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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Designer primrose vests and obscene imprecations

There is a new suggestion going the rounds from the Remainers - that they should stage a Remainer 'General Strike' in the event of Brexit happening. The chaos, of course, would be appalling.

Schools and universities would be short-staffed as teachers would leave their posts to enjoy a strike day, some in London no doubt headed to Borough Market for a day of browsing and grazing. But Borough Market, like much of Hoxton and Spitalfields, would have come to a halt. The artisanal yoghurt-makers would be striking, as would the sour-dough bakers and vegan-rennet Islington cheese-makers. The Feng Shui carrot stall would be deserted, the hipster porridge and Quinoa bars empty and dark, and the cute bistrot start-up using roofer's nailbags as plates forlorn.

In Farringdon, Exeter Market would be empty. The app design studios, the organic health workshop in which Guardian hacks have their feet nibbled by fish to the sounds of whalesong, the myriad colour consultancies and the interior design practices they serve all dark. Only St John, the coarse eaterie feeding ruddy Leavers with offal, would remain open.

Across London traffic would flow freely as TfL's traffic consultants took a strike day. Black cabs would enjoy a near monopoly - Remainers preferring Uber - with drivers explaining the perils of Qualified Majority Voting to imprisoned fares. The trains would be blissfully empty, and best of all the streets clear and safe from the swarms of lycra louts on their £3k death machines.

The BBC would broadcast Ealing comedies and 1950s war films non-stop as eight out of ten staff would not have turned up. James O'Brien (Ampleforth, LSE) would be lunching with David Dimbleby (Charterhouse, Oxford, Bullingdon Club) and Adam Boulton (Westminster, Christ Church, Oxford) at Le Gavroche whilst assistants covered their shows.

And outside Parliament, a score of Remainers in plastic vests specially designed in pastel and primrose shades by Stella McCartney would howl vile and obscene imprecations at SPADs and researchers they mistook for MPs.

What's not to like?


Poisonedchalice said...

That sums up Greater London with an alarming degree of accuracy. An area of Britain totally isolated from the rest of Britain with privileges that the rest of the (real) country get rightly angry about.

If anyone reading this watched "Brexit - an uncivil war" you will have noticed the point in the remainer focus group meeting where the woman from the north stood up and got visibly angry with the southerners and the remain leader suddenly saw the light - "this hasn't just started; it started 20 years ago". We have always lived in a divided country its just that those divisions are laid bare now. Sadly, I don't think this situation is fixable because those with the vested interests will have no interest at all in ceding any wealth or power to the provinces. And that is a "cross-party" statement.

DeeDee99 said...

And 500 or so posturing anti-democrats would, presumably, stay away from Parliament to demonstrate their disgust. Shame it wouldn't be permanently.

Sackerson said...

Marie Antoinette and her washed sheep.

Raedwald said...

Poisonedchalice - the visit to the 'forgotten' couple in their Jaywick pre-fab (yes, it's really like that - take a wander with google street view) also roused my anger and resentment.

Poisonedchalice said...

Raedwald - Thank you. This highlighted the other point well made. "What have you got to lose when there is nothing left to lose?"

Anonymous said...

Only seventeen million out of sixty-six million voted Leave, and they were largely elderly, or unemployed, or the self-employed trades people.

There are three million young, fit, ready trained/educated Europeans here.

Almost all the educational, health, and scientific communities voted remain by wide margins, as did those in many other key sectors.

The effect of a General Strike would be rather more serious that your infantile, cartoon-caricature view of reality suggests, therefore.

Poisonedchalice said...

Anon @ 09:24

As you rightly point out there is a large swathe of younger people who view Brexit in a very bad light; and these people are very pro-EU.

What a shame that they didn't bother to turn out and vote eh!

Charles said...

I cannot see the BBC broadcasting war films, but apart from that you are correct. Ed Balls is beginning to look much brighter than his wife, having been chucked out of parliament he is now free loading elsewhere while the charming Yvette causes trouble in parliament.

At the risk of causing a riot the preponderance of incompetent and undemocratic women at large in politics appears to have damaged the idea that they are superior beings, who if left to run the FTSE 100 and the country would produce a land flowing with milk and honey. Every cloud etc etc.

Dave_G said...

@Anon (Etu, presumably....)

"There are three million young, fit, ready trained/educated Europeans here."

Your point being? They can stay. They can leave. They can contribute. I don't see anyone (remainers or leavers) worrying or complaining.

