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Friday, 11 May 2018

David Davis' next trip should be to Italy

There is a sort of universal comprehension dawning that having given Mrs May a chance on Brexit she's cocked up and will deliver no more than a dog's dinner of a mess, that Brexit may take twenty years and that the vested interests of the senior political class from mandarins to peers who have spent their entire lives helping create the EU won't end them by seeing their life work destroyed. So we need a change of tactics. The quick, clean, amicable break and then business as normal is so far off the table it missed the swill bin on its way out. So we must pursue the attritional campaign instead, and the gloves are off. 

David Davis should make Italy his next port of call. Priapic jailbird Berlusconi has been kicked overboard, wrecking the dreams of the Brussels mafia that an old colleague familiar with gross corruption, illegality, criminal governance and fraud would resurrect the old EU-Italian relationship in all its past criminality. They now have to face ideologues M5S and Lega, both committed to their nation more than they are to their offshore bank accounts and their bent chums in the Berlaymont. We should make allies of them, and offer support. The UK loves Pininfarina, Parmesan and Prosecco and there will always be a place here for Italians. We should offer the co-operation of the City in their resurrection of the Lire by the back door and help them to find a way to walk away from their Target 2 debt to Germany. 

Likewise the Visegrad group. Neither Poland nor Hungary are natural fans of Britain (Poland blames us for not intervening militarily either in September 1939 or January 1945, and I don't know why Hungarian history dislikes us, but it does) and we could use a diplomatic push mission. Poles have the lowest breeding rate in Europe and paying a bit of UK child benefit is a small price to pay to help implement the Polish government's plea to its people to 'breed like rabbits'

Elsewhere we should use the Secret Intelligence Service to help destabilise the EU just enough to keep them constantly on the back foot but not enough to destroy the fragile alliance. We need to support all efforts to make Germany explosively excrete her gold and demolish her Target 2 credits. We need to appeal directly to French farmers, giving vehicles bound for farmers' markets in SE England preferential clearance, quietly encouraging cross-border tax evasion and petty smuggling, the sort of thing that the Kermit farmers love but the Quay d'Orsay hates. 

We must also dismiss May with the contemptuous disdain with which we threw out the dilettante Cameron but only when the time is right. And we must prepare to allow Corbyn two or three years of destroying the country and economy.

It's time for the gentlemen to go out and for the players to come in. 


DeeDee99 said...


It's time to resurrect a modern version of Churchill's Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

You make good points here Raedwald, but I reckon that the N in the W, or the E in the R is not Mrs. May, but those that engineered her into getting her current job, over the various other non-entities that could also have won a ballot.

The permanent secretariat at the various offices of state are the tail wagging the dog, and any one of these who has been in office for longer than 5 years should be fired, any that "can't do" like robbins and those in the IRC that can't get their ducks in a row before 2023 should be fired.

These are the people that made sure that the "fish faced cow"™ was slotted into number 10, they knew that for her, just getting the job was enough, and that she is malleable and will do whatever she is told in order to keep it.

These "experts" are only expert at one thing, and you hint at it in your piece, they are good at building and maintaining their personal fiefdoms, without a care for democracy (the boss, as that fraud carswell called us). They have no more understanding of the dynamic nature of the world than you or me, they just put up an argument that usually persuades the thickest members of society, the politicians.

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

>We must also dismiss May with the contemptuous disdain with with we threw out the dilettante Cameron but only when the time is right.

That time is now. (Actually it was months ago, But now will do.)

jack ketch said...

and I don't know why Hungarian history dislikes us,

Neither do I. I do know that the only time I speak English with The Bestes Frau In The World is if we are in the Netherlands. A lot of the old , justified, resentments there have died with the older generations but there still remains a natural distrust of the Germans. Totally understandable and unlike the Brits the Dutch don't whinge on and on about it. BUT when we are in Hungary we speak German not only among ourselves but also if we need to ask a Hungarian something. Like all normal people we don't speak Hungarian (beyond a few phrases) but we have found asking for directions in English is a bit of a faux pas. Ask in German and the Magyars fall over themselves to help, ask in English and you get the help (their eyes firmly on the tourist $) but without a smile and curt. Yet the German behaved disgracefully in Hungary during the war, far more so than in the Netherlands. Mind you the younger generations now tend to speak McEnglish instead of German.

I assume it has something to do with the Hungarians being genetically and linguistically closer to Mongolians than Europeans and having been a slave nation to the Austro-Hungarian Empire....paradoxically.

Raedwald said...

Jack - yep, my experience too. In Hungary I replace the velcro Union Flag patch on my rucksack with the Irish tricolour ...

If you've done the castle / citadel tour, with German PAK and '88s artillery lovingly preserved on the ramparts, and the number of families with relatives who served in Russia with the 2nd Hungarian army, you can understand why they admire the to-the-death defence of Budapest by the Waffen-SS, even though it destroyed the city. Like the Poles, they loath the Russians much more than the Germans, and we opened the second front and helped them. They have a quiet reverence for Admiral Horthy, who lived out his days in Portugal untouched, after whom German 'occupation' lasted only one year, compared to 40 years of the Russians. And 1956.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Some thoughts on this can be seen at:

John Brown said...

We simply need to act like other EU countries and turn a blind eye to EU fraud in the areas which bring monetary gain and advantages to the UK.

