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Monday, 30 April 2018

Disfunctional mandarins must be culled

You could pretty much stop any 177 bus at random in south London and comb-out a dozen illegals. At least half of them would be Nigerian - overstayers who came on student visas in the nineties and noughties with places in august institutions such as the Imperial College of Law and Business, 14 The Parade, Catford (above Morley's Chicken). The scam was known to just about everybody in the country except, it seems, the mandarins at the Home Office. When faced with a shouty minister demanding deportation targets, instead of random immigration checks on London buses (I promise you, a guaranteed haul with every stop) the muppets deported black Britons from the Caribbean, many of them a damn site more British than I am if you count time served. 

These are the same Home Office muppets that ushered scores of ex-Iraqi tank drivers into the UK because they declared that they were children. As the entire nation shouted 'Ref!' as files of men in their thirties climbed smilingly into luxury coaches those Home Office mandarins asked 'what?' It took two years to admit quietly that most of these swarthy stubbled blokes were in fact adults. 

It takes a certain stubborn stupidity to make errors so gross, so culpable, so utterly mindlessly inane and keep on making them again and again, but the senior civil servants running the Home Office have made a career of it. The minister has had to go, of course, and this is right. But if one of her muppets had explained to her that they would be deporting
... Dexter Bristol, here for 51 years, who died a year after being pushed out of his job as a cleaner and forced into penury for lack of a passport. There’s Gretal Gocan, an 81-year-old NHS nurse and granny who made her life here over decades and is now living in Jamaica, in poverty and isolation from her family, after being refused re-entry in 2010. There’s Winston Jones, a former railway worker evicted from his house shortly after having brain surgery and then presented with a £5,000 bill for his care.
then even Amber Rudd would have cavilled. 

As Brexit has shown, the top ranks of the civil service are in desperate need of root and branch reform. Criteria for promotion and selection for mandarin rank are clearly disfunctional if such pointless, useless muppets continue to be appointed to PUS and second and third tier posts. Ministers deserve more; Amber Rudd deserved more. For Gods sake, let's use Common Sense as a prime candidate criterion, not Common Purpose.


Sackerson said...

Speaking of Common Purpose, how if some subversive/s at the Home Office had deliberately targeted the Windrush Generation specifically in order to discredit the notion of immigration control?

DeeDee99 said...

I don't believe the Home Office is as dysfunctional as it appears. I believe much of the idiocy is deliberate: the mandarins and their minions don't approve of proper immigration controls or enforcement of the law when it comes to "asylum" seekers - so they deliberately subvert them.

What is certain is that someone in a reasonable degree of authority at the Home Office was drip-feeding information to either the Labour Party or the media or both. And, although I have no time for Amber Rudd as a Remainer, any Minister deserves better than that from their Civil Servants.

It's about time a decent investigative journalist thoroughly examined the activities of Common Purpose and how many of its "graduates" infest our public sector.

Stephen J said...

I am looking forward to the appointment of the new HS....

And your bets please?

My money is on David Lidington, erstwhile Minister for Yerp and a major remainer. With a re-instatement in the cabinet of Grieve or Morgan.

The most senior proper candidate would be Gove, but that is unlikely.

And people like me who think that our government should be paying attention to democracy, would if PM be appointing JRM, ennobling Farage and making him PM at my own expense.

First head on the block, Olly whatever 'is name...

And I mean on the block, he is treacherous.

jack ketch said...

Its obvious that 'Windrush' is a Remainer plot...and a beautifully crafted, exquisitely timed one at that and bearing all the hallmarks of Senior civil servants. The Applebys have come off the fence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you say, except:

'..many of them a damn site more British than I am if you count time served.'

Who you are is not an idea Raedwald. Ship's navigator William Adams, the first Englishman to enter Japan in 1600, and stayed there till his death in 1620:

In 1613, the English captain John Saris arrived at Hirado in the ship Clove, intending to establish a trading factory for the British East India Company.. Saris criticized Adams for his praise of Japan and adoption of Japanese customs:

He persists in giving "admirable and affectionated commendations of Japan. It is generally thought amongst us that he is a naturalized Japaner." (John Saris)

Though he adopted many of their ways and spoke the language fluently Adams was never Japanese and both his rivals, the Spanish and Portuguese, regarded him as an English Protestant - which of course he was.