Your 'point' seems to follow the lines of "97% of all scientists believe...." etc where the TRUTH is somewhat contrary to the assertion.

Since you can't find the word in the dictionary I hereby spell it out for you D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y.

Stephen J said...

Brilliant stuff Raedwald, I couldn’t help thinking if Peter Simple while reading.

Hopefully as Dr. Heinz Kiosk would utter...

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Raedwald said...

Let's hope all these Remain scientists are a bit better with figures than some Remain supporters on here

Oh. They're Climate Change scientists. OK. Spurious made-up numbers are fine, then.

Anonymous said...

The economy cannot survive on tarmaccing drives, and on bodging roofs alone.

Unknown said...

Been following you for a year or so - and that's the best yet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I hate all these namby-pamby, mealy-mouthed, wet-lettuce, PC words.

Let's call things what they are eh?

Take that word "populism".

What that really means is mass, cynical, cretinism.

Isn't it?

Mr Ecks said...

ANON--You are arrogant scum.

Youth are on your side? Like Hell. You had to big up your bogus march 3x --you had far less than the numbers who turned out FOR foxhunting. And very few of your marchers were young. Middle aged, comfortably off and selfish leftists most of them were.

Go ahead with your strike middle-class--we need the laughs.

Meanwhile in the real world remainiac scum Bercow is trying to put forward a remainiac bill to force a rolling vote on May's treason every three days. If you want civil unrest Anon--let you and your remainiac mates keep on as you are.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, 9 January 2019 at 09:24

One of the most disturbing things to have happened in British society over the last generation has been the
Soviet-style takeover of our public services for political purposes.
We all know where we are going when public bodies working to a Common Purpose seek to go against the wishes
of the electorate.

As for science - well science's credibility went out the window with the hockey stick graph and climategate.

9 January 2019 at 10:25

"The economy cannot survive on tarmaccing drives, and on bodging roofs alone."

Your comment says more about you than it does the working people of this country.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for repeated commenting, but the visiting trolls - having been stung by the truth in Raedwald's post - are putting
in a fine show.

@Anonymous - 9 January 2019 at 11:07

"populism" - how about Democracy; how about Hope; how about Vision; how about Future?

There is a whole tier of people in the UK at present who will never leave the streets on which they are born; blame them if you will
for their own self-imposed hopelessness - but I would like to give them a chance.

The UK once had a population that were decently educated and trained, and the very side of politics that claims to achieve those things
are the people who are holding them back. I find it incredible that the people who prattle on about austerity are the people who line up alongside the corporates and bankers to perpetuate the EU abomination.

I would hate to know that you vote for a Labour Party that supports the EU corporate machine.

jack ketch said...

Bercow is trying to put forward a remainiac bill-Mr X

Parliamentary pigeons meet the Bercat :)

*wanders off humming that rewrite of L-Vira's 1985 classic hit "Talkin' 'bout Bercow-he's my hero"

Sackerson said...

@ Raedwald - just a thought:

If Leavers are correct, then a proper Brexit is to the benefit of very nearly all of us. Should we spend more time explaining to Remainers how we are acting in their interests as well as ours?

Anonymous said...

Could someone please state a "British Value", that is different from those in any other modern, rule-of-law democracy?

jack ketch said...

Could someone please state a "British Value", that is different from those in any other modern, rule-of-law democracy?

"Only criminals own handguns" ?

Anonymous said...

So the best that you can do is to put forward a fallacy, as a banal fact then Jack? Not a value at all?

I'll take that as "no", then.


Raedwald said...


Well, Jack's being hoist by a Remaniac petard (illegal in the UK, but which every Austrian schoolgirl carries in her satchel) made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

So, since no one can demonstrate that British values are fundamentally different from those of any other EU country, what is the problem, in making laws together, to enable the efficient operation of a single market, and to prevent races to the bottom on environmental matters, H&S, but on little else, then?

Budgie said...

Anon at 12:15 said: "Could someone please state a "British Value", that is different from those in any other modern, rule-of-law democracy?"

So that rules out the EU then?

jack ketch said...

made me laugh-Raed

Me too :) -although I think he may have misinterpreted, the humour of it (my not being known for 'leave' sentiment).

Mark said...

Beat me to it!

Common law vs Napoleonic code?

Raedwald said...

Mark - yep, in my top 3.

Or rather, they are committed to the Rule of Law, whilst we fight to maintain the pre-eminence of Justice. Law gave them the People's Court and Roland Freisler.

