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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Miliband the Bottler crawls back - the first of many

David Miliband, the man termed a 'coward' by journalists for getting the press all excited about challenging Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership and then bottling it, has crawled back to the UK from his 'charidy work' in the US hoping no doubt to win a place leading a new left-centre party without having to fight anyone for it. Their rallying point is to reverse Britain's democratic decision to leave the EU. But then he was a man scorned as a popular brand of seedless orange - a reference to his lack of fertility rather than his faith, I gather.

Meanwhile, those on the exit side who currently have no option other than voting Conservative or not voting at all are watching carefully for the emergence of a new pro-Brexit party before 2022 for whom to cast a ballot. Nothing too right-wing - neo-Thatcherite would do nicely. With a little clear water between the new party and the politics of race-hate that characterises those scorned as 'Gammons' by the new left (who in return, it's fair to say, are termed 'Soy-Boys'). Racists in need of a home can always try one of the far-right clones on offer - I think there are currently two, but I may be mistaken. Neither will win anything, but their members can console themselves with the racial purity of their votes or something.  And I know some of you will give me a kicking for that - but I feel obliged to re-state from time to time that I support a distinct British identity open to anyone of whatever colour, creed, sex or faith, that I am utterly hostile to ideologies inimical with Britishness but welcoming to any minority persons wanting to join the club.  

New parties of left and right may rise, but they will also become subsumed into our parliamentary duopoly. Or rather 2½ party system. It all comes down to votes - the blue party now needs to consolidate Hovis-land and the red party needs quinoa-chewers and Waitrose-shoppers. 

Does this mean the poles are about to flip? That the Conservatives, traditionally the party of the South-East of England, becomes the party of the Midlands and North, whilst Labour deserts its Northern heartlands and settles-in within the M25? Interesting.

So of course we'll see all the dags, liggers and chancers such as Miliband drifting back; prepare for names and faces you haven't seen for a decade or more suddenly doing interviews on 'Today' or popping up on 'Newsnight'. We're in for another of those major political re-alignments. Now is the time for the millionaires and billionaires to place their stakes and buy their players, currently on options contracts of course until Brexit pans out a little more.  

One thing is certain; those of we polemicists who subside on a mix of satire and cruel invective won't be short of targets for a year or two.  


Stephen J said...

I can't see any new parties emerging, we are still a one party state.

The anti-democratic civil service party ensures that no change can ever happen here.

New faces come to the fore and old ones are sent to frighten us, but only as long as there is no real threat.

Our vote to leave the EU was a huge challenge and the jury is still out, but it is not looking good for those on the leave side, the risk of a brino is massive.

A general election or a change of blue leader is a possibility, but I think unlikely all the time that Treason (Fish faced cow™) holds her nerve and continues to ignore us in the way that she has done so well so far... There is a drip feed of platitudinous words, but absolutely no weakening of the desired aim of not leaving the EU, not so that anyone on the remain side will notice anyway.

I reckon offering a blue passport made in england might just secure victory.

Smoking Scot said...

Not just Miliband, Clegg also.

Just gave a brief thought to what that might mean if they succeed. Not nice, there is evil in each of them.

Tony Harrison said...

right-writes:It's our electoral system, not just the entrenched fonctionnaires of Whitehall, which makes it all but impossible for new parties to gain headway.
RW: I presume your "welcoming to any minority persons" is selective on the basis of advanced qualifications, fluency in English, very evident skills that are in short supply, proven readiness & ability to integrate...? Such people can and perhaps should gain UK passports, though they can never be English: you can never become Austrian, but at least you fit in with a great deal of shared European heritage and genes, and I dare say most Austrians would at first glance take you for one of their own.
Worried by your use of "racist" - a term so debased by constant repetition in Guardian columns that it is worthless. I am educated, fairly prosperous, culturally aware, middle class, and not a knuckle-dragging crypto-fascist; but Guardian readers, the BBC, and perhaps even you, might term me a "racist" because I believe re immigration we should indeed discriminate in favour of fellow Europeans and folk from the Anglophone world. The face of much of urban England has been made un-English through being annexed by people from the Subcontinent and elsewhere. I deplore & detest this, and will never forget the culpability of our political class in allowing it to happen.

John in Cheshire said...

I know it's still Spring but I'm hoping against hope that with Cleggy and his gang, we've now seen the Last of the Summer Whine.

jack ketch said...

Miliband? Who?

jack ketch said...

I reckon offering a blue passport made in england might just secure victory.

You are not entirely wrong. Had PMT.May said 'We are leaving but we are going Back to The Future , to a Britain closely relating to the Britain of Thatcher; Blue passports, scrapping the nanny state, referenda on corporal and capital punishment, scrapping of Foreign Aid, University grants not loans (and we'll pay for your kids to Eurasmus)' then she could now be sitting there with a killer majority and the DUP cast out into the Darkness. ...and I don't mean that Glam Rock band from Norfuck.