Such as being the last, rather than the first, to implement EU rules, regulations and directives which are not in our national interest and when we do, simply not enforce them or employ totally insufficient numbers of enforcement officers.

Or pretend that companies are privately held when in fact they are in the control of the state.

Such as fraudulently upping any EU subsidies on offer as southern EU countries did with their olive groves.

Ignoring trade sanctions as Germany did with its export of generators to Crimea or ignoring the EU directives on climate change and instead of reducing our fossil fuel power stations increase their number as Germany is currently doing.

Or promote technical fraud to enhance product sales as the Germans have done with their diesel emissions cheating devices and for which the EU has taken no action at all.

Or find clever wheezes to get around subsidy regulations, such as the Germans do with their government awarding “research” contracts.

Or use the excuse of providing “research” to continue with EU banned activities, such as the Dutch do with their pulse fishing.


MI6 should be tasked with infiltrating Berlaymont and all EU institutions and find ways to defeat or avoid the EU regulations.

The problem is that our establishment are so full of themselves that they believe in “noblesse oblige” in all EU matters and we have been taken to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

We are being treated as the mentally challenged country cousin quite simply because we have, for the last 40 years, behaved as such. We thought the common market, EC, EU (and soon to be USofE) is a jolly trade club. We are the fools. At last at the 11th hour we realise that the whole plan all along is to create a single political entity, under the firm guiding hand of Berlin. (Germany wins!) Are we too late, perhaps. I think the other European nations may just be beginning to realise what's in store for them. Surely the mean-spirited, arrogance and downright rudeness of the EU bureaucracy can now be seen. It's a simple choice; do as you're told by Berlin, via EU directives and the Euro Central Bank, based in Frankfurt, or go full on FREEDOM!

Dave_G said...

Can anyone see this situation being resolved by anything other than conflict (regional or global) or 'simple' economic collapse?

Sometimes I wish for either just to get it over with - it worked for the Icelandics after the last financial crash.....

Either way, all I see is a constant can-kicking and no serious movement towards a resolution of ANY sort. It is, I have to say, OUT OF CONTROL and current efforts are simply drawing a veil over the inevitability of it all.

Oh, and congratulations to Jack for making a sensible post that didn't include the B***schit word.

jack ketch said...

Oh, and congratulations to Jack for making a sensible post that didn't include the B***

Probably just a glitch in my medication regime.

Anonymous said...

Let's imagine for a moment that it's Friday the 29th March 2019 and we find our withdrawal from the European Union has somehow been put on hold or we find ourselves still in the single market and/or the customs union. Now, a lot of people have been looking forward to this day: 33 months since Leave won the vote and expectation has been building. What the nation does next will determine whether we have a democracy come Monday morning. I predict a riot.


Thud said...

Nice ideas and one can dream but sadly not going to happen.As for corby and co....after one term they would be dug in for life.

Ravenscar. said...

"Admiral Horthy"

"Admiral"?? - I thought that you were taking the piss R!

In the Austro-Hungarian pedaloes service.

Mind you, we (in benighted Britain) .......once had a navy - doncha know!

As to your post, and in echo, as someone said earlier, if that nutter compo is elected - there won't be another (election).

Elections cancelled by the Bolsheviks, until that is, after the, what will be a consequence of the Marxist scourge - civil war.

Cascadian said...


The entire team of Brexit negotiators need to be dismissed tomorrow, they are nothing but a lack-lustre bunch of defeatists. At a time when you need a Trump-like leader you have Davis clown show and Ms Maybe trying ever so painfully to change NOTHING and concede everything.

Farage is the man for that job, he could tell the EU to fuck off and start some real negotiations with Hungary, Poland, Italy, Greece to create as much discontent within EU as possible, but that will not prove enough, yUK must desist from all payments immediately let EU fight for them through the courts. If EU pensioners and workers are hurt -too bad, their particular gravy train has chugged along a bit too far. The EU is in a particularly precarious economic state this year should yUK, Poland, Greece, Hungary default on their remittances disaster will surely follow.

As to the bureaucracy, they need to be told they are only there to implement what is agreed, they are not required for give advice norcreate unworkable plans. Who could do that certainly not Maybe so she must go, who then? I dunno the whole British establishment is riddled with appeasers and time servers.

As a symbol of what May and Davis believe in, go take a look at the dismal EU consultation for the future of Europe here

this is the socialist paradise they hope to create-a living nightmare of unfunded stupidity.

Budgie said...

Raedwald this part is true: "There is a sort of universal comprehension dawning that having given Mrs May a chance on Brexit she's cocked up and will deliver no more than a dog's dinner of a mess ...". The rest I fear is fantasy.

Our establishment is institutionally Remain, they are afraid of our own nationalism whilst appeasing others, they have no confidence in us and would like to elect another, they frantically wish the clock turned back to 2015.

We Leaves don't want to be "in" the EU's single market; we don't want the EU's customs union; we don't want our military, diplomatic and security policies run by Brussels; we don't see why the EU should have our fish; there is no legal reason why we should pay the EU more money for our fake leave than if we had stayed. In short, we voted to Leave. But this establishment will never accept it.

Scrobs. said...

It won't be Joe Corbyn wrecking the country, it'll probably be David Miliband!