I'm just reading Hayek's 'Law, Legislation and Liberty' and may make a post out of it.

jack ketch said...

they are committed to the Rule of Law, whilst we fight to maintain the pre-eminence of Justice.

Well said, that man! "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" as they say.

Anonymous said...

What circularly-reasoned, fallacious nonsense.

Mark said...

How so?

Raedwald said...

He doesn't know, Mark. He's got some sort of crib sheet he uses to answer every point - he doesn't really understand what the phrases mean. Best leave him to it.

Anonymous said...

You don't understand the simple differences between a value, a policy, and a system.

Whatever legal system you have, whether codified or common law, it defends, or should defend, the *values* of your society. A policy may express or imply them too, but is not itself the value.

That's pretty basic stuff.

No, there's no crib sheet here, not like those dead-eyed, Robert Mercer-funded posters, crawling over every MSM thread.

Raedwald said...

WEF Global Index of Judicial Independence 2018

United Kingdom - 6th
Germany 24th
France 28th
Spain 58th
Italy 65th

In fact, many of the courts of English Common Law nations in Africa,
Australasia, Indian sub-continent are MORE judicially independent than most European courts.

Yes, legal systems reflect societal values. Ours are probity and justice - most of Europe's are power, authoritarianism and corruption.

And you wonder why we're leaving? We can't stand the smell.

Mark said...

"Freedom" is a pretty commonly claimed value. Anything that is not strictly forbidden is allowed vs anything that is not specifically allowed is forbidden leads to two very different versions of freedom don't you think?

What "value" should any society aspire to beyond the freedom of the individual? There clearly need to be constraints, but these should be kept to the minimum practical.

Under a Napoleonic code you go about your life and business in effect with the states permission.

As AJP Taylor observed. Before 1914 in this country you could go through life and, apart from the copper on the beat and the post office, hardly know the state existed. Was that true of continental Europe?

And yes, there were many things in pre 1914 Britain that were not particularly pleasant but I'm not sure that state was one of them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I speak three Continental languages, and I've spent a great deal of time among the fine people of the relevant countries

It's plain as day to me after all that, that their values are *identical* to those of decent British people.

And you wonder why you are mocked and viewed with contempt in equal measure by millions? Nay, hundreds of millions, around the civilised world?

Oh, there is a British value which differs from all twenty-seven other EU countries. This one believes that its people should not enjoy the rights, freedoms and protections, which would stem from a proper, that is, written, constitution.

jack ketch said...

I've spent a great deal of time among the fine people of the relevant countries

You are aware that Raed lives in Austria and many , perhaps the majority, of the commentators here either live currently on the continent or did for many years? Many also not just on the continent.

Raedwald said...

We've done very well for about a thousand years without a written constitution.

Germany? Didn't exist before 1870. Current form 1946
France? What are we up to? 5th Republic? 6th Republic? Anyway, from 1958.
Italy? Didn't exist before 1871. Current form 1947

And so on.

And in England, serfdom was effectively ended by the 14th century. In most of Europe, not until the mid-19th century. In some Euro nations, serfdom went well into the 20th century.

Believe me, without a constitution the British people have enjoyed greater rights, freedoms and protections for far far longer than anywhere else in Europe. Your statements are specious, risible, uninformed and ignorant nonsense. Not that I'm surprised. It's really not your fault.

You may know that the UK has 5 universities in the world's top 20. The rest of the EU? All 27 nations with a population of 430m? Not one. Not a single university in the global top 20.

Look, we love Europe - every Englishman adores rural France, loves Italy, is fond of the silly Germans, respects art and architecture from Athens to Seville. But the EU is dragging you down, condemning you to a serfdom from which you've all but recently escaped. Don't let them do it.

Anonymous said...

Nice list Raed.

Five of the top seven are EU countries, but we do have Hungary at about 99th along with Poland, and Trump's US at 25th, and sliding rapidly.

Your point is?

Now as I recall, Farage did say, shortly after the Scottish referendum, that it was time for the UK to have a proper, written federal constitution.

Correct me if I'm wrong?

Had we had that, then we would not be in this mess, as matters such as EU exit would have required the unanimity of the equals, under internationally-accepted constitutional conventions.

jack ketch said...

Germany? Didn't exist before 1870. Current form 1946


Raedwald said...

Actually the Basic Law which governs ganz DE was in 1949 - but yes, extended to the Ossis in 1990.