Dave_G said...

[DD said] - It's about time a decent investigative journalist...,

....don't we all wish!!! If there are any out there then they are either well hidden or well suppressed.

If we had just ONE famous-name reporter that put principle before payment and stood up, on live television or in media print, and 'told it like it was' such that people's eyes were opened to the deceit and lies of the MSM and establishment then they would receive approbation from a grateful public - but probably some form of nerve agent from our Government.

No one is holding their breath on this.....

As for Rudd's replacement - different face, same sh1t - guaranteed.

Poisonedchalice said...

On R4 this morning, the talk was all about *illegal* immigrants and targets. Well why shouldn't there be targets to deport *illegal* immigrants? The whole discussion focus was shit and poorly crafted. Maybe deliberately.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald's recent posts appear to me as preparation for war. Too, this one to prepare the Home Front. In any war, the Home Office is very important, but in the "multi-cultural" war for the survival for the soul of the nation, it is the most important.


Stephen J said...

Yes and no DP111...

I can't help thinking that these people offer the kind of help that Sybil Fawlty was describing when she was trying to persuade Basil to stay put in his hospital bed.

Budgie said...

DeeDee99 said: "I don't believe the Home Office is as dysfunctional as it appears. I believe much of the idiocy is deliberate: the mandarins and their minions don't approve of proper immigration controls or enforcement of the law when it comes to "asylum" seekers - so they deliberately subvert them."

Well said DeeDee99 (and Sackerson); and a really good post, Raedwald.

Budgie said...

And of course Brexit is also being subverted by the mandarins. They like the cosy arrangements with their fellow euro civil servants; the power and importance it gives them. They thought that the Brexit vote was a "disaster" (quote from my source at the FCO), so the galloping mess we've got now is largely down to them. Oily Robbins must be sacked. And if Theresa May tries to protect him so must she be.

rapscallion said...

The upper echelons of the Civil Service are not stupid and not uneducated; in fact I would say that most of them have had the best education the country has to offer. Therefore the only logical conclusion I can come to is that what they have done was quite deliberate. How many times have we heard of people who lived here all their lives, worked hard, paid taxes, brought up families (bar a few months, when they were born abroad to British Parents), and bugger me if they aren't the first on the list to be deported, whereas someone who so obviously has no connection to this country whatsoever gets housing, benefits and God only know what else provided for them, It's enough to make your blood boil.

We need a British version of Trump who will drain our festering swamp in Whitehall. Heads most roll.

jack ketch said...

was a "disaster" (quote from my source at the FCO)-Budgie

I suspect, your source actually phrased it somewhat more emphatically than best (if your source is of an age and breeding) a 'bloody disaster'.

Dave_G said...

As an exercise in cynicism how about making some social media announcements on the lines of 'immigration checks will be carried out, at random, on all London Bus passengers on Thursday'......

and give all 'real' Londoners a day where they ride an empty bus..??

...and proving Radders point as an afterthought?

Anonymous said...

Oily robins nutjob is a very unelected but quite beyond all understanding is, a powerful man. Robins, boldly exhibits all that is wrong with the senior mandarins. Ho humbug, PPE Hertford college Oxford, is, an unabashed, unashamed apologist for the excesses of the Soviet era and all that they did, economic murder and genocidal lunacy.

Their mantra (listen to coryn's lot) it's the same old shit, 'Communism will work, it just hasn't been tried properly' and know it, the EU is, once it becomes, army coming, the western Soviet or federal if you like but Empire all the same, will be their new effort to building Utopia, paradise on earth. How lucky are we the proles, it just doesn't get any better cos our betters are all sorting us out to sort it out!!!

Daily Mail link

Theresa May's Brexit chief defended the Soviet Union and expressed regret that it collapsed, it was claimed last night.

Oliver Robbins penned an article reeling off the totalitarian country's 'achievements' and said it became a state 'its people could be proud of', according to reports.

He bemoaned its demise following the fall of the Berlin Wall as it left a world in which there 'appears to be no alternative to the mad excesses of capitalism'.

