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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Boris gives May one last chance to ditch Oliver Robbins

With, I must say, unexpected Statemanship, Boris yesterday ended his resignation speech not in the manner of Geoffrey Howe but by calling on May to ditch the siren voices of Oliver Robbins, Jonathan Black and the  other Viziers of the Europe Unit and return to her Lancaster House vision. You can be sure that speech was not written by a colourless, robotic EUphile mandarin in love with the power of officialdom but by someone with a deep love for their nation, confidence in the British people and with hope for the future. None of which three traits are remotely apparent in the higher echelons of the civil service. 

Allister Heath in the Telegraph (£) pretty much has it today - 
Too many ultra-Remainers think that those who voted Leave suffered from “false consciousness”, that they were duped, manipulated or conned, that they will eventually tire of the exercise and roll over, and that a Brexit in Name Only – or even pretending that the referendum never actually happened – would allow the natural order to be re‑established.

This is delusional nonsense, the kind of attitude that would have been prevalent in the court of Louis XVI after the Bastille was taken; tragically, it is also the advice that May has been receiving since she sidelined her Cabinet Brexiteers and entrusted her entire strategy to the civil service.
It's now certain that May will go - but at a time of her successor's choosing, not hers or her Grand Vizier's. She has only one chance to avoid either the UK crashing out next March without a deal or a humiliating request for an extension of Article 50 - and that's to do as Boris says. Move Mr Robbins to head up the Ascension Island Development Corporation, disperse the highers to Agriculture, Transport and Local Government, and send the rest of the Europe Unit back to DEXEU and Dominic Raab.  

One chance, Mrs May. Don't blow it.  

Never trust the Viziers


rapscallion said...

She'll blow it, because as in all her dealings she it gutless and craven. She's a scheming witch, a dried out husk because the EU sucked the life out of her.

Be gone

DiscoveredJoys said...

She'll blow it because she relies on advisors who are playing a different game - top level office politics (working around difficult people, stealing their staff, getting them to resign). Oliver Robbins will have prepared for May's vacillation because it doesn't support *his* game. She has been, and will remain, captured by the back seat driver.

We need a new PM who can dismiss the current set of advisors before they can set their teeth into the new boss.

Mr Ecks said...

Oily Robbins needs to be as big a target as May. This situation is as much his doing as hers.

MadNumsimatist said...

I can’t see it happening. She is a Judas bought and sold; she will drag us all to hell with wanton abandon. Then she will live out her days in luxury. Guarded 24/7 by taxpayer funded bodyguards, chauffeurs and advisers.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

She can't do it. She thinks of herself as Maggie Mk2, going to Europe an renegotiating the terms of our membership. She thinks she can leverage the referendum vote in order to obtain concessions while we are in, thereby beating David Cameron and looking like a great leader.

Bugger the democratic vote to leave, her plan is to renegotiate membership, sell it as Brexit and hope the public fall for it.

She's absolutely not committed to leaving the EU.

jack ketch said...

She's absolutely not committed ... Mark Skint

Exactly.There's the problem right there... what do we have a Mental Health service for?

Budgie said...

Theresa May has lost all credibility, just as Tony Blair did. Plainly the Robbins White Paper is BINO - just read the Executive Summary. For almost every part of the EU treaties we supposedly "leave" we will re-join via new treaties and agreements.

But look at what Mrs May did in order to spring this on her Cabinet. She authorised the preparation of two WPs, keeping one secret from not just the country, but even her own Ministers. It's not even party over country, the normal course for spiv PMs. No wonder Davis, Baker and Johnson resigned when they realised just how much she'd deceived them.

Grotesquely Mrs May still trumpets "Brexit means Brexit", a claim as hollow as her "strong and stable" propaganda. The only possible upside to her multiple deceit is that everyone, especially her own MPs, now has the measure of her treachery.

RAC said...

Andrea Leadsom was strong leave and the better candidate for PM. Due to a remark she made that was twisted and blown up out of all proportion by the eu supporting media she lost support and dropped out. Had she ignored what was after all a manufactured storm in a tea cup, carried on and won, we would be in a much happier position today. The globalists got what they wanted, May was a remainer then, is remainer still today and was a bloody treacherous plant from day one.

anon 2 said...

Thank you, Radders, for this contribution to a title I'm working on: "Sharia May and the Nights of the euroCabin"!

I love the cover picture, too.

Methinks it's increasingly relevant to note the stellar bio/career paths of the bachelors involved - e.g. how they soar from the LSE and from Oxford (esp. PPEs), and have various connections with the MEast.**

Presumably 'who their parents knew' also often signifies - but that info gets prettily lost in the wilderness.

** I see that, after gaining experience in Finance, Robbins became PPS for both Blair and Brown - and then was Director of Intelligence, Security, and Resilience in the Cabinet Office.
In relation to that lot, "Intelligence" and "Security" can be doubtful enough - but the meaning of "Resilience" is indeed obscure!

DeeDee99 said...

She's a duplicitous liar. She hasn't, and won't, ditch Robbins.

Instead she's planning a summer tour of Conservative Associations to try and persuade the revolting members to back her betrayal. (And I'm sure she does consider them to be revolting).

It won't work; she has no communication skills and anyway, we're not going to buy the fools gold she's peddling.

I rejoined the Con Party in January so I could buy a vote on the next Party Leader so I've been getting Association emails. 640 members, of which 70% are enraged by her betrayal and the comments are a sight to see.

But since Robbins won't go and she won't step down with dignity, the Party will have to get rid of her. Or face wipe-out at the next General Election.

Cull the Badgers said...

We won't be 'crashing out' as you put it if we don't have a deal. That's the language of remainers and defeatists.

Anonymous said...

Theresa May is dead meat. Only held in place because there's no time to elect a new Tory leader. For someone who apparently wanted to be PM since she was a girl, and who also apparently being a vicar's daughter had 'duty' written through her like a stick of rock, she sure mucked up big time. Perhaps for once they could all forgo their ridiculously long hols and elect a new leader instead, for the good of the country.-

John M said...

The partisan glee with which the BBC and C4 News have commented on Theresa May's situation this week has been an absolute disgrace.

Nobody in those organisations seems to care anymore what the electorate actually voted for... it's all about cheap sensationalist headlines and thier own personal political interests - not those of the country.

Peter said...

Gutless. I have finally lost faith in her. I don't want the Tories to let in the mickey mouse faux single country communists. The Conservative Party must unite in order to continue to steer us out of the Eussr.