Etu - Why would something Nigel Farage say concern me? I'm sure there are many opinions, but yet again you're living in a make-believe world. Or actually, an EU world in which actual real democracy, as in the UK 2016 referendum, can be over-ridden by pettifogging legal technicalities, clever lawyer's tricks and manipulation by anti-democratic unelected officials.

Yes, had we given up our democratic freedom as you suggest we would continue to be imprisoned in the EU with no way of escape.

As it is, we're leaving on 29th March at 11pm. Our last day in servitude.

Anonymous said...

Well it's been nice dropping in, but time is short.

So it's off back to the big sites, where I have followings of thousands.


(PS, I'd brush up on your property law, and law generally, re feudalism.

I have been a consultee to the Law Commission in this field, incidentally.)

Cascadian said...

Fear not Anon-there will always be a place in the yUK's army for you, taking orders from Verhoftwat in three languages.

Raedwald said...

You have more than one follower?

I really can't imagine why.

Anonymous said...

If the largely effete elie wenyt on strile ti wont matter. It ibnt matter if doctors and nurses whent on strike. But if the working class, ie who work the trains, buses and above all the power generation and distribution, strike, it will wite literally be lights and everything else OUT. No planes, no transport, no phones, no hospitals, no nothing. Engineers are by and large conservatives.

Mark said...

"Well I speak three continental languages....." wondered when the remainiac version of Godwins law would turn up.

Yes I'm sure the fine values of these fine people are fine and just as fine as ours. But their legal system ain't which is the point we've been trying to make.

Could you please present us with an actual argument as to why the continental legal system is better. Go on, you know you want to.

We have a constitution, it's just not written down in one place. That's not a "value" BTW.

A written constitution is only as good as the people who write it. If we were to get one. I don't think it would be written by a Jefferson.

I'll stick to what we have if it's all the same.

jack ketch said...

continental legal system is better-Mark
I know very little about the 'legal system' beyond German criminal law (and there my little knowledge is badly out of date) but the main advantage to many European criminal justice systems is that they have no juries, no 'whimsical darlings plucked at random off the broadway'. They are an 'interrogative' system not 'adversarial', the object of the court is, primarily to establish the facts and then guilt or otherwise. Or as my lawyer said to me "the DA isn't your enemy, neither are the 3 judges nor the two professional jurers, your only enemy in the courtroom is the lawyer who is safeguarding the "victim's interests."

Wessexboy said...

Funny post Raedwald, but not as funny as 'Anonymous', who I'm sure didn't intend to make me laugh out loud!

Wessexboy said...

Oh no! I forgot to say I speak three European languages too; is there a prize?

Stephen J said...

Three languages and he has been writing them here all day...

Fluent in mumbo-jumbo and

He gets by in double dutch...

That's the other two.

Span Ows said...

And you wonder why you are mocked and viewed with contempt in equal measure by millions? Nay, hundreds of millions, around the civilised world?

You have just outed yourself as a liar - not that it was difficult to tell with all the other crap you've been spouting. I also speak fluently more than one other 'continental' language and can get by in three others; I have also been a resident of - and lived long term in - three other countries (three different continents) I have traveled and worked in about 60 countries (all continents) and not in a single one does your sentence quoted above ring true. In fact I'd say the exact opposite is true: Great Britain may not be universally loved - and nobody could claim we were saints or the Empire was a force for pure good - but no-one, NO-ONE, in all my life has viewed us with contempt and the only mocking is the same general rib-pocking mocking we make of others.

Somebody here called you scum, I agree.

Mr Ecks said...

So Ketch loves continental bullshit law BECAUSE of its jury-free-suck-the-states-dick corruption. Ever heard of Dreyfus Ketch.

The sooner civil war gets here the better.

Billy Marlene said...

Well, I have worked on Mars, Venus and Jupiter. We have just returned from a short break on Alpha-Centauri.

Got to go now, toodle pip! Dog has just asked me for opinion on when she might have her her breakfast (I am her consultee, dont’cha know).

jack ketch said...

when she might have her her breakfast-Billy Marlene

Ah yes, the dogsbrexit !

Budgie said...

I notice that Anon carefully overlooked my point that:

"Anon at 12:15 said: "Could someone please state a "British Value", that is different from those in any other modern, rule-of-law democracy?"

So that rules out the EU then?"

The issue is not whether we are ruled by Italy, or even Poland - fine modern, rule-of-law democracies that they are - but by the EU.