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Friday, 8 February 2019

Brexit Party - told you so.

Nigel writes in the Telegraph
In contrast, the Brexit Party will have a leader who then appoints a board of their choosing, and the party will ultimately succeed and fail on the judgement and personality of that leader.

This will be a disciplined machine and will run more like a company. Dissenters can go elsewhere
Well, the entire nation owes Nigel a huge debt for getting to the 2016 referendum in the first place. It was an outstanding effort and one which cannot be regarded too highly. And the model that he's chosen for this new political corporation - an autocratic and authoritarian organisation almost certainly funded by a very small number of very wealthy donors who will be in effect Nigel's 'shareholders' - may well reach its objectives.

I look forward to a future democratised Conservative Party, a political party that will be run by its members and funded from the grass roots, working constructively with Nigel's BrexitCorp.

Personally, I would have written 'succeed or fail' but perhaps his chosen phrase is deliberate. 


right-writes said...

There is not a lot to be said in favour of the sort of democracy that we are living in, is there?

anon 2 said...

Oh dear. Well ... one had one's suspicions.

Anonymous said...

Well, time will tell, and it perhaps won't be that long, will it?

jack ketch said...

Well, the entire nation owes Nigel a huge debt for getting to the 2016 referendum in the first place.-Raed

Never before have sooo many owed so much to so few...and I don't mean that in a good way.

New party leader sounds like she is a real piece of work- again not in a good way. First we had Bojo telling us we'd all have our cake and eat it, then some other tosser suggests if there are food shortages we should all go down the chippy and now this new party is headed up by someone who thinks we poor people should live off potatoes with a little seasoning. Brexit, turning the clock back to just before the Irish Famine.

Even Great Yarmouth didn't want her and they will take anyone....for anything.

anon 2 said...

JK: Oh dear even more!
Not another woman leader --- or has he justified that choice by something other than post-modern feminist claptrap?

Raedwald said...

She wants to hang drug dealers, too - presumably after a Last Meal of Potatoes a la Sherpa ...

DeeDee99 said...

The Conservative Party will never democratise. But Nigel's Brexit Party may force them to deliver something approaching a real Brexit.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Sounds like Nigel’s new personality cult won’t be much of a democracy. Our putative Generalissimo.

Billy Marlene said...

On a point of information.

She is the Founder not the Leader.

Dave_G said...

On a point of principle...

vote Labour....? or Tory....? or Lib Dem.....?

Wild horses wouldn't drag me to vote for amy of them so any party that could offer even the IDEA that they could gain traction in opposition to the current shambolic and traitorous bunch wins hands down - so be it.

I'd vote UKIP if Farage hadn't spoken about this new party but the media/establishment onslaught against them is relentless and, sadly, enough to disaffect the numbers needed.

Anonymous said...

"News Quiz not Funny, Andy Hamilton not funny, Russell Brand not funny, Frankie Boyle not funny, Sue Perkins not funny, Eddie Izzard not funny, Ricky Gervais not funny, Steve Coogan not funny, HIGNFY not funny, Jo Brand not funny, Steve Bell not funny, Private Eye not funny, DaiIy Mash not funny - EU will never take away English sense of humour", boast luncheon-meat-complexioned teeth-grinders.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. What was that war time advice? Lie back and think of England. Good luck for those that invested in vassaleine futures!

Anonymous said...

Farbage might regret his choice of name for his new "party".

It might amount to something akin to Anthony Eden's renaming the Tories "The Didn't We Make A Great Job Of Suez Party". before long, or someone else's later "The Poll Tax Party".

Billy Marlene said...

‘Luncheon meat complexioned’.

Funny how that is acceptable.

Would I get away with ‘Black pudding’ or ‘Brown windsor soup’ complexioned?

No, I didnt think so.

Anonymous said...

It's the way you tell 'em, Billy.

jack ketch said...

What was that war time advice? Lie back and think of England.

Supposedly that phrase originated before both World Wars :The phrase seems to have originated in one Lady Hillingdon's journal or in a letter, where she wrote in 1912 that "When I hear his steps outside my door I lie down on my bed, open my legs and think of England."

One might add that poor put-upon Lady dreamt of England because she was forced to live in Norfolk.

Hmmm thinking of England and getting screwed by a member of the apt for the more brexshiteus afflicted among us (whom haven't rushed to heap praise on this new party to my surprise).

Cascadian said...

I'm inclined to Dave_G viewpoint.

Hmmmm...choices, choices. Do I vote for the disorganized Brexit party, the thoroughly disorganized, remain, liar conservative party or the new yUK anti-semite and communist party?

Glad I don't have a vote.

I see Dismays latest EU-prostration tour is going as well as can be expected, more can-kicking in your future.

Anonymous said...

"WWII? No problem. It was just stuff on telly" says ukip voter.

Anonymous said...

Replying to Jack Ketch - thank you for the clarification. I wonder if there are any Punch cartoons on the topic. Looks like the Brexit crowd is also discovering another wartime saying "Careless talk costs lives".

Budgie said...

Raedwald, You quote Nigel Farage in the Telegraph: "In contrast, the Brexit Party will have a leader who then appoints a board of their choosing".

Presumably inadvertently, he has encapsulated the view of him among many UKIP members. Nigel has an entrepreneurial personality, which made him ideal for the outlier role in UKIP getting the Referendum win, giving us the opportunity to escape the rotten EU. But he is not a "team player".

For example, he perceived the UKIP NEC - elected by the members - as a thorn in his side, rather than an ally. He apparently thinks his new leader appointed "board" in his new party overcomes a "problem" which many UKIP members see as a democratic safety net.

Nobody is perfect, but a friend needs to tell him about this character flaw otherwise it will ruin his new party. And all ordinary people who put their trust in him will become severely disillusioned.

right-writes said...

@Budgie... Agreed.

Whether Farage leads a corporation that has a vision, or a political party that represents a tendency, is not the really the point. What is important is getting people to vote for you.

This is one of the probable effects of a more "directly democratic" democracy. There will be less of an advantage to running political parties as democracies, and more sense in setting up a campaign group behind a given petition, which may or may not be shut down following the end of the campaign.

I reckon that our big two political parties had no idea what they were walking into when Cameron announced that referendum, this could actually be the beginning of their demise... Praise the Lord.