Anonymous said...

"I support a distinct British identity open to anyone of whatever colour, creed, sex or faith, that I am utterly hostile to ideologies inimical with Britishness but welcoming to any minority persons wanting to join the club."

This is far too widely drawn. Even the most 'racist' or 'xenophobic' person can usually cope with an individual 'other', it is the numbers that make a difference. Walk the leafy suburbs of Solihull or Birmingham and the chances are that the first woman that you will see will have her head covered. The front and back gardens are being paved over so that granny can sweep them, bent double, with her bunch of twigs. The houses have extensions built on top of extensions to accomodate her and her daughters. This is colonisation, not of the Indian sort when a few administrators and miltary officers held the top jobs, but of the North American kind, where the aboriginals are retreating to reservations, (like Austria?), but without the benefit of a treaty with the invaders.
And yet they all fit your (and the government's definition of British). You can keep a dog in a stable but it will never be a horse, and dogs breed faster than horses.

rapscallion said...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to discern that the little show put on yesterday by Millitwat (coward), Cleggpiece and the perennial tory traitor Morgan is controlled by Tiny effin' Blur. Not one of these people can claim ever again that they are democrats, they despise democracy especially when it throws up the unwanted result. Like the odious Alibhai-Brown and the onanist Parris they whinge, whine and generally bitch because for the first time in a very long time they have suffered a major defeat, and boy are they pissed about it.

Like Tony, I have an issue with this racist lark. I work very much on the basis that Englisyh/British is my culture and Caucasian is my race. I am aware that there are some 29 different varieties of caucasian but in general they go across borders, not stop at them. Ethnically speaking a Latvian and a Finn a more similar than they are to someone from the Netherlands, but they are still both Caucasian. In the same vein a Black Briton and a white Briton simply cannot be the same race; culture perhaps but not race.

right-writes is correct, but I have to say that it has always been this way. What does change is the make up of the "Establishment". A hundred years ago, just about everybody is a public office was white and male and for the upper echelons they had in all certainty come from either the nobility or the upper classes. Not so today. England and later Britain has evolved to what it is because TPTB recognised that it could not advance by its instransigence - a lesson the Bourbons and Romanovs did not take on board.

Often it seems that change is too slow, but the Brexit vote was a very major change and TPTB know it. This is an existential battle because if they win, then democracy in these isles is dead for a very long time. We will be ruled by an elite and will have no recourse. If we win, we will advance the cause of democracy and the nation state, and by our efforts stop Europe falling into the abyss for the third time in a century.

madasahatter said...

time we backed the harrowgate agend you know it makes sense

Cuffleyburgers said...

T Harrison "It's our electoral system, not just the entrenched fonctionnaires of Whitehall, which makes it all but impossible for new parties to gain headway."

Wrong. You are quite right about the entrenched functionanires of whitehall, and sacking's too good for most of 'em.

However the electoral system although hideous does work. 20 years ago, even 10, it would have seemed impossible to get out of the EU. UKIP even though they didn't win very many seats in parliament won enough at council level to frighten the living daylights out of mainstream parties and eventually that sustained pressure combined with the incompetence of the tin eared despots of bruscles enabled the impossible to happen.

The alternative to the evolved system we have is some sort of invented imposed top down (and likely PR) system which can only deliver continental style governments.

FPTP has its faults but rather that than the hideous alternative.

Tony Harrison said...

Cuffleyburgers: Feel free to disagree with my assessment but please don't simply assert that I'm wrong. I have already acknowledged that UKIP/Farage achieved major change - but in the end it's bums on seats in Parliament that show the peasantry their views are being represented. If I cannot have someone in Parliament whose views I share as my representative, then I feel disenfranchised - as I've done since the early '90s at least... There are various alternative voting systems, and we are not obliged merely to copy this or that system from the Continent. FPTP delivered Blair a 2nd term in 2001 on the votes of 25% of the electorate - to my mind, very much a "hideous alternative".

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Labour is already mostly an urban party. They don't win much outside the cities.

The 'switch' has already happened in the US. The Democrats now do better in the cities, the North and coastal regions, while the Republicans do better in the South, central, and rural areas.

Dave_G said...

FPTP has its supporters and critics but NO voting system works if those we elect fail to act on the wishes of the electorate.

Brexit is the key to this. Which political party (current, proposed or whatever) do you think would action Brexit the way the PEOPLE want it actioned?

Vote for THEM.

I've been looking at Britain First.

Anonymous said...

David Miliband works for the International Recue Committee in New York.

The International Rescue Committee is funded by George Soros's Open Society Foundation, which is based in New York.

George Soros is a friend of Irwin D. Simon, the CEO and owner of Hain Celestial, which is based in New York.

