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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Will no one rid us of this bloody woman?

Can Crazy May not get it into her thick, stubborn head that the Commons WILL NOT agree the Selmayr-Robbins treaty, that the EU WILL NOT change the Selmayr-Robbins Treaty and that her options now are solely to leave without a deal or to revoke Article 50.

May has been an absolute disaster for this nation.

She's still idiotic enough to think she can play games with democracy - one delay to get us past the EP elections, then a plea for a further extension once the danger of Nigel swamping the EP with 73 Brexit MEPs is past. Does she imagine we're all stupid?

The bloody woman must go and go now. Every minute she remains in office takes us closer to an irreparable disaster. 

My own plea to the EU27 - which I shall make to Herr Tusk - is to reject May's request and allow 29th March to stand as our leaving date. Contact Form Here if you wish to do the same.


Stephen J said...

Go on... Admit it Raedwald, you have just been foolish enough to listen to Prime Minister's Questions.

You have heard that apology for a leader gainsaying itself with every sentence, and come to the conclusion that only death is going to separate her from her sinecure.

It certainly made me feel sick as I was driving just now...

Until her voice was suddenly interrupted as James O'Brien started to insinuate itself over the airwaves, for it was his (evidence based) programme that I had inadvertently stumbled into.

He outclasses even verhofstadt.

mongoose said...

"...her options now are solely to leave without a deal or to revoke Article 50."

It has been like that from the start. It was always going to be no agreement or a completely unacceptable agreement. That is the only way the EU could play it. And this is just the Withdrawal Agreement! Wait for the jiggery-pokery to come regarding the future relationship. It is unavoidable. The EU could not allow it to be avoided or the game would be up. It has always been unavoidable. Hence the third option creeping up on the rails: revoke A50.

Cedric Pugh said...

Not quite.

The EU have said that they could move swiftly to accommodate something like the Labour proposal.

Charles said...

It would be funny if Bercow’s grandstanding gave us a no deal Brexit. Even Labour would think twice before giving him a peerage. He could tour the country with David Cameron, maybe they could have a gay marriage?

Span Ows said...

She is being managed by the shadowy puppet masters since June 2016 and her grey, sagging, haggard copse walking is there for all to see.

Mark said...

Hells teeth,

The way this is going it won't be Hitler downfall parodies but frigging May downfall parodies!

Rossa said...

Tusk has announced he will only grant an extension if she can pass her WA next week. Not bloody likely, so as you say it’s either no deal or revoke the Act of Parliament that invoked A50. Based on her performance over the last two and a half years I very much doubt she has the balls for the latter, so no deal it is.

Rossa said...

Guido is speculating that Tusk has done this to make Corbyn take a piss or get off the pot!

He’s right in that the only way TM can get this through is with Labour’s votes. Either way, both she and Corbyn are finished. But then they’ve always been expendable.

Rossa said...

TM’s to make a statement outside no 10 tonight. Maximum length of extension the EU will grant is to the 23 May, the day of the European elections. She must have known that. She’s boxed in now. Damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t.

9 days and counting.....

Anonymous said...

Nine days is too long. She can still do a lot of damage in that time.

For instance, declare a State of Emergency and martial law. Remember Mrs Ghandi ?

Don Cox

Cedric Pugh said...

Meanwhile, the EU fines those globalists, Google, 1.5 billion euros.

I can't see the UK having the clout to do anything like that.

Stephen J said...

Love it, apparently the cause of ALL of our problems is those pesky MP's.

I do believe that was a Ceaușescu moment that we just witnessed.

jack ketch said...

that the EU WILL NOT change the Selmayr-Robbins Treaty

Wasn't sneaky Johnny, bullying, Foreigner supposed to have caved in by now?

I see that once again JC has spectacularly failed to rise to the occasion. May isn't just a lame duck she's damn near paraplegic and he still couldn't bring her down at PMQs.

Sobers said...

Um, how can the Parliament pass the WA now? There's no change to whats was voted on the other day, Bercow has just told us that centuries of Parliamentary rules means they can't vote on it again. So there's no way that it can be passed, which means no extension of A50, which means No Deal on the 29th (hurrah!). Or am I missing something?

DeeDee99 said...

Her statement was farcical:

"The British people are fed up with Brexit; they want it finished ...... so I'm going to extend Article 50 and string it out for another 3 months."

She really is as mad as a hatter.

jack ketch said...

For the first time in 2 years I really think if she were to call a 2nd referendum now , 'LEAVE'(Big letters) might win with a constitutional majority.

Poisonedchalice said...

Request sent - for what it's worth!

DiscoveredJoys said...

I watched the broadcast where Theresa May blamed everybody else. I wondered at the time if she had expected to win the minority parties around and make stunning announcement about ratifying the draft WA. Perhaps that is why she was so upset at 'the MPs' not doing what she expected, and was left making a mighty earth-shaking announcement about nothing at all.

Tin eared? Deluded? Perhaps. Not fit for the duties of PM? Certainly.

Cedric Pugh said...

Anon, when the turnout for Farage's walk is apparently fewer than a hundred, do you really think that there would be any pretext for declaring martial law?

The petition to revoke A50 is heading for millions, despite the site being down half the time, on the other hand. I wonder how many will turn out on Saturday?

jack ketch said...

The petition to revoke A50 is heading for millions,
C Pugh

Unfortunately the only way it would really make a difference is if it gets into the mid teens millions, I think. However it is interesting to watch it climb and more so the map-by-constituency of voters.

Mark said...

I think the petition to revoke A50 is rather like the one soon after the referendum in 2016. Apparently there are signatures from everywhere: Russia to the Klingon home world! Guido has an article on this.

Raedwald said...

The fake petition is botspam.

