoco gas field -- a collection of fighters straight out of a dystopian catastrophe film. 

Two local tribal militias also took part in the attack, including one controlled by counterfeiter Torki Albo Hamad. Once wanted in Qatar for murder and document forgery in Saudi Arabia, he was known in Syria for being the leader of a gang of highway robbers. In 2013, Damascus offered him money and impunity if he and his men would place themselves at the service of the regime.
This is the real story; the big boys are now playing out the end game for land, gas and oil, and our sucker media is just too easily distracted by planted fake news intended to turn our focus away from the important stuff. With the BBC still soundly smarting from the spanking it got over its wholly fake White Helmets reporting from Aleppo (there weren't any) they've fallen straight into this one. Perhaps when Czech intelligence officers branded Agent COB 'stupid' they didn't know he was representative of a whole cabal of 'stupid' at the heart of the British establishment.


Anonymous said...

I've commented elsewhere on this, the Gouta 'thing' is just like the blizzard of lies during the campaign to free Aleppo, the reports last night - other than a recruitment poster for disaffected south asian youf in this country, and as a deflection of PR away from the real conflicts - as you say R, the end game is afoot.

The real fighting will come about when the Alawites go in to clear their north eastern flank and the Turks - how will they see that?

The Kurds are the wild card and who knows what will happen with them, the Turks don't much like the new American friends neither do the Iraqis nor the Iranians and that would be a battle.

Sackerson said...

FYI - FB backgrounder post by Eva Bartlett on Kurds/Syria/Turkey/USA:

Dave_G said...

I find it rather disconcerting to think you believe that the media are 'distracted' or have 'fallen into...' anything when the media are, as ever, operating to orders.

Since when did the media report truthfully, accurately and responsibly when it comes to fabricating evidence to justify war? Which is clearly their objective.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I do like a meaty topic, and this one's a 24oz slab of juiciness cooked to perfection.

The illusion of the eradication of Daesh


Cascadian said...

No matter what the truth of the situation is, it is interesting that people now totally discount the narratives (fancy word for fairy tales) issued by the UN, BBC, multitudinous self-serving NGO's and most of what US State and Russian Foreign Affairs say. BBC's reputation has been shattered.

Individual reporters twitter feeds tend to be more reliable and less subject to stultifying PR think, onesuch is the twitter feed of Jenan Moussa, she appears agnostic as to whom she links to, allowing you to decide WTF is going on. You will see some reports of the usual hand-wringers and bed-wetters, ignore as you see fit, your mileage may vary, no person has the whole absolute truth of the situation.

Eventually I hope the Kurds get their homeland, and Assad prevails. May the Russians continue showing the USA how to subdue islamist nutters and the other factions increasingly fight amongst themselves while growing weaker. The mullahs in Iran are losing their grip, foreign adventures have been very costly, will they desert their expansionist endeavours?.

Anonymous said...

Is the 'gouta outrage' a deflection stategy by the tosserati in effort to steal the narrative away from charity bashing? I think it is.

yes i am a very big cynic and nothing is done without a egregious MO by the PTB, and sent out to televisual propaganda sites aka on the noos.

If the campaign is tanking every stone is upturned. They even occasionally sacrifice the odd MP.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, that was a very good comment; well pulled together. I tend to quibble that the players are more reactionary and less grand-design than you imply.

Moreover you hardly mention lslam which has far more influence over what is going on in the area than players even as great as Russia and the USA. Whilst we are glued to the TV over Jo Marney's crass tweets, real horror - slavery, rape, torture, mass killings, suburban war - is being carried out only three thousand miles away.

We need to look to our own defences more, and interfere in other countries less (yes, the Brits are meddling over there too, albeit in tiny numbers).