Hain Celestial owns the Tilda Rice brand and the Tilda rice factory in Kent is where David Miliband gave his speech to the media yesterday.

This folks is how corporate communism works. More powerful and connected than any government you can think of, excepting one, or two maybe. So who controls it? Who wants us to stay in the EU; who wants the EU to become the United States of Europe; who wants all this mass immigration, this churning of populations?

Why is Raedwald so blind?


Budgie said...

The principle behind the deconstruction of the British Empire was that indigenous peoples have the right to rule themselves. Most British people subscribe to that ethos, and don't regard it as "racist".

Except when it is applied to the English, or sometimes even the British. Then it is confidently described as "far right", "race hate" etc, by the non-gammon bores who sneer at the "racial purity" supposedly desired by those who find this two faced approach somewhat puzzling.

Come on Raedwald, you've got to do better than that.

Budgie said...

Steve, Class research. Well done.

jack ketch said...

*is enjoying watching all the Little Englanders/Racialists and xenophobes getting their lacy red-white-and blue panties in a bunch....which he suspects was Raed's intent*

Budgie said...

I talked to a young (20) Corbynista at the election count last week. He trotted out a porridge of cliches and slogans. So I asked what he meant by "right wing" because I wanted to know if he'd thought about what he spouted. He had no idea. It was just an empty slogan which he'd presumably picked up from his SWP mentors.

He enthused over the new "fresh" "young" ideas in Labour. The fact that his adored leader is older than me and hasn't moved an iota since the mid 1970s seemed to have passed by him completely. Newness seemed to be more important than rationality.

Budgie said...

Madasahatter, The Harrogate agenda never made sense. The EEA agreement was only offered to the EFTA to tempt their establishments into the EU's control, whilst disguising the EU takeover. We don't want the EU, the EU's SM, the EU's CU, the CJEU, open-door migration, EU control of our fish, or any of the other EU traps. Even Remain said we would be leaving that lot if we voted Leave. Well, we did, and that's what we expect.

Anonymous said...

Budgie said @ 17:46

'Steve, Class research. Well done.'

Thanks. The interweb is your friend - that and a row of blue sacks with the name Tilda on them.

jack ketch said @ 17:59

'*is enjoying watching all the Little Englanders/Racialists and xenophobes getting their lacy red-white-and blue panties in a bunch....which he suspects was Raed's intent*'

No it wasn't Mr Ketch, because he said:

'And I know some of you will give me a kicking for that - but I feel obliged to re-state from time to time that I support a distinct British identity open to anyone of whatever colour, creed, sex or faith..'

He was simply stating his position, which he knew would draw criticism from some his readers.

I'm an ethno-nationalist Mr Ketch, someone who thinks about his own folk in a non-political way. When I look at my folk I don't see actors, I see history and a massive struggle along the way. Most of the world thinks like that. I'm an Englishman, my identity is non-negotiable: no one can take it from me and I can't give it away. Identity like that is normal in humans Mr Ketch. There's a thing called in-group preference, it's so well researched even you could find it online.

When things get bad, and they will, you better hope that those out-group preferences will still want you. My prediction is you'll be dead inside a month. If not then you'll probably owe your life to the race or ethnic group you were born into - and yes I've seen it happen.


Tony Harrison said...

Steve at 1943 - spot on, especially your final two paras, agree entirely. Probably pointless attempting to educate J.Ketch though, he of the fourth-form name-calling and snotty dismissal of Englishness: it's a waste of time, and he's a waste of space.

cascadian said...

"Does this mean.......That the Conservatives.......becomes the party of the Midlands and North, whilst Labour deserts its Northern heartlands"

I doubt it, as others have noted this is only Bliars attempt at a "third way". Too bad the trio he chose is so weak, so lacking in any policy beyond, "the EU is our saviour". Then again who could call disMay anything but weak? and her policy is precisely the same. Thus britons are offered another three-quarters of a century of managed decline.

Corbyns liebour is a party of the uninformed; mainly university towns and comfortable bureaucrats, bliars party could severely cut into that electorate. disMays electorate consists of easily-frightened county tories who have not the wit to vote differently than their grandparents. A huge middle ground of workers/strivers fed-up with liblabcon are casting about searching for a viable alternative, occcasionally voting con if it suits them eg Brexit. Were they offered a Trump like candidate and party who would govern for the benefit of workers an overwhelming majority might be achieved. The big issue is avoiding nationalist labels as the arguments here attest, weirdly a "make Britain great again" rallying call would likely attract disMays plod attention as somehow racist. Thus the UK in UKIP and B in BNP is a target for plod.

While you waste your time attending such issues, disMay plans to limit your free-speech believing I assume that managing the Brexit file might result in achieving something, and she certainly does not want that.

On the subject of milliband it would seem the implosion of the Clinton crime family has destroyed his sojourn in NY, time to find a suitable host for this parasite.

Raedwald- subsist not subside.