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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Corbyn not the only politician who wants to control the media

Corbyn is endowed with a quality that one can describe as either brave honesty or naive stupidity. In coming clean with his desire to see the State establish control not only of mainstream broadcast and print media but also social media he is only saying what many of the political class both left and right only dream about. 

Corbyn's Big Idea is a nationalised British Digital Corporation, to ration our bandwidth and licence and monitor bloggers and authors of private websites, to broadcast State News, with its own PeoplesPedia to replace Wiki, and a British National search engine, that can filter out all those inconvenient references to Fabians advocating the gassing of the poor or the mentally ill, or saint Nye Bevan's gulag apologies when Stalin was slaughtering millions in the Holodomor. Somewhere in Corbyn's twisted reasoning, I'm sure, the entire internet is the work of 'Zionists' and must be purged to provide a home for Socialist purity. 

Finding a government or opposition front bencher who speaks for freedom of thought, speech and expression is as rare as finding teeth in a hen. If you're a politician, generally you loathe and fear not only the press but these days the ease with which anyone can post an opinion and even the proles get the same 280 characters as a cabinet minister. The dags and liggers of the old, dead politics equate universal media access with the rise of populism; not only are the wrong sort of people using democracy, they aver, but ordinary people are discussing things without our moderation!  

Well, the genie is out of the bottle and won't be recorked. They may look to China's grip on the internet all they like - it's too late for the West. About four hundred year too late. You see, Lilburne, Winstanley, the Levellers and many others already laid their necks on the block to secure such rights - and we will not see Parliament erode them. 


Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and the majority of people in the west at any rate have lost the concept of genuine freedom and seem content with illusion of freedom which is all that's left.

There is no willingness to expend effort or risk discomfort or worse fighting for the genuine freedoms that were every englishmans birthright up until 1914.

It seems the government's manifesto is written by the daily amil and the daily mail is written by the government press office.

In the respect of liberty, we're in a bad place and it is getting worse.

Anonymous said...

I guess Corbyn's main motive is to get the Morning Star generously subsidised by the taxpayers. I doubt if he is looking at any big picture.

Stephen J said...
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Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

>we will not see Parliament erode them

We won't, as in you and me and few others.

But there are quite a lot of other Brits now champing at the bit to toss their free speech rights out of the nearest window.

Can only hope that there'll be a few more of us than them.

Stephen J said...

As any socialist will attest when directed to the latest hellish experiment in the genre, they aren't doing it properly.

What they really mean is that they haven't managed to get control of EVERYTHING. Socialism is only a theory without total control.

The annual addition of around 4000 new laws to our statute via the auspices of the EU coupled with the desire and ability to enact the most ridiculous local (Westminster) acts as well is the new way of achieving control.

The "final solution" is in fact the slave planet, where a couple of million people are the elites and the other 7 billion are either dead or cogs in the communitarian wheel, paid by the elites to consume and perform "voluntary" tasks to service the elite's whim.

I am reminded of one of our local lefty heroes in Bromley, H.G. Wells with his story about the Eloi and Morlock.

Anonymous said...

- the price of liberty is eternal vigilance,..

Armed vigilance! Otherwise vigilance simply earns one a quick trip to the Gulag or worse. That is why the American Founding fathers, primarily Englishmen, created the Second Amendment.

And "Informed" vigilance too. The left has control of Google, Facebook and Twitter. Google caters to 90% of all querries. If Google continues with no real competition, then we lose the information war. Fin.


Poisonedchalice said...

Empty vessels make the most noise; or so my Mum used to say. Corbyn can enact nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

We are witnessing an existential war currently ongoing in the USA.

The massed ranks of the media ( Fox excepted), politicians, Hollywood, in alliance with the major information controllers, Google, Facebook and Twitter, against one man – Pres Donald Trump – a Quixotic figure, with a handful of followers. The battle is over the Second Amendment, and whether the USA is a nation of laws or a nation founded on immigration, and for unrestricted immigration.

The BBC and the EU are on the side of the marxist/globalists

I posit that the West’s future lies in the outcome of this war.


Cascadian said...

Never thought I would write something vaguely positive about Corbyn, but here goes.

While Corbyn has wet dreams about media control, PM DisMay and camoron actually implement thought and media control, and nobody bleats.

G. Tingey said...

Naive stupiodity
Corbyn is a "Useful Idiot" - in many ways

go back to the 1930's where you belong

John Vasc said...

Leaks to the media have become the main tool of government.
As nobody seems to have bothered to ask yet: who was it inside the Scottish Administration who leaked the pending action against Salmond to the Daily Record?

Such a leak is after all a sacking offence, as well as a legally improper action that might well end up costing the taxpayer.

But then I suppose the taxpayer is far less important than the political 'principles' and the amour propre of a civil servant.