And he said the Communist experiment collapsed because of the 'unfair conditions' of its Tsarist Russian past - rather than the murderous regime's fundamental flaws.

His sympathies for the totalitarian state were laid bare in an article he wrote while a student at Oxford University in the 1990s.

Born 1975, how would he know, but others should know better, his senior lecturers and teechurs perhaps?

A Grandly wasted opportunity, Education is no progenitor, nor source, facilitator of common sense.

Though maybe not wholly Oily's fault, screeching childman, there, there laddie.
The world of academia is stuffed up to the nightmarish spires with, Marxist artifice, conjurers of false narratives, deviant lecherers full of their own importance and tattoed with Frankfurt School precepts etched into their foreheads and core. If you ever seek to lift the coffin lid, to disentomb who, where the nation was undone, start in Oxford and Cambridge where the Marxists have run the show since before the 'Cambridge Five'.

It's not just academia, the civil service, UK establishment TPTB; it is the judiciary, right across the spectrum of the political sphere, in the media as it pervades the gravy trainers, the corporate oligarchies and the poisoned Socialist horde and London wankerati.
Indeed, they fashion with their mates in Brussels and Berlin a new world order, done under the auspices of the EU-UN and transnational 'law makers' - no one voted for them, and soon they will not need the imprimatur of joe and joanna public, if they ever desired, listened to, needed their opinion in the first place.

Verily, freedom is off limits, independent thought treated by the law as treasonous - an upside down world it is. Observe that, the people's will be damned, thus to do as ordained, mind you, 'twas ever thus, they just got better at it. By removing the nation state, riddling the institutions with their useful idiots (like oily) is going on swimmingly, no wonder they and with a vengeance abhor the very idea of Britain leaving the EU = it must not be allowed.

Only violence civil war can be the conclusion to be visited, unless we are allowed to leave the Empire.

Mr Ecks said...

Sackerson --and even the vile Ketch--call it right.

The Windrush caper is deliberate sabotage by the scum of the Senior Civil Service.

Which is why they ALL need to be sacked en masse without a penny compo and with their pensions confiscated.

We will see how well "Sir Humphrey" does when the fence is stuck right up his arse.

Anonymous said...

I heard the Home Office was setting up a new charity called 'Shave the Children'

Anonymous said...

Oh believe me; Dexter, Gretal et al weren't deported inadvertantly. They were deliberately targetted so that the bossy, huffy Head Girls could say "WE TOLD YOU SO !" when they were all but forced by the people to tackle out of control immigration.

What was delivered was a London Leftist's version of what he/she thought was a bigot's immigration control.

I can tell you though. I would not emigrate to another country and be able to sleep until the paperwork was sorted out and I had evidence of my citizenship. I am from a culture which is not nearly so relaxed about such things.

All we ever wanted was a sensible Australian/Canadian type system.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 17:19

'All we ever wanted was a sensible Australian/Canadian type system.'

You'll get nothing sensible 'ere mate, that all ended in the last decade of the 20th century. Immigration will be the defining matter for the remainder of this century. They've made it that way the Globalists; people must flow as easily as money, turning humans into fungible items is their highest goal.


Anonymous said...

A PPE degree from Oxford is definitely not the best education this country has to offer.

A science or maths degree from Cambridge, or perhaps a degree in one of the biological sciences from Oxford, would be much better.

A degree in computer games design from Teesside would be a better education than PPE from Oxford.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

rapscallion said...We need a British version of Trump who will drain our festering swamp in Whitehall. Heads most roll.

But that man, will have to deal with the same hostility that Pres Trump faces - direct and open hostility from each and every one of the security services- CIA, FBI, open hostility from the City of London - Gold,man Sachs etc, and the media led by the BBC.

I'm astounded that Pres Trump has not caved in, given that he is being accused of every sexual and non-sexual sin on earth.


Anonymous said...

I discovered the Barcelona Accord 2 weeks ago. An agreement dating from 1995 ( with addenda) allowing free movement of people and trade between 9 Muslim countries and the UK. It did, of course answer a question as to why there were Iranians here. I refer to my original comment on this blog re DJT namely that he loves his country and that was good enough for me to support him. The Gov here is all of the above comments and highly dangerous to this beloved island.