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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Martin Selmayr: Corruption at the heart of Europe

That the EU is institutionally corrupt is not news. The organisation has been known for many years to be riddled with fraud, peculation, dishonesty, misuse of funds, nepotism and an utterly obscure, secret and bent system of chumocracy appointments. Auditors cannot close its accounts, financial records are so incriminating and so embarrassing that they are kept in locked rooms with no public access. Parliamentary expenses are no more than a thin cover for naked theft and fraud, and all this crooked, bent, corrupt filth is hidden from press and public by common consent between the Council, the Parliament and the Commission. The midden stench from the Berlaymont chokes honest breath, and each and every Eurocrat is mired in the putrescent feculence that flows from Brussels. 

So it is simply astonishing that even these slime-dwelling creatures of the eighth Malbolge should find an act so corrupt, so blatantly devoid of any shred of probity, that it evinces a protest. But such is the appointment of Martin Selmayr to the Secretary-General's job - running all 33,000 of the EU's officials. 

Politico.Eu carries the detailed story - the French are fuming because it is alleged the Germans have bribed widely to secure their man in post, a man without any senior Brussels civil service experience. It's as though Jeremy Corbyn appointed Owen Jones as Cabinet Secretary. It also appears that Selmayr was aware he'd got the job before the selection process even started. 
"(Liberation journalist) Quatremer led the charge on Monday as the midday briefing turned into a veritable uprising, with reporters demanding that Selmayr himself come to the podium to answer questions about how he got his new job, whether the vacant positions were properly advertised and if other procedures were followed according to EU regulations.

“These institutions don’t belong to you,” Quatremer snapped at (Margaritis) Schinas in response to his assertion that all questions on the matter had already been asked and answered. “They belong to the European citizens, and it is our perfect right to ask you questions, to repeat the questions as often as we want, without you giving us lessons in morality,” Quatremer said before asking yet more questions.

“You say it was legal; the rules were respected,” he told Schinas. “It doesn’t look legal to me, and as a representative of French public opinion, I tell you there’s a problem here."
Right now they're all flinging enough ordure to ensure widespread coating. Well done, chaps.   

Update 17.27
Details of the German bribes are now beginning to leak ...



Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

As I blogged recently, the EU is essentially a private club. They appoint who they want.

terence patrick hewett said...

My spies tell me that William Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson are now undercover and travelling through Europe, hotly pursued by the Napoleon of Crime Martin Selmayr accompanied by his assassin and shikaree Kolonel Verhofstadt.

Information received is that they are now staying at a small hotel near to the Reichenbach Falls.

Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothing yet. Watch out for a certain M. Schulz to re-appear in the EU Turdocracy. Germany runs the EU, as the paymaster who's going to stop them..

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - love this post and have linked to it

jack ketch said...

Meanwhile in the yUK we have a prime minister so corrupt she stooped to bribe a bunch of Tangerine Treacherous Nazi Irish Cunts for their votes, and she only finally admitted to lying to us all last Friday. The Leader of the misnamed 'Opposition' is a secret agent for The Tufty Club, 00WillyWeasel.

Ah well, BrexSShite finalized (ie 'Canada Dry- so dry it blows away down the road ,like tumbleweed in a spaghetti western, where once unicorns lived ') it is refreshing to see the Germans are returning to their more traditional past time of getting one over on the French and the French whinging about it.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile we hear nothing from the BBC, except an undercurrent or full spate of anti-Brexit,pro-EU propaganda.

rapscallion said...

" and each and every Eurocrat is mired in the putrescent feculence that flows from Brussels."

What a wonderful turn of phrase Radders, with the added bonus that it so perfectly encapsulates the whole rotten and corrupt structure that is the EU and all its multifarious misdeeds.

A pox on their house!

Anonymous said...

jack ketch said @ 13:10

'Meanwhile in the yUK we have a prime minister so corrupt she stooped to bribe a bunch of Tangerine Treacherous Nazi Irish Cunts for their votes..'

You bring nothing to the debate Mr Ketch.




You know Theresa May is not corrupt. Nothing in her background suggests she's corrupt. Corruption involves personal gain. Given the numbers a political deal with the DUP was inevitable.

For personal reasons related to your citizenship you want a stop on the UK's withdrawal from the EU. You're the only one here who wants something for himself. Tell me again who is corrupt?


anon 2 said...

Seconded, Steve @ 14:45 ....
Personally I just scroll past and avoid reading the filth.

Otherwise - well I'm so glad people are finally aware of what the euSSR is about. 'Twas ever thus - and we tried to uphold a higher standard. Supping without any sort of spoon didn't help us, though. Whether we can ever recover from the poison remains to be seen.

Bill Sticker said...

Selmayr, the next unelected EU overlord. Who died and made him

Dave_G said...

Did Selmayr get the post through influential friends or does he have influence OVER those friends?

Such are the complicated links between those in the know eh? Follow the money. Well, not via their accounting processes anyway.....

Anonymous said...

Aye, when you think of some of the EU-turdocrats ex UK, ie; the likes of the wind baggery of kinnochios, the nonce of darkness mandelslime, clegg, brittan and that preposterous clown dame twanky Ashton, the bar is set so low that you need to dig ten feet under the ordure to find it.

Fuck them all and the Berlin machine, a pox on all their houses, please God to send them all, to rot in hell.

Budgie said...

Everything the EU hands out is stolen from European nations. Cash, or "rights". Yet it doesn't hand out everything it steals - it keeps some for itself. The EU is not just corrupt, it is fundamentally evil, built on lies.

Anonymous said...

3rdied, Steve, @ 14:45!

Mr Ecks said...

Never mind your horseshite Ketch.

These are the fucking corrupt scum that a traitorous crawling dog ( apologies to crawling dogs) like you would have bossing us around.

They also murdered a Slovak journalist who was trying to pursue his story about how the Itie Mafia is heavily involved with the scum of the EU in southern Europe. They killed him and within days the records he was trying to access for more info went up --the whole building destroyed in a mysterious fire.

They are scum Ketch. And you grab your ankles for them.

DeeDee99 said...

Lovely writing Mr Raedwald. Your command of English is superb.

Good luck to the journalists investigating the coronation of Selmayr; however, they've left it several decades too late to achieve anything. The EU is above democracy and is unaccountable. I expect its reaction to journalists with the temerity to ask impertinent questions will be rather similar to the reaction in Russia, or Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff, Radders - but it's a pity your admirable attachment to free speech (outlined the other day) extends to permitting the egregious J.Ketch to spray his bilious sputum across your blog's comments. I'd like to add some more useful (IMO) comment on Selmayr/Germany/Brussels, but am loth to share space with your resident poisonous troll who demeans everything he touches.

John Brown said...

For me the worst corruption is the way that the EU has used our money to bribe people and organisations to promote the EU.

Some of the bribery is relatively transparent, such as for the BBC, the CBI, the IMF, the OECD, the LSE, the RSPB etc. etc. as can be found at :

But the vast majority is completely hidden as can be judged by the fact that the EU budget has never been approved by its auditors.

James Higham said...

Great stuff. I think we have some things too - see Twitter.