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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Happy Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah!

Howard Jacobson in the Jewish Chronicle eviscerates Corbyn. Worth a New Year dram or two and a toast to our Judaic citizens.
"We know what an antisemite look like. He wears jackboots, a Swastika arm-band, and shouts Juden Raus; Jeremy Corbyn wears a British Home Stores vest under his shirt and is softly spoken.  Antisemites accuse Jews of killing Jesus; Corbyn is an atheist and seems not to mind if we did or didn't. Whether that's because Jesus was Jewish and killing him meant one less Jew in the world, is not for me to say.  And - and - he doesn't deny the Holocaust..."


jack ketch said...


Anonymous said...

Corbyn doesn't deny the Holocaust, we thinks it's a pity anyone was left.

Poisonedchalice said...

An excellent piece by Jacobson.

...why it matters to everyone, not just Jews, that a man so spiteful, sanctimonious and obdurate should never be allowed to do to the country what he's been doing to his party.


Budgie said...

A brilliant speech by Howard Jacobson. How Corbyn and his supporters avoid shriveling up in embarrassment and shame is one of the current wonders of UK politics. However I cannot agree with Mr Jacobson that Brexit is a "nightmare": independence for a nation such as Israel is perfectly normal, so why not for the UK? And, no, I don't believe he was being ironic.

jack ketch said...

@Budgie I think HJ was referring more to the process of Brexit , how it has played out this silly season , how Labour have missed a golden opportunity etc Would anyone , be they Leaver or Remainer, seriously contend that the last few weeks have not been 'nightmarish' ...a Nightmare on Downing Street? I expect die hard Leavers are as haunted at night by the thought that chequers could come to pass as are the ardent Remainers.

DeeDee99 said...

"Those who revere Corbyn see it as a virtue that he has never changed his views. " Neither did Hitler, but I expect the irony would be lost on Jeremy's supporters.

Jacobson was doing so well, until he decided to drag in Brexit and take a pop at Rees-Mogg and BoJo towards the end.

APL said...

Who cares?

The 'Holocaust' was over seventy years ago. Only twenty years before that there was THE Holocaust, maybe 20 or 30 million died in the Ukraine. The Lefties didn't much care about that either.

Twenty years before that there was another Holocaust in Turkey, when the Moslems marched two or three million Armenians into the Syrian desert and left them all to starve to death.

Then the British forced Boor women and children into internment camps in South Africa where they all starved.

Then there was the bestiality that was the Moslem invasion of the Sub Continent. Afghanistan used to be Hindu, come to that Turkey wasn't always Moslem.

Why oh why do you continue to privilege one relatively minor event in the history of human barbarity above others??

A relatively minor event that the British had a hand in stopping dead in its tracks. So why are we, the British or come to that the US Americans, on this mandatory guilt trip?

"To learn who rules over you, simply find who you are not allowed to criticise." --Voltaire

Wildgoose said...


I think the difference is that no one is nowadays arguing for marching Armenians into the desert to die, nor for deliberately starving millions of Ukrainians to death.

But there are many Moslems and anti-semites who consider the Holocaust to be "unfinished business" and want to not-only destroy the state of Israel but also to murder all its Jews.

And ultimately that is the difference between the other past barbarities and the Jewish holocaust - the latter is an ongoing threat.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch, There's no "could" about it. I've been saying for a couple of weeks that Corbyn's Labour party can completely destroy the Conservative party just by voting for Theresa May’s Chequers (Robbins) revolving-door Remain. The idea of Labour voting with Mrs May has now gone MSM. So far Tory Brexiteers have no answer. So we will get the nightmare of Remain. As I said, Brexit isn't a nightmare.

APL said...

Wildgoose: "I think the difference is that no one is nowadays arguing for marching Armenians into the desert to die, "

Oh yea?

What about the Yazidi?

And, it's the same philosophy that marched the Armenians into the desert.

But that aside, what cause have British, or US Americans to be brow beaten by the Holocaust at all?

The real lesson to be learnt from the Jewish Holocaust is ... Don't loose control of your own country at any cost.

jack ketch said...

Don't loose control of your own country to the 'Volkswille' at any cost.

APL said...

Jack Ketch: "Don't loose control of your own country to the 'Volkswille' at any cost."

Please to have confirmed exactly where you stand, Jack.

Wildgoose said...

@APL Fair point. OK, all those at ongoing threat of genocide, so add the Yazidis and Middle Eastern Christians into the mix, plus Christians in Pakistan (Buddhists and Hindus having already been wiped out), Buddhists in Rakhine State, Burma if the Rohingya militants get their way, Shia Moslems in Yemen being murdered by Wahhabi Moslems from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And so on.

So really it is where you stand. With those who wish to commit such crimes (Corbyn et al), or whether you will stand up against such barbarity (and inevitably be called "racist" by the Left because the people you are calling out aren't the demonised "white men" of Leftist mythology).

APL said...

Wildgoose: "So really it is where you stand. With those who wish to commit such crimes (Corbyn et al), .."

A reasonable argument until then.

Are you actually proposing that Corbyn has a secret genocide plan ( the new clause 4, shortly to be incorporated into the Labour party constitution. Natch. ) he's just waiting to whip out once enough people vote for him? Really?

I stand for British independence and self determination. I don't want to be in the thrall of the Jewish Lobby, the Jews chose to re-create a country in the middle East. Had been lobbying for it for years. Now they've got what they wanted, the diaspora can return home.

Likewise our Moslem chums, they've got the whole of the Middle East, A large proportion of Asia, yet for some inexplicable reason, they want Birmingham London and Luton, not to mention that once great city Paris too.

Frankly, the sooner they all return to their own self made shitholes, the sooner we can get on with running a high technology open and civilised society.

That's where I stand.

APL said...

"But that aside, what cause have British, or US Americans to be brow beaten by the Holocaust at all?"

I note, Wildgoose, you don't address my question. I really would like to know why we, the British who's grandfathers fought for our own independence, let's not kid ourselves, that's what they were doing, against the Nazis, with a fortuitous side effect that we brought the Nazi Jewish Genocide to an end too, why we are being 'guilted' about the slaughter of Jews in Poland?

We, the British and Americans and Australians and Canadians and Indians and all the other members of the British Empire, stopped it.

What's to be guilty about?

Nothing, and it's an extortion racket, which should be shut down.

Anonymous said...


“To learn who rules over you.......”

I don’t believe Voltaire said any such thing.

He did say “I’m pink therefore I’m spam” though.