Whoever is responsible for either trying to fake a mass petition, or wrecking a genuine petition with fake hacked emails, is utterly to be despised - such acts devalue our democracy.

My commiserations with any genuine signers of this abomination - you have been cruelly betrayed.

jack ketch said...

My commiserations with any genuine signers of this abomination - you have been cruelly betrayed.
- Raed

A quick look at the json data shows that Guido is trying too hard. The numbers from Alpha Centuri
etc in total are piddlingly small so far compared to the numbers coming from the UK. Lets be really generous cos I can't be arsed to add up and say 20k of 1.2 Million signatures so far may be 'fake'.

jack ketch said...

That should have read "1.02 Million" although it probably IS getting near to 1.2 million by now.

Mark said...

Even if its genuine Jack and it got to more than 17 million, that would still mean that 30 million or so didn't vote so it would hardly be an endorsement.

Well that's the gist of a number of your past comments on the actual referendum.

IcyPurplepants said...

Theresa May and her cabal have only one thing to do, to enact the will of the people: Nothing!

My bet is they won't even get that right

jack ketch said...

Well that's the gist of a number of your past comments on the actual referendum.

Is it? Maybe so, senility approaches fleet of foot but I don't recall ever saying much about the numbers/endorsement thing of the referendum itself, except that I believe that under our system referenda for constitutional questions are (nearly) always a bad idea.

And yes I agree that even if the petition does pass the 'Leadsom Endorsement' (stupid woman, that's like standing in a Norfolk field and proclaiming 'at least it isn't raining') it wouldn't trump the referendum result per se. Such a petition isn't even just 'merely advisory' as the referendum was.

What is interesting and will, I dare say, be interesting hordes of parliamentarians' unpaid 'researchers' tonight will be the % patterns in the constituencies.

Rossa said...

Jack Ketch.

2.5 hours later and a check of the poll numbers at 18.36pm reveals 1,251,302. Compared to 17.4m, I don’t think so. Even with bot votes from the Western Sahara, it’s out of steam and has no legs.

jack ketch said...

it’s out of steam and has no legs.

Last time i managed to get on the site it was over 1.3 million, but as the site seems to go down every 5 minutes or so it might be as much a case of people not being able to vote as it being 'out of steam'. Don't forget scores of Gaurdian readers across the country are now home from 'work', through their first bottle of wine and now checking their twitter.

Now please excuse me, I just must get back on the live updates from Brussels site and watch our glorious leader fearlessly battling for Britain.

Ok Sarcasm aside, someone -either brexiter or remainer- explain to me just how come she is still PM?!?! When asked by several EU leaders what her plan was if parliament rejected her deal again she said nothing and remained silent with a wasp-sucker-face.

Cedric Pugh said...

It's a useful rough gauge.

The petition for No Deal exit got 370,000 total by comparison. This is still rocketing on the other hand.

Only a small proportion of the votes are offshore, and you can see a map of how different constituencies are voting. You have to respond to a confirmatory email too.

The best indicator for me though, is the few dozen, who have turned out for Farage's walk - which he isn't even doing himself.

The real passion is with the pro-EU people, it seems.

Mark said...

"he real passion is with the pro-EU people, it seems"

Who might actually get us out with no "deal"

Dave_G said...

Support for any 'leave' cause (petition, parade, march, protests etc) is rightly low as 'leave' actually won and in a true democratic society there should be no NEED to protest to get a legitimate vote result enacted.

Also in a true democratic society the 'losers' should accept the fact they lost and STFU.

If anyone thinks another vote may settle the issue then consider that most politicians and commentators suggest that should one be held the leave result would be upheld or even exceeded given the blatant and disgraceful abuse of democratic 'power' that is on display.

If it wasn't for the Globalist-inspired/backed/paid 'remain' protests we might unite, as a country, behind the actual need to keep a democracy under us but Remain supporters think only of themselves - if not for personal reasons then as gullible fools acting on behalf of the Globalists.

Leave won. Remain lost. Democracy is at stake and f*ckwits that would prefer to see democracy destroyed rather than take the WTO exit should really look to themselves for their betrayal of 17.4m+ other people and the future of a country that WILL fall apart if the senseless disregard for the democracy Britain brought to the world is destroyed through sheer hubris.

I hope you're all proud of yourselves.

jack ketch said...

Watching the Constituency map slowly beginning to resemble something akin to a map of the Danelaw, with the constituencies up North lagging behind at under 1% of constituents . By comparison some places in Alfred's Kingdom it is up to 6%-which is the sort of numbers, even in non marginal seats, that tends to be something that MPs will want an eye kept on (and one of the reasons Leavers should have backed our own dear Mr X, sweet natured hunney bunny that he us, and his call for letters-to-mps).

Span Ows said...

LOL...Mr Pugh...the numbers on the Farage walk are INTENTIONALLY LIMITED due to safety! I think it is 50 a day max.

Re petition...LOL even more, purleeeze. You are the troll anon and I claim my £5

Cascadian said...

You are negotiating a contentious divorce, you sign the correspondence.....

Yours ever.

Such are the "negotiation" skills of DisMay

Mark said...

If this petition had been entitled "fuck and ignore the inbred nazi morons who are too stupid to vote as they've been told" that would probably have been the only honest thing remainiacs had done since (or for 20 years before) the referendum.

It's what they actually been trying to do. So passionately that we look increasingly likely to actually leave with no "deal".

Makes me glad I'm NOT so passionate, smart or sophisticated.

Yvonne said...

Compare Theresa May's signature with that of Donald Trump, her's is a wishy-washy squiggle whereas his is bold and legible.
She tilts her head and often photographed looking down and indecisive whereas he looks up and forward.
I'd hitch my cart to current USA to that of EU - at least their legislature is based on Common Law and we more or less have a language in common.